The last solar term in autumn is coming!

There are bones in the autumn mountains,

First frost has no trace of water.

Heaven and earth are for chanting,

Haze is intoxicating.

At 12: 51 today

We welcome the first frost solar terms.

This is the last solar term in autumn.

The climate changed from cool to cold.

Everything grows bleak with the cold.

First frost is the beginning of the transition from autumn to winter.

The weather is getting colder.

First frost appears

The vegetation began to yellow.

Autumn will go,

Winter is coming,

Do you feel it?

What are the customs of "first frost"?

What is "first frost Third Waiting"?

What does "first frost Three Preventions" mean?


1. What is "first frost Third Waiting"?

Jackals sacrifice animals.

Jackal’s jackal

Common name "jackal"

First frost risha beast exhibition

The ancients said it was "a sacrifice to autumn gold"

It’s also a ceremony for parting in autumn.

Yellow fall of vegetation

Wood leaves fall

Sassy air drying

Winter is coming

The stinging insect is salty and prone.

"salty" is all.

"Bowing" means bowing your head.

Lie down instead of eating.

Is hibernation.

The above excerpt is from Micro-reading Solar Terms (by Zhu Wei).

2. What does "first frost Three Preventions" mean?

First, prevent autumn dryness

As the last solar term in autumn, the weather in first frost is getting colder, and autumn dryness is obvious, which is prone to dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, constipation, dry skin and other phenomena, and dryness is easy to hurt body fluids.

Second, prevent autumn depression

In late autumn, the weather is getting colder, the plants are yellow, the leaves and fruits are falling, and everything is bleak, which is easy to cause anxiety and make people depressed and depressed.

Three defenses against autumn cold

During the solar term in first frost, the temperature drops suddenly, and the elderly are prone to suffer from "old cold legs" and other diseases, and chronic bronchitis is also prone to relapse or aggravation, which is also the peak period for the recurrence of chronic gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcer. This time node is no longer suitable for "autumn freezing". For the elderly and children with poor resistance, clothes should be increased or decreased on time, so as to avoid the invasion of damp and cold pathogens and lead to illness.

3. How to maintain health in first frost season?

"salt water in the morning, honey soup in the evening"

The main climate feature of autumn is dryness, but drinking boiled water alone cannot completely resist the negative effects brought by autumn dryness. Drinking boiled water is easy to lose. If you add a little salt to boiled water, it is not so easy to lose. Drinking some salt water during the day and honey water at night is not only a good way to replenish human body’s water, but also a good diet for keeping in good health and resisting aging in autumn. At the same time, it can prevent constipation caused by autumn dryness, which really kills three birds with one stone.

Nourishing yin and moistening lung should be "flat"

In order to prevent autumn dryness, you can eat more foods with more sweet and cold juices, such as pears, grapefruit, sugar cane, bananas, oranges and other fruits, and vegetables can eat more carrots, white gourd, tremella, lotus roots and various bean products.

In autumn dry season, we should pay attention not to eat or eat less spicy barbecue food, such as pepper, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onion and wine, especially ginger. These foods are hot and lose a lot of water in cooking, so they are easy to get angry after eating. Of course, it is not a big problem to use a small amount of onions, ginger and peppers as condiments. In ancient medical books, there was also such a "warning": "Don’t eat ginger in autumn within one year; Don’t eat ginger at night within one day. "

Diet and exercise are both suitable.

Autumn is the season when people are most likely to gain fat. The days are cool and the nights are long, people’s appetite is wide open, and they are comfortable to rest at night. The daily calorie intake of the human body easily exceeds the calorie consumption, so that fat is accumulated little by little. If it is not adjusted, people will gain a lot of weight after autumn and winter.

Year after year, people will soon "get fat". Therefore, it is necessary to let children pay attention to a reasonable diet, and also pay attention to strengthening physical exercise when feasting.

Grab the tail of autumn.

Enjoy the beauty of autumn again.

Continue to refuel and enrich yourself

Welcome the arrival of winter

Source: People’s Daily

Editor: Yang Liwei

Second trial: Yu Guanglin Third trial: Zhao Xiaobing.

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