Li Jiaqi sold out, but Hua Xizi plummeted by 90%

Hua xizi was attacked by traffic. 

On the live broadcast in Li Jiaqi, when consumers complained that a 79 yuan eyebrow pencil with Huaxizi was too expensive, Li Jiaqi did not introduce the quality of the product, but directly asked the consumers, "Has the salary increased? Have you worked hard? " In this sentence, Li Jiaqi and Hua Xizi were pushed to the forefront. 

Originally, everyone thought that Li Jiaqi was getting cold. To everyone’s surprise, Li Jiaqi didn’t get cold, and Huaxizi was miserable. When Li Jiaqi found out that he had said something wrong, he cried and apologized in the live broadcast room. After winning a great wave of sympathy, he immediately started to bring goods. On the hot search of public opinion on Li Jiaqi has also been divided into two factions, who believe that it is just a wrong sentence, and should not be harsh on Li Jiaqi. Moreover, 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil is not expensive at all. While explaining to Li Jiaqi, these people are more supportive of Li Jiaqi. 

The other school thinks, isn’t it just an anchor with goods? When you’re full, you smash the pot? After making money from the poor, do you blame the poor for not working hard? These people, on the other hand, resolutely shed their powder and stopped shopping in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi. From the perspective of Internet public opinion, this incident has also pushed Li Jiaqi, which has been silent for a long time, to the top of traffic. 

This is just like Simba. Whenever there is a public opinion dispute, Simba can always turn decay into magic, making the iron powder loyal to him more iron, selling the goods at all and earning more. In the advertising circle, this is called exposure. As long as the exposure is large enough and how many people hate you, how many people will like you. When half the people in the whole network were cursing Li Jiaqi, the other half were shopping in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi.

According to the data, Li Jiaqi lost more than 1 million powder, but the live broadcast room sold better. Against the cusp of public opinion, Li Jiaqi continued to bring goods, and 50,000 single goods were robbed in only 3 seconds, which was impossible to buy at all. Commodities ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 are basically sold out in one second. This horrible ability to bring goods makes other anchors with goods far behind, which is far ahead. 

Those who scold Li Jiaqi and those who support Li Jiaqi are completely different groups. As the heat continues to rise, Li Jiaqi has lost millions of old powder, but it has also added a huge amount of new powder, and what remains is the hardcore fans of iron powder. For a super anchor, he is not afraid of controversy, and he is afraid that no one will pay attention. What really suffered from Waterloo was Hua Xizi, a domestic beauty brand deeply bound to Li Jiaqi. 

Hua Xizi was pulled out, just a Japanese product wearing a China brand coat. Hua Xizi’s brand is from China, but the foundry is Japanese. Even though China workers are employed, the foundry is set up in China, but it is actually run by Japanese. This makes many consumers spontaneously resist Hua Xizi. 

According to cicada mother’s data, Huaxizi’s sales in Tik Tok platform in August exceeded 100 million, ranking fourth among beauty and skin care brands. After entering September, the daily sales of Huaxi’s official flagship store is also about 1-2.5 million yuan. However, after the eyebrow pencil incident in Li Jiaqi, the daily sales of the official flagship store of Huaxizi plummeted by more than 90% to less than 100,000 yuan. But on September 7th, Hua Xizi’s sales in Tik Tok exceeded 10 million yuan a day. This kind of blow is not heavy. 

In fact, Hua Xizi is just a new brand of domestic beauty, which was established in 2017. Since its inception, it has been deeply bound with Li Jiaqi. How deep is this binding? In Li Jiaqi’s words: "Hua Xizi almost gave himself to me." 

In the beauty industry, marketing expenses have always been high. In other words, whoever can master the flow can take away the excess marketing expenses. According to public reports, Hua Xizi spends as much as 20 million yuan on marketing in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi every month. Hua Xizi almost bet his brand money on Li Jiaqi. Judging from the cooperation in the past five years, both sides are happy. Li Jiaqi made money, and Hua Xizi also exerted brand influence, ranking among the domestic beauty brands in China, and being able to stand on the same container as international beauty brands. 

You can succeed in Li Jiaqi and lose in Li Jiaqi. After the sales plummeted, Hua Xizi even published an outrageous "open letter". 

In this open letter, Hua Xizi didn’t mention eyebrow pencil or Li Jiaqi. On the contrary, in the letter, Hua Xizi also implanted his own brand vision: "promoting the beauty of the East and casting a century-old national makeup". Where is this to calm public opinion? This is clearly with the help of public opinion, and then give Hua Xizi a wave of free brand advertisements. Consumers did not see Hua Xizi’s sincerity, but saw Hua Xizi’s arrogance. 

The publication of this letter also made Hua Xizi’s public relations team resign collectively. Because public relations people don’t want to carry this pot and regard it as a shame in their careers, they just want to leave this wrong place and find the next owner quickly. 

Due to the collective resignation of public relations, Hua Xizi posted a new recruitment announcement, with an annual salary of 500,000-600,000, and a high salary for talents. It is worthy of being a domestic beauty head brand, and Hua Xizi is really willing to spend money. Whether Hua Xizi can reverse public opinion depends on whether there are great talents from heaven.

The captain agrees with Li Jiaqi: "It is not easy to make domestic brands." It’s not easy for Li Jiaqi or Hua Xizi, but those genuine domestic products that have been rooted in China for decades.