Great Wall Gun commercial pickup King Kong Gun listed in Hebei, starting from 88,800 yuan.

In terms of power, the King Kong Gun (parameter picture) is equipped with a power combination of 2.0T+6MT, and the GW4C20B gasoline engine is mature and reliable, with a peak torque of 360N·m, and the high-power version of GW4D20M diesel engine has a peak torque of 400 N m. This mature power system has been tested by the market and has outstanding reliability.

A few days ago, another brand-new product based on the same platform of the Great Wall Gun, the fashionable commercial pickup truck King Kong Gun, was listed in Hebei Province.

King Kong cannon has two kinds of power, gasoline and diesel, and there are many different versions of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, with gasoline models starting at 88,800 yuan and diesel models starting at 95,800 yuan.

The above price is the standard box model price, and the long box model is added with 2000 yuan;

Entrepreneurial and elite models of long box models can be equipped with flat-bottomed containers, and on this basis, 2,000 yuan will be added;

Pilot limited optional package: including "LED headlights +360 panoramic image", with an optional price of 2000 yuan.

In addition, King Kong Gun also provides car buyers with five exclusive rights: financial gift, replacement gift, interconnection gift, recommendation gift and worry-free gift.

King Kong Gun adopts the design concept of "minimalist aesthetics", which is simple and tough as a whole, and offers five body colors: dream blue, worry-free white, bold horizontal black, enterprising gray and struggle brown.

For the interior, the high-definition LCD dual floating screen is matched with intelligent voice control, and the FOTA online upgrade function can upgrade some in-vehicle functions.

King Kong cannon has three kinds of containers: standard box, long box and flat bottom. The long box model has a 1.82-meter super-large container. The intimate design of low cargo platform and container lighting shows the profound insight of Great Wall Gun to pickup truck users. The turning diameter of 11.9 meters makes the King Kong gun more flexible in turning and turning around.