Rapid recovery of tourism "new play" to incite new tourism market

"Standing at the intersection of the new free travel in golden decade, whoever can accurately understand the needs of users and provide personalized gameplay products will take the lead in the next era of tourism industry development." Chen Gang, founder and CEO of Ma Honeycomb, said at the "2023 Earth Discoverer Conference".

On December 8th, at the "Earth Discoverer Conference" hosted by Ma Honeycomb, the joint laboratory of free travel big data jointly established by china tourism academy and Ma Honeycomb released "Research Report 2023" (A Collection of Global Travel Plays), which provided a new reference example for the industry. It is reported that "Gameplay 2023" has strictly selected tens of thousands of gameplays from 130 countries around the world, and finally compiled two lists of "Top 100 New Gameplays for Domestic Tourism" and "Top 100 New Gameplays for Foreign Tourism" to recommend more unique travel experiences for travelers and guide industry partners to create more attractive tourism products.

Dai Bin, president of china tourism academy, said, "After three years of deep depression, tourism has entered a period of rapid recovery. It is expected that the recovery of the domestic tourism market will reach more than 90% in 2019 this year, which is very remarkable. Seeing the smile on the tourists’ faces is also my happiest thing. But what makes me happier is to see that the tourists like Ma Honeycomb still keep a young heart to explore and innovate after going through hardships. They deeply observe the needs of tourists and sum up a number of keywords such as personalization, theme, experience and quality. These detailed needs are the cornerstones of today’s tourism’ new gameplay’. "

(Left: Dai Bin, Dean of china tourism academy; Right: Chen Gang, founder and CEO of Ma Honeycomb)

2023 is a year of rapid recovery of tourism industry, and new tourism behavior preferences are gradually becoming clear. According to Chen Gang, in 2023, the proportion of users who searched for intentional destination gameplay exceeded 76%, and the popularity of customized tour search increased by 245% year-on-year. The popularity of high-quality demand continued to rise, and the booking of cost-effective products also increased significantly. This means that the Local travel experience has become the main factor affecting people’s consumption decisions.

"We can’t simply understand’ travel experience’ as eating better and having more fun. For young people today, any idea that can strengthen their self-expression is a plus item of travel experience, and we collectively call it’ new gameplay’". Chen Gang said, "We have specially refined the content of’ new gameplay’ based on the core contents such as Polaris Raiders and Raiders Group. Every destination has a raiders expert from Mawei to sort out a detailed new gameplay map and update it in real time according to the changes of the trend. At present, Ma Honeycomb has matched the corresponding services and products for the gameplay map through a brand-new supply chain, forming a one-stop travel service closed loop of "planting and pulling together" to help consumers realize the ultimate experience of what you see is what you get. "

The Ma Honeycomb community is also fully upgraded around the "new gameplay". In Ni Jia’s view, in the face of the brand-new personalized tourism demand, the best response formula is to provide different new gameplay exchange positions for different segments of the population. "For example, for the Z-generation’ new youth’ who is looking forward to socializing and advocating freedom, Ma Honeycomb not only launched a large number of new city weekends, but also provided opportunities to find travel partners; Facing the’ new middle-class families’ who prefer light and luxurious gameplay and pay attention to emotional value, they provide a series of new and subdivided gameplay including long-distance travel and parent-child travel; For’ senior travelers’ who pay attention to in-depth experience and humanistic value, Ma Honeycomb continues to deepen the content of outbound travel, design various novel experience routes abroad, and launch activities to send them back to a new world. " Ni Jia said that the new gameplay community ecology based on different people and different circles will better meet the personalized travel needs.

At the same time, "new gameplay" has also become a favorable starting point for marketing. Liu Tingting, head of commercial marketing of Mawei, said that the core of Mawei’s marketing is to help destinations and brands find the right people, do the right content and then spread it to more right people. "The community and the strategy group upgraded this year are the first steps for Mawei to find accurate marketing people. The so-called’ right content’ is to explore and even create the destination experience under the drive of new gameplay, and thus create new theme products, trigger IP linkage, let users see, buy, feel, and then spread to more people. " According to reports, Ma Honeycomb has created a brand-new gameplay experience for many destinations at home and abroad in 2023, and promoted it through various channels and forms. "The new gameplay is like a key to open the door to new tourism marketing, which will rejuvenate traditional destinations, take mature destinations to a new level, and let brands find new scenes of tourism marketing. We are also looking forward to working with more destinations and brands to open up the infinite possibilities of’ new gameplay’." (Reporter Zhan Zhao)

Source: Guangming Net