Great Wall Gun commercial pickup King Kong Gun listed in Hebei, starting from 88,800 yuan.

In terms of power, the King Kong Gun (parameter picture) is equipped with a power combination of 2.0T+6MT, and the GW4C20B gasoline engine is mature and reliable, with a peak torque of 360N·m, and the high-power version of GW4D20M diesel engine has a peak torque of 400 N m. This mature power system has been tested by the market and has outstanding reliability.

A few days ago, another brand-new product based on the same platform of the Great Wall Gun, the fashionable commercial pickup truck King Kong Gun, was listed in Hebei Province.

King Kong cannon has two kinds of power, gasoline and diesel, and there are many different versions of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, with gasoline models starting at 88,800 yuan and diesel models starting at 95,800 yuan.

The above price is the standard box model price, and the long box model is added with 2000 yuan;

Entrepreneurial and elite models of long box models can be equipped with flat-bottomed containers, and on this basis, 2,000 yuan will be added;

Pilot limited optional package: including "LED headlights +360 panoramic image", with an optional price of 2000 yuan.

In addition, King Kong Gun also provides car buyers with five exclusive rights: financial gift, replacement gift, interconnection gift, recommendation gift and worry-free gift.

King Kong Gun adopts the design concept of "minimalist aesthetics", which is simple and tough as a whole, and offers five body colors: dream blue, worry-free white, bold horizontal black, enterprising gray and struggle brown.

For the interior, the high-definition LCD dual floating screen is matched with intelligent voice control, and the FOTA online upgrade function can upgrade some in-vehicle functions.

King Kong cannon has three kinds of containers: standard box, long box and flat bottom. The long box model has a 1.82-meter super-large container. The intimate design of low cargo platform and container lighting shows the profound insight of Great Wall Gun to pickup truck users. The turning diameter of 11.9 meters makes the King Kong gun more flexible in turning and turning around.

At a new high, Volvo Car Greater China sold more than 180,000 vehicles in 2023.

  China Economic Net, January 9 (Reporter Guo Yue) Recently, Volvo Cars released data: In 2023, the global sales volume reached 708,716 vehicles, of which 180,234 vehicles were sold in Greater China, all reaching record highs. The continuous improvement of brand power and the steady advancement of electrification transformation have also become highlights.

  Specifically, as of December, 2023, Volvo Cars has achieved positive growth in global sales for 16 consecutive months, and the sales share of pure electric vehicles has climbed to 16%.

  In the Chinese mainland market, in 2023, Volvo Car’s new energy sector performed particularly well, with sales increasing by 25% year-on-year. At the same time, from January to November, 2023, the market share of Volvo Cars in the luxury fuel car market in Chinese mainland reached 6.3%. Focusing on the performance of specific models, in 2023, Volvo S90 sold a total of 40,379 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 22%; Volvo XC90 sold a total of 19,615 vehicles, an increase of 11% year-on-year; Volvo XC60 sold a total of 70,811 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

  In terms of new product promotion, Volvo Cars has ushered in new progress in a number of pure electric vehicles. In 2023, the pure electric luxury MPV-Volvo EM90 was launched in the world and opened the reservation in Chinese mainland. In 2024, the brand-new all-electric flagship SUV-Volvo EX90 and the brand-new all-electric luxury SUV-Volvo EX30 will be listed in Chinese mainland one after another. Three all-electric vehicles for different market segments will help Volvo Cars fully launch its new energy market in 2024.

  At the same time, Volvo Cars is also actively building a new business model for pure electric vehicles and adapting its layout. At present, in addition to nearly 300 dealer operation outlets, Volvo Cars has 46 city center stores and brand experience stores, and the "direct sales+dealers" model has begun to take shape.

  In addition, Volvo Cars has also established a perfect energy-replenishing system covering all scenarios of users’ travel, covering four scenarios: home charging, public charging, dealer charging and emergency charging. Up to now, Volvo Cars has joined hands with third-party partners to access more than 600,000 charging resources, covering 330+ cities.

  More than that, in addition to new products and new business models, in 2023, Volvo Cars also established a stable and far-reaching electrification transformation system by continuously promoting localized innovation and carbon neutrality in the whole value chain. In China, Volvo Cars has continuously increased its investment. In 2023, the brand-new Shanghai Design Center and the Asia-Pacific Software Integration Center were put into use one after another, and they worked closely with the brand-new software testing center in Gothenburg, Sweden, to continuously evolve and iterate the safety, software and hardware strength of Volvo Cars.

  Focusing on the goal of "becoming a climate zero-load benchmark enterprise in 2040", Volvo Cars also actively promotes the low-carbon transformation of the supply chain, including not only the production and manufacturing ends, but also the procurement and logistics chain. On the basis of the previously announced goal of reducing bicycle carbon emissions by 40% from 2018 to 2025, Volvo Cars further accelerated its actions, including announcing at the first chain Expo in 2023 that it would promote the "Hundred Green Electricity" project of the first-tier supplier in China in 2024, and announcing plans to reduce bicycle carbon emissions by 75% compared with the 2018 benchmark in the subsequent COP28 period.

  In 2023, Volvo Cars continued to sharpen its brand image. While promoting product innovation, we will adhere to the brand concept of safety, sustainability and personalization, and lay the foundation for market performance in 2024. Specifically, in 2023, Volvo Cars released the "World Tree Intelligent Safety System", which further expanded the safety of traffic travel from the traditional active and passive safety to four different safety spaces: inside, outside, body and people, and constituted a more comprehensive safety system.

Xiaomi released the first car

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  On December 28th, Xiaomi Group held.At the technical conference, the first model Xiaomi SU7 was unveiled, and the electric drive was also disclosed.The latest achievements of five self-developed core technology systems, namely, large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi Group has thus achieved a complete closed loop of the strategy of "people, cars and homes".

  Insiders said that IThe automobile market will gradually enter a period of steady growth, from incremental market to stock market, and the market competition will be further intensified. In this context, pricing will become an important factor in whether it can become an explosive model.

  In-depth self-research of key technologies

  Lei Jun said that Xiaomi insisted on starting from the underlying core technology, insisting on positive research and development, and deep self-research on key tracks. Xiaomi Automobile invested more than 10 billion yuan in the first phase of R&D, and the R&D team has more than 3,400 engineers. Among them, there are thousands of top technical experts at home and abroad in key fields.

  In the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi released three key technologies: adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road model and super-resolution occupation network technology. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi’s total investment in the first phase of full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology has reached 3.3 billion yuan, and now it has increased to 4.7 billion yuan, with more than 200 test vehicles and a test mileage of more than 10 million kilometers. Intelligent driving is the track that Xiaomi focuses on, and the goal is to enter the first camp in the industry in 2024.

  Intelligent driving has become an important track for the automobile industry. PG One, director of the Industrial Policy Research Institute (Advanced Manufacturing Center) of CCID Research Institute, said,Cars andThe tightness of the combination is further improved.

  Lei Jun introduced that Xiaomi already has a complete intelligent manufacturing strength of automobile industry. existOn the other hand, Xiaomi released the Super HyperEngine V8s with a speed of 27200rpm, which is expected to be put on the train in 2025. At the same time, Xiaomi pre-researched the next generation of super, innovative laser winding rotor technology, and successfully broke through 35000rpm in the laboratory stage. In terms of aspects, Xiaomi has independently developed CTB integration technology and joined forces.The first battery inversion technology was launched, and Xiaomi also built its own battery pack factory. In addition, Xiaomi has independently developed "9100t super large die-casting cluster" and die-casting alloy material "Titan alloy".

  Building a closed loop of "human-vehicle-home ecology"

  Lei Jun introduced that the first model of Xiaomi Automobile has achieved small-scale mass production, and a large number of verification tests are being carried out to create a beautiful, easy-to-open, comfortable and safe mobile smart space.

  Xiaomi’s first car was named XIAOMI SU7, and it was positioned as a "C-class high-performance eco-technology car", offering three colors of bay blue, elegant gray and olive green. In order to reduce the inconvenience caused by virtual buttons, Xiaomi SU7 keeps many physical buttons, which are mainly used to control air conditioning temperature, air volume, tail wing, air suspension and so on.

  According to reports, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with dual motors to realize all-wheel drive, with an acceleration time of 2.78 seconds per 100 kilometers and a top speed of 265 kilometers per hour. Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with Xiaomi-battery. With the support of 800V super fast charging, the battery life can reach 510 kilometers after 15 minutes of charging. Lei Jun said that with strong thermal management technical capabilities, Xiaomi Automobile will be the king of electric vehicles in winter. With the release of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi has thus achieved a complete closed loop of "the ecology of people and cars".

  The internet of everything ecology is Xiaomi’s strength. Lei Jun introduced that Xiaomi tablet application ecology can get on the bus seamlessly, and other Mijia devices can also get on the bus without feeling. An expansion interface is reserved in the car to support device plug and play. In addition, Xiaomi has created the CarIoT ecosystem and is fully open to third parties.

  For non-Xiaomi mobile phone system users, Xiaomi Auto supports wireless CarPlay, AirPlay and so on.

  Pricing deserves attention.

  Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile is a major leap of Xiaomi Group, from mobile phones and AIoT to automobiles. Xiaomi Automobile is the new beginning of Xiaomi Group.

  It is worth mentioning that the price of Xiaomi’s first car has not yet been announced, but Lei Jun has paved the way for consumers, "it is really a bit expensive".

  At present, the competition in the automobile market is further intensified, which brings difficulties to the pricing of Xiaomi automobile. PG One said that with the rapid development of the automobile industry, overseas competitors have gradually completed the transformation of traditional fuel vehicles to new energy tracks, and the competition between independent brands and overseas brands will become increasingly fierce; At the same time, our automobile market will gradually enter a period of steady growth, and gradually shift from incremental market to stock market.

  Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is not afraid of "volume".

  fromIn terms of market, Xiaomi relies on cost performance to develop its own market share. In recent years, with the further intensification of competition in mobile phone track, Xiaomi Group’s strategy has gradually been adjusted to "high-end". Therefore, industry insiders speculate that Xiaomi will not adopt a low-price strategy like Xiaomi’s mobile phone.

  Regarding the competition pattern of the electric vehicle market, Lei Jun previously said that as the electric vehicle industry matures, the top five brands in the world will occupy more than 80% of the market share. "The only way to succeed is to become one of the top five, with annual shipments exceeding 10 million."

  Pricing will become one of the key factors for Xiaomi to become an explosive model.Previously releasedIt shows that the starting price of Xiaomi SU7 is expected to be below 200,000 yuan, and the overall price will be between 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan. It is estimated that the annual sales of new millet cars will reach 70,000-80,000 units.

Li Jiaqi sold out, but Hua Xizi plummeted by 90%

Hua xizi was attacked by traffic. 

On the live broadcast in Li Jiaqi, when consumers complained that a 79 yuan eyebrow pencil with Huaxizi was too expensive, Li Jiaqi did not introduce the quality of the product, but directly asked the consumers, "Has the salary increased? Have you worked hard? " In this sentence, Li Jiaqi and Hua Xizi were pushed to the forefront. 

Originally, everyone thought that Li Jiaqi was getting cold. To everyone’s surprise, Li Jiaqi didn’t get cold, and Huaxizi was miserable. When Li Jiaqi found out that he had said something wrong, he cried and apologized in the live broadcast room. After winning a great wave of sympathy, he immediately started to bring goods. On the hot search of public opinion on Li Jiaqi has also been divided into two factions, who believe that it is just a wrong sentence, and should not be harsh on Li Jiaqi. Moreover, 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil is not expensive at all. While explaining to Li Jiaqi, these people are more supportive of Li Jiaqi. 

The other school thinks, isn’t it just an anchor with goods? When you’re full, you smash the pot? After making money from the poor, do you blame the poor for not working hard? These people, on the other hand, resolutely shed their powder and stopped shopping in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi. From the perspective of Internet public opinion, this incident has also pushed Li Jiaqi, which has been silent for a long time, to the top of traffic. 

This is just like Simba. Whenever there is a public opinion dispute, Simba can always turn decay into magic, making the iron powder loyal to him more iron, selling the goods at all and earning more. In the advertising circle, this is called exposure. As long as the exposure is large enough and how many people hate you, how many people will like you. When half the people in the whole network were cursing Li Jiaqi, the other half were shopping in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi.

According to the data, Li Jiaqi lost more than 1 million powder, but the live broadcast room sold better. Against the cusp of public opinion, Li Jiaqi continued to bring goods, and 50,000 single goods were robbed in only 3 seconds, which was impossible to buy at all. Commodities ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 are basically sold out in one second. This horrible ability to bring goods makes other anchors with goods far behind, which is far ahead. 

Those who scold Li Jiaqi and those who support Li Jiaqi are completely different groups. As the heat continues to rise, Li Jiaqi has lost millions of old powder, but it has also added a huge amount of new powder, and what remains is the hardcore fans of iron powder. For a super anchor, he is not afraid of controversy, and he is afraid that no one will pay attention. What really suffered from Waterloo was Hua Xizi, a domestic beauty brand deeply bound to Li Jiaqi. 

Hua Xizi was pulled out, just a Japanese product wearing a China brand coat. Hua Xizi’s brand is from China, but the foundry is Japanese. Even though China workers are employed, the foundry is set up in China, but it is actually run by Japanese. This makes many consumers spontaneously resist Hua Xizi. 

According to cicada mother’s data, Huaxizi’s sales in Tik Tok platform in August exceeded 100 million, ranking fourth among beauty and skin care brands. After entering September, the daily sales of Huaxi’s official flagship store is also about 1-2.5 million yuan. However, after the eyebrow pencil incident in Li Jiaqi, the daily sales of the official flagship store of Huaxizi plummeted by more than 90% to less than 100,000 yuan. But on September 7th, Hua Xizi’s sales in Tik Tok exceeded 10 million yuan a day. This kind of blow is not heavy. 

In fact, Hua Xizi is just a new brand of domestic beauty, which was established in 2017. Since its inception, it has been deeply bound with Li Jiaqi. How deep is this binding? In Li Jiaqi’s words: "Hua Xizi almost gave himself to me." 

In the beauty industry, marketing expenses have always been high. In other words, whoever can master the flow can take away the excess marketing expenses. According to public reports, Hua Xizi spends as much as 20 million yuan on marketing in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi every month. Hua Xizi almost bet his brand money on Li Jiaqi. Judging from the cooperation in the past five years, both sides are happy. Li Jiaqi made money, and Hua Xizi also exerted brand influence, ranking among the domestic beauty brands in China, and being able to stand on the same container as international beauty brands. 

You can succeed in Li Jiaqi and lose in Li Jiaqi. After the sales plummeted, Hua Xizi even published an outrageous "open letter". 

In this open letter, Hua Xizi didn’t mention eyebrow pencil or Li Jiaqi. On the contrary, in the letter, Hua Xizi also implanted his own brand vision: "promoting the beauty of the East and casting a century-old national makeup". Where is this to calm public opinion? This is clearly with the help of public opinion, and then give Hua Xizi a wave of free brand advertisements. Consumers did not see Hua Xizi’s sincerity, but saw Hua Xizi’s arrogance. 

The publication of this letter also made Hua Xizi’s public relations team resign collectively. Because public relations people don’t want to carry this pot and regard it as a shame in their careers, they just want to leave this wrong place and find the next owner quickly. 

Due to the collective resignation of public relations, Hua Xizi posted a new recruitment announcement, with an annual salary of 500,000-600,000, and a high salary for talents. It is worthy of being a domestic beauty head brand, and Hua Xizi is really willing to spend money. Whether Hua Xizi can reverse public opinion depends on whether there are great talents from heaven.

The captain agrees with Li Jiaqi: "It is not easy to make domestic brands." It’s not easy for Li Jiaqi or Hua Xizi, but those genuine domestic products that have been rooted in China for decades. 

These SUVs recently listed are worthy of attention, led by Yuan PLUS.

The soaring oil price has once again attracted everyone’s attention. In many places, the unit price of 92# gasoline has exceeded 8 yuan/liter, and the voice of "can’t afford to add oil" is getting higher and higher. As an SUV owner, looking at the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers up from 10 liters on the meter, the idea of starting a new energy vehicle has become stronger and stronger. Recently, four new energy SUVs have attracted my attention, hoping to give some reference to friends who also want to start new energy vehicles.

Byd yuan PLUS

BYD’s achievements in the field of new energy are obvious to all, and the explosive models launched are also continuous. BYD Yuan PLUS, which attracted widespread attention last year when it carried out preheating publicity. Different from the other derivative models of BYD Yuan Series, Yuan PLUS’s body size has been fully upgraded, with the length, width and height reaching 4455x1875x1615mm and the wheelbase of 2720mm respectively, and the vehicle positioning has also been upgraded to a compact SUV.

The appearance of yuanplus adopts BYD’s latest family-style appearance, which is more recognizable, and the rear of the car adopts penetrating taillights to enhance the layering and fashion sense of the rear. The design language of the interior is refreshing. The inspiration for the shape of the air outlet and the shape of the handrails on both sides of the door is said to come from musical instruments, but for users of different ages, the acceptance may be different. In terms of power and endurance, which everyone is most concerned about, YuanPlus is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 150kW, and lithium iron phosphate batteries with capacities of 49.92 kWh and 60.48 kWh, respectively. The cruising range under CLTC conditions is 430km and 510km, respectively, and the subsidized guiding price is 13.18-159,800 yuan. From the point of view of price and positioning, BYD Yuan PLUS will become a competitor of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an Y, Nezha U and Tucki G3.

Bound M5

Wenjie M5 is a brand-new product jointly built by Huawei and Jin Kang Celeste. The new car adopts extended-range power, and the fuel-electric driving mode makes it no longer have mileage anxiety. As the first vehicle equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS in-vehicle system, users have high expectations for the performance of the in-vehicle system. Wenjie M5 uses a 1.5T four-cylinder engine as the range extender, and its power configuration has three versions: 272 horsepower, 428 horsepower and 496 horsepower. Except for the entry-level version, it is a rear-drive model, and the others are all four-wheel drive models. All models are equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 40 degrees, and support 0.75 hours of fast charging.

The Wujie M5 is positioned in a medium-sized SUV, and there are not many bright spots in the design. The design language is particularly concise, with the dimensions of length, width and height of 4770x1930x1625mm and the wheelbase of 2880mm, respectively. The interior space of the car is considered medium in its class. At present, there are not many extended-range power models on the market. Li ONE is the best seller at present, and its six-seat large space is one of its biggest selling points. The second is Lantu FREE. The price of the M5 in the world is 24.98-31.98 million yuan, which overlaps with the positioning of the first two. It is not easy to break through the tight encirclement, but with the technical blessing of Huawei, everything is still unknown.


The listing of Mocha DHT-PHEV means that hybrid power will become the development focus of Great Wall Motor in the new energy field in the future. The appearance of Moka DHT-PHEV is very close to that of the fuel version, and the dimensional parameters are basically the same, with the length, width and height of 4875x1960x1690mm and the wheelbase of 2915mm respectively.

The biggest highlight of this new car is the powertrain. Moka DHT-PHEV is equipped with a 1.5T engine, which adopts special technologies such as Miller cycle and high-temperature VGT pressurization, which can effectively improve engine efficiency. There are two models on the market this time, two-wheel drive with 130kW motor and front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive with a total power of 265kW, which are matched with 2-speed DHT (special gearbox for hybrid power). It is said that the comprehensive fuel consumption under WLTC is as low as 1L/100km, and the price is 295,000 yuan and 315,000 yuan respectively. Compared with the fuel version, the pricing is greatly increased, and the fuel version of Mocha is cold in the market. Wei Jianjun blames the poor marketing. Whether it can make a breakthrough in the plug-in hybrid vehicle with a comprehensive upgrade of power and fuel consumption is still very exciting.

Xing tu Zhu feng ET-i

Chery has also begun to catch up in the field of hybrid power. In January this year, it launched the Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng e+, which is the first new car equipped with plug-in hybrid power in Chery SUV series. The high-end brand Xingtu also launched the Chasing Wind ET-i equipped with the same powertrain. It is expected that this powertrain will be carried to more models under Chery. Compared with the fuel version, the appearance of Star Road Chasing Wind ET-i has hardly changed. The design language is simple and fashionable, and the body lines are tough, which is in line with its own positioning.

The powertrain of Star Road Chasing Wind ET-i consists of a 1.5T engine and a motor with a total power of 125kW. The comprehensive power of the system reaches 240kW, and the comprehensive torque reaches 510Nm, with excellent performance in power parameters. It is matched with a 3-speed DHT (special gearbox for hybrid power). At the same time, the car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack of 19.27kWh, and the cruising range under NEDC working conditions is 105km. The official claims that the fuel consumption is only 4.8L/100km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 1.0L/100km. The guide price of ET-i is only 14.98-15.98 million yuan, which looks very attractive.

2022 is destined to be a year of sustained and rapid growth of new energy. The above four SUVs cover three mainstream powertrain forms in the field of new energy vehicles: pure electric, extended range and plug-in hybrid power. Which model do you think has the best chance to become an explosion? Welcome to express your opinion in the comments. (Text/Yu Feng)

Far ahead of Bluetooth! China people’s own "star flash" has come: 60% energy consumption, 6 times speed and 1/30 time delay.

Bluetooth technology was born in 1994 and was invented by Ericsson. Its original purpose was to make wireless headphones possible through wireless audio transmission.

In the past more than 20 years, Bluetooth is the most mainstream short-range wireless communication technology, which is widely used in mobile phones, headphones, handles, keyboards and other devices.

However, Bluetooth technology also has many inherent shortcomings.

For example, the delay of human-computer interaction devices such as Bluetooth mouse and handle, the audio quality and stability of Bluetooth headset, and the number of intelligent Bluetooth networking devices in the whole house are not satisfactory.


So, China people’s own "NearLink" came!

On August 4th, at the Huawei Developers Conference HDC023, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Terminal BG, announced that,

Huawei will introduce Starshine NearLink into HarmonyOS’s ecology.

What are the advantages of Star Flash over Bluetooth?

It is understood that Star Flash is a new generation of short-range wireless connection technology native to China. It is the first time that China’s communication industry has innovatively applied the experience and technology accumulated from following to leading the world for more than 30 years in the field of short-range wireless connection, which is another important milestone for China’s scientific and technological self-reliance.

Fast Science and Technology learned that in 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology took the lead in formulating the near field communication standard for Star Flash.

In September 2020, the Star Flash Alliance was formally established. It only took more than two years from the official start of standardization work to the first commercial use, and it became the fastest-growing short-range wireless technology in history.

Flash-related technicians said that Star Flash is to solve the demand that WiFi and Bluetooth can’t meet the ultimate experience such as delay and reliability in some subdivided scenarios of smart terminals and smart homes, rather than subverting WiFi and Bluetooth.

In terms of technical advantages,

Star flash has the advantages of low delay, high speed, high concurrency, high reliability, anti-interference and precise positioning.

Star Flash only uses 60% energy consumption of Bluetooth, and it can reach 6 times speed, and the transmission delay is only 1/30.

Star Flash can improve the air interface delay of e-sports mouse from millisecond level to microsecond level. In addition, with its high bandwidth and anti-interference ability, lossless audio that was difficult to achieve in the past with Bluetooth headset becomes a reality. In the smart travel scene, the positioning accuracy of Star Flash digital car keys has changed from meter level to decimeter level.

It is reported that,

As a member of the Star Flash Alliance, Huawei has contributed its wireless communication experience and technology precipitation for more than 30 years to the Star Flash standard.

For the first time, the 5G technology contributed by Huawei, such as Polar code, was shortened and made great contributions.

AITO’s new M7 series was officially launched, with a price of 249,800 yuan.

Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi) On September 12th, the new M7 series of AITO was officially listed. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said, "We have invested 500 million yuan in the new M7 series of AITO.".

As a 250,000-class luxury medium and large SUV, the official guide price of the new M7 series in the world is: 249,800 yuan for the five-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus, 284,800 yuan for the five-seat four-wheel drive version of M7 Plus, and 309,800 yuan for the five-seat intelligent drive version of M7 Max; The six-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus is 269,800 yuan, and the six-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max is 329,800 yuan.

The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, the urban intelligent driving navigation assistance (urban NCA) will realize the experience that can be opened all over the country.

Since its release in April 2023, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has built a rich scene library on the AI ? ? training cluster, learning 10 million +km in depth every day, and continuously optimizing the iterative intelligent driving algorithm and scene strategy. As of September 2023, the long-distance NCA pilot MPI(Miles Per Intervention) is as high as 200km, and the success rate of urban elevated import and export is as high as 99%+.

HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit has realized the "touch-and-touch" of mobile phones, which can realize the continuous application circulation of drama and games; Mobile phone aerial photography can also be transferred to the cockpit screen; HUAWEI MagLinkTM in the back row expands the use method of Huawei’s flat-panel hanging and connecting.

"321" China Eastern Airlines MU5735 aircraft flight accident investigation preliminary report released; The second trial verdict of the case of "impersonating Laoganma employees to defraud Tencent" an

[technology circle]

Yu Chengdong: Huawei’s consumer business was renamed Huawei’s terminal business and entered the commercial field in an all-round way.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, officially announced that Huawei’s consumer business was renamed as Huawei’s terminal business at the new product launch conference of Huawei’s terminal commercial office, and it has entered the commercial field in an all-round way. In the future, Huawei’s terminal business will comprehensively cover two modules: consumer products and commercial products. Consumer products will continue to focus on serving mass consumers, while commercial products will focus on serving government and corporate customers. (36Kr)

Huawei’s Bluetooth Key Patent Announced

Tianyancha App shows that recently, the patent of "a vehicle control method, vehicle-mounted device and mobile terminal" applied by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was announced. According to the technical scheme of the application, the positioning accuracy of the car Bluetooth key can be improved, the user’s intention can be recognized, the vehicle can automatically execute the operation instructions such as unlocking and locking the door, the use convenience of the keyless entry and starting function of the vehicle can be improved, and the convenience and comfort experience of the user in using the vehicle can be improved.

Apple claims that nearly 20% of the materials used in its products in 2021 will be recycled materials.

Apple published an article in official website on April 19th, saying that it used certified recycled gold in its products for the first time and more than doubled the amount of recycled tungsten, rare earth elements and cobalt. Since 2015, Apple’s use of plastics in product packaging has been reduced by 75%. (Interface)



The second instance verdict of the case of "pretending to be an old godmother employee to defraud Tencent": the appeal was dismissed and the original judgment was upheld.

It is learned from relevant parties that the second instance of the case of three people posing as employees of Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. and defrauding Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. has been ruled by Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court: the appeal was rejected and the original judgment was upheld. On December 29, 2021, the Nanming District People’s Court of Guiyang made a first-instance judgment on this case. Three defendants were sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment, 7 years’ imprisonment and 6 years’ imprisonment respectively, and were fined, and three people returned Tencent’s compensation of 4.31 million yuan. (澎湃)

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has notified 37 apps that infringe on users’ rights and interests, and everyone broadcasts live and I love my family.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently organized a third-party testing organization to check the mobile Internet application (APP). Up to now, there are still 37 apps that have not been rectified, including live broadcast for everyone and I love my family.

It is said that Musk launched an offer to buy Twitter in about 10 days.

On the 19th local time, foreign media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Musk planned to launch a tender offer directly to Twitter shareholders in about 10 days. If it is successful, Twitter shareholders can choose to sell their shares at the tender price. According to the report, in addition to the cost of purchasing a 9.2% stake in Twitter, Musk is willing to pay 10 billion to 15 billion US dollars in cash. In addition, he also seeks to raise $43 billion needed to privatize Twitter by introducing other investors and debt financing.

Blackstone, Vista and brookfield have ruled out the possibility of financing Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

According to market sources, Blackstone Group, Vista and brookfield have ruled out the possibility of financing Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. (Sina Finance)

Instead of boycotting advertisements, Netflix is considering launching a cheaper subscription plan.

Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr., co-CEO of streaming video giant Netflix, said on Tuesday that Netflix is now "quite open" to offering lower-priced subscription plans supported by advertisements. Hastings has long opposed adding advertisements or other promotional activities to the platform, but he said in a pre-recorded earnings conference call on Tuesday that it was "very reasonable" to provide customers with cheaper options. (Phoenix Net Technology)


[Car ring]

Less than two months after delivery, Huawei AITO asked the M5 official to raise the price by 10,000 yuan.

On the 20th, the official of AITO Automobile Co., Ltd., which is a cooperation between Huawei and Celestial, released the announcement about the price adjustment of the M5&the listing instructions of the standard version of the M5 rear drive, to adjust the prices of some models of the M5. Among them, the starting price of the standard version of Wujie M5 rear drive was adjusted to 259,800 yuan, which was 10,000 yuan higher than the previously announced price. (Sina Finance)

LI’s delivery was postponed in April because some supply chain enterprises could not supply.

On the evening of April 20th, LI said in a notice issued by the APP that since the end of March, some supply chain enterprises located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in LI have been unable to supply due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, it had a great impact on the production in LI in April, which caused some users to delay the delivery of new cars.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Geely Commercial Vehicle.

According to the official news of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. The two parties agreed that Hefei Guoxuan will supply power battery products to Geely commercial vehicles from 2022 to 2024, with an estimated total of 126,000 sets, including micro-surface, light truck and extended range.


Energy industry

It is reported that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will release new power battery technology in the near future, but Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited denies it.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited denied that a new power battery technology would be released in the near future, and said it was a misunderstanding, so please don’t pass it on. Earlier, some media reported that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited related sources revealed that the company will prepare to release new power battery technology in the near future. (Sina Finance)


[Financial Street]

Everbright Securities: Received resignation reports from Yan Jun, chairman of the company, and Liu Jiping, chairman of the board of supervisors.

Everbright Securities announced that the board of directors received the resignation report of Yan Jun, the chairman of the company, on April 19th. Due to job adjustment, Yan Jun resigned as the chairman, director and convener of the Strategy and Development Committee of the Board of Directors. On the same day, the company’s board of supervisors received the resignation report of Liu Jiping, the company’s supervisor. Due to work adjustment, Liu Jiping resigned as the chairman of the board of supervisors, supervisor and member of the governance supervision committee of the board of supervisors. The company has noticed some media reports about other senior managers of the company. At present, other senior managers of the company have not changed, and the company’s operation and management are normal.

Bank of China Securities: Lin Jingzhen resigned as chairman of the company and elected Ning Min as chairman of the company.

Bank of China Securities announced that the board of directors recently received the resignation report submitted by Lin Jingzhen. Lin Jingzhen, Vice President of Bank of China, applied to resign as a director, chairman and director of the Strategy and Development Committee of the Board of Directors due to work arrangements. After his resignation, he will no longer hold any positions in the company. The board of directors elected Director Ning Min as the chairman of the second board of directors of the company.

Chairman of Bank of Nanjing: We will increase Suning’s capital stock in due course and do a good job of stability this year.

Bank of Nanjing held a performance briefing for 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. Hu Shengrong, Chairman of Bank of Nanjing, answered questions about the future layout of Bank of Nanjing’s consumer finance at the performance conference. Hu Shengrong said that the current acquisition of Suning Xiaojin still needs to wait for the approval of the regulatory authorities before realizing equity delivery. At the same time, after the delivery, Bank of Nanjing will study how to increase the share capital of Suning, and at the same time make a series of arrangements in terms of business model, business development planning and internal organization. The main task of Suning’s gold elimination this year is to "stabilize", do a good job in basic work, and achieve greater development next year. (澎湃)

The largest public pension fund in the United States: supporting the removal of Buffett as chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

According to reports, Calpers, the largest state public pension fund in the United States, disclosed on April 19th that it intends to vote for Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholder proposal to replace Warren Buffett’s position as chairman. Before Berkshire Hathaway held its annual general meeting on April 30th, the California Civil Servant Retirement Fund disclosed its position in the announcement submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. (Interface)


[real estate circle]

Evergrande plans to restart large-scale marketing, and the "May 1 Golden Week" 2000 existing home promotion scheme flows out.

According to market information, Evergrande internally issued the Notice on Issuing Ten Key Marketing Measures and Special Assessment during the Golden Week, requiring that the "May 1 Golden Week Grand Discount" and "Existing Home Grand Discount" be packaged. During the Golden Week, 2,000 existing houses will be launched, and the time range is from April 20th to May 5th, 2022. The notice was confirmed by relevant insiders of Evergrande.

Sunac Real Estate Group was forced to execute more than 38 million yuan.

According to the information disclosure website of China, on April 19th, Sunac Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. added a piece of information about the person to be executed, with an execution target of 38.51 million yuan, and the enforcement court was the Chaoyang District People’s Court. Sunac Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. was established in January 2003, with the legal representative Wang Mengde and the registered capital of 15 billion RMB, which is wholly owned by Beijing Sunac Holding Group Co., Ltd. (Interface)


[medical circle]

Netcom Kexing executives died, and the company responded: It is true.

Recently, an obituary about the death of Kexing executives was circulated on the Internet. The obituary shows that Cao Xiaobin, senior manager of the Government Affairs Center of Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd., died on April 17, 2022 at the age of 45, and was signed by Comrade Cao Xiaobin funeral committee. Kexing confirmed that the news of Cao Xiaobin’s death was true. (Zhongxin Jingwei)


Aviation industry

“3• The preliminary report on the investigation of the flight accident of 21 "China Eastern Airlines MU5735 aircraft was released.

After investigation, the qualifications of flight crew, cabin crew and maintenance release personnel on duty meet the requirements; The airworthiness certificate of the accident aircraft is valid, the latest A inspection (31A) and the latest C inspection (3C) of the aircraft have not exceeded the inspection time limit specified in the maintenance plan, and there is no fault report and no fault reservation before the flight and short parking on the same day; There are no goods declared as dangerous goods on board; The navigation and monitoring facilities and equipment along the route involved in this flight are not abnormal, and there is no dangerous weather forecast; Before deviating from the cruising altitude, there was no abnormality in the radio communication and control command between the crew and the air traffic control department, and the last normal land-air call was at 14: 16; The two recorders on board were seriously damaged due to the impact, and the data repair and analysis work is still in progress.


More exciting content, all in the first financial APP.

Known as the "pork king" in Guangzhou, he graduated from Peking University and Tsinghua.

  Growing vegetables and selling drinks and pork.

  Opened more than 100 chain stores and became the "pork king" in Guangzhou.

  Claiming that "selling pork is more technical than selling computers"

  As a fresh graduate, it is almost impossible to sell pork as a career choice. A few years ago, the news that Lu Buxuan, a gifted scholar of Peking University, was a butcher once spread all over the country, which triggered a great discussion about whether this behavior was a waste of talents. However, a few years later, another talented person from Peking University, Chen Sheng, also quietly entered the pig industry, and opened nearly 100 pork chain stores in just one year, becoming the largest pork chain store in Guangzhou and even Guangdong, and was called the "king of pork" in Guangzhou. A few days ago, in an interview, he even broke the amazing words: "Selling pork is more technical than selling computers."

  What is his personal experience and entrepreneurial story? A few days ago, the reporter had an exclusive interview with Chen Sheng.


  Chen Sheng said: "I like this kind of doing things in unknown areas or in a more complicated environment, including selling pork."

  Chen Sheng, born in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Peking University and an EMBA from Tsinghua. After graduating in 1984, he was assigned to an institution in Guangzhou. Three years later, he resolutely decided to go to sea.

  A paper triggered the idea of resignation.

  When talking about why he gave up such an enviable "iron rice bowl", Chen Sheng said with a smile that he was the only one who entered the office at that time. One day, he wrote a paper entitled "China will enter a free economy sooner or later", which was later published, but somehow it got to his boss. After the boss saw it, he called him to the office to "educate" him and thought that there was something wrong with his concept.

  "At that time, I was depressed. I felt that I was out of place there and I couldn’t find a career advantage." Chen Sheng said that he likes to make decisions on certain things independently, but in that working environment, he can’t act according to his own personality. It can be said that the "paper incident" prompted him to make an indirect decision to resign.

  Growing vegetables earns the first pot of gold in life.

  After resigning, in order to make a living, Chen Sheng became a ghost and began to sell clothes in stalls. After selling clothes for months, he made a little money. Then one day, he went to a relative’s house in rural Zhanjiang to play. On the same day, his relatives carried more than 100 kilograms of radishes they planted to the streets to sell. However, due to the windy and rainy weather at that time, their relatives only sold 10 kilograms and made money in 10 yuan. On the same day, the experiences of other farmers in the village were similar. A group of farmers were very angry and sat on the ground complaining that they would never do it again next year.

  Chen Sheng, who stood on the side at that time, was inspired by this sentence. According to the principle of economics, the price will rise when the supply is less than the demand. So, he used a little savings earned by reselling clothes to contract 100 acres of vegetable fields and took some vegetable farmers to cultivate them himself. During this period, he found that besides the supply and demand, the price of vegetables was most affected by the weather. Especially when the Siberian cold current approached the day before Guangzhou, the weather was sultry that day, and the price of vegetables was very cheap. Chen Sheng took the opportunity to buy all the vegetables that could be bought in the market. On the day of cooling, it happened to be a holiday, and most farmers didn’t come out to sell vegetables. "The purchase price is 1 cent a catty, and I sell it for 6 cents a catty." Chen Sheng said that this reselling made him earn the first bucket of gold in his life and earned more than 100,000 yuan at once. Since then, he began to specialize in selling vegetables. As for the understanding that the weather affects the price, Chen Sheng said with a smile that he kept his mouth shut until he went back to chat with the vegetable farmers in that year after eight years.

  Two phone calls "gave birth" to vinegar drinks

  With the first bucket of gold earned, Chen Sheng began to devote himself to the real estate industry in Zhanjiang in 1993. It only took him three years to become the top three in Zhanjiang real estate market. Considering some unsafe factors outside the law involved in the real estate industry, Chen Sheng began to switch to making drinks. "At that time, I wanted to make a pure carbonated drink." Chen Sheng said that just as his research and development of pure carbonated drinks entered the last moment, the phone calls from two friends changed his fate.

  Chen Sheng said that at that time, two friends called him and said, "Don’t develop your carbonated drinks any more. Everyone is popular to drink vinegar drinks these days." It turned out that when a country leader visited Zhanjiang, he chose Sprite to blend vinegar, a novel drinking method, and vinegar drinks became popular for a time. Chen Sheng ran to the market and made an investigation. He found that everyone blended vinegar and Sprite directly, but there was no ready-made vinegar drink. Immediately, he made a bold decision to produce vinegar drinks immediately. Thus, in 1997, the first vinegar beverage in China was born in the hands of Chen Sheng.

  Go to the market to buy meat and join the pork stall.

  "I like this kind of doing something in an unknown field or in a complicated environment to satisfy some of my desires, including selling pork," said Chen Sheng, who decided to "kill pigs" when he went to the market to buy meat. He found that this industry was misunderstood by others, this profession was misunderstood by others, and many things were misunderstood by others. Guangzhou’s pork market is several billion yuan a year. Why doesn’t anyone expand it? With such doubts and the temptation of a huge market, Chen Sheng began to invest. He believes that the more neglected the industry, the greater the opportunities, the first is the market, and the second is competitors.

  He explained that if he was selling computers, he would have to face competition from tens of billions of enterprises like Lenovo, but he still had an advantage over his competitors by choosing to sell pork. He is going to do something great in this profession, for example, people sell one pig and half a pig, but he can sell more than a dozen pigs. Isn’t this the level of Peking University?

  Selling pork is more technical than selling computers? Chen Sheng has an explanation for this. "Selling a computer is to assemble all kinds of hardware and then sell it to consumers. Assembly is a technology, which only needs a little study. However, for selling pork, how to divide and match fat meat, lean meat and ribs determines the profit or loss of selling pork, and its variability is great. "

  For example, he told reporters that lean meat, for example, is all thin and not delicious, too fat and not good. From the taste point of view, it may be best to add 3% fat, but it is impossible to teach the operation, and it may depend on the touch. Therefore, cultivating a good pork knife seller is the embodiment of technical content.

  So, in 2006, Chen Sheng built his local pig breeding factory near the junction of Zhanjiang and Guangxi, and in 2007, he began to open a pork stall in Guangzhou to sell pork. In just one year, it has developed into the largest pork chain store in Guangzhou and even Guangdong, "No.1 local pig". (Author: Zhang Danyang correspondent Jiang Feixue)

Editor: Fan Jing

15 days of "coming back from the dead" in Viya live broadcast room

Image source @ vision china

Text | Xiaguang Society, Author | Guo Zhaochuan, Editor | Ma Ji

Since its comeback on February 12th, the new account "Bee Surprise Club", which is composed of the original Viya "Help Broadcast Group", has been broadcast live for 15 days. Until last night, the viewing traffic of the new account could still reach 6.5386 million.

Viya’s old fans know that the connection between this newly opened live account and the original Viya live room is inextricably linked:

Viya’s official subscription number is "Viya Surprise Club", while her husband Dong Haifeng’s fan base is called "Bees". Besides, all five people in the "Bee Surprise Club" are former Viya’s helpers and models, and the supply chain and product selection still continue the original idea of Viya’s live broadcast room.

The successful launch of "Bee Surprise Club" means that the live delivery team in Viya "came back from the dead" after it was suspended for tax evasion in December last year.

Although Viya didn’t appear in front of the camera, as the public speculated, the successful test of his broadcast team showed that the "depersonalization" of live broadcast with goods would become more and more distinct in the future.

The characteristics of relying on personal charm to bring goods will gradually weaken in the future, while the supply chain, product selection and business of the live broadcast company ….. are like a precision machine, supporting the live broadcast room to be lively again.

After Viya, perhaps no studio will be the only one, and more and more studios will have the shadow of the original live broadcast with goods.

Among the six members of the "Bee Family", Hao Hao, Kai Zi and Cai Fa used to help broadcast in the live studio in Viya, while two of the three girls, Xiao Han and Duo Duo, used to be models in the live studio in Viya.

On the social media account of Bee Surprise, the title of the first live broadcast notice list was labeled "We are back with the joy of live broadcast". The anchor Hao Hao’s testimony is even more straightforward: "These two days have returned to the previous rhythm of life."

Although they call themselves "small teams working hard to start businesses" in the live broadcast, there is no doubt that there was a shadow of Viya team behind them. After the broadcast, fans showed "You’re back" one after another, indicating that everyone knows the connection between this new account and Viya.

Not long ago, there were rumors that "Viya will return as soon as March this year". According to reports, Viya’s original Taobao account will be resumed, and its name and fans will not change. When the news came out, it was strongly opposed by public opinion.

Compared with the comeback of VIA herself, the fans’ attitude towards the "bee family" is relatively tolerant:

"She made a mistake and accepted the punishment herself. Can employees not work?"

"It’s just a migrant worker. Isn’t it still broadcast by changing the company name?"

Since the launch of the new team on February 12, the live data has also been quite eye-catching — — Within a few hours of broadcasting, 900,000 people poured into the studio. The first live broadcast of the new team received a cumulative broadcast volume of 1.186 million, and then the broadcast volume climbed all the way, breaking through 10 million on the fifth day. After February 20, the data can still be maintained at around 5 million to 7 million, which has surpassed the general traditional waist anchor.

The notice about the live broadcast of the "Bee Surprise Club" with goods, like the previous first-line anchor notice, has attracted much attention from consumers.

The same strategy is also used by the Sydney team.

After witnessing the re-emergence of the "bee family", the Sydney team also "awakened" one after another.

On February 16th, four days after the launch of "Bee Surprise Club", the original live broadcast room "Guangguang is coming" in Sydney was launched. The first live broadcast received 1.866 million broadcast data, and then climbed to the highest 4.975 million broadcast.

Soon after, "Guangguang is coming" was renamed as "Mushrooms are coming", which made many regular guests in the live broadcast feel that it was "following suit" with the Viya team. The name "Bee Surprise Club" comes from Viya’s husband Dong Haifeng, while Sydney’s husband is nicknamed "Aunt". The so-called "mushrooms" and "bees" actually come from the same routine.

However, in contrast, the water test here in Sydney is more "bold". At one time, Sydney’s husband appeared directly on his own, while Viya and the company were more cautious. The more familiar help-broadcast girl did not appear, and the anchors currently selected were not directly related to his family.

Some people take the current live broadcast preview list of Taobao to reveal the current Taobao head anchor situation:

The live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi stands out; Followed by "mushrooms come" with the shadow of the former Sydney team; The "Bee Surprise Club" bears the imprint of the former Viya team. Going around for a long time, the head anchor Jiangshan is still controlled by the same group of people.

No wonder many viewers speculated that the original head anchor was retreating behind the scenes. Relying on the old team to continue the delivery business is the real trend and effective strategy in the field of live delivery.

A team that used to be able to sell rockets live will not be devastated by someone’s fall.

At the end of last year, when Sydney and Viya stopped broadcasting one after another due to tax problems, everyone almost only paid attention to their personal and live conditions. But in fact,Whether it is Viya or Sydney, or even a head anchor with the ability to carry goods on any platform, there is a company machine with precise operation behind it.

Sydney once sent many employees severance letters and held a "clearance sale" in a park in Hangzhou. Viya’s team never actually disbanded. After Viya stopped broadcasting in December last year, it only gave the live broadcast team a week off, and then began to serve other anchors.

At first, Viya’s company showed the characteristics of a small family workshop. Viya’s husband and brother both hold important positions in the company. My younger brother, Huang Tao, has been the CEO of the company since he was a temporary product selection person in a small team. Viya’s original assistant, Qi Er, is her own sister-in-law.

However, with the expansion of the company’s scale, Qianxun (the company behind Viya) has also realized the transformation from a small family workshop to a large Internet company. The company introduced the flower name system of Internet companies, such as Viya’s younger brother Huang Tao, whose more widely known name is actually his flower name "Ollie".

Before the tax problem broke out,The work intensity of Hangzhou Qianxun employees is no less than that of any Internet company.. It is normal to get off work after 10 o’clock every night, and the business departments are all on a weekly rest system. It is relatively relaxed for the financial and administrative employees to implement "big and small weeks". In addition to the anchor, assistant broadcaster and model in front of the camera, the company also has various support departments such as China Merchants Selection Department. In the heyday of Viya Company, there were more than 40 people in the investment team alone, and the product selection work was subdivided into more than a dozen vertical lines, which were completed by more than 300 people.

To put it bluntly, the reason why Viya can become a "live broadcast sister with goods" is not only because of her own fan appeal, but because she can get lower discounts on goods by virtue of intensive advantages such as supply chain and quality control. Her team even mentioned in an earlier interview that "personal charm comes last".

Even if "Viya is gone", as long as you can get the same discount from merchants with goods, practice has proved that you can really attract some fans who simply pay attention to the cost performance of goods.The popularity of "Bee Surprise Club" is proof of this point. As a new account with no fan base, it exploded as soon as it was launched, which is closely related to the operation and accumulation of the whole company in the past six years.

From the perspective of social values, it seems that Viya’s team-led live broadcast with goods should not be advocated. Whether in front of the stage or behind the scenes, public figures with moral defects such as "tax evasion" should not be acquiesced to "make a fortune in silence". But from another point of view, Viya and Li Jiaqi are just the first people to eat crabs in the business model of live broadcast with goods.

Their team has thoroughly understood the internal logic of algorithm, flow, supply chain, product selection, communication and pricing, and made it more and more professional.Although there are many problems in the industry due to lack of supervision and other factors in the early stage, as the development of the whole track matures, the industry dividend will be more even.

Li Jiaqi once said frankly in an interview: "Next year is the peak of the whole industry", and then the peak passed.However, "after the peak period of the industry" does not mean that the live broadcast has turned off..

In fact, the competition of the whole live broadcast track is even more fierce. Judging from the live broadcast platform, not only Taobao and other e-commerce platforms, but also the interest e-commerce live broadcast of short video platforms and the live broadcast of second-hand trading platforms have no intention of "turning off".

The considerable user scale also proves this point. According to the data of the 48th Statistical Report on the Development of Internet in China, as of June 2021, the number of users of e-commerce live broadcast in China has reached 384 million, up 75.24 million year-on-year, accounting for 38.0% of the total number of Internet users, and this number is still rising. In other words, consumers’ demand and interest in live delivery is actually not low.

From the perspective of the anchor with goods, although the industry has become more standardized, the profit of live broadcast is still considerable. The commission of head anchor food department store products is basically above 10%, and the commission of beauty products can reach 5% to 8%. But the difference is that the super-high profit and bargaining power are no longer only gathered in the hands of the head anchor. Some insiders said, "Taobao will no longer support new head anchors."

Since January of this year, Taobao has issued a series of regulations to strengthen the support and traffic inclination of mid-waist anchors, and more anchors will receive live broadcast bonus. In the past, the situation of "one family is the only one" or "several families are the only ones" in the live broadcast of the anchor with goods on the head changed. Coupled with the popularity of self-broadcast live broadcast rooms of commodity brands, it will be difficult to reproduce the dilemma of ultra-high commission and product selection, and the market will enter a stage of benign competition.

At the same time, the live broadcast track with goods will become more professional. This means that anchors lacking complete team planning and product categories will be quickly iterated."Anyone can bring goods live" and "Star Part-time Bring Goods" will get very limited bonuses.

Take Yu Minhong, who was recently exposed as a "failed studio", as an example.

On December 28th last year, New Oriental announced the establishment of "Oriental Selection" and entered the live broadcast with goods. After the live broadcast of the transformation of New Oriental, the sales in two months was only 4.5 million yuan, and the average single-game sales was only 170,000 yuan. Compared with Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast with sales of hundreds of millions a night, the data of New Oriental’s transformation with goods is really bad.

Is it because Yu Minhong’s personal appeal is not as good as that of several small promoters and models in Viya and Sydney?

Simply from the anchor quality, the anchor with goods in New Oriental really lacks the professionalism nurtured by Viya and Sydney for a long time, not to mention the professional experience in product selection and supply chain cooperation.

The selection of live broadcast anchor in the East is the former teacher selected by New Oriental through internal recruitment. Although the teachers in New Oriental are really "eloquent", the fact that they can adjust the classroom atmosphere does not mean that they have a set of products to introduce. Many netizens say that "after watching the live broadcast, they feel not very interesting".

In fact, even a few anchors from Viya’s team in Bee Surprise Club are inevitably criticized by netizens: "You criticize me, and a group of people explain it too messy", "The professional degree of commodity explanation is not as good as that of Viya" and so on, not to mention the non-professional anchors who have become monks halfway.

Moreover, although the maximum audience of "Bee Surprise Club" is considerable, it is still less than one tenth of the audience that Viya had earlier, which was more than 90 million. Although the live broadcast of the cargo track is still far from the flameout, it is even more difficult to enhance the influence of the live broadcast room even with the team foundation of the former head anchor.