Huawei’s technology is a masterpiece, and the M9 interior is exposed. Three giant screens+luxury hardcover, mobile living room.

"The best SUV within 10 million", the interior was exposed!

With the official appearance of Huawei’s flagship SUV M9, the real car interior map was exposed just last weekend.

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Judging from the picture, the M9 in the asking world focuses on luxury and simplicity, adopting the popular ones.Sanlian screen designThere is also a large area of leather wrapped and decorated with brown wooden decorative plates.

The official previously said that the design of the exterior design was inspired by the "Kun Peng" in Zhuangzi’s book "Happy Travel", which belongs to the world.Brand-new family designIt is obviously different from M7 and M5, and the functions such as headlights and air inlet duct are also integrated.

Self-contained appearance and interior, as well as a series of intelligent configurations blessed by Huawei. Let Yu Chengdong bluntly say that M9 is "The best SUV within 10 million yuan",even" the most powerful SUV you can see on the road. "

At present, the most anticipated thing is the selling price, and now M9 has opened the reservation. The ideal price of "the best SUV within 5 million" is 429,800. How much will M9, the best SUV within 10 million, sell?

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the exposed interior.

Wenjie M9 adopts a brand-new interior design language, and is not equipped with the same floating central control panel as M7 and M5.

The biggest change is that there are more screens. Counting the HUD, there are four large screens in the front row. Previously, it was reported that the M9 car will appear the most. 10 screensFrom this point of view, even if there is one person in the car, there is still wealth.

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After the dashboard, the central control big screen and the passenger entertainment screen are lined up, the screen size is very amazing, and it supports the AR-HUD head-up display system. Huawei said that it is mass production in the industry.HUAWEI AR-HUD with the largest frame, which can achieve the display effect equivalent to a maximum of 10 meters away and a maximum of 96 inches.

In the middle area of the steering wheel, it is different from the polygon design of M5 and M7. The M9 is round and surrounded by chrome trim, which adds a sense of luxury.

Not surprisingly, the central control screen of M9 will integrate Huawei’s latest 4. 4.0 Intelligent cockpit system.

In August this year, Huawei released a new smart ecosystem of HarmonyOS 4 at the developer conference. As a part of Huawei’s ecology, HarmonyOS 4 also ushered in an upgrade in terms of car machines.

Huawei revealed that under the blessing of HarmonyOS 4, the HarmonyOS cockpit will be realized from single person and single equipment.Multi-person and multi-device collaborative experience.

The newly upgraded HarmonyOS cockpit supports multi-screen simulcast, and multi-screen sharing allows the front and rear passengers in the car to watch movies synchronously. HarmonyOS distributed soft bus technology can connect Huawei MatePad Pro with the car, and the video selected for playing in the front row can be transferred to the back panel in real time.

Previously highly praised in the worldSuper desktop functionIt has also been optimized. For example, the cooperation between the mobile phone and the car machine is smoother, and the game on the mobile phone can be seamlessly transferred to the car machine, and the game can be played with the handle and the central control big screen in the car.

The super desktop also increases the circulation of the operation interface of the drone. When users use the drone, they can use the super desktop to use the cockpit screen as a display screen and control the drone through the cockpit screen in the car.

The head application in the super desktop has also increased voice control. In terms of intelligent voice control, the data released by Huawei shows that at present, 87.6% of cockpit operations are completed by voice assistant Xiaoyi.

At the same time, the entertainment screen of the M9 passenger car will be expected to be equipped with "Light field screen",known as the integration of liquid crystal display technology and space optical technology, and using original optical engine technology, has the characteristics of large frame, depth of field, low motion sickness and eye relaxation.

It is worth noting that in the exposed photos, a round object can also be seen above the center console, which is suspected to beSpeech recognition robotIt is a bit like NOMI from Weilai. Some people speculate that this component may realize the related functions and interactions of Huawei’s own audio system HUAWEI SOUNDS.

In other details, the M9 is equipped with a button-type door handle and a lever-type window control button. The steering wheel is equipped with a three-position multifunctional design, and the air conditioning outlet is equipped at the bottom of the center console screen.Dual wireless charging of mobile phoneThere are a few physical buttons and crystal control knobs below.

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In terms of materials, the car is wrapped in a lot of leather, decorated with brown wooden decorative plates, and equipped with headrest cushions.

On the whole, the interior design of the M9 is more radical than before, gradually moving closer to the big screen and multi-screen, and paying more attention to creating a sense of luxury in the car.

After seeing the interior, let’s talk about the appearance.

Wen Jie M9 did not follow the previous designs of M5 and M7, but adopted a brand-new design language. The official said that it was inspired by the beast in the ancient Chinese book "Happy Wandering"roc”。

The front face is closed, instead of adopting split headlight design, the traditional shape is used. In the center of the headlight, a light bar is designed that runs horizontally. The front bumper and side skirt of the car body are also decorated with a circle of chrome trim, which is matched with the two-color spliced car body.

In the whole appearance, the most technical explosion is the headlight combination of the front of the car.

In a word, when Audi wakes up overnight, the name of "Centennial Lamp Factory" may change hands?

The headlights of the M9 are adopted.Digital pixel structureThe high beam, low beam, daytime running light and intelligent interactive light are all gathered in the same lampshade, which Huawei officially calls. XPixel intelligent car light.

This combination of smart car lights can project all kinds of characters, patterns and animation effects. In Yu Chengdong’s words, the interactive ability is "beyond your imagination".

At the end of September, at the new product launch conference of Huawei’s autumn full scene, Huawei released the HUAWEI xPixel smart car light solution. This scheme provides double lamps. 2.6 million pixel projectionAnd it has the only dual-lamp precise fusion algorithm ability in the industry, which improves the night vision ability by 185%.

How smart can this so-called smart headlight be?

First of all,Turn on the high beam at willAnd will not disturb the driver of the opposite vehicle.

When the high beam shines on the opposite car, it will not shine on the driver’s eyes in that position, which is equivalent to picking out the driver’s position, another sense of "human body stroke."

Secondly, this smart light set can also help you.Test road width.

When passing through a narrow road, sometimes the width of the road is uncertain. If you don’t know if you can drive the car, you can open the width-testing lamp blanket, and the light can help you pass, and give a hint whether you can pass.

In addition, this carpet can also "turn”。

When the vehicle changes lanes, it can turn on the "S"-shaped headlights and let the lights be laid on the road to remind other drivers of the lane change path of the vehicle. In the demonstration video released by Huawei a few days ago, this magical light carpet can measure the distance forward, show the distance from the car, and prevent rear-end collision, and the tunnel will automatically light up.

In addition to the above functions, this set of smart headlights can also throw a light carpet on the ground after the M9 is started, which can not only broadcast the weather, but also play holiday eggs, and even follow the music and atmosphere lights.

Oh, yes, and "Lighting animation",a huge Huawei logo, always hints at your attribute bonus of Huawei.

Yu Chengdong’s idea is that this lamp can be used for watching movies, singing songs and expressing oneself. According to Huawei’s plan, more DIY content should be added in the future.

Compared with the gaudy front of the car, the design of the side of the new car is relatively simple and calm, and the waist line, window line and roof line are very straight.

The same is true for the rear of the car. The taillights of the M9 match the headlights, and the overall shape is consistent. The middle is a light bar that runs horizontally, and the outer side also uses a large-area dot matrix light source.

Judging from the real car diagram, the appearance of the boundary M9 is one word: big.

The flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom, which is positioned by M9, is indeed very large in size. The length, width and height of the new car are 5230/1999/1800mm, respectively, with a wheelbase. 3110mm.

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In terms of seat layout, like the ideal L9, Jiejie M9 adopts a 6-seat design of 2+2+2, in which the second row of seats is an independent executive seat, and all six seats in three rows in the car support electric adjustment.

However, the M9 will also offer a variety of seating modes.Can switch 3, 4, 5 and 6 seats in various layout forms..

There is no doubt that the first competitor that M9 faces is the ideal L9. Ideal L9, a six-seat flagship SUV owned by Ideal, once topped the sales list of large SUVs in China.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of L9 are 5218x1998x1800mm and the wheelbase is 3105mm, which are basically the same for both sides, but the length and wheelbase of M9 are slightly larger than L9, and 22-inch wheels are standard.

A blogger who broke the news before said that he asked about the space in the second row of M9.Invincible and spacious",inferred from the layout of the photos of the third row of seats transmitted by the internet, the second row of seats should be transferred to the back when the photos were taken, which shows that the adjustable range of the second row is great.

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All the seats in the car are provided with electric slide rails, and there are MagLink magic suction car interfaces behind the seats, and the third row provides water cup holders, air conditioning outlets, stereos and other configurations.

And the ideal L9 two or three rows of spatial data are as follows:

It is reported that Wenjie M9 has achieved the same flat floor as MPV, with three rows of access without steps. Therefore, it is speculated by the industry that maybe Yu Chengdong is not going to "touch" L9 with M9 this time, but is going to catch the thief first, aiming at the ideal super flagship-Mega.

When the ideal MEGA has not yet appeared, the ideal aspect has been put forward many times, and MEGA will become Above 500,000 yuan, the market sales volume is the first., regardless of vehicle type and power form.

And the pre-sale interval of the M9 in the world is 500,000-600,000 yuan, and the two sides are full of gunpowder, and the war is on the verge.

However, the ideal MEGA is only powered by pure electricity, and the M9 provides it.Pure electric and extended range power versions.

Among them, the pure electric version of the front/rear drive motor power is 160kW/230kW, with a total power of 390kW, which will be equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery, with comprehensive battery life. 600km.

The extended range version will be equipped with a 1.5T range extender, with a maximum power of 112kW, the power of the front and rear drive motors of 165kW/200kW respectively, and the total power of the system of 365kW. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery is also used, with a pure battery life of 175km.

In other configurations, Wenjie M9 will also provide Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving assistance, rear laser projection, laser radar, 800V fast charging and other configurations.

According to the official news, the M9 will be listed in December, which is also the second confrontation between Huawei and Ideality after the M7. As for who can win, it depends on whether M9 can be listed like M7.