The most profitable mobile game in July was announced! Netease has two explosions in succession, or become the biggest winner in the summer?

Hello, everyone, this is the surprise game, and I’m the little brother.

Not long ago, Sensor Tower, a well-known mobile application data analysis company, announced the global top mobile game revenue list in June 2023. Which games are on the list? What’s the mystery? I will give you an analysis today!

Note: The data does not include the third-party Android market in China and other regions.

Income list: The top 10 are the glory of the king, PUBGM, Against the Water, Royal Match, candy crush saga, Roblox, Collapse: Star Dome Railway, Gold Coin Master and MONOPOLY GO! "enchanted gardens"

The glory of the king took in $220 million (about RMB 1.6 billion) in the global App Store and Google Play this month, and there is no doubt that it will continue to win the global mobile game bestseller list.

On July 8th, the game launched Milady’s perfect holiday skin, which set the peak of income in that month. With the return of two limited skins, the introduction of new hero Doria, and the update of summer welfare, the game not only maintained the strong interest of players, but also further consolidated the champion position on the best-selling list.

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile (combined with Peace Elite) regained the second place from Collapse: Star Dome Railway with a revenue of 172 million US dollars.

On July 4th, with the introduction of new function carrier replacement, the game topped the best-selling list of iPhone mobile games in China for four consecutive days. On July 7, the game launched the activity of "Pure Dream Wedding Yarn" and set a revenue peak for that month. Continuing its success, on July 14th, the game cooperated with Sega to launch Sonik-themed skin, which further increased the revenue.

Netease’s "Going Against the Water" mobile game was launched on June 30, ranking third on the list with a revenue of $113 million. Thanks to the excellent art design and rich game content, from June 30th, the martial arts MMORPG mobile game "Going Against the Water" was ranked among the top 3 best sellers of iPhone mobile games in China during July, and the whole summer file almost became the home of this product!

Before opening the service, 45 million reservations were made, PCU exceeded 1 million in 10 minutes, and it topped the best-selling list twice, and 40 million players were recruited in a month. In addition, the game also topped the global mobile game revenue growth list in July. These data look terrible!

It is worth mentioning that in this month’s income list, Mihayou’s "Collapse: Star Dome Railway" is still barely on the list, and "The Original God" has disappeared directly. It seems that the 3.8 summer version of "The Original God" is "clear summer! Paradise? Great secret! " , because Youqu and Keli are replicas, their flowing water level is among the lowest among many versions since the original God beta.

However, the original God launched a new version of 4.0 Fontaine on August 16th, which may make the original God return to the income list?

Income growth list: The top ten are Against the Water, PUBGM, The Legend of Guild Wars in Dragon Ball, Crystal Nucleus, MONOPOLY GO, Call of Duty Mobile Games, Royal Match, Top Speed, Blue Archives and Soul of Professional Baseball A.

In July, the revenue growth performance of Crystal Nucleus by DNF, a porcelain-touching company, was also excellent. Since the public beta on July 14th, Crystal Nucleus has further occupied the bestseller list after the airborne free list.

According to the data of the three-party platform, it is estimated that the total platform flow of Crystal Nucleus has reached 400-500 million yuan within 12 days after the game was released, and it is estimated that the single-day flow will be 30 million yuan or even higher, making it the highest-paid game of domestic action RPG, taking off directly with ByteDance’s game business, and doubling the flow.

In addition, Netease’s "Peak Speed" also maintained a high income growth in July. With highly realistic racing, personalized customization and immersive experience, Peak Speed successfully entered the seventh place in the revenue growth list in the first month of its release, which is very rare as a racing game.

Thanks to the opening of the national service, the game "Blue Files", which has been on the shelves for many years, once again reached the revenue growth list. On the first day of the national service public beta, the flow of iOS reached 1.62 million.

In fact, the foreign service of "Blue Archives" has reached more than 240 million US dollars at the beginning of the year, and the annual income peaked at 2 billion. The original performance was very good, and the opening of the national service made "Blue Archives" make another big profit.

However, at present, "Blue Files" has fallen beyond the top 100 in the best-selling list of games in the AppStore. I wonder if the success of Japanese clothing can be copied? Can the fire continue in August?

A positive shock problemWhat games did you play in July?