Sailis new energy vehicles sold 36,838 units in January

People’s Daily Online Chongqing, February 4 (Reporter Hu Hong) Recently, the joint stock company of Cyrus Group (hereinafter referred to as "Cyrus") released the production and sales express for January 2024. Data show that the sales of Cyrus new energy vehicles reached 36,838 in January, an increase of 654.1% year-on-year.

In January 2024, AITO delivered 32,973 new cars, an increase of 34.76% month-on-month, of which 24 days of single-day delivery exceeded 1,000. It is worth mentioning that the delivery of AITO’s new M7 reached a new high, with 31,253 new cars delivered in a single month. For the first time, the monthly delivery exceeded 30,000, opening a new chapter in delivery speed.

At present, the cumulative size of AITO’s new M7 has exceeded 140,000 vehicles, and the order growth and delivery efficiency have been accelerated together. Under the multi-point catalysis of channels and products, the new models, M7 and M9, are expected to start a new round of volume cycle, helping the company’s first quarter profitability to improve significantly.

Since the beginning of this year, the sales volume of the AITO series has maintained a steady increase, and sales have been increasing month-on-month for four consecutive weeks. Since September last year, the new M7 and M9 models of AITO have been launched one after another, which has helped sales to increase rapidly and provided users with a continuously leading smart travel experience.

It is reported that since January 31st, the AITO Interview M5 and the new M7 smart driving version have been upgraded to the OTA version of the high-end package, which can realize the high-level intelligent driving of the urban NCA without relying on high-precision maps across the country, bringing a smart driving experience that can be driven across the country.

AITO asked the world M9. Photo courtesy of Cyrus

AITO asked the world M9. Photo courtesy of Cyrus

Thanks to the continuous increase in sales of high-end new energy vehicles, Sailis’ performance is stable and resilient. From the data disclosed in the performance forecast, Sailis is expected to achieve operating income of 35.50 billion yuan to 36.50 billion yuan in 2023, and net profit attributable to the parent will improve by 29.5% -45.1% year-on-year.

The continuous increase in sales volume cannot be separated from Cyrus’ deep cultivation of technological innovation, continuous improvement of R & D strength and leading intelligent manufacturing strength. According to the recently released China Automotive Science and Technology’s 2023 automotive patent statistics, the number of invention patents of Cyrus Group achieved a year-on-year growth of 407.76% in 2023, ranking first in the independent vehicle group. In addition, in the number of automobile invention patents granted in China in 2023, Cyrus Group was shortlisted for the TOP20 for the first time with a year-on-year growth rate of 88.00%.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, Sailis Automotive Smart Factory took the lead in applying the industry-leading 9000T integrated die-casting process, achieving the highest degree of integration among integrated die-casting components on the market, elevating the quality and speed of product delivery to new heights, and effectively achieving efficient production, lightweight, and high safety.