Xiliang Mountain fired the "first shot of the battle of crossing the river" and 1,500 warriors died in the battlefield.

  Sixty years ago, Xu Shishan was the second battalion commander of the 270th Regiment, 90th Division, 30th Army, 9th Corps of the Third Field Army. He followed his head Zhu Muping to send troops to Xiliang Mountain. The battle of Xiliang Mountain started the "first shot of the battle of crossing the river". In the battle, more than 1,500 soldiers died in the battlefield, including the 37-year-old head Zhu Muping …

  "hide!" "Bang!" "Colonel! Colonel! You wake up … "

  "Go-go-"On the morning of March 13th, in the home of 87-year-old general Xu Shishan, time and space seemed to go back to the Battle of Xiliang Mountain in Hexian County 60 years ago. At some point, the old general suddenly stood up from the sofa, with his hands in the shape of guns, shouting and running forward …

  From guerrillas to field armies

  In the five months before the battle of crossing the river, my identity has changed four times in a row, which has never happened before; However, in the process of this rapid transformation, we have realized the transformation from guerrillas to local armed forces until we become the regular army of 270 regiments in 90 divisions of 30 armies, and at the same time, we have achieved the tragic and brilliant resume of our regiment crossing the river.

  In November 1948, just two months after I was transferred from the secretary of Qianji District Committee to the chief of staff of Shuyang Independent Regiment, I suddenly received an order from my superior, and my independent regiment was reorganized with Guanyun Independent Regiment to form the 4th Regiment of the 6th Army Division of Subei Military Region. After the adaptation, the original Shuyang Independent Regiment became the 4th Regiment and the 2nd Battalion, and I became the battalion commander of the 2nd Battalion.

  At this time, I met my head Zhu Muping, a handsome man with a tall and loud voice. From Shuyang to Guanyun, I heard many magical stories about him. Some said he was an intellectual, some said he was a lonely hero, and some said he was both civil and military.

  What kind of strange man is Zhu Muping?

  Before I could perceive and understand it slowly, the Yuntai Mountain War in Lianyungang started, and the 4th Regiment was transferred from Guanyun, which was the first battle after the formation of the 4th Regiment. According to the deployment of the military division, the 2nd Battalion of 4th Regiment is responsible for the main attack of Yuntai Mountain War. Perhaps considering that I had never led troops to fight in a big battle before, Zhu Muping volunteered to take the 2nd Battalion personally and let me stay in the regimental headquarters.

  But what I didn’t expect was that some soldiers in the second battalion suddenly became emotional when the war was about to start. I rushed to the front line, only after asking did I know that these Shuyang children would prefer me to lead the attack. They’ve been following me since the guerrilla period. The sudden situation made Zhu Muping a little embarrassed. After urgent consultations, Zhu Muping and I were finally allowed to command together, and the mood of the soldiers suddenly rose.

  The attack began in Nancheng, and the peasant children of the second battalion, who were guerrillas, rushed forward with soil shovel and fried bobbin, screaming and screaming. The attack soon rushed to an open field in front of Yuntai Mountain, where there was no barrier to cover. The enemy troops stood in the fortifications on Yuntai Mountain and shot from above. The roaring bullets made the soldiers lift their heads, and the shells exploded in dense attack formations, and several people were overturned with one shell.

  "This won’t do!" I was in a hurry and called the company commander and platoon leader to make a new deployment.

  The adjusted formation is no longer as dense as it was at first, but changed into a three-thirds formation. The soldiers are divided into three groups, and the groups are separated, avoiding the shells falling from the air and making a quick detour down the mountain. The troops finally rushed to the foot of the mountain, which was the dead corner of enemy fire. According to the original plan, the soldiers will take a short rest here, gather the team and carry out the next wave of attacks.

  But at this time, the explosion of "dong, dong" suddenly came from the top of the head, and the blown-up gravel and debris mixed with weeds slipped down the mountain, smashing the soldiers’ faces. This is the mountain gun of the military division that fired at the enemy on the mountain. The strength of the soldiers rushed up. "Go-"I don’t know which soldier took the lead and rushed to the mountain with a gun. "Tick-tock, tick-tock-"The bugle also sounded. "Kill-"The 2nd battalion shouted and rushed up the hill. Hundreds of screaming soldiers were crushed to the mountainside, and the enemy couldn’t carry it anymore and began to turn and run away. The 2nd Battalion rushed to the top of the mountain in one breath, and pursued the victory, crushing the defeated enemy into a ravine. Ten minutes later, an enemy soldier raised a white flag and they finally surrendered.

  The officers and men of the 2nd Battalion have been hitting the seaside of Lianyungang. These soldiers in Shuyang have never seen the sea! They jumped and shouted on the beach, picked up stones and threw them into the sea. The people in Lianyungang sent gifts to the troops, and the soldiers saw fish as big as a small wooden boat for the first time in their lives. This fish has not been eaten by a company.

  In this battle, the Sixth Army Division wiped out more than 3,000 enemies, and groups of prisoners were taken to Xuzhou. When the officers and men of the 2nd Battalion saw the captured hills of Type 38 rifles, they all threw away their ground-breaking guns and went up to grab them. Those prisoners are still unconvinced, and they look down on the way we rob guns, saying that they lost to these hillbillies.

  After the victory of Yuntai Mountain, the 2nd Battalion returned to the station of Guanyun 4th Regiment. A month later, the 4th Regiment was renamed the Secret Service Corps. On February 3, 1949, the Independent Regiment of Suqian County was upgraded to a battalion to supplement the Special Service Regiment, making its organizational system complete. After the Spring Festival in 1949, the Secret Service Corps was reorganized and became the last organizational group of the 30th Army of the 3rd Field Army of the China People’s Liberation Army, namely the 90th Division, with three battalions under its jurisdiction. The original Guanyun Independent Regiment, Shuyang Independent Regiment and Suqian Independent Regiment became the first, second and third battalions respectively. Zhu Muping continued to be the head of the team, and my identity changed again, from the battalion commander of the second battalion to the instructor of the second battalion.

  Move to Chaimi River in Shuyang to rest.

  After being reorganized into a field army, my 270th regiment left Guanyun and moved to Pingdun on the bank of Chaimi River in Shuyang for rest. This rare short break gave me a better understanding of my head Zhu Muping.

  On the second day after being reorganized into the 270 th Regiment, the troops left Guanyun County and moved to the flat pier on the bank of Chaimi River in Shuyang for rest, and were formally organized into the main regiment of the 30 th Army. Due to the insufficient strength of the 270 th regiment, the superior has transferred some personnel from the East China Sea, Xinyi and other local armed forces to supplement. At the same time, formally determine the task of crossing the river south to liberate all China. The slogan "Go across the Yangtze River and capture Chiang Kai-shek alive" often resounds through the troops and floats to the fields with the wind.

  Only then did I understand the meaning behind the four changes in five months. It turned out that the superior leaders had planned to prevent our guerrillas from becoming field troops one step at a time, so they were divided into multiple steps.

  After becoming a field army, Zhu Muping, the head of the team, became more and more busy, often going out for meetings and organizing soldiers’ training. Although we are in the same group, Zhu Muping and I don’t meet much and know each other very little. In the Yuntai Mountain War, he left me the impression that he was courageous, brave and not afraid of sacrifice. At that time, some soldiers secretly gave him a nickname "rash fellow" behind his back. During the rest of the army, with the increase of contact opportunities with each other, I learned a lot about my colonel’s experience and filled me with high respect for him.

  Zhu Muping took part in the revolution as early as 1932, when he was only 20 years old and was still a young student in Xiangshuikou Middle School. Because an underground party member was arrested and gave up the list, Zhu Muping had to avoid Shanghai. In Shanghai, he served as the secretary of the street league branch, promoting revolution among unemployed workers in the name of doing small business. In mid-January 1934, Zhu Muping was arrested. But the enemy didn’t know his true identity, and after several tortures, he got nothing, so he had to be sentenced to one year and three months as a suspect. After he was released from prison, Zhu Muping’s brother-in-law took him back to his hometown in Lianshui.

  Zhu Muping’s military struggle career began in Lianshui. "We don’t have the feudal power of landlords. They have guns. We can’t do without guns. If there are bad guys, we must use guns." Zhu Muping began to unite the youth of the village, and concentrated the local steel guns to prevent bandits, forming the first local armed forces. In 1936, he also took advantage of the opportunity of the Kuomintang to recruit instructors to train able-bodied men, and went to Bailugou as an instructor for several months to study military affairs. In 1939, Lianshui was occupied by the Japanese army, and Zhu Muping formally set up a team and set up a guerrilla group, which later became one of the three old foundations of the 270 th Regiment.

  In War of Resistance against Japan, he served as the district head and battalion chief of Lianshui Ma Duo, in charge of military affairs. Zhu Muping often moves at night, and comes and goes at night with only one or two guards. He is often used to wearing a dark gray robe, tying his waist with a belt, putting a gun in his clothes and leaving. When encountering enemies, spies and secret agents, Zhu Muping showed no mercy and was shot on the spot.

  At that time, what the people in Lianshui hated most was Shao Xiaoxi, the captain of the pseudo-self-defense. Zhu Muping and others decided to make an example of this traitor. In the late spring of 1939, Shao Xiaoxi appeared on the streets of Lianshui, watching while walking, and grabbing at the things on the street stalls. When he left the sentry at the gate of the city for more than 70 meters, Zhu Muping quietly appeared behind him, and two shots were fired, and Shao Xiaoxi was killed on the spot.

  Although he has done underground work, led guerrillas to fight some battles and went deep into the den to exterminate traitors, Zhu Muping still feels that he has never fought a big battle. Whenever there was a big or small battle, he volunteered to his superiors and led the team to battle. On the battlefield, he never took the command in the town, but took the lead and charged in the bullets.

  Before the end of the rest of the troops, Zhu Muping took time to go to Huaiyin to visit some old comrades-in-arms in the military division. When saying goodbye to every comrade-in-arms, he left a word of "Goodbye in Jiangnan" to his comrades-in-arms with a cheerful expression. No one expected that this turned out to be a farewell speech with his comrades-in-arms.

In 2023, China’s film industry accelerated its recovery, and the top ten at the box office were all domestic films.

In 2023, China's film industry accelerated its recovery, and the top ten at the box office were all domestic films.

  On November 4th, the Golden Rooster Award of the 36th Chinese Film was announced in Xiamen, Fujian. Tony Leung Chiu Wai (first from left) won the Best Actor Award. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan photo

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 19 (Reporter Leon) The cold wave struck, and the somatosensory temperature in Beijing has dropped below minus 10 degrees Celsius, but it can’t stop people from watching movies at the end of the year. In the Capital Cinema, which is located in Xidan business district in the city center, the prime-time sales of popular New Year movies are tight.

  According to the data of Cat’s Eye, the box office revenue of China in 2023 was 52.9 billion yuan as of December 18th. The annual box office jumped from about 30 billion yuan last year to more than 50 billion yuan this year, setting a new box office record since 2020, indicating that the film industry in China is accelerating its recovery.

  At present, the top ten in the annual box office list are all domestic films. The box office data released by the film data platform since 2011 shows that domestic films have won the top ten annual box office only once before in 2020. Analysts pointed out that behind the growing popularity of domestic films is the overall progress of China films — — Domestic films are more and more close to the aesthetic needs of the audience.

  In 2023, China’s box office revenue exceeded 50 billion yuan on November 13th. Industry insiders predict that the annual box office revenue will eventually reach around 55 billion yuan. Although it is lower than the historical highs of more than 60 billion yuan in 2019 and 2018, it is equivalent to the level in 2017 and will be the fourth or third highest annual box office in China film history.

  "This shows that the film market has generally recovered, and both the film supply side and the audience demand side are gradually returning to the pre-epidemic level." Liu Peng, president of Cat’s Eye Research Institute, a box office data analysis agency, told Xinhua News Agency.

  Looking back on the whole year, the Spring Festival in 2023 performed well, with the box office exceeding 6.7 billion yuan, making it the second highest box office in China film history, only lower than that in 2021. The summer file is particularly eye-catching, with the box office reaching 20.6 billion yuan, creating the first record of China’s summer file box office breaking through the 20 billion mark. The National Day box office was 2.7 billion yuan, although it was inferior to the 4 billion yuan in the National Day file for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021, but it was higher than the 1.5 billion yuan in 2022.

In 2023, China's film industry accelerated its recovery, and the top ten at the box office were all domestic films.

  On June 9th, the crew of the film "Feng Shen Part I" appeared at the red carpet ceremony of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xin Mengchen photo

  The types of films are rich and the themes are diverse. Among them, "Man Jiang Hong" and "Wandering Earth 2" aroused the feelings of home and country; The realistic movies "Put all your eggs in one basket", "She Disappeared", "In an octagonal cage" and "Rock-solid" are highly topical and close to life. Feng Shen Part I is praised as a masterpiece of China people’s own epic myth, while Three Wan Li in Chang ‘an tells a new antique story from a unique perspective.

  "On the whole, China films adhere to the realistic line, absorb the tradition of legendary narration of China films, communicate and interact with the mainstream audience more closely, and constantly improve the industrialization of films, which has contributed to the overall progress and development of China films." Rao Shuguang, president of China Film Criticism Society, believes that film consumption in China is showing a good trend of recovery growth.

  As of December 16th, the data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, a movie data platform, shows that 83% of the box office in China in 2023 was contributed by domestic movies, and the top ten in the box office list were all domestic movies. The Hollywood film Fast and Furious 10 ranks 12th with a box office income of 980 million yuan, which is the highest ranked foreign film.

  According to industry observers, the attraction of Hollywood movies to China movie audiences is weakening, corresponding to the increasing attention of domestic movies.

  "Hollywood mainly relies on Marvel Comics films and series of films. Although these films present powerful audio-visual wonders, they have also caused aesthetic fatigue to China audiences over time." Rao Shuguang analyzed, "At the same time, American movies lack internal connection with China people’s lives, and it is difficult to cause empathy."

  Liu Peng believes that Hollywood films are good at industrialization and visual effects, while domestic visual effects blockbusters have become common in recent years. "If Hollywood films don’t have strong word-of-mouth support, rich and diverse domestic films are a natural choice for audiences".

Rejuvenate after a century. Shanghai International Film Festival focuses on traditional Chinese opera films.

Original title: Fans’ Gala, Fans’ New Meal | Rejuvenating over a Hundred Years Shanghai International Film Festival focuses on traditional Chinese opera movies.
Traditional Chinese opera is a national art treasure that our people are proud of. In the film history of China, drama and film are thicker than water. In 1948, China’s first color film, Life and Death Hate, was a Peking Opera stage film. In 1954, butterfly lovers, the first color film produced by New China, was also opera film.
Traditional Chinese opera is an important source of China’s film themes in his early years, and it is also a model for artistic creation style. The film has given the opportunity to graft the traditional opera content with the brand-new media. Through video recording, the stage performance has been preserved, and the famous singers and local operas have crossed the gap of region, time and culture, entered the people and even influenced overseas.
Stills of Jingyang Bell
In 1962, the Yue Opera film Dream of Red Mansions was a masterpiece. It was a problem in itself to shoot a masterpiece in more than three hours. Fortunately, Xu Jin, the screenwriter of the drama, had profound skills, closely followed the love thread of Baodai, and her lyrics were elegant and fresh, which was quite vivid. The director connected the true and false scenes almost seamlessly and grasped the rhythm well. The performance is even better. Lin Daiyu of Wang Wenjuan, known as "Living Daiyu", is unsurpassed until today.
It has been more than a hundred years since the first China opera film was born. Today’s opera film works have better blended the artistic forms of the two. The use of 3D shooting techniques has made the performance of the opera more tense, and the classic opera has a brand-new vitality in the film, which is full of brilliance and elegance on the big screen.
Stills of The West Chamber
The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival will also focus on the future development of China’s traditional opera films. During the Jin Jue Forum, a traditional opera film forum will be held, and many experts and scholars from all over the country will gather together to discuss the development and transformation of traditional opera films. There are also many excellent opera films in the exhibition list for the audience, including the above-mentioned 1962 Yue Opera film A Dream of Red Mansions, as well as the 3D Kunqu Opera film Jingyang Bell and the 3D Yue Opera film The West Chamber, which won the Golden Maple Leaf Film Festival in Canada in 2017. These opera films in the new era, while inheriting the classics, have no lack of innovative power, and have given the old operas with modern improved aesthetics and technology.
A Dream of Red Mansions (1962)
Dream of the Red Chamber
Director: Cen Fan
Screenwriter: Xu Jin
Starring: Xu Yulan/Wang Wenjuan/Lv Ruiying/Jin Caifeng/Zhou Bao
Introduction to the film
Lin Daiyu, who lost her loving mother early, went to live in her grandmother’s Jia family and became friends with her cousin Baoyu. In the second year, Xue Baochai, who was born in a famous family and had a "great demeanor", came to Jia’s house again. Because Baoyu has a piece of Baoyu brought from the womb and Baochai has a gold lock, people say behind their backs that they are destined for each other. Baoyu and a group of sisters get along well day and night, but they are soul mates with Daiyu alone.
Jia Zheng wanted his son to become a dragon, forcing Baoyu to read eight-part essay. Baoyu and Daiyu, who despised fame and fortune, peeked at The West Chamber, which was forbidden to read, and understood each other’s thoughts. Baochai also hopes that Baoyu can concentrate on his official career and always preach to him, which makes Baoyu very disgusted. Daiyu is sensitive by nature and has many misunderstandings with Baoyu. Nevertheless, their feelings are getting deeper and deeper. However, Lady Jia and Baoyu’s mother, Mrs. Wang, don’t think much of Baodai’s feelings. In their view, Daiyu is eccentric and not as docile and sensible as Baochai, so she set up a "switch plan" to trick Baoyu into marrying Baochai …
Romance of the West Chamber 3D(2016)
The Love Story In The Western Chamber
Director: Xia Weiliang
Screenwriter: Sun Hongjiang
Starring: Fang Yafen/Qian Huili/Zhang Yongmei/Wu Qun
Introduction to the film
During the first year of Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty, Zhang Xun, a scholar, passed by Pujiu Temple and met Cui Yingying, the daughter of Xiangguo. When she saw her love, she borrowed the West Chamber. Just as Zhang Xun and Yingying were soul mates, Sun Feihu surrounded Pujiu Temple and forced Suo Yingying to be his wife. Cui Furen made it clear in public: Who can get rid of thieves and soldiers, is willing to match his daughter. Zhang Xun stepped forward, only to find that his wife broke the contract again.
Yingying cheated matchmaker and sent her to hand over the poem to Zhang Xun. When they met in the garden, Yingying improvised the design, reprimanded her and left. Zhang Xun became ill because of this. Yingying couldn’t bear it after all, and decided to enter the west wing at night. Soon, Cui Furen was aware of it, and the matchmaker said it truthfully, and accused the lady of breaking her promise and being ungrateful. Madam had no choice but to betroth Yingying to Zhang Xun. However, Zhang Xun was forced to go to Beijing to take the exam, and he was married in the middle and rear.
Jingyangzhong 3D(2016)
The Bell Tolls For A Dynasty
Director: Xia Weiliang
Screenwriter: Zhou Changfu
Starring: Lian/Wu Shuang
Introduction to the film
At the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Jiashen, Li Zicheng soldiers were trapped in Shanxi, which matched Yanjing, the capital of Ming Dynasty. The bell rang in Jingyang, and Emperor Chongzhen summoned the ministers to discuss the matter, ordered General Li Guozhen to supervise the enemy and sent eunuch Du Xun to supervise the army. Due to the lack of soldiers and horses and Du Xun’s elbow, the army was defeated and Li Guozhen died. When Chongzhen heard the news, he wanted to order Zhou Kui, the ruler of the country, to protect the prince from fleeing, but Zhou Kui turned his back on him. Li Zicheng surrounded the capital, and Chongzhen ordered the bell of Jingyang to ring the officials, but few people responded.
Chongzhen was filled with sorrow and hate, and he made a letter to himself. At the same time, he led his family to cry and sacrifice to the ancestral temple. When the capital city was breached, Chongzhen knew that the tide was gone, and ordered the queen and princess to commit suicide and go to Jingshan alone. Looking back on the past, he felt deeply ashamed of his ancestors under the spring, and he was even more indignant: he made great efforts to govern, but Daming Jiangshan was lost in his own hands! He left a suicide note written in blood, but he hoped that Li Zicheng would not hurt the people and his body would be broken; I hope future generations can learn from Daming. Jingyang bell rings again …

WHO discusses ending COVID-19’s global emergency as soon as possible.

  "When we enter the fourth year of the pandemic, we are definitely in a much better situation now than a year ago." Tan Desai said that at the peak of the Omicron epidemic, more than 70,000 deaths were reported to WHO every week. By last October, the number had dropped to less than 10,000, which was close to the lowest level since the COVID-19 pandemic.

  On January 27th, Geneva time, the World Health Organization (WHO) held the 14th meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee on the COVID-19 (Covid-19) pandemic to discuss and evaluate whether the current COVID-19 pandemic still constitutes a public health emergency (PHEIC) of international concern. After the meeting, WHO Director-General Tan Desai will make a final decision according to the recommendations of the Committee. The relevant results are expected to be announced as early as January 30th.

  Three years ago, on January 30, 2020, WHO announced that the new coronavirus epidemic was a public health emergency of international concern, and issued the highest alert level of United Nations agencies. On March 11th of that year, WHO declared that the COVID-19 epidemic constituted a global pandemic.

  Thereafter, every few months, the emergency committee will hold a meeting to discuss whether the COVID-19 pandemic meets the standard called "public health emergencies of international concern". The 13th recent meeting was held on October 13th, 2022, and the outcome of the meeting still maintained the global emergency in COVID-19.

  According to the binding international treaty "International Health Regulations", public health emergencies of international concern need to meet three standards: serious, sudden, abnormal or unexpected; It may spread across national boundaries; It may require a coordinated international response.

  At the press conference held on December 14th last year, Tan Desai expressed the hope that "COVID-19 pandemic will no longer be a public health emergency of international concern" in 2023. According to reports, the criteria for ending the global emergency in COVID-19 will be discussed at the meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee in COVID-19 in January 2023.

  Does the current epidemic in China affect the decision?

  On January 27th, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made an opening speech at the meeting of the Emergency Committee in COVID-19, summarizing the current global epidemic situation.

  "When we enter the fourth year of the pandemic, we are definitely in a much better situation than a year ago." Tan Desai said that at the peak of the Omicron epidemic, more than 70,000 deaths were reported to WHO every week. By last October, the number had dropped to less than 10,000, which was close to the lowest level since the COVID-19 pandemic.

  However, he pointed out that since the beginning of December last year, the number of deaths reported every week in the world has been rising. The lifting of restrictions in China has led to a sharp increase in the death toll in the world’s most populous country. "Last week, nearly 40,000 people reported to WHO died, more than half of them from China. In the past eight weeks, more than 170,000 deaths have been reported. The actual number is definitely much higher. " At present, WHO has updated the relevant data page (WHO COVID-19 Dashboard) to include the cases and deaths reported in China in recent weeks.

  Global data of infections and deaths in Covid-19. Source: WHO official website

  Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, told Caixin that on January 26th, 2023, China reported more cases and deaths to WHO. From December 9, 2022 to January 23, 2023, more than 87 million cases and more than 75,000 deaths were reported in China (excluding Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province). With these additional data, the cumulative number of cases worldwide has increased from more than 664 million to more than 751 million. The cumulative global death toll has risen from more than 6.7 million to nearly 6.8 million.

  Harris said that China CDC issued additional announcements on January 15th, 21st and 25th, but the data shared were not classified by date, so WHO could not include them in the report. When asked to what extent the information provided by China will affect the decision on whether to lift the state of emergency, Harris only said, "The Committee has reviewed all relevant global data on the issues under consideration."

  According to the website of China CDC, from December 8, 2022 to January 26, 2023, there were 78,960 cases of Covid-19-related deaths in hospitals nationwide, including 6,473 cases of respiratory failure caused by Covid-19 infection and 72,487 cases of basic diseases complicated with Covid-19 infection.

  Professor Zhang Style, head of the Department of Epidemiology and tenured professor at UCLA School of Public Health, recently said in a column that considering the future development and control of COVID-19 infection and severe death in China, it is unlikely that WHO will decide to terminate the state of emergency of "public health emergencies" at the meeting at the end of this month. He estimated that if COVID-19 infection and severe death in China were effectively controlled, WHO would declare the end of the state of emergency within this year. However, the possible sequelae caused by COVID-19 need to be further studied and effective methods should be adopted to prevent and treat them.

  Countries adjust epidemic prevention policies

  In his speech on January 27th, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pointed out that there are still the following challenges:

  Vaccines, treatments and diagnostic methods are essential to prevent serious diseases, save lives and reduce the pressure on health systems and health workers. But the global response is still faltering, because in too many countries, these powerful life-saving tools have not yet reached the people who need them most — — Especially the elderly and health workers.

  Many health systems around the world are struggling to cope with COVID-19, in addition to taking care of patients with other diseases, including influenza and RSV, as well as health workers who are short of work and exhausted.

  At the same time, the global monitoring and gene sequencing have declined sharply, making it more difficult to track known mutations and detect new mutations. Constant errors and false information are weakening the public’s trust in safe and effective COVID-19 control tools.

  Liu Shansi, a Chinese virologist at Ohio State University and an academician of the American Academy of Microbiology, said in a recent interview with a reporter from the Science and Technology Department that the toxicity of Omicron has been weakened recently, which can be considered as a change from pandemic to endemic. "The overall trend of virus evolution is that the pathogenicity is getting weaker and weaker, although it will increase at some stages." He pointed out that it is still necessary to be alert to cross-population transmission in Covid-19 and gene recombination in Covid-19, but as long as this kind of situation does not occur, he hopes to see WHO announce the end of COVID-19’s "global pandemic" in 2023.

  In response to public health emergencies of international concern, WHO will issue a set of action suggestions to countries, including: strengthening surveillance to identify new cases, isolating cases and quarantining contacts; Take measures to screen at borders, airports, ports or entry points; Inform the public about the risks of the disease and the additional protective measures that individuals can take; And if there is no vaccine at present, additional research may be needed to develop treatments or vaccines.

  A few days ago, Japan and South Korea have successively adjusted their epidemic prevention levels or related epidemic prevention policies.

  On January 27th, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that Covid-19 would be downgraded to "Category 5" in the Infectious Diseases Law on May 8th. After the change, the observation time of infected people and close contacts will be cancelled, and medical care will be transformed into a normal system in stages. In addition, it is up to the individual to decide whether to wear a mask indoors or outdoors.

  On January 20th, Korean Prime Minister Han Dezhu presided over an epidemic prevention meeting to discuss the adjustment of the indoor mandatory mask order. On January 30, the South Korean government announced that from now on, only people are advised to wear masks indoors, and it is no longer mandatory. The Korean government mask order was completely lifted after more than 27 months. However, medical institutions, pharmacies, high-risk places, public transport carriages, etc. will continue to maintain the obligation of indoor masks. For five high-risk situations, Korean epidemic prevention departments strongly recommend wearing masks.

  The government of China has also adjusted the infection of the new coronavirus from "Class A tube" to "Class B tube" from January 8th. Isolation measures will no longer be implemented for Covid-19 infected people, and close contacts will no longer be judged; No longer delimit high and low risk areas; No longer take quarantine and infectious disease management measures for entry personnel and goods. The detection strategy is adjusted to be willing to check and check.

In 2022, the total box office of China movies exceeded 30 billion, and the new film "Unknown" was set.

Special feature of 1905 film network Comedy movies starring directors, screenwriters, writers, etc. recently announced that they will be scheduled for the first day of the New Year in 2023 and enter the "Spring Festival file".

This is also the re-cooperation between director Su Lun and Lei Jiayin, and Zhang Xiaofei returns to the Spring Festival archives again after the excellent works of the Spring Festival archives, and often switches seamlessly between "Goddess" and "Female Nerve", full of joy.

The film tells the story of Lei Jiayin and Zhang Xiaofei’s unexpected exchange of bodies and family members with a crush on Zhang Xiaofei after their blind date, which led to a strange "exchange" journey with laughter and tears.

There are five differences in the following two posters about this film. How many did you find in the message area?

Serie A

At 1 am on October 30th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of Serie A in 2023-24, Inter Milan played against Rome at home. In the first half, Charles Hanoglu shot and hit the doorframe; In the second half, Thuram scored the winning goal in the 81st minute, and Augusto hit the crossbar again. In the end, Inter Milan beat Rome 1-0, overtaking Ewan and rising to the top of the standings.

In this game, Roma coach Jose Mourinho was unable to play against his old club because of suspension, but Lu Kaku appeared in the starting lineup of Rome, and he was booed by tens of thousands of Inter fans at Meazza Stadium.

In the 6th minute, Char Hanoglu blasted a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball bounced back after hitting the doorframe. Then Thuram’s barb hit the door and the goalkeeper got it. In the 7th minute, Inter’s left corner kicked into the restricted area, and lautaro’s header was not strong enough, so the goalkeeper confiscated the ball.

In the 15th minute, dumfries made a cross from the right, Thuram’s header hit the defender, and then his stab was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 16th minute, Di Marco’s shot on the left side of the restricted area missed the far post.

In the 24th minute, mkhitaryan received the clearance ball before the top of the arc and volleyed it high. In the 38th minute, dumfries made another cross on the right, and pawar, who was inserted into the restricted area, volleyed his right foot and missed. In the 45th+3rd minute, varela got the chance to volley in the restricted area, and the ball was higher than the crossbar. At the end of the first half, neither team scored.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 48 th minute, Inter Milan’s free kick was hoisted into the penalty area, and Thuram’s header was high.

In the 59th minute, varela crosses the restricted area, Thuram returns the ball in the chest, lautaro volleys with his right foot, and the ball bounces to the ground and is hugged by the goalkeeper. In the 65th minute, Rome won a free kick in front of the penalty area, and chaaraoui took the penalty and hit the wall. Two minutes later, Charles Hanoglu blasted a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball hit the defender and crossed the bottom line in disguise.

In the 76th minute, Aslani took the ball in front of the restricted area. When he saw that no one had come forward to block it, he hit a long-range shot, and the ball slightly missed the post.In the 81st minute, Di Marco crossed the ball on the left side of the frontcourt, and Thuram, who was inserted into the middle of the restricted area, grabbed the ball and scored a goal. Inter Milan led Rome 1-0.

In the 89th minute, Augusto made a cross on the left side of the frontcourt. Thuram’s outflanking shot in the middle missed. In the 90th minute, Augusto made a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball hit the crossbar and popped up.

In the end, the whole game ended and Inter Milan beat Rome 1-0.

From the field to the supermarket, many measures are taken to ensure adequate supply of living materials and stable prices.

Original title: From the field to the supermarket, many measures are taken to ensure adequate supply of living materials and stable prices.

CCTV News: In the face of cold weather, all localities have taken various measures to ensure the normal supply and stable prices of daily necessities such as meat and vegetables. The cold wave weather has also had a certain impact on vegetable greenhouses and animal husbandry, and all localities have strengthened protection to minimize adverse effects.
Recently, the cold weather in Shanxi has continued, and the local authorities have strengthened the organization of goods supply and increased the inventory, and made every effort to ensure that the meat food in supermarkets and farmers’ markets has sufficient inventory and stable prices.
Han Songzhe, a beef seller:Beef has been selling well recently, the supply is quite sufficient, and the price is very stable.
Taiyuan citizen Zhang Aihong:Snow and slippery roads, these supplies are quite good, and the price seems to be cheaper than the previous days.
Recently, Jinan, Zibo, Weifang and other places in Shandong Province ushered in snowfall, which led to snow and ice on the Jiqing Expressway. The local area immediately started snow removal and ice melting operations to ensure traffic and material transportation. In a vegetable warehouse in Weifang, workers are loading 20 tons of pumpkins for shipment to Jiaxing, Zhejiang.
Truck driver Zhao Yunbin:After it snowed these days, I was worried that the road surface on the expressway was frozen and it was not easy to run. I didn’t expect to go up and see that the snow on the road was very clean and it ran very smoothly.
At present, there are 148,000 mu of vegetables in field in hua county, Henan Province, covering spinach, celery, pepper and other varieties. More than 1,200 mu of celery in Shigu Village is in the growth stage, and local agricultural technicians provide production guidance to growers from the aspects of cold protection, heat preservation and spraying nutrition.
Affected by the cold wave weather, more than 20,000 vegetable greenhouses in the whole area of Feixiang District, Hebei Province were all covered by heavy snow, and nearly 1,000 vegetable greenhouses were damaged to varying degrees. Local agricultural technicians at all levels are subcontracted to households, and vegetable farmers are directed to clear snow, strengthen sheds and reduce losses.
Strong cold wave weather brings great challenges to agriculture and animal husbandry production in Inner Mongolia, especially to animal husbandry. In Ordos, the local authorities actively coordinated the storage of forage, cleared the snow in time, reduced the load-bearing capacity of sheds, and helped farmers and herdsmen cope with extreme weather. More than 11.6 million yuan of disaster prevention subsidies have also been paid in place.
Source: CCTV

Prospect of football: West Ham can’t resist Arsenal, Liverpool is not afraid of visiting, Manchester United VS Newcastle.

West Ham United VS Arsenal

After West Ham lost to Everton at home last season, the league suffered two consecutive defeats. The team’s recent performance is really not safe, and it is still difficult to resist when facing the league’s strong teams. At present, it ranks 9 th in the league. West Ham United’s offensive output is acceptable, but the stability of the team’s defense is still insufficient. After Arsenal’s victory over Sheffield United, the league remained unbeaten, and the team is currently ranked second in the league. Arsenal’s offensive output is very strong, and the stability of the defense line is also worthy of praise. Recently, it has been able to score zero opponents in many games.

West Ham United’s overall strength is relatively limited, the team’s recent stability is not high, and the main battle performance is not safe. The Arsenal League has guaranteed unbeaten record so far, and the team’s historical achievements have crushed opponents, so the psychological advantage is very obvious. This time, the team is a guest to challenge their opponents, and I believe that they still have the ability to win from the away game.

Everton VS Burnley

Everton beat West Ham United in the last league. The team’s recent achievements are relatively erratic, showing a plum blossom pile, but its winning ability has indeed improved, and it is currently ranked 15th in the league. Everton’s offensive and defensive ends have also improved to some extent recently. Burnley lost to Bournemouth in the last league, and the league suffered another three-game losing streak. So far, the team has only won one victory, ranking only 19th in the league. Burnley’s offensive output is relatively weak, and the defensive end can be said to be full of loopholes.

Everton’s recent performance is indeed unstable, and the team has no strength against the strong teams, but its winning ability has indeed improved in the face of the weak teams in the league recently. The performance of Burnley, the opponent, continued to be sluggish, and recently suffered a three-game losing streak. This time, Everton is sitting at home to meet the challenge of the weak team, and I believe that I still have the ability to successfully win the opponent at home.

Bournemouth VS Liverpool

Bournemouth defeated Burnley at home in the last league, and finally won the first victory in the league. However, the opponent is really a weak team, and the gold content is really not high. At present, it still ranks 17th in the league. Bournemouth’s front line output is insufficient, and the loopholes at the defense end are not small. Liverpool beat Nottingham Forest at home last season, and the league won two consecutive victories and three unbeaten games. The overall performance of the team has once again strengthened, and it is currently ranked fourth in the league. Liverpool’s offensive output is stable and the defense strength is constantly strengthening.

Bournemouth’s overall strength is very limited, the ability to fight hard is also insufficient, and there is no advantage at home. After all, Liverpool, the rival team, has recently returned to the right track after losing the game unexpectedly, and the stability of both offensive and defensive ends is constantly improving. In addition, Liverpool’s historical achievements have crushed their opponents, and even if they are a guest, they are not afraid.

Manchester United VS Newcastle United

Manchester United lost to the opponent in the last Manchester derby, and was hit by the strong team after winning two consecutive victories. However, the team has won several victories in the near future, and its overall performance has improved. At present, it ranks eighth in the league. Manchester United’s offensive and defensive stability needs to be strengthened. Newcastle United drew away with Wolves in the last league, and the league remained unbeaten in six rounds, but the winning ability was still insufficient, and it is currently ranked sixth in the league. Newcastle United’s offensive output is strong, but the defensive end often has problems.

Manchester United’s domestic and foreign troubles are serious, and the recent achievements and performance of the team are indeed not stable enough. However, as for Chi Hah, he still needs to strive for victory in every game to stabilize the morale of the army. Newcastle United’s overall performance has been stable recently, but its winning ability has indeed declined. In addition, the team’s winning ability in guest games is indeed insufficient. This time, the Red Devils welcomed their opponents at home, and I believe there is still a chance to successfully win their opponents.

Chelsea VS Blackburn

Chelsea lost to brentford at home last season, and the unbeaten game in three rounds of the league ended. Losing the game is really unacceptable, and it is only ranked 11th in the league at present. Chelsea’s offensive output suffered another zero, and the defensive end of the last two league games also lost 2 goals per game. Blackburn lost to Swansea at home in the last league, and its three-game winning streak ended. It is rare for the team to win a winning streak in the near future, and the last game was also ended by opponents. At present, it ranks 12 th in the British Championship. Blackburn’s offensive output is also not stable enough, but fortunately the defense strength has improved recently.

Chelsea’s defeat on the road to the Northern Expedition was indeed a blow to morale, but this time the team ushered in a lower-level league opponent, which was also a rare opportunity for the team to snatch victory and revive morale. Opponent Blackburn rarely won a winning streak recently, but the stability is still insufficient. The last game was terminated by the opponent, and the efficiency of the team’s offensive end really needs to be strengthened. This time, Chelsea played at home to meet the challenge of Championship team Blackburn Rovers. I believe it is not too difficult to win the opponent.

Dortmund VS Hoffenheim

The recent performances of both sides are relatively stable, but Dortmund’s achievements in the past battles have crushed opponents, and their psychological advantages are very obvious. This time, I took a strong home game against my opponent, and I believe I still have the ability to continue my outstanding achievements.

Frejborg VS paderborn

Although Frejborg’s performance is erratic, he has a strong ability to score points in the main battle. Paderborn, the opponent, is a team in the middle reaches of German B, and its overall strength is relatively limited. I’m afraid it’s very difficult to be a guest and challenge Frejborg.

Hertha Berlin VS Mainz

Hertha Berlin’s current situation is erratic, but it is good to win more and lose less, and at the same time, the main battle ability is not weak. Although the opponent Mainz is a high-level league team, the team’s performance so far has not been satisfactory. This time the two sides met, Hertha Berlin still had a chance to defend the unbeaten home.

Udinese VS Cagliari

Udinese’s winning ability is limited, but his recent performance is fairly safe. Although the opponent Cagliari won the first victory in the league in the last campaign, the overall stability is still insufficient, and at the same time, the ability to fight is not good. This time, Udinese is at home, and I believe he still has a certain advantage.

2 am! The Beijing media made a controversial report: China football became a joke, and fans swore.

At 2am, China football once again became the focus of controversy, and this time it was even pushed to the forefront. It originated from a report in Beijing Youth Daily that Song Kai, president of the China Football Association, had a clear understanding of the problems faced by women’s football after watching the women’s football match between China and South Korea. However, this report not only did not calm the fans’ arguments, but also triggered more controversy and discussion.

What is the reason for it It turned out that some fans questioned that Song Kai had a comprehensive understanding of the team’s problems through one game. This doubt is not groundless, because there are many factors that affect the outcome of a football match, including the player’s state, tactical arrangement, game mentality and so on. It seems a little hasty to jump to conclusions just through one game.

Of course, the reaction of the fans is even more enthusiastic. Some fans are skeptical about what Song Kai has done, thinking that he may not have a deep understanding of the real situation of women’s football. Other fans want to see more professional solutions, not just superficial observation. Some fans hit the nail on the head and pointed out that understanding the problem does not mean that we can solve the problem. What we need is real change and progress.

In fact, the development of football in China has always attracted much attention. However, as the fans say, the key to the problem is how to solve these problems. What we need is to dig deep into the root of the problem, find the crux, and then prescribe the right medicine. This requires professional ability, dedicated attitude and long-term patience.

In this regard, fans and friends: What do you think of Song Kai’s statement after watching the game? Do you think he can lead China football out of the predicament? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your views!

At the same time, we expect you to continue to pay attention to our reports, and let us witness the rise of football in China!

"Cross-border" Integration of Tourism to Promote Green Development

Source: People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Scenery of Aershan National Forest Park (photo of drone). Xinhua News Agency reporter Lian Zhenshe

Tourists watch the float parade in Aershan City, Xing ‘an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng photo

In September, the coolness in the Daxinganling forest area grew stronger, but the lush small town of Aershan was booming. On September 2-3, the 2023 China (Aershan) Tourism Conference, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Xinhua News Agency and the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was held in Aershan City, Xing ‘an League. Representatives of cultural and tourism industries from all over the country gathered in this small town famous for tourism to talk about the "cross-border" integration of tourism and promote green development.

Promote industrial integration

Talking about the Multiple Values of Tourism

During the tourism conference, theme forums such as "Green Development of Cultural Tourism Integration", "Tourism Promotes Exchanges and Blending among Ethnic Groups" and "Tourism Promotes Rural Revitalization and Helps Common Prosperity" were held successively. Dozens of experts and representatives talked about the integration of cultural tourism industry, and talked about the multiple values of tourism in ethnic cultural exchanges and blending, regional development and industrial upgrading.

"Tourism is an important channel for exchanges and mutual learning between different regions and cultures." Shan Gangxin, director of the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, all localities have actively promoted industrial integration, enriched the supply of tourism products, and promoted exchanges, exchanges and blending among ethnic groups.

"Tourism has changed the life of Aunt Ding’s family." Rao Xiangbi, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced at the meeting that Ding Dama’s family in Gongshan County, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture has six ethnic groups. As the earliest person in the local area to set up a family inn, Ding Dama passed on the ethnic integration family culture to tourists, which was popular among tourists and it was hard to find a room in the peak season.

According to "2023 China Tourism and Vacation Development Report" released by china tourism academy during the Tourism Conference, the development of China’s holiday industry has initially formed such modes as linkage development of scenic spots, creation of accommodation scenes and development of industrial clusters. Tourism "cross-border" and "out of the circle" promote industrial integration and constantly broaden the tourism format. Sanhuali Resort with "Agriculture+Cultural Tourism", Tsingtao Brewery Garden with "Industry+Cultural Tourism" and Cool Play Town with "Sports+Cultural Tourism" in Ke Qiao, Shaoxing, and other industrial integration practices, break through industrial barriers and enhance regional development value.

Promote common prosperity

Discussion on focusing on rural revitalization

At the meeting, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Xinhua News Agency jointly launched the activity of "I design for the countryside", and at the same time held the awarding ceremony of national ski resorts and national key villages and towns for rural tourism.

"Rural tourism can organically combine rural excellent traditional culture, natural local features and modern tourism needs, and promote rural industrial integration, improve living environment and increase villagers’ income." Zhang Xiaoli, Director of the Rural Tourism and Creative Products Guidance Division of the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, introduced at the forum.

"In recent years, all parts of Inner Mongolia have actively explored the path and mode of rural tourism development and created a number of demonstration villages to help rural revitalization." Wei Zhiguo, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Department of Culture and Tourism, said.

The exhibition "Ten Years in Aershan" was held during the conference. Ten years ago, most people in rural areas of Aershan lived in old houses with "boards and mud", and the forestry resources on which they depended for their livelihood were gradually exhausted and their living conditions were poor. In 2012, the commercial logging of natural forests was completely stopped in Aershan City, and the ecological construction was re-dressed in green for the forest area. Forestry workers "put down their axes as tour guides", and tourism gave this small town a new vitality.

In the past 10 years, the number of tourists received in Aershan has increased from more than 2 million to more than 5 million. In the first half of this year, the number of tourists received by Aershan City increased by 6 times year-on-year, achieving a tourism income of 1.65 billion yuan. Today, nearly half of the population in Aershan is engaged in tourism. As tourism becomes more and more popular, the lives of ordinary people are getting more and more prosperous.

Advocate harmonious symbiosis

Suggestions on the development of green tourism

The theme of this tourism conference is "Green Development of Cultural Tourism Integration". Experts and representatives put forward suggestions on the development of green tourism market, product design, resource development and business philosophy to promote the development of green tourism.

Tang Xiaoyun, vice president of China Tourism Research Institute, said that in recent years, a variety of green tourism products in China have attracted much attention, and forest baths, hot spring baths, grassland tours, diving, skiing, mountaineering and hiking have continuously catalyzed the development of the green tourism market.

Lihong Fu’s travel agency launched a study tour on forest ecology. She took her children into the deep forest and picked up pine cones and needles on the ground. "Nature is the best raw material for artistic creation." Lihong Fu said that she started a study tour group to let children know about forest culture and feel the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature in artistic creativity.

Next to the venue of the tourism conference is the forest oxygen bath road in Aershan City. When tourists walk up the mountain road, it is not difficult to find that the steps are composed of abandoned train track sleepers, which not only has historical vicissitudes, but also reflects the green tourism development concept. The Lujiaowan Hot Spring Holiday Camp in Aershan City adopts overhead design to protect the original ecological function of the grassland under the building.

"We will actively develop green tourism with intensive resources, environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon, and sharing between host and guest." Tang Xiaoyun proposed that the national cultural and tourism system should further strengthen the protection of resources, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, improve the quality of green tourism services, and vigorously promote the formation of a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism.

(Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, reporter He Shuzhen)