Little pin, big dream, beach volleyball girl’s Olympic dream

As soon as she arrived in Tokyo, China women’s sand volleyball player Xue Chen posted a dynamic on her social media: "One of the favorite activities of the Olympic Games: collecting pin!"
A small PIN is not only Xue Chen’s own hobby, but also a testimony of her hard work in every Olympic Games.
This year’s Tokyo Olympic Games is the third Olympic Games that Xue Chen, who is 33 years old, has participated in. Before going to war, she set herself such a goal: "Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 failed to realize their wishes, and I hope that I will not regret it in Tokyo this time."
33-year-old Xue Chen is the oldest and most experienced player in China sand volleyball, and also a star player in the world sand volleyball. She was not only selected as one of the top 100 FIVB stars in the past ten years, but also a member of the FIVB Athletes Committee.
However, these achievements still can’t stop Xue Chen from pursuing higher goals. In her view, the bronze medal in the Beijing Olympic Games and the fourth place in the London Olympic Games have some regrets, and she wanted to use the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 as the "final battle" of her career, but she failed because of injuries and surgery in 2015.
"The process of rehabilitation is to climb from the bottom of the valley. In this process, I will often fall into self-doubt. I was once ready to retire after the 2017 National Games. But I was still unwilling, so I finally chose to resume training in June 2018. Fortunately, the shoulders are still very face-saving, and my running-in with my new teammate Wang Xinxin has become more tacit because of the extra year. " Xue Chen said.
With this experience, the Tokyo Olympic Games naturally carried more dreams of Xue Chen: "This will be my last Olympic Games, I will enjoy the highest stage of competitive sports, and I will try my best to play every game with Wang Xinxin, leaving no regrets."
With this dream, Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin appeared on 25th. In the face of Eipl and alix, the top American teams ranked fifth in the world, the two girls from China dared to fight hard, but their strength was a little weaker. They lost 0-2 in the end and missed the opening of the group stage. The scores of the two games were 17-21 and 19-21.
Although we lost the first match, the close score is enough to show the good state of China’s team, and Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin still have a chance to advance. Next, at 15: 00 on July 27th, Beijing time, Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin will play against Kaiser and Mei Plinke, the Netherlands’ number one group and currently ranked 14th in the world.