Beijing will be fined 100 yuan for violating the rules in the fifth ring of China I and China II vehicles on working days from the 15th.

  The South Center for the Elimination and Renewal of Old Motor Vehicles in Beijing has recently made an appointment for the elimination and renewal of vehicles by a large number of car owners.

  Starting from tomorrow, the city will implement restrictions on vehicles in countries I and II on working days within the Fifth Ring Road. Vehicles that fail to meet the standards can’t enter the Fifth Ring Road. In addition, the city has introduced an incentive policy to encourage car owners to eliminate the vehicles in countries I and II. Many car owners have joined the ranks of eliminating old motor vehicles. The reporter learned from the Emissions Trading Center of the Beijing Stock Exchange that with the advent of the new policy of restricting traffic, there are a large number of car owners who have recently made an appointment for the elimination and renewal of motor vehicles. It is recommended that car owners make an appointment for the date after March 1. According to the introduction of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, since the implementation of the policy on December 1, 2016, the Beijing old motor vehicle elimination and renewal trading platform has actively handled the government subsidy procedures for vehicle owners, and has audited and subsidized 26,447 national I and II light gasoline vehicles. By the end of last year, there were 397,000 national I and II light gasoline vehicles in this city.


  The information is complete and can be done in five minutes.

  The South Center for the Elimination and Renewal of Old Motor Vehicles in Beijing is located in Xinfadi Automobile Trading Market in the South Fourth Ring Road, which is the largest number of car owners in the six old motor vehicle elimination outlets in this city. At 10 o’clock yesterday, when the Beijing Morning Post reporter came here, there were already many car owners waiting for the application form in the processing hall. The handling hall is small, with six handling windows, two auditing windows and one consulting window, which can facilitate the owner to complete all formalities in one stop. Hu Xiaolin, the person in charge of the southern central network, said that in the past, all service windows were in different rooms. From consultation to review of materials, car owners needed to go in and out of many offices. "So later, we integrated these windows in an office area, so that car owners only need to go through all the formalities once."

  How long does it take the owner from entering the gate of the processing hall to completing all formalities? The answer given by Hu Xiaolin is 5 minutes. According to the reporter’s observation, because many data owners have already filled in and printed from the Internet before, after entering the lobby, the owners first hand over the data to the staff for preliminary review, and after the review is completed, they can go to the final review window to go through the formalities of receiving subsidies, so the processing time is not long.


  I was lucky enough to make up my mind now.

  Yesterday, I handled the branch in the South Center. Mr. Tian Zhihui, a citizen, successfully completed all the formalities. Within 15 working days, a subsidy of 12,000 yuan will be paid to Tian Zhihui’s bank account. Speaking of his fiat, which was just scrapped in 2003, Mr. Tian said frankly that he was "really reluctant." Although that Fiat has been driving for 14 years this year, Tian Zhihui’s family didn’t drive much, so the mileage in the past 14 years was only over 100,000 kilometers. "At the end of last year, I heard that the country I and country II cars were restricted, and I was still lucky. There was nothing wrong with my car anywhere, so I wanted to see if I could not eliminate it." However, seeing that the restriction policy will be officially implemented on February 15, Tian Zhihui decided to join the team that eliminated old motor vehicles. "I take the fourth ring road from home to work, and once I start to restrict my car, I will definitely not be able to drive it. In addition, isn’t the government giving back subsidies, so it’s better to scrap it quickly. "

  With the subsidy, it will be eliminated now.

  The owner Yu Xiansheng’s national II car was originally a second-hand car. Yu Xiansheng said, "I was short of money before, so I bought a second-hand car. I originally thought that I would change the car after I had enough money for a year or two, but this is not the policy that has to be restricted now, and now there is a subsidy for eliminating the country I and country II cars, so I will scrap them in advance. "

  Ms. Ma, the owner of the car, and her husband also went to the South Center to go through the formalities yesterday. Ms. Ma said that the on-site handling procedure is not complicated. At the same time, she suggested increasing the publicity of policies related to the elimination of old motor vehicles. "For example, policy interpretation brochures can be distributed to the community, and the community can post them on the bulletin board, so that some older car owners can clearly understand the handling process without surfing the Internet."

  ■ Reminder

  Don’t forget your ID card and CCB card.

  1 Hu Xiaolin introduced that all car owners who handle the elimination of old motor vehicles need to make an appointment online for the specific time of on-site processing. If they miss the processing time, they need to make an appointment again. When the reporter interviewed at the scene, he met a car owner who missed the appointment time. After arriving at the scene, he could not go through the formalities and had to make a new appointment on his mobile phone with the help of the staff.

  Identity card and bank card are two documents that the owner must remember to bring with him in addition to the information. Hu Xiaolin said: "Especially the bank card, the owner must check it, and it must be the owner’s own CCB current savings card. We have had many cases in which the car owners brought the wrong bank card after they came, which led to the situation of going home to get the bank card or re-applying for the bank card. "

  In addition, Hu Xiaolin reminded that car owners need to bring the original and photocopy of their ID cards when they come to the outlets. Although it is convenient for car owners to copy their ID cards on the spot in the lobby, the reporter found that there are many people in the copying office, so if the car owners have copied their ID cards before coming to the lobby, it will be faster to go to the scene.

  Avoid getting together and make an appointment for next month.

  2 "Beijing Old Motor Vehicle Elimination and Updating Management Information System" is a network platform for all car owners to eliminate old motor vehicles. Hu Xiaolin introduced that the online reservation system has been fully opened. Take the South Center as an example, the daily handling volume is nearly 500 people every Tuesday to Thursday, and there are more than 1,000 car owners going through formalities every day at six on-site handling points in the city, of which 60%— 70% are national I and II vehicles. Hu Xiaolin said that at present, the online booking time for eliminating old motor vehicles in February is saturated, and it is recommended that car owners make an appointment after March 1 to stagger the peak.

  How to distinguish between country I and country II cars

  One is "counting time", which can be distinguished according to the vehicle registration date marked on your driving book. Cars bought after June 30, 2006 in this city are not national I and II cars.

  The second is "counting the stars", which means looking at the environmental protection signs issued by the annual inspection of motor vehicles. If there is no green sign of a star, a star or two stars, it is a country I and a country II car.

  The third is "looking at materials", according to the vehicle emission standards marked by materials such as the vehicle factory certificate issued by the automobile manufacturer when buying a new car.

  Fourth, "seeking help", you can log on to the "Motor Vehicle Emission Standard Inquiry" column of the website of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau; Or directly call the "12369" Beijing environmental complaint reporting consultation telephone, and ask the staff to help you directly inquire.

  Restriction measures

  From February 15th, light gasoline vehicles with national I and II emission standards are prohibited from driving on the roads within the Fifth Ring Road (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Offenders will be fined 100 yuan, which will be calculated once every 4 hours.

  Subsidy policy

  From December 1, 2016 to the end of 2017, light gasoline vehicles with emission standards of country I and country II can receive government subsidies in advance. Among them, the elimination before the end of June 2017 is 2000 yuan more than the elimination from July to the end of December 2017.

  Beijing Morning Post reporter Wu Tingting/Wen

  Chief Photojournalist Ning Wu/photo