I am on duty on holidays.

New Year’s Day




I am on duty on holidays.

Years change, and Huazhang is updated every day.

Look forward to a new chapter.

On New Year’s Day.

Has ushered in a promising 2024.

I am on duty on holidays.

Guard "don’t fight"

Xiji public security performs its duties.

Stick to your post and take responsibility.

Practice the first shift with actions.

Ensure that the people have a good time.

A peaceful, stable, joyful and peaceful festival.

Patrol and prevent me from being on duty

Xiji County Public Security Bureau started the dynamic patrol service mode, strengthened the frequency of public security patrols in key road sections and main blocks, maximized the rate of seeing police and handling affairs on the street, and effectively prevented and controlled all kinds of emergencies. Strengthen patrol prevention and control in key areas, ensure that police are always there, police cars are common, and warning lights are always on, so as to effectively improve people’s sense of security and satisfaction.

Security check. I’m on duty

Go deep into the jurisdiction to carry out safety hazard investigation, conduct fire safety inspection on "nine small places" to eliminate fire hazards; Carry out public security inventory of entertainment places, hotels and rental houses to rectify hidden dangers of public security; Carry out safety inspection on enterprises in the jurisdiction to ensure the production of enterprises.

Clear the blockage and keep me on the job

Strengthen the maintenance of road traffic order in the county during the New Year’s Day, the traffic management brigade will scientifically deploy police and accurately control, intensify the rectification of traffic violations such as drunk driving and driving without a license during holidays, strictly investigate traffic violations such as "three overload and one fatigue", and make every effort to ensure the safety and smoothness of road traffic during holidays.

Safety publicity I am on duty

Carry out publicity on safety knowledge such as anti-electric fraud, anti-theft, fire prevention, refusal of drunk driving, refusal of gambling drugs, etc. in a way that the masses can see, understand and remember, and simultaneously push and download the "National Anti-fraud Center" APP to the masses, prompting them to strengthen their own safety precautions and further improve their awareness of law-abiding and self-protection.

There is a feeling called "sticking to the festival"

There is a kind of emotion called "post holiday"


Trade dedication for the peace of the masses.

Keep the family reunion with loyalty.

All you can see is the wind "police"

For protection, for safety

Xiji Public Security is by your side.

Original title: "I am on duty during the festival | New Year’s Day" police "follow loyalty and protect peace"