Mina, a fighting fish dancer, was rumored by her peers! Car-scrapping said: it must pay a huge price.

Original title: "Mina", a fighting fish dancer, encountered rumors from peers! Car-scrapping said: it must pay a huge price.

The fighting fish dancer [Mina] encountered rumors from peers! Car-scrapping said: it must pay a huge price.

As we all know, the live broadcast industry is today’s"Live less rice and earn more money every day"The typical representative has attracted the influx of countless handsome men and beautiful women.

Although the anchors and online celebrity of the major live broadcast platforms have changed rapidly and the involution is serious, the super popular dancer in the Betta Dance Area[Mina]Still occupying the section for a long time, my sister’s throne stands still, and she is the first choice for the goddess in the hearts of countless old drivers. (Ahem, it is worth mentioning that, unlike other female anchors, Mina not only has a large wave of male fans, but also attracts a considerable number of female fans.)

As the saying goes-a tall tree catches/invites/inspires the wind―a person in a high position/with great reputation is liable to be attacked. Recently, Mina, as the T0-level online celebrity anchor of the platform and even the whole network, has also encountered such things as [a small group], [a foolish girl bully] and [Zhou Shuyi] that others have encountered before.Malicious rumorEvents.

(Previously, betta fish online celebrity [a small group], [Daimei Xiaobawang], [Zhou Shuyi] and others all suffered from online pornographic incidents.

For example, [a small group] was once rumored to shoot an indecent video, and the rumor maker used a video with extremely vague facial features as ironclad evidence to open the hammer [a small group], which made the small group helpless to prove its innocence.)

There are countless rumors on the internet, such as [a small group], [a little girl bully] and [Zhou Shuyi].

In a recent live broadcast of Mina, she also revealed her own experience, saying: "SomeoneSomeone was forced to quit the net’The anchor and his team members are maliciously spreading rumors about me! "Different from other soft handling methods of online celebrity anchors, Mina directly started the hard and rigid mode, indicating that legal weapons have been taken to safeguard her own interests!

During the live broadcast, she even said: "Must make it pay a huge price!It is best to let him step on the sewing machine for a few days, and step on it for a few days if he can! If you can’t step on the sewing machine, let it lose money! In addition to the above, an apology is also essential! Apologize to me publicly on all major platforms and let them learn a good lesson! "

In addition, Mina also revealed: "Because I decided to pursue its responsibility, the other party also asked a well-known anchor who was banned to intercede." (The water friends in the live broadcast room participated in the test.LBW)

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