Dead ringer, the most comprehensive art test this year! Replica Wallace Huo Liu Shishi Qi appeared.

The preliminary test of Nortel 2017 has ended. How many dead ringer have you seen?

Special feature of 1905 film network  The preliminary performance test of Beijing Film Academy in 2017 is drawing to a close, and the spectacular scene of Karry’s appearance shows people the influence of the stars. Compared with star candidates, many white candidates are often not so easily noticed by the media.

For example, Xiao Bian found a familiar face in the "dead ringer" atlas plan made by 1905 Film Network in 2013. At that time, we called her "Su Yan Bidai Syulan". Three years later, she changed from a young art candidate to the first post-90 s "film queen" in the history of Hong Kong Academy Awards, and everyone remembered her name — — Spring and summer.

I took the Nortel Art Test in spring and summer for 13 years.

This year, in addition to star candidates such as Karry, Milk Lin, Zhang Yijie, X-light and Haofei Li, 1905 Film Network also "captured" many familiar "dead ringer": Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi, Sun Honglei, Wu Xin, Zhu Fangyu, Liu Junlie … … Similarity varies from 50% to 90%. For these amateur candidates with artistic dreams, having similar faces and close temperament with popular stars may make their acting career start more smoothly. Whether they can become the next "film emperor" or "film queen", let us wait and see.

Karry Nortel Art Test attracted people to watch.

KarryTFBOYS is the lead singer and once starred in Zhang Yimou. It is reported that the topic of Karry’s first recitation was lermontov’s Sail, and his performance was described by his classmates as "very explosive". Because the onlookers were too enthusiastic, Karry jumped out of the window on the day of the exam.

Milk Lin fights Nortel again.

Coco; Milk LinIn 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games became famous at one fell swoop. Later, he appeared in the new version of A Dream of Red Mansions and Beauty’s Calculation. According to the requirements, Milk Lin has prepared the talent of poetry reading like other candidates, but she said that the specific articles need to be kept secret.

Zhang Yijie, who debuted as a child star, stole from Guan Xiaotong before the exam.

Yijie ZhangZhang Yijie, who made her debut as a child star, has participated in more than 20 film and television dramas, such as Xuanyuanjian, Yuanjian, Yuanjian, Yuanjian, Yuanjian, etc. Now she has signed a contract with Zhengyang Studio and has become a small fresh meat favored by Zhengyang. He revealed that the topic of his first recitation was Che Guevara, and before taking the exam, he also asked Guan Xiaotong, a fellow cast member, for advice on the exam experience.

X-light has a guest appearance this year.

X-light:X-light, born in 2000, participated in the talent show "Burn Boys". In 2016, he joined the "X Nine Boys Group" as a dancer and made a guest performance in the movie "Catch the Demon 2". In X-light’s view, popularity did not bring pressure. He felt that he was an ordinary examinee.

Nortel’s surprise starringHaofei Li

Haofei LiShe has starred in the TV series 49 Days Sacrifice and the movie Nezha, and won the Best Newcomer Actress Award at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival. Haofei Li revealed in an interview that he had declined the invitation of some TV series, just to concentrate on preparing for the art test and the college entrance examination.

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