Rambling, just want to explain what is "culture"

Why do you want to talk about culture? Because people can’t do without culture. People practice culture all the time.

What is culture? The dictionary says: culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings. Especially spiritual wealth, such as literature, art, education, science, etc.

Of course, the popular concept of culture is not so beautiful, probably because people like elegance, so everything they want to culture has become culture. The least funny thing is that even the toilet has become a culture. In fact, the toilet can really be a culture. Because culture is a collection of human activities and human history.

In textbooks, "culture" is a word and the label is a noun. But I always think that culture is a combination of two words, or a phrase. First, "Wen" is a noun, and the last word is "Hua", a verb.

In fact, culture is a process. The process of culture is the process that the whole human society bid farewell to primitiveness and ignorance, and to ignorance and barbarism. The process of culture is the process of human civilization.

Culture is not civilization, but only when culture exists can civilization exist. Culture is the foundation of civilization. Without culture, there is no civilization.

Therefore, as long as human beings exist, culture must exist, and as long as there are human beings, culture must exist.

This is culture.