Hotel parking service is not well managed. The security guard steals a new car after drinking and discards the roadside.

  Parking service, as a humanized service measure, has been adopted by more and more businesses in the provincial capital. However, while this service project is gradually popularized, some problems have also been exposed. Yesterday (16th), Mr. Li, a citizen of (Shandong) provincial capital, gave his car to the hotel for care while dining in a hotel in the provincial capital. However, due to lax hotel management, a security guard stole Mr. Li’s car to see his friends off, and an accident occurred on the way, which led to the scrapping of the car. And how to claim, Mr. Li is in trouble.

  Don’t drive after drinking

  He parked his car in the hotel.

  During the dinner, Mr. Li drank wine. When he left, Mr. Li was inconvenient to drive, so he gave the car to the hotel for safekeeping. The hotel also said that Mr. Li could pick up the car with the corresponding number plate the next day. Mr. Li said that at that time, he also asked to use the car the next day, and he might come earlier. He hoped that the hotel would arrange people and the hotel agreed. "The hotel can provide such a service, and I still feel quite warm in my heart." Mr. Li said that he left with confidence.

  Pick up the car the next day

  The car has been scrapped on the road.

  The next morning, something happened! Mr. Li went to the hotel to pick up the car. After waiting for more than 10 minutes at the hotel, the staff told him in a panic that the car was gone! Where did the car go? Was it stolen? Mr. Li called the police with questions. That night, Mr. Li received a message from the police. The police found his car at the entrance of the First Municipal Hospital about four kilometers west of the hotel, and it crashed into the curb and had a traffic accident!

  Yesterday morning, the reporter saw Mr. Li’s car in the accident vehicle parking lot. The airbag in the car has been opened, the seat is covered with blood, the front of the car has been deformed, revealing the engine and water tank. After testing, the car has been scrapped. Looking at the unrecognizable car, Mr. Li felt that it was a pity that this new car, which had only been bought for 8 months, was scrapped like this.

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  It turned out that the security guard drove the customer’s car privately.

  The vehicle is missing. Is it a thief or a mole? After Mr. Li reported the case, the police checked the surveillance video of the hotel and locked the suspect. Surveillance shows that on the evening of the 11th, a young man with a security appearance walked to the car key storage window alone and then left. At 5 o’clock on the 12th, the man appeared in the parking lot again, opened Mr. Li’s car door, started the vehicle and drove off. According to the hotel security supervisor, the security guard was on duty that night.

  So how did the car accident happen? At the scene of the accident, the police seized the monitoring of a real estate for sale. At about 5 am on the 12th, someone drove Mr. Li’s car westward along Jingyi Road. When the car entered the monitoring range, it was out of control. First, it hit the side of the road, slowed down, slipped and hit the lamppost. Afterwards, when the police came to deal with the accident, the security guard driving had escaped. Because the monitoring distance is far away, the situation inside the car and the specific situation of the driver’s escape were not photographed.

  Hotel parking service vehicles scrapped on the roadside.

  On the evening of March 11th, Mr. Li and his friends went to Jingya Hotel, Minghu Road, the provincial capital, for dinner. After arriving at the hotel, Mr. Li handed over the keys and car to the service staff for parking. But when I picked up the car the next day, it was gone.

  The general process of car theft has been clear, and Mr. Li feels that the hotel has an unshirkable responsibility. "The car and keys were handed over to the hotel for safekeeping. Keys were stolen, cars were stolen and there was an accident. The hotel must compensate for its own losses. Moreover, it was not the thief who committed the crime, but the hotel security guard. The car is entirely the cause of hotel management, and this responsibility should be borne by the hotel. " According to Mr. Li, his car has only been bought for 8 months, and the total cost is about 120 thousand. Because it is not a new car, Mr. Li proposed a compromise plan of claiming 110,000 yuan. "I will pay for the car myself, which is much more important than the hotel compensating me for a car. I have already made concessions."

  As for Mr. Li’s request, the hotel admitted that it would bear the responsibility of vehicle theft and damage, but the compensation could not be cashed according to Mr. Li’s request. "Mr. Li’s car is insured, and he can wait for the insurance compensation, and the insufficient part will be paid by our hotel." After the theft, Mr. Li negotiated with the hotel for four days, but the hotel still insisted on its own plan. After several consultations, both sides refused to give in. In yesterday’s interview, both sides said that if negotiation fails, they can only go to court through judicial procedures.

  The customer demands full compensation.

  The hotel let insurance go first.

  ■ Views of both sides

  The reporter learned that Mr. Li’s experience is representative in the dispute between hotels and customers. Parking service, as a popular hotel catering service project, has been adopted by many businesses in the provincial capital, but some problems have also been exposed.

  The car and keys were handed over to the hotel management. How could a security guard get the keys and drive away? In yesterday’s interview, Mr. Li raised questions about the management of the hotel. The reporter made a visit to this. The key storage window of this hotel is set near the door of the hotel lobby, near the service desk. The reporter saw that the key storage window is relatively simple to make, and dozens of small open grids are made of transparent materials. The owner’s keys are placed in the corresponding number plate grids, and the owner gives the number plate to the service desk staff, and the car can be picked up after verification. "During the hotel’s business hours, there are staff on duty at the service desk, and the safety of the keys can be guaranteed. However, at night, these keys are still here, unlocked and unattended, and there must be security risks." Mr. Li said with concern.  

  In the past hotline, some readers also reflected similar problems. For example, in parking service, the vehicle was scratched and the contents were stolen, and there were also media reports that there was an accident in the parking process, how to determine the responsibility sharing, and cases in which someone pretended to be a parking person to steal a car.

  After work, it is neither locked nor watched by special personnel.

  The key is in the hotel lobby.

  ■ Reporter survey

  "There is some truth in what both sides say, but the initiative should be on the consumer side." Yesterday, the reporter consulted lawyer Chen Bin of Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm on this matter, and he said after listening to the reporter’s description.

  Lawyer Chen Bin told the reporter that, first of all, when consumers eat in the hotel, they form a contractual relationship with the hotel. Secondly, the hotel has valet parking service, regardless of whether it charges or not, and it also forms a custody relationship with the customer, so it is obliged to properly keep the customer’s property. Once losses are caused by accidents or property losses are caused by other reasons, the service place should be liable for compensation.

  At present, the car has been scrapped, and there is no problem for consumers to claim compensation from the hotel. The hotel proposes to let customers claim compensation through insurance first, and it is also an option for the hotel to pay the rest of the money. Now the choice is in the hands of consumers, no matter how they claim compensation, they should be supported. If the hotel does not compensate, consumers can seek a solution through litigation.

  The initiative is on the consumer side.

  ■ Lawyer’s statement

  The security guard has turned himself in and claimed to "borrow the car" to send his friend home.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the police that Xiao Zhao (a pseudonym), a security guard who drove privately, has surrendered himself and has been detained by the police.

  Xiao Zhao confessed that he drank some wine that night, and his mind was a little hot, so he stole Mr. Li’s car key from the key storage window while on duty. He wanted to use Mr. Li’s car to send his friends home when he got off work the next morning. He originally wanted to send the car back after sending his friends, but he didn’t expect an accident on the road. "He fled the scene because he was afraid."

  "He came back quietly on the evening of the 14th, slept in the dormitory for one night, and only came to me the next morning, so I took him to the police station to surrender." The hotel security supervisor recalled.

  "The child who borrowed the car is only 20 years old, and I don’t want him to be destroyed in prison."

  "After the police informed me that the car thief turned himself in, I went to the police station, and the police gave me a simple information about this security guard." It is understood that Xiao Zhao, who "stole a car", just turned 20 this year and worked in this hotel for more than a month. The hotel has put forward a solution to compensate Mr. Li for his losses by security guards, but it is understood that Xiao Zhao’s family is just an ordinary family and it is difficult to compensate Mr. Li for his losses. Mr. Li expressed his attitude towards the car thief. "I don’t want to pursue the responsibility of this little security guard too much. He is only 20 years old, and I don’t want prison life to ruin his future. This is a problem in hotel management, and I still hope that the hotel can take responsibility. " (Reporter Liang Wei Cao Jianmin)