Shenzhou Dual-Core Mercedes-Benz E300 Integrated PC at a great price of 2399

  【September 10th Shenzhen Station of Pacific Computer NetworkThe innovatively designed all-in-one computer has opened the era of thin and light desktop for us. The combination of high-configuration host and thin and light display will no longer have the trouble of heavy host and cumbersome connection. As long as one connection is connected, the whole machine will be connected, and the window will be opened at the touch of a button. The Mercedes-Benz E500 all-in-one machine independently developed by Shenzhou is an integrated PC with super-large display and super configuration. It has the advantages of energy saving, silence and space saving, so it is widely loved by consumers. Now the Mercedes-Benz series has added a new member — — Mercedes-Benz E300, which continues the beautiful combination of 19-wide ultra-large LCD and 2.4G 45nm dual-core, will become a star product in the all-in-one machine market at a premium price of 2399. Buy now, and you can also get the desktop gift package prepared by Shenzhou for you! (The spree includes 2.0 speakers, game sets and detergent sets.)

Mercedes-benz E300
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  The exterior design of Mercedes-Benz E300 takes the traditional stable route, with a square base, which is stable and tangible, supporting a 19-inch super-large widescreen LCD. The combination of a large display and a stable bracket gives people a sense of security. The simple black style of the whole machine has a strong business atmosphere, and a trace of silver is hung along the edge of the outline, which is calm and lively. In terms of structural design, there is no complicated external connection due to the combination of the host display. The left side of the base is equipped with a DVDRW CD-ROM drive, and the left and right sides of the fuselage are respectively equipped with a card reader and a USB interface. The back of the fuselage and the back of the base are ventilation and heat dissipation windows of the whole machine, and most of the areas are designed in a grid shape, which effectively solves the heat dissipation problem of the fuselage. The key to turning on and off the whole machine is a conspicuous silver button, which is arranged in an eye-catching position of the base, which is explosive and wonderful.

Mercedes-benz E300
Shenzhou Benz E300D1

  The internal architecture of Celeron E3200 used in Mercedes-Benz E300 adopts Intel 45nm High-K and Metal Gate semiconductor technology, which has a high clock frequency. The main frequency of Celeron E3200 is 2.4GHz, the external frequency is 200MHz, the design of 800MHz front-end bus is adopted, and the TDP power consumption is 65W, which provides powerful power for the whole machine and greatly reduces power consumption. It brings an energy-saving and quiet use environment. The supported instruction sets are MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSSE3, and EM64T. In terms of instruction sets, Celeron E3200 adds Intel VT (Virtualization Technology), which is only available in Intel high-end processors at present. This technology can expand the hardware capacity and simplify the software reconfiguration process. A single CPU can simulate multiple CPUs in parallel. Allow a platform to run multiple operating systems at the same time, and the application programs can run in independent spaces without affecting each other, thus significantly improving the working efficiency of the computer and making the whole machine have strong image and multimedia processing speed. In addition, with the addition of 19-inch wide LCD, 80G hard disk, DVD drive, 10/100M network card and 9 and 1 card readers, you can experience a perfect digital life.

PConline product library— — Specification parameter
Mercedes E300D1
Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor E3200 2.4G
Memory type:
Memory size:
Hard disk type:
sata hard disk
Hard disk capacity:
Optical drive:
Widescreen liquid crystal
19 inches
Graphics card:
integrated graphics
Sound card:
onboard sound card
Network card:
10-100M network card on board
Keyboard/optical mouse
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  Editor’s comment:Mercedes-Benz E300 all-in-one machine is full of rich business atmosphere, which brings convenience and quickness in use. The 19-wide LCD and 2.4G45nm dual-core are perfectly matched. The market price of Mercedes-Benz E300 is only 2399. If you buy it now, you can also get the desktop gift package prepared by Shenzhou for you! (The spree includes 2.0 speakers, game sets and detergent sets.)

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