Wang Zhiwei: He solved the problem of baffling foreign automobile experts in two hours.


Zhiwei Wang

CCTV News:"A simple and beautiful" car dream "will always shine in my heart: it is because I love cars and Beijing cars that I have persisted for more than ten years, and I will continue to do it with my life." The man who said this is Wang Zhiwei, a senior technician in a Beijing automobile factory. Although he is only 37 years old, Wang Zhiwei already holds many titles, such as Beijing’s senior industrial technical expert, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, and "youth post expert" in the national automobile industry.

Wang Zhiwei, a native of Shunyi, Beijing, likes playing with machinery since he was a child. After graduating from junior high school, Wang Zhiwei was admitted to Beijing Automotive Industry School to study in a technical secondary school. After graduating from technical secondary school, he went to a car company in Beijing and worked in the assembly workshop.

Automobile assembly and adjustment workers need to assemble and debug tens of thousands of parts to ensure that every screw and every wire are accurate, so that the automobile can run normally. However, one of the wires is out of order, which is often difficult to detect. After years of exploration, Wang Zhiwei has summed up a set of unique vehicle circuit system adjustment and detection technology and troubleshooting methods, which can quickly detect and eliminate faults.

From a junior worker to a senior technician, the average person needs more than ten years, and he has completed five consecutive technical jumps in one competition. After the introduction of new models, he solved technical problems that foreign technical support experts could not solve, and he solved them in two hours.

"I work as an assembler on the production line. Go to work at 8 o’clock every morning and get off work at 8 o’clock or even 10 o’clock in the evening. The hardest thing is that in 2003, as an operator on the production line, I couldn’t see the future, and my thoughts fluctuated at that time. " Wang Zhiwei said.

However, the turnaround also occurred that year, and the production capacity of the car factory was expanded from 50,000 to 150,000. At this time, the workshop maintenance team recruits people, and the new team is responsible for maintaining the new car that has just rolled off the assembly line. It has high technical content and needs an exam to enter. Wang Zhiwei, 23, and hundreds of employees signed up for the exam, and finally won the top 6, and successfully entered the maintenance team.

Subsequently, Wang Zhiwei started the learning hegemony mode of day and night, and he held a large pile of circuit system adjustment detection methods and troubleshooting methods of various models, which became a "big hand" for everyone in the maintenance team.


Wang Zhiwei at work (right)

After obtaining the certificate of senior technician, Wang Zhiwei began to take apprentices. Newcomers are just graduates, without any experience, and need to be taught by hand. "I have a low education and I have to teach others, so I have to improve my theoretical study. Many times, I am learning and selling now." Wang Zhiwei said, "All say ‘ Church apprentice, starving master ’ But in my opinion, this is not a problem. When bringing new people, I will tell them which operations are correct and which are incorrect, where to start, and which level of knowledge to learn. "

In order to improve the professional quality of the whole staff in the workshop, Wang Zhiwei not only took full responsibility for the technical training of the assembly workshop, but also launched the "E2E Weekly Technical Promotion" for engineers to learn and improve, and the "Zhiwei Lecture Hall" for technical personnel training, which taught automobile theoretical knowledge and assembly skills, and trained more than 4,000 employees successively, and trained 7 skilled automobile electrical maintenance workers, of whom 25 grew up to be technicians under their guidance, and two became senior technicians.

One year, a certain model of the eighth generation could not be started after it was first rolled off the production line, and the technical support from South Korea could not solve the problem, so they called Wang Zhiwei to come over by name. After Wang Zhiwei went over, he used the unique vehicle circuit system to adjust the detection technology and troubleshooting methods, and solved the problem in two hours.

Since joining the work, Wang Zhiwei has solved more than 120 technical problems in production, including 27 outstanding innovations, 11 utility model patents and more than 300 production improvement projects.

In 2009, the company established the "Wang Zhiwei Chief Technician Studio" while continuously achieving various technological innovations. In the innovation studio, Wang Zhiwei mainly focuses on the improvement of tools and techniques, the cultivation of talents, the proposal of economic and technological innovation, and the improvement of achievements. Wang Zhiwei led the studio members to put forward more than 160 improvement measures in the company’s "two investments and one mention" project, saving nearly 7.4 million yuan.

After years of persistence and forging, "Wang Zhiwei Chief Technician Studio" has developed and trained a large number of outstanding young technicians. These young technicians have now become builders of various factories, and continue to influence and drive a new group of technical youth. (Source: Zhonggong. com)

How to heat up the car quickly in winter?

The following are the most effective ways to warm up your car in winter:

1. Start the car first, wait for 20 seconds, and then warm it up by driving at a low speed to avoid slamming on the accelerator.

2. The correct and effective way to warm up the car is to go on the road 30 seconds to one minute after starting and keep the speed low. The engine speed should not exceed 3,000 ~ 3,500 rpm, and it is generally kept at 2,000 rpm to avoid excessive wear of the engine and gearbox. Wait for the engine temperature to rise to the normal operating temperature (about 3 to 5 minutes), and then resume normal driving.

Hot cars in winter are a concern of car owners. Here are some effective methods:

1. Start the car first, wait for 20 seconds, and then drive at a low speed after the idle speed of the engine is completely stable to avoid slamming on the accelerator. This can fully lubricate the engine oil and reduce wear.

2. The correct and effective way to warm up the car is to go on the road 30 seconds to one minute after starting and keep the speed low. The engine speed should not exceed 3,000 ~ 3,500 rpm, and it is generally kept at 2,000 rpm to avoid excessive wear of the engine and gearbox. Wait for the engine temperature to rise to the normal operating temperature (about 3 to 5 minutes), and then resume normal driving.

In a word, the correct hot car method can protect the engine and gearbox and prolong the life of the car. In the cold winter, it is necessary to warm up the car, but don’t over-warm it to avoid wasting fuel and time.

Stock (1): What do you buy when you buy stocks?

Hello, my name is Peking University Xu Yuan, and welcome to my investment class.

Today we enter the second part of the course, the investment tools part. In this part, I will explain to you the basic nature of investment tools, including stocks, bonds, funds, real estate, gold and so on. For example, these are 18 kinds of weapons in the martial arts field. After understanding the basic properties of these weapons, we can choose the weapons that we can take advantage of.

As the saying goes, "If you want to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools first." Without understanding the nature of these tools, you are like a tiger without teeth, and you will be very passive in the arena of investment.

Today is the first lecture on investment tools. We begin to talk about one of the most common and important tools, namely stocks. Regarding stocks, we focus on six issues.

First, when we buy stocks, what are we buying? In particular, some companies are not profitable at all, let alone paying dividends. Why are they still worth so much money? How exactly is this priced?

Second, how to judge the stock price? Some stocks are very cheap, can you buy them? Some stocks have high unit prices, why do they go up all the way? How to judge?

Third, there are so many stocks in the market, how to quickly grasp the market situation?

Fourth, how is the stock price determined? What are the different factors?

Fifth, do A shares earn money? If you don’t make money, why are so many people playing in it?

Sixth, what kind of stocks have high returns?

Let’s look at the first question first. What do we buy when we buy stocks? In particular, some companies on the A-share market are not profitable, and there is no dividend. Why are they still so expensive? In order to clarify this problem, I divide stocks into two categories, dividend-paying and non-dividend-paying

Dividend-paying stocks have a relatively simple principle. We buy a stock because we are optimistic about the cash flow that this stock can bring.For example, if you spend 10 yuan on a stock and pay a dividend of 1 yuan a year, after ten years, you will return to your capital (for simplicity, discount is not considered here), and all dividends in the future will be profits.

If you divide it into 50 cents a year and pay it back in 20 years, all future dividends will be profits. At this time, you spent 10 yuan to buy it, which is all future dividends.

You may say, where is the company giving such a high dividend rate now? Actually, it’s not. You can have a look at Table 1. Table 1 shows the distribution of dividend rate of A-share listed companies from 2016 to 2018. As you can see, the average dividend rate of listed companies is over 30%, which is not low.

This is not the most exaggerated. The 10% companies with the most dividends have a dividend rate of over 60%. At present, there are more than 3,000 listed companies in A-shares, of which more than 300 have a dividend rate of over 60%. Therefore, the statement that A shares do not pay dividends is not consistent with the real data.

Table 1: Dividend rate of A-share listed companies (2016-2018,%)

Note: Before calculating the dividend rate, companies with negative net profit in this year are excluded, and the dividend rate is equal to the total annual dividend of the company divided by the annual net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

As of the production date of this table (November 2019), the dividend data for 2019 has not been published, so the data from 2016 to 2018 are used. Source: Wind information.

In fact, what you need to pay attention to is not the companies that don’t pay dividends, but the dividend rate of some companies is too high, which is a bit abnormal. You need to see what is going on. In order to illustrate this situation, we have specially compiled Table 2 and listed the companies with the highest dividend rate in recent years.

When sorting out Table 2, we made a screening and only considered large and medium-sized companies with positive profits and large market value of more than 10 billion. The data of small and micro enterprises fluctuates greatly, so we will not consider it for the time being.

Table 2: Top 30 Dividend Rates of Companies with Market Value of Over 10 Billion (2016-2018,%)

Note: The data comes from Wind. Before calculating the dividend rate, the companies with negative net profit for the year and companies with a total market value of less than 10 billion at the end of the year were excluded.

If you look at Table 2, many companies have a high dividend rate, and some companies even have a dividend rate of more than 100%, that is, dividends exceed profits. Why is this happening? To sum up, there are probably three possible reasons.

In the first case, the company has little temporary profit, but in order to maintain the stability of dividends, it still maintains a consistent dividend level. In this case, even if there is a temporary shortage of cash, the operation is still stable, so paying more dividends is to show the market that everything is under control and there is no need to panic.

China Petroleum, for example, has done such a thing. Due to lower oil and gas prices, its net profit in 2016 dropped by nearly 80% compared with that in 2015.

However, in order to maintain a steady dividend, China Petroleum used the retained undistributed profits of previous years to pay dividends in 2016, and the dividend rate reached 137.43%. By 2018, the company’s profits have improved, the denominator has become larger, and the dividend rate has fallen.

Purchase column to unlock the remaining 70%

This Italian children’s choir is hard to get a ticket every year. How will they appear in Shanghai this year?

The Italian Antoniano Chorus ("An Tuan" for short) is no stranger to many audiences in China. Every New Year, the choir’s New Year concert in Shanghai has become a regular program for many parent-child families, and it is not difficult for parents of all walks of life to "grab tickets". Because every time, the tickets for the New Year concert will be sold out within 1 minute. This record has been maintained for many years.
Since its first performance in China in 2016, the troupe has held a New Year Chorus Concert at Shanghai Children’s Art Theater (SAIC Roewe Children’s Cultural Center) for five consecutive years. When the epidemic struck this year, foreign performing groups could not come to China. The organizer, Shanghai Children’s Art Theater, made a decision to continue to hold the Anzhuan New Year Concert in 2021 and put it on in a "cross-time" way.
This concert tried a brand-new stage technology, using high-definition video and holographic technology to realize the interaction between Italy and China. An Tuan will sing in Italy and interact with the China Sisters from a distance. There will be six concerts from December 31st to January 3rd. The concert on New Year’s Day will be broadcast live through Youku platform.
Liang Xiaoxia, general manager of Shanghai Children’s Art Theater, revealed that this New Year concert "through time and space" is the most difficult concert they have had in the five years since they introduced the troupe. In addition to the great technical difficulties, including the time difference and different ideas between China and Italy. However, because the Italian security corps is located in a high-risk area, it has also overcome various difficulties in rehearsal and filming. Mr. Cavalli Giampaolo, artistic director of ANTuan, said that it was the most difficult but also the warmest New Year concert that ANTuan had completed in the past 57 years.
Liang Xiaoxia said that the reason why we insisted on presenting the New Year’s Concert in this way this year was that we hoped to satisfy the thoughts of the Shanghai audience; Second, I hope that through this concert that spans time and space, there will be a warm connection between China and the international children. Just like the theme of this year’s New Year concert: "2021, More Love".
Affected by the epidemic, the real person did not come to the New Year concert to be put on hold.Every year, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with the songs of the troupe, which has become a fixed project for many China audiences to welcome the new year. This year, an Tuan can’t come to China, and there is no live concert. What should we do?
Finally, after consulting with Shanghai Children’s Art Theater, the troupe decided to present the New Year concert in this special period with high-definition video.
However, can the audience’s expectations be met by playing HD video alone, and how can the audience who go into the theater to listen to the concert have a unique live experience? After discussion, the Chinese and Italian teams finally decided to use holographic technology.
Holographic technology used to be used in concerts and other large-scale activities, but it is the first time in the world to be used in concerts, especially children’s chorus concerts. For this reason, the organizer invited the best professional technical team in China, used the world’s most advanced cable-stayed film projection technology, and equipped the top dance equipment in the industry to achieve the best imaging effect in the industry at present.
It is envisaged that the three tracks of the concert will be presented by holographic projection technology. On the stage, the pre-recorded singing video of the troupe will be presented by holographic technology, while the China Sisters Hydrangea Choir of the troupe will perform live, so the two choirs will present the effect of "singing on the same stage", and there will be an interactive experience of live performance and virtual imaging.
In the past, holographic film technology was mostly in the form of "single person and single film", but this time, the Chinese and Italian teams must solve the problem of presenting dozens of choir children on the same film at the same time. Not only that, but also will interact with the security group at the scene. The number of people, the complexity of design, the difficulty of shooting and the difficulty of the later stage are unprecedented for the technical team.
In order to solve this series of problems, the domestic technical team has produced a shooting guide with dozens of pages for ANTuan, explaining each shot, each angle and each group of protagonists in detail.
Because this is the first time that an Tuan has challenged holographic technology, the effect of the first shooting is not satisfactory. The teams in China and Italy overcame the time difference and communicated remotely all night. Finally, gather all the children in the choir again and shoot again.
Although there are great challenges and difficulties, Liang Xiaoxia said, "The impact of the epidemic has prevented the troupe from coming to the scene to perform, but at the same time, this situation has also made us think, open up more imagination and see if we can use scientific and technological means to make the performance team who can’t come to the scene personally bring a good stage experience to the audience."
Liang Xiaoxia said that the application of holographic technology in the New Year concert is also an attempt by Shanghai Children’s Art Theater to perform on the stage at present and in the post-epidemic era, which can provide reference and inspiration for the future.
Serious risk escalation of epidemic situation, bumpy recording and difficult transmissionFor the Italian Chorus Antoniano, the experience of this New Year concert is unprecedented.
Lombardia, where the choir is located, is listed as a high-risk area of red epidemic by the Italian government, and Italy is one of the countries with the worst epidemic in Europe. This year, almost all performances of the choir were suspended, including the children’s chorus gold medal competition that the choir participates in every year, which was also announced to be postponed until next year.
At the same time, due to the epidemic situation, the Italian national television team, which recorded the concert for ANTuan in previous years, was unable to assist in the filming this year, and the staff of the technical department of ANTuan made up the seats one by one at the first time, which solved the shooting problem.
However, the local government does not allow many people to enter the studio for recording. To this end, the security group specially applied to the Italian government, and after more than two months of examination and approval, it finally obtained special approval. Therefore, during the Italian epidemic, ANTuan became the only organization that was able to carry out multi-person shed recording.
During each rehearsal and recording, the local government will also appoint two health supervisors to be full-time inspectors at the scene.
The problems encountered in shooting are also continuous. Because there are 40 members in the official performance, according to the requirements of Italian epidemic prevention and control, only half of them can now enter the studio for recording. At the same time, when rehearsing and recording, each child should be separated by a safe distance of at least 1 meter. As a result, during the video recording in the studio, the children no longer stood on the chorus table, but stood on 23 little red dot landmarks which had been strictly measured.
In order to present the best visual effect, the troupe shot every song in the concert from multiple positions and angles, and it took a long time to shoot the material of 18 songs. But at the same time, how to "send" the massive materials of the whole New Year concert to China at the fastest speed has become another difficult problem under special conditions this year.
After numerous international discussions and various schemes, there are only one or two days left before the concert starts. Liang Xiaoxia and her team are still making various adjustments across the time difference every day, striving to make the concert present the best effect. In Italy, all the children and the conductor of the troupe are full of expectations for this unprecedented concert.
"So many times, the children didn’t complain, because the children themselves are very curious and looking forward to it. They will ask, can holographic technology really send us to China? What will we look like on China’s screen? "
Liang Xiaoxia said that since she introduced AnTuan five years ago, this children’s choir has been regarded as the most healing and joyful choir. Therefore, I hope that in this special New Year, more audiences can enjoy and share the warmth and healing brought by the concert.
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Today, I am you | grab 50 training places in one minute! "Olive" is in the first place. Why do Qingdao people fall in love with this ball?

Peninsula all-media reporter Zhong Wenting

  Rugby is known as the first sport in the United States, but on a football field in Qingdao Guoxin Stadium, young men and women often play rugby games, and the joyful scene attracts many people to stop and watch. Recently, the reporter of "I am you today" on the peninsula felt the heat that 50 football training places were robbed in one minute.

The reporter first experienced the flag football.

  At present, Qingdao American Football Adult Equipment Group has 80 full-time players, more than 1,000 fans who often participate in training, and more than 3,000 waist flag football fans who are relatively easy to get started. Why is this minority sport so popular in Qingdao, from young people to children, from college students to returnees? Come and experience it with the reporters from Peninsula and feel the charming life of this fashionable city!

Grab the quota in one minute

It took the reporter a few days to grab it.

  Recently, the reporter came to Guoxin Stadium. Although it was 8 pm on Wednesday, the stadium was in full swing. The football team organized here is the American football team of Qingdao Conquerors. Captain Tong Yi told reporters that today’s football activities are becoming more and more popular. Professional team training and the participation of fans make this stadium lively, even on weekdays, there are different levels and intensities of training going on almost every night.

  Nowadays, no matter whether it is a zero-based "Little White" or an enthusiast who has been training for many years, he can find a suitable training team and teammates in Qingdao. "Regardless of flag football or American football, everyone’s acceptance is getting higher and higher. Now all football fans’ WeChat groups divided by category and grade have filled my top list, adding up to more than 3,000 people." Tong Yi pulled the reporter into the primary group of fans a week ago, but it took a week for the reporter to sign up.

  Because the registration is too hot, because the number of people needs to be controlled in each training, the upper limit of each registration is 50. At first, the reporter set up the information-free mode, and when he remembered to grab the quota, dozens of people had lined up behind him. Wait until the next training suitable for beginners, as soon as the registration information is sent out, 50 people will be reported in one minute, and there will be people waiting in line. Looking at the registration information carefully, there is only one second difference between the 50th person and the 51st person, and the 51st person in line is equivalent to the backup team for this training-if there are formal players who temporarily quit, the backup team members waiting in line at the back can make up the position according to the queuing order. The reporter was amazed at everyone’s enthusiasm. Captain Tong told the reporter that if you want to participate, you must register in advance. Fans know the basic registration instructions, and the organizers will also buy insurance for the players. Therefore, the registration process is very strict, and you will never accept temporary registration on the spot.

  After several days’ dedicated competition, the reporter finally grabbed a place to participate in zero-based training. On the left and right sides of the court, there is American football on one side and flag football on the other. The reporter signed up for flag football training.

Many girls are happy in flag football.

  For the classification of these two events, in many people’s impression, rugby requires intense physical collision and confrontation, which requires high physical quality. However, as a non-contact and non-collision rugby form, flag rugby has lower threshold, faster start-up and is more suitable for beginners to try to participate.

  The reporter first entered the football team with the waist flag on the right side of the venue. After entering the door, his teammates tied a belt for the reporter, and two pieces of cloth about half a meter long were hung on both sides of the belt. This is the waist flag. "Pulling this flag is equivalent to knocking down your opponent in American football. This is the biggest difference between the two categories. The flag football avoids direct collision and plays in a more gentle way, "Tong Yi told reporters." You see that the American football on the left needs to wear protective equipment and a helmet, but the flag football on the right doesn’t need it. Everyone can go into battle lightly, as long as they wear sports shoes. " The reporter found that the proportion of men and women in his training team is basically half and half, and most of them are young people in their twenties and thirties, while the American group with equipment accounts for the majority. Most of them are strong and their bodies reveal the traces of fitness all the year round.

Catching a ball is like hitting a sandbag.

Running is much happier.

  The reporter entered the training team of flag football. At first, fifty people were divided into five groups according to the number of times they participated in the training. The primary group where the reporter was located was the first-fourth training group. After grouping, the coach first organizes the practice of running and catching the ball without the opponent’s letting go of defense.

  The coach asked the group of ten people to form a line and take turns to train for running. After each person stood on the line, he waited for the coach’s command with his left foot in front and his right foot behind. When he heard the word "run", he ran forward quickly, stopped at the specified position quickly, and then turned around and went back. Familiar with the basic pace requirements, and then more complex running route training.

  Get familiar with the route first, and then catch the ball. In the training of catching the ball in situ, you are required to bend your knees, lean forward slightly, and keep your eyes on the ball. When the ball comes, you should stretch out your arms to meet the ball and fully relax your fingers to touch the ball. After touching the ball, both hands instantly exert force and recover it to firmly connect the ball. As it was the first time to participate in training, the reporter did not wear protective gloves, and when he reached out his hands to catch the ball, he was worried that his manicure would not be guaranteed. It’s best to wear protective gloves if there are girls participating in the training.

  When the ball comes, open your hands side by side with palms facing outwards, and there is a nearly triangular gap between the two index fingers and little fingers to catch the ball. When the coach saw that the reporter was attending for the first time, the girl would show some mercy. However, when the reporter saw a ball flying over for the first time, he was still a little instinctively afraid. At that moment, he just wanted to avoid being afraid of hitting his head. His companion described the reporter as bringing his own "ah" elongated sound effect, and then watched the ball land beside him.

Peng bo is attacking.

  This process of catching the ball is a bit like playing sandbags when I was a child, that is, "playing cat’s tail" in Qingdao dialect. Some people are scared when they see the ball, while others are excited when they see it.

  After catching the ball, you run with the ball. There are two kinds of holding the ball: two-handed holding and one-handed holding. Holding the ball with both hands is easy to combine with passing, and holding the ball with one hand is easy to accelerate. When holding the ball with both hands, the five fingers are naturally opened and the thumb is pressed on the most convex part of the ball; The palm is empty, and the finger grips the ball hard; The wrist is turned up, the elbow is set up to hold the ball in front of the body, and it swings left and right with the running action. There are two ways to hold the ball with one hand: vertical and horizontal. Hold the ball with one hand and hold it firmly with your hands, arms and chest.

  If you can catch the ball, you can either pass it to your teammates or break through the opponent’s defense and bring the ball to your camp, which means a touchdown. What the opponent’s defender has to do is to pull out the flag on the receiver’s waist. After pulling it out, the defense is successful. Therefore, when the players with the ball run, they have to avoid the other team to pull the flag.

  When the defender intercepts from the front or oblique side, he can use the arc running to get rid of his opponent. At this time, he should pay attention to the distance from his opponent, and he will be intercepted if he is too close to his opponent. Take a detour to the right as an example: lower your center of gravity and lean forward to run forward. When your opponent approaches from the front, look to the left to attract your opponent’s attention; Turn to the right with the inside of the left foot, cross the left foot to the front of the right foot, and run away in an arc. This process of running while protecting the flag is a bit like tearing a famous brand in the reporter’s view, while running to the designated position, we must not forget to protect the famous brand from being torn off.

  After understanding the basic rules, the coach organized two groups to have a friendly match. On the field, everyone encourages his teammates while learning skills. Even if there are mistakes, no one will complain. Everyone pats their shoulders and cheers on each other. At this time, losing and winning are not so important, and everyone has gained happiness in running.

From the eight-member student club

To the top four teams in the country

  Tong Yi told reporters that his Qingdao conqueror American football team was only a football club of Ocean University in 2013, with only seven or eight people at first. By 2018, there will be more than 30 American football players. They are bank employees, teachers, doctors and fitness instructors during the day ….. When they arrive at the training ground at night, they are football players when they put on their equipment. At that time, although the sport was relatively small in Qingdao, the enthusiasm of these players was very high.

  In order to improve the competitive level and get good results in the national league as soon as possible, people often go to Shanghai to participate in football training camps at their own expense. "Shanghai has always been a city with a relatively good development of domestic rugby, where there are more international coaches and a more professional training atmosphere. Therefore, in a 3-4-day training camp, everyone spends seven or eight thousand yuan to learn skills." In addition to spending money, it is not easy to bring a group of adults together for fixed training. "The fixed members are those people, and everyone has his fixed position. Without anyone, the overall training will be affected." Tong Yi recalled that in the early days when the team wanted to improve their performance, every member of the team overcame all kinds of difficulties, pooled their money and made time. "Everyone is an adult with family and career concerns. It seems that everyone has returned to his childhood and should also thank each member’s family for their support."

Jerry took a photo with Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson.

  In addition to regular training at least three times a week and going to Shanghai to participate in the improvement training camp every six months, the players at that time also contacted the old coaches in China online to ask tactical questions. "At that time, there were few people playing football in China, so no matter where people were far apart, as long as they were sincerely loved, there were some appreciate each other between them, and even strangers were willing to give you all they had to tell you about tactics by phone or online." Tong Yi missed the players’ thirst for knowledge about football at that time, "that ignorant and eager stage was as urgent and expected as a newborn trying to learn to walk."

  For Qingdao people, rugby needs a process from scratch. How to take every step on the field may be difficult for them to figure out for a long time, but it will be of great benefit to try it again after being instructed by the old coach on the Internet. Long-term hard work and exchange study, Qingdao team joined the National Rugby League in 2018, and in 2019, Qingdao team reached the third place in the northern part of the country, ranking among the top 12 in the country. In 2020, Qingdao team was shortlisted for the first time in the top four in China.

  2020 is an important year for Qingdao rugby. In that year, a senior player who represented China in the World Championships was invited from Shanghai, and a foreign coach was also invited.

  Jerry, a veteran player from the Shanghai champion team, was originally from Qingdao. After returning to Qingdao, he spent a year leading the Qingdao rugby team to practice better, free of charge. Everyone in the team tried their best, rain or shine, and the football level in Qingdao improved rapidly.

  Today, there are 80 regular football players in Qingdao, more than 1,000 fans who often take part in training, and more than 3,000 football fans with waist flags. Their influence has spread to the surrounding cities of Qingdao, and brother cities such as Yantai and Weihai often come to Qingdao to learn from them, just as the Qingdao team once went to Shanghai to study.

Both father and son are crazy about football.

Failure experiences quench the spirit.

  "peng bo, run! Faster! Good shot! " In Qingdao in June, a youth American football game officially began. Peng bo, a photographer on the sidelines, got busy. As a well-known media reporter, he had to shoot with a dozen catties of long guns and short guns, and at the same time he had to worry about the performance of his son on the field. In every competition, peng bo, a teenager, is like this, "playing as a partner" with his photographer father.

Peng bo attacked in the game.

  Today, 9-year-old peng bo has five years’ experience in rugby, and his relationship with rugby originated from an interview with his father many years ago. "I once interviewed an adult rugby team in Qingdao and fell in love with the sport at once. When peng bo was 4 years old, I sent him to learn rugby." Peng bo, the father of a loyal NFL fan, wore a jersey of NFL star Peyton Manning in the first football class. Foreign coaches were not used to addressing Chinese names and called peng bo "Manning", which naturally became the English name of peng bo.

  Four-year-old peng bo fell in love with the game when he first came to the football field, and he fell in love with the feeling of breaking through many obstacles and chasing after the wind. While he was training and playing, Dad would take out his photographic equipment to shoot the wonderful moments of the children, and use the Tik Tok "Lightning Manning" to record the growth of the children in football. Peng bo has excellent speed and flexibility. He was assigned as an attacker by the coach just after he went to training. At the age of 6, he showed excellent sense of the ball among his peers. He was assigned by the coach to take over the team and take on the most important scoring task. Now he has been able to make touchdowns again and again in the game to help the team score.

  When peng bo was 6 years old, his narwhal team played a friendly match with Jinan Cobra team, which was the first fully armed match he played with his friends. Facing Jinan team, which was older than himself and had certain competition experience, peng bo’s father described his son as "completely stupid, even the opposing players passed by him, and he wouldn’t move". He was replaced less than 3 minutes after playing, and the game ended in defeat. Failure inspired peng bo’s fighting spirit. He said to his father, "Dad, I want to practice more during the summer vacation." The original training once a week became three times a week, and soon, hard training paid off. Five months later, in the Qilu Bowl, peng bo and his teammates once again faced the Jinan team. He played well and played the whole game. In the last crucial minute of the game, he made three important Tackle, which prevented the opponent who was four years older than himself from attacking and won an exciting victory. Finally, the team won the Qilu Bowl.

His son peng bo is Peng Yan’s most satisfactory photography.

  As NFL fans, father and son often watch NFL games together and learn skills and tactics by watching them. Pumbaa has more than a dozen NFL star jerseys and many NFL peripheral products. He loves these "treasures" fondly, which also promotes peng bo’s interest in football. In order to encourage children, my father went into battle in person, participated in the adult flag football game, and won the championship against teams such as Shanghai, Dongying and Weihai, which also added a lot of confidence to peng bo.

American players come to help.

Help Qingdao win the championship

  Jerry, who came to Qingdao from Shanghai, now focuses on youth training. Jerry told reporters that there are more than 100 children studying rugby in Qingdao today. Although there are no special points for rugby majors in China at present, children’s rugby training from an early age can be brutal and tempered, which is very beneficial to physical fitness and willpower training. "Of course, intellectual development is also a very important aspect. Groups under the age of eight must master more than 20 sets of tactics. As soon as they read the tactical code, they must know where they and their companions are going to do, and their ability to adapt to the situation and psychological quality are all-round considerations in a tense environment."

  Jason, who played football in the United States since childhood, is very touched by the various benefits of football in children’s growth. Jason, a native of Tangshan, grew up in the United States. Now, after returning to China, he works as a fitness coach in a fitness studio in Yanji Road, Qingdao, and just joined the American football team of Qingdao Conquerors in June this year.

  Jason looks like a football player from the outside. Rugby is the first sport in the United States. Jason grew up playing in the United States. At the age of 19, he was selected for the Los Angeles high school team. Later, he performed well in the American college football league and entered the University of Los Angeles team with the eighth place. "Originally, Europeans are good at collision, Asians are usually more endurance, and I have been exercising for many years. I think I have both advantages at the same time." Jason is very confident about his football level. Jason has always been the only face of china in the team since he was a child. He admits that every time he comes to a new team, he will really get some strange eyes from his teammates and wonder if I, a China native, can play their ball. "Facts have proved that I can not only play, but also play very well. I used my strength to change the initial prejudice of foreigners against me and make all doubts disappear." Jason laughed and said that he was talented and could not do without long-term hard training. "I can squat 270 kilograms with a load now, and Bobby can jump 100 times continuously."

Jason is now working as a fitness instructor in Qingdao, and he will never forget his rugby feelings.

  Jason now works as a private tutor in a fitness studio on Yanji Road in Qingdao. He learned by chance that there are also professional football teams in Qingdao, so he immediately signed up for the training. In just one night, the coach discovered his strength and immediately invited him to enter the professional group for training. Jason has played in the United States for many years. He thinks that the strength of the Qingdao team today can not be underestimated, but the attack can be more fierce. "My goal is to help the Qingdao team win more championships!"

  Jason recalled the daily training of American teams in the past, and felt that it was indeed more intense than now. "At that time, players would wear 50 pounds of sandbags for long-distance running or press 20 kilograms of barbells for push-ups. Now, the training intensity of both adults and teenagers in Qingdao is much more’ civilized’ than I have ever seen before." Jason believes that the rugby environment in Qingdao can be gradually strengthened in addition to the training intensity, and the general fitness awareness of ordinary people around him is not enough. "Many people have not regarded sports as an essential part of their daily lives, so I still hope that people will get active soon. Even if they don’t play rugby, it is always beneficial to do more fitness and exercise."

Jason usually works out when he doesn’t practice.

  Finally, there is the spirit of entertainment. Jason thinks that although American football looks a bit barbaric and has a collision, in fact, its protective equipment and rules are making every effort to protect the safety of players. "I hope that once we get on the court, we will all let go of playing and abandon all social relations. No matter who is the leader and who is the colleague, we will be friends when we get on the court, and we will have a hearty game. We will neither be humble with our hands tied nor be impatient because of the inevitable collision in the game ….. I hope more and more people can join in and enjoy the happiness of the sport itself."

Reporter’s note:

The more open, the more confident.

The city of fashion is full of vitality

Nowadays, the football team in Qingdao is growing day by day.

  As a sports enthusiast, the reporter is glad to see that there are more and more interesting things in his hometown Qingdao in recent years, especially in sports and fitness. Squash, baseball, rugby and other once small sports have quietly emerged among men, women and children in the streets. With the mass base, the achievements of professional teams are among the best in the country.

  Qingdao has always been an energetic and enterprising city. People in this land are brave in challenges, high morale and full of self-confidence. American football equipment seems to be a foreign thing full of violent aesthetics. In fact, Qingdao people have played the game of "playing cat’s tail" since childhood. The happy pursuit of playing sandbags seems to have the same effect as flying on the football field today. Who can refuse this kind of happiness that makes adults go back to childhood? For children, rugby is also a good sport to develop intelligence and exercise, so there are many rugby families like peng bo.

  Nowadays, Qingdao’s economy is developing rapidly, and spiritual entertainment and mass fitness are also keeping pace with the times. Everyone is willing to spend 180 yuan to play a flag football in the stadium in their leisure time, and they can also accept spending thousands of dollars to buy American football equipment and join a professional American football team. What fun to play, enjoying life and inspiring life is the lovely romantic feelings in Qingdao people’s bones, and it is also open and inclusive to accommodate the winds from all directions.


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

After entering the winter, everyone began to look forward to snow, so that we can have fun and run wild in the snow. Of course, people who like outdoor sports are ready to go skiing in the surrounding snow fields. We have won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the winter events are not practiced quickly! Not ready for actual combat? Let’s start by learning related vocabulary.

Skiing types skiing classification

Snowboarding snowboarding

Cross-country skiing cross-country skiing

Alpine Skiing alpine skiing

Nordic skiing nordic skiing (cross-country skiing with the heel not fixed on the snowboard)

Ski jumping ski jumping

Freestyle skiing freestyle skiing (no fixed snow slot)

Classical skiing traditional skiing (fixed snow slot)

Downslope skiing mountain skiing

Military skiing (used as a means of transportation in the military)

Kite skiing kite traction skiing (a form of skiing pulled or carried by a paraglider, glider or kite)

Backcountry skiing wilderness skiing (refers to skiing in uninhabited rural areas without put in order and marked snow slopes or trails)


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

Skiing equipments ski equipment

Ski snowboard

Snowboard snowboard

Tipped ski board head

Tailed ski plate tail

Ski break skid stop

Ski pole ski pole

Ski wear ski suit

Tapering trousers Ski Pants

Ski boots ski boots

Snow training shoes cold-proof sneakers

Binding fixer

Thermos thermos kettle

Snow cap snow hat

Gloves gloves

Ski glasses/goggle ski glasses

Helmet helmet

Kneepad knee pads

Plush earmuffs plush earmuffs

Band-Aid/plaster band-aid


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

Skiing moves skiing action

Pole planting stick (when turning, the snowball fights lightly on the inner curved side snow trail)

Short radius turn short radius turn

Giant slalom turn(G.S turn)

Parallel turn and leg turn (parallel turn)

Snow plough Plough Brake (two skis with their tails facing outwards, so that the skis form a figure of eight).

Airplane turn air turn

Stem christie braked the turn (pushed the tail end of the inner side plate outward and slid along the snow surface to make it change from a position parallel to the outer side plate into a V-shape).


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

Skiing facilities ski resort facilities

Ticket Office ticket office

Ski resort ski resort

Track track

Ski slopes/runs/piste slide

The primary/elementary ski slopes/runs/bunny slope primary road

The intermediate Ski slopes/runs intermediate road

The high-class/high-level/high-grade ski slopes/runs advanced road

Snowmaking machine/snowmaker snow maker

Bombardier snow press

Cableway cableway

Drinking Station drinking station

Shuttle Bus shuttle bus

Ski equipment hall snow gear hall

The distance between … spacing

The cable car gondola lift cable car

Chairlift cable car

Oxygen bar oxygen bar

Snow entertainment snow play area

Snow entertainment area for children children’s snow amusement park

Entertainment facilities entertainment facilities

Ski area ski area

Skiing show ski show


Ski area conditions natural conditions of snow field

Slope gradient

Temperature temperature

Humidity humidity

Altitude altitude

The slope orientation faces upwards.

Natural resources natural resources

Sunlight sunshine

Local climate local climate

Transport capacity/ability capacity

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Xinjiang ice and snow tourism festival is getting better and better. Snow circle competition stirs up ski resorts.

The Third China Xinjiang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival

  Zhongguangwang Urumqi News (Reporter Gao Jingya) "One, two, one, two" With the rhythmic sound of trumpets, a rope tens of meters long stretched straight in dozens of pairs of powerful hands. This is what the reporter saw today at the 3rd China Xinjiang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival and the 6th 2008 Silk Road Ice and Snow Scenery Snow Mountain Golf Lighting Ski Resort Sub-venue.

Go all out to the end

  On December 22nd, various events of the 3rd China Xinjiang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival were in full swing at Xuelianshan Golf and Lighting Ski Resort. Snow cross-country race, snowboarding competition, snowboarding competition, skiing circle competition … Nearly a thousand contestants gathered here, shouting, cheering and laughing together, and the scene immediately became a colorful and joyful ocean.

  Among many competitions, the team composed of hundreds of students is particularly prominent. I saw that the students quickly arranged the snow circles in a row, and the contestants quickly sat in the snow circles. With the whistle of the coach, the game officially began. Li Xue, from No.56 Middle School in Urumqi, is a frequent visitor to the ski resort. After the competition, she said excitedly: It’s so exciting to play skiing with so many people for the first time!

Uyghur traditional music performance

  Xu Xia, manager of the planning department of Xuelianshan Lighting Ski Resort, told the reporter: This year’s activities mainly highlight the masses and interaction, hoping to let more people participate in and experience the ice and snow projects with the help of the Ice and Snow Tourism Festival.

  In recent years, major ski resorts in Xinjiang have been constantly upgrading their equipment. In addition to strong hardware facilities such as snow presses and snow makers, they have also built a variety of special projects to attract tourists. During this year’s snow and ice storm, the general public and tourists can not only experience traditional projects such as snowboarding, skiing circle and snowmobile in the ski resort, but also feel the fun brought by new projects such as powered parachute, magic carpet ropeway, four-person hanging chair and delta wing.

Editor: Liu Li

Six real "Chinese-style" original ecological beauties are a lot of popular actresses.


In this era of looking at faces, "Yan value is justice" has become the consensus of the public.

However, the true beauty connotation goes far beyond the proportion of the five senses, and more importantly, it contains the soul power.

Let’s take a look at these truly stunning beauties. Do they have enough charm to convince the world?

True love at first sight, does Zhou Yun’s shining light come from Jiang Wen?

In 2002, a film called Heroes of Heaven and Earth was under intense shooting.

Zhou Yun, a girl who is still in college, came to the set and met the director Jiang Wen here.

Jiang Wen has been a veteran director for many years, while Zhou Yun is just a newcomer who has just set foot in the entertainment industry.

However, this time the encounter, but in the fate of the two people painted a heavy color.

In order to perform the role perfectly, Zhou Yun resolutely shaved off his thick black hair and polished his head.

Despite losing the embellishment of her hair, her temperament has not diminished at all, but has added a touch of skill and tenacity.

In the interval between filming, Jiang Wen often looks at Zhou Yun approvingly, with appreciation in his eyes.

And Zhou Yun will return shyly with a bright smile.

In 2005, the two formally entered the marriage hall.

Originally, people may think that the combination of the older director and Hua Dan Jr. is a little abrupt, but their feelings are like old wine, and the longer they get, the more mellow they become, which makes people want to bless.

In many films directed by Jiang Wen later, Zhou Yun appeared and successfully created female characters with different personalities.

Whether it’s the brave true nature in One Step Away, the witty blood in Let the Bullets Fly, or the free and easy pride in Evil Doesn’t Suppress Righteousness, Zhou Yun perfectly presents himself in different aspects.

Jiang Wen seems to be showing the multiple charms of Zhou Yun in his heart to the audience through focus plane.

He used the beauty of art to carve the beauty of love.

Ye Jihong, the first supermodel in China, proved her unique charm with her strength.

In 1980s, a legendary supermodel was born in the modeling field of China, and she was Ye Jihong.

Unlike porn stars in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Ye Jihong is not eye-catching by her stunning style.

Her beauty is more like a deep pool, calm and not thrilling, but can firmly grasp your eyes.

Ye Jihong knew that true charm does not need external decoration, but internal temperament.

Therefore, she attracted the attention of countless fans with her unique temperament.

Michele Monique Reis, a Hong Kong elder sister who competed with Ye Jihong, once made her feel inferior.

Michele Monique Reis’s popularity is higher and its appearance is more eye-catching.

However, Ye Jihong did not flinch, but proved his unique charm with his own strength.

Under the artist Chen Yifei’s pen, Ye Jihong seems to have a thousand words in his eyes.

She got rid of the bondage of commercial packaging and showed an extraordinary temperament.

Ye Jihong used her magnetic aura to tell the world that true beauty does not need the approval of others, but it has its own aura.

Perhaps it is this leisurely temperament that makes her a classic that cannot be copied.

Zhu Lin, the rare king of the daughter country in Journey to the West, perfectly interprets complex character with acting skills.

In 1986, the shooting of the classic The Journey to the West was in full swing.

Among many roles, the most troublesome one is the candidate for the role of king of the daughter country.

This role needs to have both the majesty of the king and the charm of women, both atmospheric and lively and amiable.

Such a complicated person was hardly found among the actors at that time.

After interviewing thousands of actors, director Yang Jie finally took a fancy to a very young actor-Zhu Lin.

Although Zhu Lin is still young, her understanding of this role is eye-catching.

Through her interpretation, the audience saw not only a touching beauty, but also a flesh-and-blood three-dimensional life.

In her rich facial expressions, she is sometimes filled with love and sometimes with sadness, which shows the inner struggle of the king of her daughter country to the fullest.

Even in the scene of confrontation with Tang Priest, she didn’t use the exaggeration that ordinary villains would use.

On the contrary, through subtle expression management, this female character has maintained her unique charm.

With his keen insight and excellent acting skills, Zhu Lin perfectly interpreted this extremely difficult role and made it lifelike.

Perhaps, it is this control of the details of the role that has made her brilliant on the road of acting.

Chen Hong, the first beauty in mainland China, conquered the difficult Hong Kong art circle with her strength.

The 1980s was the golden age of Hong Kong films.

However, for mainland actors, this fertile land of art is not friendly.

It was in such a difficult environment that Chen Hong made his mark.

She conquered many Hong Kong audiences with her unique temperament and solid acting skills, and was praised as "the first beauty in mainland China".

Chen Hong has a small square face, unlike the traditional beauty.

However, it is this asymmetrical facial line that increases her three-dimensional sense and aura.

When director Chen Kaige first met Chen Hong, she was deeply shocked by her face like an oil painting.

Although it is not a melon face, it is also beautiful.

Chen Hong is 51 years old, but she still has girlish skin.

The traces left by years on her face only made her beauty more precipitated.

Perhaps this is the unforgettable charm of Chen Hong.

With her own efforts and strength, she opened up a world of her own in a severe environment, and this spirit cannot be eroded by time.

A smile warms people’s hearts like spring breeze, and Gao Yuanyuan influences every role with sincerity.

"Mark Chao, it’s bitter to take revenge on your wife!" The heroine of this sentence is Gao Yuanyuan, who is known as "laughing like spring".

In 1997, Gao Yuanyuan entered the show business at the age of 18.

Although she is still a little childish, her unique temperament is already in the bud.

With big eyes, high nose and oval face, the proportion of Gao Yuanyuan’s five senses is perfect.

When she smiles, the whole person radiates dazzling light.

In 2014, Gao Yuanyuan returned to the public eye.

What remains unchanged is her bright smile, but what changes is the faint maternal aura revealed in the smile.

Gao Yuanyuan is not only outstanding in appearance, but also excellent in acting.

Whether it is the villain in "Eternal Dragon Slayer" or the warm-hearted girl in "Mala Tang Girl", she can infect every character with her sincerity.

Perhaps this is the real secret that she can touch the hearts of the audience.

Gao Yuanyuan endowed each character with the agility of life with his pure soul strength.

Lin Fangbing, who plays the legendary role of Yang Guifei, shows the beauty of women with her plump figure.

In the hit drama The Legend of Yang Guifei, Lin Fangbing, who successfully played the role of Yang Guifei, was deeply loved by the audience.

For this role, Lin Fangbing gained 30 Jin, reaching the highest weight in his life.

However, the plump figure did not affect her charm, but added charm.

As an excellent actor, Lin Fangbing not only presents Yang Guifei’s noble temperament in appearance, but also depicts Yang Guifei’s inner waves through subtle expressions.

In particular, her every move reveals charming amorous feelings and successfully completes the transformation from modern women to Yang Guifei.

In this play, Lin Fangbing shows the colorful life of this legendary woman with her rich acting skills.

With her understanding and expressive force of the role, she vividly showed Yang Guifei, a historical figure, to the audience.

Because of this, Lin Fangbing won the honor of best actress in the 11th Golden Eagle Award.

This is not only an affirmation of her acting skills, but also represents that the beauty of all plump women deserves attention and praise.


So, what is true beauty? Perhaps the external appearance is just the entrance, and what really convinces people is the inner soul power.

If a person has these beautiful qualities of tenacity, wisdom and sincerity, he can shine brilliantly.

We should use our inner eyes to discover the true beauty of the world.

Why should we promote inclusive finance and how to do a good job in inclusive finance?

Inclusive finance, as it literally means, is a financial business that benefits everyone. Finance has its own characteristics in the process of development. For a long time, most people still feel that finance is somewhat high, and not everyone needs or has the opportunity to get financial services. Inclusive finance, on the other hand, is committed to making the slightly cold finance serve more classes and people, especially the general public who need financial support but can’t get financial services at ordinary times.

What is inclusive finance?

Inclusive finance refers to providing financial services with appropriate cost, convenience and effectiveness to all social strata according to the principle of equal opportunity and sustainable business. The concept of inclusive finance is an exotic product, which originated from the advocacy of the United Nations in 2005. The original English text is Financial Inclusion, which literally means "financial inclusion". This direct and blunt translation can explain the original meaning and goal of inclusive finance, that is, to include more groups in the scope of financial services. Of course, the Chinese translation of "inclusive finance" means that finance generally benefits the masses, which also shows the original meaning and is more elegant.

To put it simply, inclusive finance wants financial services to reach everyone who needs them, so that the financial needs of all social strata can be met. If finance is a kind of help, then it is necessary to let this help help more people and help everyone in need.

Why push inclusive finance?

From the perspective of the financial industry itself, the financial industry has its natural preference for the choice of customers. For example, banks prefer to serve big customers and rich customers, even though these customers themselves do not need financial support such as loans. In banking practice, there is not much difference in human resources between making a loan of 100 million yuan and making a loan of 1 million yuan. However, in order to complete the business volume of 100 million yuan, those who do a single 100 million yuan only need to do one stroke, while those who do a single 1 million yuan have to do 100 strokes. The human resource cost and operating cost behind it are very different. Therefore, if only from the perspective of commercial interests, banks are willing to provide more financial services to large and medium-sized customers.

In addition, from the customer’s point of view, the internal management of large and medium-sized customers is more standardized, the statements are more credible, and their credit is generally better. Comparatively speaking, small customers have small scale, irregular internal management, and even no qualified statements can be provided, so the credit risk of small customers and inclusive customers is generally greater. Finally, the loan business is reflected in the non-performing rate index, and the default rate generated by banks as small customers/inclusive customers may be higher, and the higher non-performing rate will bring more losses.

If there are no special regulatory requirements to correct the deviation, most banks will serve large customers more, while small customers and inclusive customers will not get financial support. From the perspective of social benefits, although the large customers are large, after all, the social economy is composed of more small enterprises or micro-enterprises, and the inclusive enterprises attract more employed people and maintain more people’s livelihoods. If small customers/inclusive customers do not get enough financial support, it will not be conducive to the all-round and healthy development of the national economy.

Since the financial industry itself is easy to form the deviation of the above-mentioned service targets, it needs external forces to correct it. This is why the supervision of the United Nations and many countries will give special impetus to inclusive finance.

Where is the difficulty in inclusive finance?

Heard a famous professor describe inclusive finance (SME loan problem), he said: "SME loans, banks do, banks die;" If banks don’t do it, SMEs will die. " Although this description is extreme, it also reflects some actual situations. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are weak in their ability to resist risks due to their small size, large operational uncertainty, and opaque information, and are prone to problems such as dishonesty of business owners. After banks put in loans for SMEs, the probability of bad loans is indeed not small. In reality, many banks’ business practices have repeatedly proved that inclusive finance/SME loans are difficult to do. Bank employees often find that bad loans appear in the loan portfolio one after another shortly after banks increase the investment of small and medium-sized enterprises. Compared with large and medium-sized enterprises, the loan of Pratt & Whitney customers takes a shorter time from delivery to non-performing loans, and the number of non-performing loans appears more. Even some banks are caught in the quagmire of continuously collecting the non-performing loans of Pratt & Whitney/SMEs shortly after the establishment of SMEs or inclusive finance Department.

In fact, no matter how high the non-performing rate of Pratt & Whitney or small and medium-sized customers is, banks can’t do business, as long as the income can cover the risks, that is, related businesses need to raise interest rates to make up for the losses caused by credit risks. However, since inclusive finance is Pratt & Whitney, the characteristics of Pratt & Whitney determine that inclusive finance can’t charge too high interest rates or handling fees. Since the risks and benefits are not equal, it is more likely that the bank will eventually bear the actual losses as a result of inclusive finance business.

Of course, the benefits of inclusive finance should be judged not only by the economic benefits of the business, but also by the overall social benefits. But if a business is risky and easy to cause losses, the difficulty of business development is also obvious.

What should inclusive finance be like?

Although inclusive finance has its development difficulties, the development of inclusive finance still needs to take into account both economic and social benefits. The development of inclusive finance needs to pay attention to "four characteristics", namely, inclusiveness, convenience, availability and commercial sustainability. Only by developing inclusive finance into an inclusive, convenient and sustainable business can inclusive finance benefit more social classes and enable banks as commercial institutions to continuously develop inclusive finance services.

Inclusive finance should expand its service coverage, expand its audience as much as possible, and let all those who want to get financial services have the opportunity to get services. In fact, according to the statistics of the World Bank, by 2017, 31% of adults in the world still don’t even have a bank account, let alone financing services and other more complicated services.

Countries around the world have actually done a lot to expand the inclusiveness of inclusive finance. For example, in June 2016, Mexico launched the National inclusive finance Strategy to accelerate the promotion of more than half of the population excluded from the formal and regulated financial system to obtain financial services; In July 2016, Mozambique launched the new inclusive finance Strategy, which increased the accessibility of financial services from 24% to 60%; Peru launched the National inclusive finance Strategy in 2015, and the government strives to ensure that at least 75% of adults can use trading accounts by 2021.

Inclusive finance also needs to enhance accessibility and business sustainability. In this regard, the Grameen Bank founded by Muhammad Yunus is a famous case. Up to now, the bank has issued $37.58 billion in unsecured loans, and the corresponding number of borrowers is as high as 10.45 million. In other words, the average amount borrowed by each borrower is only $3,600. The bank labels itself as a bank for the poor, and currently operates in 81,678 villages in Bangladesh (accounting for 94% of all its villages). Grameen Bank even provides interest-free loans to beggars to help them build their financial capacity so that they don’t have to beg any more. According to the information disclosed by the bank, 21,383 beggars have given up begging and achieved self-sufficiency. The loan recovery rate of Grameen Bank is as high as 96.71% (as of November 2023), which makes the bank have basic business sustainability. Grameen Bank has also become a model for inclusive finance to learn from, and its founder Professor Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Although inclusive finance is a manifestation of banks’ social responsibility, sometimes banks can give up some commercial interests in order to fulfill their social responsibility. After all, banks are still commercial organizations, and it is not difficult to bear the loss or loss at one time. However, in the long run, the inclusive finance business itself will not be sustainable. The society needs charity, and the government can also make financial arrangements, but inclusive finance is not charity, it is a part of the business of commercial banks after all, and inclusive finance with sustainable development has vitality.

What are the specific ways to develop inclusive finance?

Many business models have been formed in the practice of inclusive finance, and each model has its advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to say which model can win the world. Various specific models and measures for developing inclusive finance jointly promote the development of inclusive finance.

The most famous model in inclusive finance is the credit factory model, because it was first proposed by Temasek, also known as Temasek model. The credit factory model regards credit as a factory assembly line to produce products, and its characteristics and advantages lie in product standardization, business batch, process intensification and personnel specialization. The core of the credit factory lies in the link design of the process, that is, bank employees can be responsible for several links without mastering the whole process. This factory model can make the processing efficiency of small and medium-sized loans more efficient and the business more standardized. Both China Construction Bank and Bank of China have introduced the credit factory model to develop their own loans for SMEs. Of course, credit factories also have bottlenecks. For example, credit products themselves are not personalized enough, and they can’t cope well with some personalized inclusive finance needs.

Another well-known mode in inclusive finance is IPC mode. IPC is a German company, whose full name is International Project Consulting GmbH, that is, an international project consulting company. It has developed the methodology and operational means of SME credit operation, such as report restoration and precise risk control. For example, cross-checking is one of the core technologies of its loan analysis and evaluation, and the information is verified and judged by means of SME account books, contract information, product receipt and issue documents, water and electricity bills, tax bills, and interviews with parties and third parties, so as to obtain an objective evaluation of the enterprise. Using IPC mode to carry out business does not change the main flow of bank credit, so it is easy to start. IPC is a kind of relational credit with high viscosity, which embodies the characteristics of small and beautiful. However, its operation mode is too nonstandard and difficult to copy, so there is a bottleneck. In addition, the production tools used in the model are also somewhat backward compared with the big data analysis methods that are more widely used at present.

In China, the SME loan model in inclusive finance combines the popularity of digital finance, thus developing other distinctive business models, such as the micro-online business model. The micro-online business model is also the model of digital credit. Its advantages are reflected in the overall subversive innovation and the use of big data for risk control decision-making, which brings fast, convenient and better user experience unique to the mobile Internet era, and brings extremely low operational and decision-making costs to bank operations. However, this model also has its limitations. There is a wall between social data and transaction data, and there are restrictions on the transformation of social scenes into business traffic, and there is a deviation between data and reality.

In addition, in the credit business of inclusive finance and small and medium-sized enterprises, China has also developed the Taizhou model, or the super loan officer model. The representative financial institution of this model is the local small and medium-sized banks in Taizhou. After independent exploration of localization, Taizhou mode adopts local market positioning, combined with meticulous management system and more in-depth credit technology to cultivate a more suitable local credit culture. Its core lies in building a relational credit scene through community marketing, increasing the sources of information acquisition and realizing 360 due diligence. That is to say, through a super loan officer who is familiar with the local situation, as the core person to carry out business, because the business is all local, this loan officer can fully grasp the situation of the clients in inclusive finance, and then decide whether to launch credit. This model is more in line with the local economic characteristics, and its ideas of "time is more important than price" and "repayment willingness is more important than repayment ability" in inclusive finance are refreshing.

For banks, developing inclusive finance’s business is like "eating meat in the cracks of bones". Although it is not so delicious, it can be a sustainable business and can produce greater social benefits. For people who urgently need inclusive finance’s services, inclusive finance needs more than icing on the cake. The development of inclusive finance will be more conducive to the balanced, harmonious and sustainable development of the whole society.

[The author Xue Jian is the president of a bank branch, and an expert in the L/C Group and Forfaiting Group of the Banking Committee of China National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce]

What’s the weather like in Shanghai? It’s cool today! In a few days, it will be washed at 17℃ again.

Yesterday (January 9th)
The weather in Shanghai is sunny and warm
I believe many people have taken off their down jackets.
But I got up early this morning (January 10th).
Do you suddenly feel chilly?
As a cold air arrived in Shanghai, it turned northwest last night, and the wind force increased to 4~5, and the temperature began to drop. The temperature drop in some suburbs can reach the cold wave level.
Today is the coldest day in recent days!
The temperature is 3~7℃ all day.
The northwest wind is increased to 4-5 and the gust is 6. Under the wind-cold effect, it is even colder. Everyone should wear more. Fortunately, the north wind also blew away the haze, and the air quality improved this afternoon.
The "timeliness" of this wave of cold air is very short, and it is as cold as Thursday morning. The lowest temperature in the urban area is about 1 C, and the suburban area is MINUS 3 C to MINUS 5 C. It began to warm up during the day on Thursday.
Future weather trend
During the "March 9th" this year, although there was cold air influence from time to time, the overall influence was northerly and the power was weak.
After the short-term impact of cold air, the temperature in most parts of the country rises, and around the 14th, the highest temperature in many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will break through 20℃, as warm as March all the year round.
In the next ten days, the temperature in Shanghai will show a trend of "short-term drop → high → small drop → high again".
From Thursday, the temperature will go out of a wave of "xiaoyang line", and the highest temperature on Sunday will even exceed 17℃.
At the beginning of next week, affected by the spread of cold air, the temperature dropped, but it was still just an "episode", and it rebounded to 17℃ again in the middle of next week!
This is really not like the temperature of "Sanjiu".
You know, Shanghai’s "three nine" all the year round
The highest temperature should be in the early 10℃
No wonder the netizen shouted:
With such a high temperature,
What about the bacon sausage?
Under such weather changes.
Fang friends should also pay attention to dressing ~
Increase or decrease in time to keep cold and warm!
From | Shanghai Weather Release
Source: News Square