Wahaha’s new cross-border trend joins hands with Ctrip to create a "coffee place" theme room

Riding on the cross-border trend, Wahaha Group has once again opened up new ideas. Since October, it has joined hands with Licheng Group, a subsidiary of Ctrip Travel Network, and Lvyue Group to jointly create a "coffee-themed room". As a new product to be re-launched in 2023, the birth of the coffee spot originated from Wahaha’s keen sense of the trend of coffee demand in the market, and is a signature product of its new track of "fresh can coffee", which is a master producer.

The theme room is equipped with photo walls, throw pillows and other items that are strongly related to the coffee position. At the same time, each consumer is given a free coffee latte, which makes the room "strong coffee flavor" and captures the hearts of coffee lovers in one fell swoop. It is understood that the "coffee position theme room" activity plan covers 13 cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Suqian, Hefei, Anqing, Nanjing, and Chunan Qiandao Lake, with a total of 100 hotels. As the event further advanced, many consumers went to the hotel to explore the store, clocked in the coffee position, felt the quality of the "fresh pot", and posted praise through social media, one after another said: The room is comfortable, the coffee is full of "flavor", and the platinum and black gold color scheme is very textured.

To become the protagonist of this theme room, the coffee position obviously has its own advantages. The use of alpine Arabica coffee beans, imported milk sources from New Zealand, supervised by Q-Grader coffee tasters, SCA roasters carefully customized coffee roasting curves, and rigorous processes have created the extraordinary value of the coffee position. Coupled with "high temperature spray drip filtration" and "instantaneous fresh-locking technology", the use of the current industry’s advanced aseptic cold irrigation production line has further enhanced the high-quality taste of Wahaha coffee position lattes.

In recent years, Wahaha has launched new tricks on the joint name, AD calcium milk has cooperated with BilibiliWorld, Onmyoji, and Teddy to create "Today’s Underage IP", PH9.0 soda water has joined hands with the tide play brand to play "blind water" concept, and very cola has integrated Dunhuang IP to actively embrace Guochao culture… In addition, it also includes different brands such as Douluo Continent, Kuaikan Comics, League of Legends, DIMOO, etc., and has penetrated into various circles such as ACG, e-sports, and tide play, achieving a win-win situation of word-of-mouth and benefits.

This cross-border is the first cooperation between Wahaha and Ctrip, two well-known brands in the industry. Whether it is in terms of brand spirit, brand value proposition, or crowd coverage, Wahaha and Ctrip have a high degree of overlap. As a leader in the food and beverage industry, Wahaha’s pursuit of healthy food and a better life has never stopped. In response to this new joint trend, the relevant staff said: "We hope to actively expand new consumption scenarios through cross-border marketing, release the consumption potential of overlapping target customers, embrace the younger generation, and jointly explore new ways of travel consumption."

Ning Hao’s "Mr. Red Carpet" was turned on, and Andy Lau performed the "Red Carpet" of an outdated star

1905 movie network news On February 22, the comedy film "Mr. Red Carpet", directed and starring, held a launch ceremony in Shenzhen. Director Ning Hao, starring Andy Lau, and actors, actresses,, and Zhou Wei attended together.

Therefore, Ning Hao and Andy Lau, who became attached, finally cooperated for the first time in the movie. Andy Lau shouted excitedly: "Finally waiting for you!" Director Ning Hao also said: "It’s time for us to play!"

It is reported that the film tells the comedy story of Hong Kong’s aging star working with mainland directors in order to "turn red" and will be released nationwide in 2023.

Andy Lau

The movie "Mr. Red Carpet" tells the story of Liu Weichi, an aging star played by Andy Lau, who collaborates with a major director to make a comeback. He goes deep into the countryside to experience life, but his arrogance triggers a series of endless farce. Ultimately, he has an epiphany that being sincere is the most precious quality, and his life has been transformed and restored to beauty.

Celebrities come to the countryside to experience life, such a farce makes people laugh just thinking about it. And Andy Lau plays an outdated Hong Kong star, such a contrast setting is even more exciting, and it also fills the expectations of the film’s comedy properties.

At the launch ceremony, the lead actor Andy Lau said: "After waiting for so many years, we finally waited. I hope we can make a good show!" Director Ning Hao also borrowed the good fortune of the launch to cheer for the whole crew: "Today is a once-in-a-lifetime good day, February 22, 2022, so many good things come in pairs, it’s time for us to play!"

In 2006, the director Ning Hao received 3 million funding from Mr. Lau’s "Asian Rising Star Directing Project" to shoot "The Dark Horse" and "Crazy Stone", and created the film style of "black comedy", which made a sensation that crazy summer. For years, audiences have been hoping that Director Ning Hao and Andy Lau can work together on a film to satisfy audiences’ wishes.

Sixteen years later, "Mr. Red Carpet" was finally born, and the collaboration between the two big names was highly anticipated. At the same time, it also made everyone speculate, what kind of comedy is this? What kind of sparks will the two top figures in the field of directing and acting collide? The final "laugh" is expected.

Tencent’s share price has reached a new high, and Ma Yun has become China’s richest man

  Not long ago, Tencent’s mobile game "Honor of Kings" was repeatedly criticized by the media, and its share price suffered a setback, but then it continued to rise. Yesterday it reached a record high of 320.60 Hong Kong dollars, up nearly 3% from the previous day. Tencent’s market value reached 3.045056 trillion Hong Kong dollars, making it the most valuable listed company in China. According to Forbes’ real-time rich list, Pony Ma’s personal wealth rose to 36.20 billion US dollars, ranking 18th in the world on the list, surpassing Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin to become the richest man in China.

  Tencent’s share price yesterday reached a record high of 320.60 Hong Kong dollars, up nearly 3% from the previous day. Tencent’s market value reached 3.045056 trillion Hong Kong dollars, making it the most valuable listed company in China. The personal wealth of Pony Ma, chairperson and CEO of Tencent, also rose, reaching 36.20 billion US dollars, making him the richest man in China.

  Tencent’s share price reaches HK $320

  Yesterday, the stock price of Tencent, which is listed on the Hong Kong stock market, reached a record high. As of the end of the day, it rose 2.95% to 320.60 Hong Kong dollars. At present, Tencent’s market value has reached 3.045056 trillion Hong Kong dollars (about 389.283 billion US dollars), making it once again the most valuable listed company in China. At present, Tencent’s market value ranks eighth in the global market value ranking, second only to Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

  Data show that in the past six months, the share price of Tencent Holdings has risen from 190 Hong Kong dollars at the beginning of the year to 320 Hong Kong dollars today, a cumulative increase of 66%. Not long ago, Tencent’s mobile game "Honor of Kings" was repeatedly criticized by the media, and its share price suffered a setback, but then it continued to rise.

  The latest two quarterly report shows that a total of 30 funds (shares are calculated separately) hold a large position in Tencent Holdings, with a total of 11.0689 million shares. The net value of these funds has also risen with the rise of heavy stocks, and has obtained rich returns.

  At present, a number of institutions hold "buy" ratings on Tencent and have raised their target price for Tencent. Morgan Stanley raised its target price of Tencent from the original 310 Hong Kong dollars to 370 Hong Kong dollars; Nomura Securities raised its target price to 341 yuan; Bank of America Merrill Lynch maintained its "buy" rating, raising the target price of Tencent to 331 yuan, and expects the mobile game business to continue to drive the company’s revenue. Deutsche Bank raised the target price of Tencent from 320 yuan to 327 yuan, and rated it "buy".

  Pony Ma becomes China’s richest man

  According to Forbes’ real-time rich list, Pony Ma’s personal wealth rose to 36.20 billion US dollars, ranking 18th in the world on the list, surpassing Jack Ma, who ranked 20th, and Wang Jianlin, who ranked 26th, to become the richest man in China.

  According to the latest disclosure of rights and interests of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Pony Ma’s share of the issued shares of Tencent Holdings fell from 13.91% on July 8, 2004 to 8.73% on November 28, 2016. However, Tencent’s market value has increased by nearly a thousand times from billions of Hong Kong dollars at that time to trillions of Hong Kong dollars at present; Tencent’s share price has risen from HK $3.70 per share in June 2004 to HK $320.60 today, and it has also undergone a split of five. According to this calculation, in the 13 years of listing, Tencent’s share price has increased by more than 433 times. The wealth of Pony Ma, the founder of the company, has naturally risen.

  2017 interim results will be announced next Wednesday

  Tencent will announce its 2017 interim results next Wednesday. According to statistics, in the past five years, Tencent’s revenue growth rate has been 54%, 38%, 31%, 30% and 48% respectively. Tencent’s performance in the first quarter of this year shows that operating income 49.588 billion yuan, an increase of 54.83% year-on-year, and net profit 14.548 billion yuan, an increase of 57.46% year-on-year. Roughly calculated, in the 90 days of the first quarter of this year, Tencent Holdings’ average daily revenue was about 550 million yuan, and the average daily net profit was about 160 million yuan.

  The market generally believes that although Tencent is involved in a wide range of business, it is still relatively focused on social networking and gaming. "In the past, everyone thought that Tencent could do anything, and we also took a detour," Pony Ma once said. "We have changed a lot in the past two years, cutting more and more businesses… Since entering mobile game operations, a lot of energy has been on the layout of global mobile games, which is our main business."

  The game business is Tencent’s main business, which is not only one side of Ma Yun’s words, but also reflected in Tencent’s financial report. In 2016, Tencent’s 2016 annual revenue was 151.938 billion, of which online game revenue was 70.844 billion, accounting for 47%. In Quarter 1 this year, Tencent achieved revenue of about RMB 14.10 billion in PC client side games, an increase of 24% year-on-year, benefiting from the increase in contributions of major games such as League of Legends, Dungeons and Warriors, and FIFA Online 3. In mobile games, revenue of about RMB 12.90 billion was achieved, an increase of 57% year-on-year, driven by existing and new games such as ("Honor of Kings", "Crossfire: Gunfight King" and "Dragon Valley"). In particular, "Honor of Kings", its tens of millions of DAU players have achieved not only a game, but also a hot topic in society. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, "Honor of Kings" has 50 million DAU. In the past six months, the popularity of the game has gradually increased, and it has attracted the attention of Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and other media. I hope the game can lead positive energy and fulfill its social responsibility.

  As of the first quarter of this year, Tencent’s QQ monthly active accounts reached 861 million, and the combined monthly active accounts of WeChat and WeChat reached 938 million, an increase of 23% over the same period last year. Social and other advertising revenue increased by 67% to RMB 4.379 billion, mainly driven by advertising revenue growth from WeChat Moments, WeChat public accounts, app stores and mobile browsers.

  related news

  Tencent launched credit score

  "Tencent Credit" has opened a public beta for some users, and some users can already check their credit scores in the account column of QQ Wallet in the "Tencent Credit" official account of mobile QQ.

  Beiqing Daily reporter learned that Tencent Credit is a personal credit management platform launched by Tencent Credit, and the credit score can reflect the user’s credit level. Similar to Zhima Credit Score, Tencent Credit Score is also evaluated by the system credit scoring model. It relies on comprehensive evaluation of data from multiple dimensions such as social, payment, finance, and society to monitor in real time. The higher the score, the higher the credit level. Users can improve their credit score by repaying credit cards in a timely manner, paying water, electricity and gas bills on time, binding bank cards on the official website of Tenpay or mobile QQ wallet, purchasing wealth management products, and improving accurate credit information in credit management. Loan defaults, credit card repayments and other behaviors will be recorded, and even affect the credit score.

  Tencent said that users can not only understand their credit level through Tencent credit scores, but also enjoy the financial privileges and life privileges that good credit brings to them, such as cash lending, bank card application, consumption installment, and credit travel.

  It is reported that only QQ super members are currently eligible for the public beta. Tencent said that the public beta qualification is not directly related to QQ members, QQ years, QQ levels, account transfer consumption and other conditions. It is based on the user’s real name and credit comprehensive evaluation and randomly opened. At present, the public beta list is small, and there is no active application path for the time being. The public beta list will be gradually opened in the future. This group text/This reporter, Wen Jing, photo/DongIC fang

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

  On February 29, the "2024 19th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference and the 3rd China (Shandong) New Energy and Energy Storage Application Expo" with the theme of "Golden Sunshine, Clean Energy, Dual Carbon Leading, and Storage Development" opened at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference lasted for three days.

  This year’s exhibition has been newly upgraded, and the site adopts the "1 + N + N" conference model, that is, 1 boutique exhibition, more than 10 forum meetings, and more than 20 new product launches and precise docking activities. With a professional perspective, an efficient platform, and deeper content, we will lead the development direction of the new energy industry and become the "wind vane" exhibition of the industry.

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

  Efficient links, deeply empowering

  The exhibition scale of this year’s "Solar Energy Exhibition" is 60,000 square meters, divided into photovoltaic, energy storage, photovoltaic building integration, distributed energy multi-energy complementary, industry-university-research, finance and other professional exhibition areas, attracting State Grid, Huawei, BYD, Midea, Haier, Tongwei, Sunshine Power, Jinke, Longji, JA, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Zhonglai, Oriental Risen, Chint, TBEA, GCL, China Building Materials, China Energy Conservation and other global more than 600 new energy brand enterprises participated in the exhibition. Focus on displaying new technologies, new products and solutions for the whole industry chain such as solar photovoltaic, energy storage, and multi-energy complementary. The whole chain efficiently links industry and cross-disciplinary information and resources, and deeply empowers the development of the industry to help achieve the goal of "peak carbon dioxide emissions carbon neutrality". It is expected that the audience will reach 100,000 in three days.

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

  One exhibition brings together the world, one exhibition sees the future

  It is reported that this exhibition has a strong lineup of exhibitors, including 12 of the world’s top 500 companies, 30 of the global energy 500 companies, and 18 of the Chinese private 500 companies. The exhibition brings together the world’s top new energy companies and technologies, leading the development direction of the industry. It is not only a national channel ordering conference, but also the largest distributed solar storage cooperation conference in the country. It is also an energy end point application event in the Asia-Pacific region.

  "Sea" and "land" photovoltaic products become a highlight

  This "Solar Energy Exhibition" not only brought together photovoltaic boutiques from "sea" and "land", but also showcased many new photovoltaic and energy storage technology products, some of which were unveiled for the first time at the exhibition. Not only the "distributed photovoltaic + flexible storage" solution that debuted on land, the lotus module that has no border barrier and is beautiful and clean like a lotus flower, the high-efficiency photovoltaic module that is completely black, the intelligent flexible bracket system applied to more use scenarios, the beautiful, energy-saving and noise-reducing hollow light-transmitting series power generation glass, and the heterojunction photovoltaic module with high reliability performance at sea. These products have value and strength, making them the highlight of the conference.

Leading the industry "wind vane" The 19th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition opened

  Efficient activities promote development

  During the same period of the exhibition, more than 10 forums and conferences were also held, including "2024 3rd Yellow River Basin New Energy Innovation and Development Conference", "2024 2nd Shandong Province New Energy High-Quality Development Forum", "2024 7th China Distributed Photovoltaic Conference", "2024 6th China Household Photovoltaic Conference", etc. More than 40 academicians and experts from the industry attended the conference to give wonderful speeches, and exchanged and discussed photovoltaic, energy storage, smart energy and other content. The topics have connotation and depth. During the same period, more than 20 business investment conferences, new product launches and precise docking activities will also be held.

  This year’s "Solar Energy Exhibition" is jointly organized by Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association, Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Shandong Chenghua Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Deep in scheming! The reporter investigated the refusal of the online car appointment, and the driver induced the passenger to cancel the order

       CCTV News:Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to travel through online car-hailing, but there are some hidden hidden operations, which "add a little bit of congestion" to travel. A reporter recently found in Beijing that Didi Express has "rejected orders, refused orders" and "induced passengers to cancel orders". Sometimes, passengers not only have difficulty completing the trip smoothly, but also inadvertently lower their credit rating on the Didi platform, which affects future online car-hailing trips.


       Drivers who take orders and refuse to take them may be related to the Didi Express reward model. According to several Didi Express drivers, the model of Didi Express rewarding drivers has changed in recent years. At present, Didi Express drivers need to follow the driver-side application prompts and receive a certain number of singular numbers in different reward models to get bonuses.

       Didi Express customer service introduced that how many orders have to be completed in a day, how much is the reward, such as how many orders are completed from what time to what time, how much is the reward, and there is that kind of reward. The driver-side display is the main one every day, and it is also possible that there may be several rewards a day.

       In the current mode of Didi Express assigning orders, some drivers will selectively cancel orders in order to earn bonuses for the number of orders they receive, while passengers will spend more time and energy to complete online car-hailing trips, and even inadvertently lower their credit score on this platform.

       Didi Express driver: "Many people are like this, because in order to get a reward of 100 yuan, he pulled this order a little farther, forty or fifty, and may not be able to get the reward because of this order."


       Who cancels or "demotes" the driver to induce "Youdao"

       During the reporter’s investigation, it was learned from a number of Didi Express drivers and customer service that as a constraint on express drivers by the platform, the driver voluntarily canceled the order, which may be regarded as a violation. During the investigation, many express drivers said that they would be fined 10 yuan per order and deducted corresponding service points.

       In order to further avoid the financial penalties and deductions of service points that may be caused after the passenger complains about the active cancellation of the order, many express drivers said that they will find some reasons to excuse themselves, and some drivers will ask the passenger to cancel the order, claiming that the cancellation of the order by the passenger has no impact on themselves.

       The truth is as the driver said, does it have no impact on the passengers? However, the reporter got the opposite answer from several other Didi Express drivers and customer service. According to the Didi Express driver, the current platform implements two-way constraints on drivers and passengers, and passengers take the initiative to cancel orders, which may also reduce credit value. At present, after the Didi Chuxing APP completes the express order, passengers and drivers have two-way evaluations. The customer service introduced that both drivers and passengers implement a 5-point credit score rule. Some express drivers said that after receiving the order, they found that the passenger’s credit score was lower than 4 points, and the rejection rate would be greatly improved.


       Complain to the platform, but do not inform the result of the complaint?

       Legal experts said that filing a complaint with the platform is the cheapest and most efficient measure for passengers to protect their rights. According to the customer service of Didi Express, express drivers who are found to have violated the rules after verification will usually be dealt with in three ways: warning, financial punishment and ban punishment according to the severity of the situation. But the final processing result will not be fed back to passengers.

       Liu Junhai, a professor at Renmin University of China Law School, introduced that Article 8 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of our country stipulates that consumers have the right to know the real situation of their use of goods or services. In order to protect consumers’ right to know, Article 20, paragraph 2, also specifically stipulates the information disclosure obligations of business operators.

       Professor Liu Junhai believes that the online ride-hailing platform, as the creator of the transaction model, the drafter of the transaction rules, the selector of the relevant drivers, and the winner of the relevant economic benefits, should resolve consumer complaints as soon as possible as the preferred solution to resolve disputes. Not only from a legal perspective, but also from a business ethics perspective, it is not enough to develop the market and occupy the market itself. The most important thing is that enterprises should stand together with consumers consciously, learn to think from a different perspective, and further optimize their own complaint and dispute resolution process from the perspective of consumers.

2024 Geely Xingrui/Xingyue L new models are on the market.

  In 2024, Geely Xingrui, Xingyue L and Xingyue L Zhiqing launched four new models, namely Xingrui 2.0TD Qingyun Edition and Xiaohan Edition; Xingyue L Changfeng Edition, Xingyue L Zhiqing Nebula Edition. There is little difference between these new cars as a whole and the models on sale, only the adjustment of configuration/price.

  Xingrui 2.0TD Qingyun Edition/Xiaohan Edition

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image001

  The Qingyun version/Xiaohan version listed this time is based on the Xingrui 2.0TD model, which also locates compact cars and continues the design of the current models. Including the iconic straight waterfall front grille, the smooth line direction of the whole car on the side and the chrome-plated design at the rear of the car.

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image002

  On the basis of the 2.0TD luxury model, Qingyun Edition has upgraded 18-inch rims, sports appearance kit, leather/fabric mixed seats, front seat heating, 10-speaker BOSE audio, multi-color ambient lights, L2-level driver assistance functions and many other configurations.

2024 new models of Geely Xingrui/Xingyue L are on the market _fororder_image003

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image004

  Xiaohan Edition further adds 7.5-inch HUD, wireless charging of front mobile phone, ventilation of front seat, memory, negative ion air purifier and other configurations, and the texture and experience of by going up one flight of stairs by car.

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image005

  There is no change in power, and it is still a 2.0TD four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 140 kW (190 HP) and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

  Xingyue l Changfeng edition

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image006

  Xingyue L Changfeng Edition is also based on the 2.0TD model, maintaining the atmosphere and stable style of the current model. The shield-shaped front grille is still used with a straight waterfall-type middle net, which is highly recognizable. The rear of the car continues to use penetrating taillights, and the internal light groups are arranged in a three-dimensional array.

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image007

  In terms of configuration, Changfeng Edition has added front and rear air curtains, induction trunk, 12.3-inch entertainment screen for co-driver, front seat heating, main driver seat memory, dual-zone air conditioning, L2 driver assistance and other configurations.

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image008

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image009

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image010

  The new car continues to use a 2.0TD turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 160 kW (218 HP) and a peak torque of 325 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

  Xingyue l zhiqing nebula edition

  The new car is built on the basis of the existing Xingyue L Zhiqing model, and there is no big change in the appearance and interior, only fine-tuning the configuration — — The outer rim is 19 inches, and the auxiliary/lane-changing warning function is cancelled in the car.

2024 Geely xingrui/xingyue l new models listed _fororder_image011

  The new car continues to use the 1.5TD hybrid special four-cylinder engine of Geely "China Xingzhiqing", with a thermal efficiency of 44.26%, a maximum power of 120kW and a peak torque of 255nm. The transmission system is matched with 3-speed DHT system (P1+P2 double motors). The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 7.9 seconds, the fuel consumption per 100 km under WLTC condition is 4.79L, and the comprehensive endurance exceeds 1300km. (Source: Geely Automobile)

Is Wanda quitting AMC too early? Wang Jianlin is an entrepreneur, not a gambler

As the saying goes: a big tree attracts the wind. In early June, Wanda and Wang Jianlin accidentally became a hot topic on the Internet again. The reason is that the stock price of AMC cinema chain in the United States has recently soared again, from about $12 at the end of May to more than $60 at the close of June 2. On May 23, Wanda just issued a notice to announce that it would clear its position and withdraw from AMC.

"Wanda fell before dawn and missed tens of billions of dollars in revenue" "Wang Jianlin passed by a hundred small targets"… For a time, Wanda and Wang Jianlin became the object of self-media ridicule, but these keyboard warriors and hindsight forgot a basic fact:

Wang Jianlin is an entrepreneur, not a gambler.

As the leader of a large private enterprise like Wanda, Wang Jianlin’s decision-making priority is the stable and sustainable development of the enterprise, avoiding unnecessary risks and earning profits from the good development of the enterprise, rather than taking huge risks like a gambler in an attempt to maximize profits in the stock market.

In 2012, the US movie theater industry was booming, and the US annual movie box office reached a record high of 10.80 billion US dollars. Wanda spent 700 million US dollars to acquire the loss-making AMC theater chain at this time, mainly based on the expectation of the good development prospects of the US movie theater industry.

"After Wanda Group acquired AMC, it promoted the successful listing and merger and acquisition of AMC, making AMC the world’s largest movie theater chain, and jointly promoted the cooperation of the film industry and the exchange of film culture between China and the United States."

Wanda’s statement in the May 23 notice clearly stated the purpose and achievements of the acquisition of AMC that year.

On December 18, 2013, AMC successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange, raising 400 million US dollars, and the opening price on the first day of listing was 19.18 US dollars, which doubled the income of Wanda’s merger and acquisition in just over a year.

If you just want to make quick money in the capital markets, Wanda can choose the opportunity to exit, why wait until now?

In 2018, the annual movie box office in North America hit a record high of $11.80 billion, and then began to decline. Wanda began to gradually withdraw from AMC’s controlling stake in that year in anticipation of the downward turning point in the development of the US movie theater industry.

Wanda not only adopts a gradual withdrawal strategy for AMC, but also for other industries with bleak development prospects. In January 2019, Wang Jianlin explained his strategic adjustment in his speech at Wanda Group’s 2018 work summary:

"For other industries that do not have a competitive advantage now, and it will be difficult to achieve a competitive advantage in the future, we must gradually and orderly withdraw. In short, Wanda needs to be thin and have something to give. This is the logic of Wanda’s past, present and future disposal of some assets."

"Some self-media or so-called experts only see that we are selling, but they don’t see that we are still investing in new projects. Then again, if everyone in Wanda’s business can understand it, then we are worthless. This kind of strategic adjustment is definitely uncomfortable, even painful, but Wanda must’stick to Qingshan and not relax, and let the wind from east to west".

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the pace of Wanda’s exit from AMC. In January this year, American retail investors gathered to hype the first wave of AMC’s market, which sent AMC’s share price from as low as $1.91 to as high as $20.36, giving Wanda the opportunity to exit the profit.

Therefore, whether it is to acquire or withdraw from AMC, Wanda and Wang Jianlin are mainly based on the anticipation of the development prospects of the US movie theater industry, and later Wanda Group’s "domestic focus" development strategy needs.

Of course, the price of AMC’s share price should be considered, but how to ensure the stable and sustainable development of the enterprise and avoid unnecessary risks is the first consideration for entrepreneurs like Wang Jianlin.

No one can accurately predict the rise and fall of stocks. The future development prospects of the American cinema chain are not optimistic, but many industry insiders and entrepreneurs can anticipate it.

From the perspective of entrepreneurs, with AMC’s share price having risen sharply, Wanda has no problem exiting AMC and earning the money it is certain to earn.

Although AMC started the second wave of speculation this year after Wanda’s exit, and its share price continued to rise sharply, it has long been out of the hype of stock fundamentals, and the risk is extremely high. Moreover, there is no limit on the rise and fall of the US stock market. AMC’s share price can rise by 95% in a day, and it may also fall by so much. AMC’s share price once rose to $20 at the end of January this year, and quickly plummeted to $5 in February, which is evidence of this.

What’s more, the old investors know that it is difficult for the stocks of major shareholders to sell down their holdings by a large amount to rise sharply. If Wanda did not clear its position and exit AMC, AMC’s share price would not be more than 60 US dollars. Because in the process of Wanda’s large-scale selling of AMC shares, huge purchases are required, which will suppress the sharp rise in AMC’s share price.

Only after the announcement of Wanda’s clearance of AMC shares, without a lot of selling pressure, but with the expectation of a new main force entering, did AMC retail investors dare to go long without any worries, which led to the second wave of AMC share price speculation this year.

Those who mocked Wanda for "missing out on tens of billions of dollars in revenue" were either hindsight or ignorance.

According to media reports, Wall Street analysts recently reminded retail investors who are heavily invested in AMC stocks to be aware of the risks. Macquarie analyst Chad Beynon and his team believe that the debt situation of AMC theaters is worrying, and once again reiterated that AMC’s target price is $6, and the investment evaluation is "neutral".

The price of a movie ticket at an AMC theater is about $14, and the $6 target price means that in the eyes of this analyst, AMC’s share price is not worth half the price of a movie ticket at an AMC theater!

On June 5, Beijing time, Thomas Peterffy, founder and chairperson of Interactive Brokers (IBKR.US) in the United States, warned that investors in "retail group stocks" such as AMC cinema chain could face huge losses.

Wanda’s clearance and withdrawal from AMC is the need for strategic adjustment. Although it has not and cannot be sold at the highest point, it has earned double the profit while avoiding the huge risks it may face.

This is the vision and pattern of entrepreneurs, and gamblers and adventurers will never understand it.

Wanda Film Chen Zhixi: Excavating the charm of light and shadow to make young people fall in love with movies

1905 movie network feature Gain insight into the film industry and embrace Chinese films. In 2023, "China Film Report" "Blue Feather Parlor" launched the two sessions to specially plan "Dialogue Spring", inviting representatives of ten film companies to jointly promise a beautiful vision for Chinese films to move forward in the wind. From welcoming spring to entering spring. Now, we once again start with the prosperous Spring Festival stall and join hands with filmmakers to dream of 2024, when Chinese films are blooming.

"China Film Report" "Blue Feather Parlor" 2024 Two Sessions specially planned – the eighth episode of "Dialogue Spring" entered Wanda Film. The whole industry chain layout and development, closer to the audience, listen to the audience’s voice to feed back creation. Tonight, the host of the movie channel, Lan Yu, talked to the chairperson and president of Wanda Film joint stock company, let the audience walk into the cinema, walk into the movie, and feel the charm of light and shadow making dreams.

Discover and cooperate with new directors to supplement industry talents

The new work "Flowers Bloom" will be turned on for the second time

In the past period of time, the filmmaker Chen Zhixi has completed a career change – from "tens of billions of beautiful women producers" to become the chairperson of Wanda Film, the head of a film company with a whole industry chain. Wanda Film has always had a special emotion for her.

Located in the central district of Beijing’s East Fourth Ring Road, Wanda Studios has hosted most movie premieres. The studio has accompanied the filmmaker’s growth. From the very beginning, "almost all the premieres of films I have produced and invested in in my career have been in this studio."

Chen Zhixi has participated in the creation of many directors’ first works in the past, from the director’s "Lost in Thailand", the director’s "Pancake Man", and later Jia Ling’s. For her, after taking over Wanda Film, she listed the project planning for the next three years. In addition to cooperating with mature directors, she hopes to accompany more young filmmakers.

Wanda Film launched the "Elite + Program" in 2017, dedicated to discovering and cultivating professional talents in the film and television industry, and fully promoting the upgrading of China’s film industry. So far, 11 directors have been signed, as well as hundreds of screenwriters. "I hope to use my experience of accompanying many directors in the creation of their first films to accompany more young directors, so as to fill the market with more good content."

From a pure producer to the current head of a film company, in Chen Zhixi’s view, "launching some new directors and screenwriters for the industry and replenishing industry talents is the most basic work I can do."

She hopes to summarize her past experience and explore and judge the possibility of directors in more dimensions, "such as the director’s values and field control ability, to judge what kind of works this director will present to the audience and the market in the future." Chen Zhixi hopes to help these directors choose the theme and genre that best suits their talents as their debut films, so that they can succeed quickly.

Looking back at Chen Zhixi’s creative resume, she accompanied Xu Zheng, Dapeng and other filmmakers to realize the transformation from actor to director. At that time, they were all in their thirties and full of infinite possibilities. Today, Chen Zhixi looks at the actors around the age of 30, "There are three people who are very promising. I am already chatting with them, helping them choose topics, and seeing if there is a chance to move from the front to the back in the future."

In addition to the newcomer power, Wanda Cinemas will continue to work with mature and experienced directors.

After collaborating with Jia Ling on "Hello, Li Huanying," the two will continue to work together on the new novel "Flowers Blossom." "Half of the film has been completed, and we will continue to shoot the other half." At present, the entire film crew is also choosing the time and shooting location, "I hope to finish the film and meet the audience as soon as possible."

The whole industry chain excavates the charm of light and shadow

Awaken the enthusiasm of young audiences to fall in love with cinemas

As a film company with a whole industry chain, Wanda Film continues from the creative end to the screening end, which also allows Chen Zhixi, the head of the company, to have more opportunities to enter the audience and communicate with the audience. "In the past, more of my work was to accompany the directors to make scripts, how to set the plate and code the box office. At the stage of promotion, the previous distribution was also dependent on the outside. Now, Wanda Film has its own screening hall, which can feed back our films through the studios of the entire theater chain."

At present, there are 916 Wanda Studios across the country, and among the top 100 theaters in the national box office during the Spring Festival, Wanda accounts for as many as 67.

Chen Zhixi said that in the future, Wanda Film will continue to strengthen the high standards and high platform of the entire Wanda Studios, "continue to improve our service awareness and service quality, and create a very good viewing environment for the audience."

She was also thinking about how she used to feel like walking into a movie theater was like Chinese New Year because of the aroma of popcorn, so how could she make today’s young people fall in love with movies?

Awakening the enthusiasm of young people and making them willing to go to the cinema to watch movies has become a topic she and Wanda Film are eager to solve.

We are willing to learn more about movies and the charm of light and shadow. "Chen Zhixi hopes that under the environment of Wanda Film, she can take the initiative to change some business conditions, so that the theater can have more life-like and richer scene simulations.

"For example, in’The Trilogy of Consecrated Gods’, the props are so beautiful and the costumes are so beautiful. But after the movie is filmed, the audience is far away from them. As the end point of the movie, can we really hold some Consecrated Gods props for the director? I think that by transporting all those exquisite props and costumes to the theater, the audience can reach a deeper dimension of understanding and love for the movie."

The possibility of exploring cinemas also affects creators’ development at the front end. Judging from the current situation of the Chinese film market, a large proportion depends on box office revenue, 8% relies on Internet copyright recycling, and a very small part relies on derivatives.

In Chen Zhixi’s opinion, derivatives may be one of the paths for the recovery of film revenue in the future. "We hope that the life cycle of movies will become longer, and there can be more series movies." In particular, Wanda Film is currently developing and creating animated films in the "Bao Gong" series, and plans to create a more complete derivative system. "Animated films have more advantages in derivatives."

The animated film planned for this year’s Qixi Festival will be one of Wanda Film’s summer publicity projects. After the accumulation of the past two works, the film "will definitely have a very good derivative performance, which will really make the audience and characters, and even the film have emotional communication and interaction."

Many places have introduced online catering regulations, and takeaways need to indicate the time limit for consumption

  China News Service, Beijing, July 14 (Qiu Yu) Beijing, Shanghai and other places have introduced relevant regulations on online catering to strictly prevent the operation of "black workshops". China News Service (WeChat official account: cns2012) reporter investigation found that some third-party platforms did not publicize the merchant’s food business license, and the merchant did not mark the safe consumption time limit on the takeaway packaging according to local regulations.

  The consumer.

  When defending rights, I don’t know the "ten times compensation" rule

  How much should be paid if you eat unclean food when ordering takeout? Many consumers are unaware of this.

  Recently, Ms. Xu ordered takeout through a third-party platform for ordering food online, but ended up eating a worm. After complaining, she was only compensated with a 10 yuan voucher from the platform. Ms. Liu also had a similar experience. She ate cockroaches in takeout, and "the merchant proposed 300 yuan for private use." Both told reporters that they did not know the specific legal provisions.

  According to the Food Safety Law, if you produce food that does not meet food safety standards or operate food that you know does not meet food safety standards, in addition to claiming compensation for losses, consumers can also demand compensation from the producer or operator for ten times the price or three times the loss; if the amount of increased compensation is less than 1,000 yuan, it is 1,000 yuan.

  Zhang Liwen, a lawyer at Beijing Shi Law Firm, said in an interview with reporters that if it costs 70 yuan to order takeout, consumers can ask for an additional compensation of 1,000 yuan instead of 700 yuan, but he also reminded consumers that they should provide sufficient evidence to prove that the food "does not meet food safety standards".

  Merchant –

  The safe consumption time limit is not marked on the takeaway packaging.

  Many places have placed requirements on online catering packaging. Beijing, Sichuan, Fujian and other places require food to be marked with cooking time and safe consumption time limit. But when asked by reporters, several restaurant staff in Beijing said they were "not aware of this regulation" and would not put similar labels on takeaway packaging.

  The "Beijing Municipal Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Online Food Business (Interim) " clearly requires that food operators engaged in online ordering services should affix labels to food packaging, indicating the time of food processing and consumption, and reminding consumers to eat as soon as possible to avoid long-term storage.

  "This rule is reasonable and should be strictly enforced," Zhang Liwen pointed out. "When you go to a restaurant to eat, it is common sense that the food is newly made. But there is no supervision link when ordering takeout, and merchants should indicate when the food is made and how long it can be eaten."

  The reporter noticed that Beijing, Sichuan, and Fujian have relatively strict requirements for online catering packaging, while Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Liaoning have relaxed, "encouraging or recommending" affixing labels to indicate food processing time and consumption time limit.

  Platform –

  Unannounced merchant food business license

  In order to prevent "black workshops", Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian and other places not only require third-party platforms to review the food business license qualifications of online food operators, but also require third-party platforms to publicize information related to food business licenses on their websites.

  Beijing stipulates that third-party platform providers shall review and register the qualifications of food operators applying to enter the platform, timely update the operator’s identity certificate, food business license and other qualification certification materials, and publicize relevant information on the main page of their business activities.

  Reporters searched and found that the merchant pages of several well-known third-party platforms in Beijing did not publicize relevant qualification information. Although some platforms added a column of "merchant license", some merchants did not upload the license.

  "There are some difficulties in the process of verifying the qualifications of merchants," Meituan said. "The base of merchants is large, the verification time is long, and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the qualification documents of some merchants."

  The delivery man…

  There is a situation of "no health certificate" employment

  Shanghai, Beijing and other places require food delivery staff to obtain a health certificate. Meituan and Daojia Food Club both said that delivery staff must undergo a medical examination and obtain a health certificate before they can work. "This is a hard and fast rule."

  According to the Daojia Food Club, the company has a special person to register and manage the information of the employee’s health certificate. When the employee’s health certificate expires for one year, it will urge and supervise the employee to update and register.

  However, the reporter learned that in order to save costs, some merchants choose to deliver by themselves, sometimes hiring people to deliver food specially, and the compensation is calculated according to the singular number of delivery. Due to the high mobility of food delivery staff, they will not check whether they hold a health certificate, and there are also cases of "unlicensed employment".

  Extend –

  How to resolve online ordering disputes?

  On July 12, Mr. Yue attracted widespread attention by posting a Weibo post online in which he claimed that he had received 19 stitches after ordering food through Ele.me at a store in Jinan called Marriott Donkey Meat Fire, where he was slashed at the door with a knife for giving a bad review.

  In an interview with reporters, Mr. Yue said that after the June 26 complaint, for as long as half a month, Ele.me only said that it had upgraded the processing, and did not leave any contact information of the person in charge. "The processing of the merchant was only to close the online payment function for a week, and then continue to operate."

  In response, the official Weibo of Ele.me responded on July 13, saying, "We oppose all violent words and deeds, and will not and cannot support any illegal party."

  Zhang Liwen believes that third-party platforms have the responsibility to deal with disputes. First, the platform should announce and punish the merchant’s behavior online; second, it should notify other third-party platforms and suggest that they carefully consider cooperating with the merchant, or blacklist the merchant and refuse to cooperate.

  He said that if consumers encounter food safety problems and merchants and platforms do not deal with them, considering the high cost of filing a lawsuit to the court, they can choose to go to the industry and commerce, food and drug administration or consumer associations to complain. It is recommended that relevant departments establish a quick handling mechanism to reduce the cost of consumer rights protection and ensure that consumers receive prompt and reasonable compensation.

  The Food Safety Law stipulates that the food and drug supervision and management, quality supervision and other departments of the people’s government at or above the county level shall publish the e-mail address or telephone number of the department to accept consultation, complaints and reports. If a consultation, complaint or report is received, it shall be accepted and promptly replied, verified and dealt with within the statutory time limit; if it is not the responsibility of the department, it shall be handed over to the department with the power to deal with it and notify the consultation, complaint and whistleblower in writing.

  The staff of the "12331" food and drug complaint hotline told reporters that if consumers can provide the specific location and name of the merchant, they can accept complaints and deal with them. (End)

Beijing taxi pilot real-name meter, effectively preventing drivers from changing car prices privately

  Newspaper (reporter Meng Huan) can use WeChat, Alipay to pay the taxi fare conveniently, effectively prevent taxi drivers from changing the price without permission… This morning, the reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Management Bureau that the city’s taxis have begun to pilot the real-name meter system, and gradually promote the installation this year. There are about 60,000 to 70,000 taxis in the city. At present, Beijing is regulating taxis through scientific and technological means. The city has piloted the installation of this intelligent vehicle end point all-in-one machine on more than 10,000 taxis, including Crescent Moon, BAIC, Yuyang, Wanquan Temple and other taxi companies. Some pure electric taxis in the suburbs have also begun to be installed.

  The reporter found yesterday that the service supervision card previously placed in front of the co-pilot position has been changed from a paper version to an electronic version, and the position has also been moved to the bottom of the meter to become an electronic screen. The screen displays the relevant information of the taxi and the driver. You can not only see the license plate number and the company to which the vehicle belongs, but also see the identity information of the driver and check the information of his qualification certificate.

  This all-in-one machine has electronic payment function, satellite positioning function, driver electronic certificate identification and identity authentication function, and has the function of accepting electric calls and industry shunting services, and supports driver identity and pricing information display. Passengers can pay through a variety of mobile payment methods according to the fare displayed by the all-in-one machine. It not only supports a variety of bank cards with UnionPay logos, but also supports common mobile payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay.

  The regulator can see the operation of the vehicle, the end point all-in-one machine and the driver’s qualification card are used in conjunction. The driver can only get on the bus and swipe the qualification card issued by the transportation department to sign in electronically, and the meter can be used to charge and invoice. Not only can it effectively prevent cloning taxis, but also it can prevent drivers from subcontracting taxis to unqualified personnel.

  The newly installed smart car end point all-in-one machine in taxis has a new function specially designed to encrypt the meter, which can prevent the driver from changing the amount without permission. Moreover, a taxi all-in-one machine corresponds to a meter, and the meter cannot be removed from the machine. Even if it is forcibly removed, it cannot be installed on other machines, and it is basically impossible to copy. Previously, some criminals "cloned" a taxi through illegal auto repair shops and then configured a full set of taxi equipment to modify the meter. Because the license plate number is fake, the "cloned car" driver will have no scruples and charge high fares by modifying the meter. There are also some taxi drivers who overcharge by modifying the meter to obtain illegal income.

  Master Huang, the driver of Wan Quan Yuan Taxi Company, said that the intelligent end point machine was installed about a month ago, and the company still has some old vehicles that are about to be phased out. According to the person in charge of Beijing Yuyang Taxi Company, more than 1,500 vehicles in Yuyang Taxi Company have been replaced with new equipment, and more than 500 vehicles will be installed with new equipment.

  It is also understood that the current taxi company authorities have not yet required the use of this equipment, so some taxi companies have not yet installed it, especially some smaller taxi companies, which have not been equipped with new equipment due to financial reasons.