Don’t randomly choose the basic models, look at the ideas of these fashion bloggers and wear fashion charm with classic models.

As the saying goes, women who can dress are more attractive. Look at those who are really temperament. In fact, their face value may not be so outstanding, but because they can dress and their clothes are online, they always leave a good impression on people. So, as ordinary people, how should we match them in our daily lives? You can take a look at the ideas of the following fashion hipsters. They also wear fashion charm with classic models, which looks particularly amazing and is worth learning.

1, tailoring design

There are many factors to pay attention to when dressing. The first thing is to look at the tailoring and design of a dress, compared with that fancy dress. Most people are more suitable to wear this basic model in their daily life, just like a simple shirt, which is low-key and durable, and it is also very temperament when worn on the body. The cutting design is simple and does not incorporate too many complicated designs, so it is very convenient to control.

2, materials and fabrics

Another thing to look at is the fabric. A person can dress and of course choose clothes. They will choose high-quality clothes for themselves, so that they will look more beautiful when they are matched. For example, many girls usually choose these satin and velvet clothes, which are relatively advanced and still have a lot of temperament when they wear them.

3, low-key and advanced color matching

Another point is the color matching of clothes, which is ignored by many people. In fact, there are many girls who usually ignore the color of clothes when they buy clothes. They always think that as long as the style they wear is personalized enough, but if the color doesn’t suit you, it’s no use matching it yourself. We have to choose advanced colors, such as white and khaki, which are more elegant.

Especially white, a classic color, is really a color that most people will choose first. White is very eye-catching and versatile. It can be combined with all kinds of colors you like, and it will feel beautiful when you wear it on your body. Like these combinations of white and khaki, they are very elegant, simple and fashionable, and can modify your skin color.

You don’t need to buy too much clothes in autumn. After all, quality is more important than quantity. You can choose this simple knitted cardigan, which is very gentle to wear on your body. A simple knitted cardigan with a T-shirt can reflect the layering, and this collocation method is also very gentle, and you can also match it directly in daily wear.

You can also choose to wear a suit, which is very fashionable and capable. Like the following goddesses, they are concave in black, gray and white suits. It really saves a lot of time by using the matching of suits, which looks very attractive. This matching of suits adjusts the proportion of individuals’ bodies and looks intellectual and generous.

Simple sweaters also have different interpretations. Sisters can try to choose these colorful sweaters for themselves when choosing, which will make them more energetic, such as fluorescent green or rose red sweaters, which are particularly beautiful and fashionable.

Shirts with wide-leg pants are already a classic look. Sisters who are not good at matching can also match them directly. These simple short shirts with high-waisted wide-leg pants look neat and free, and they are very energetic. At the same time, they can also adjust their bodies with the help of short tops and long bottoms.

These fashionable windbreaker coats look cool and sassy when worn on the body. A medium-long windbreaker is domineering on the body, and the waist-closing design helps us to modify our figure, which can also avoid wearing dullness, and the overall look is quite easy to increase. If you’re worried that it’s not fashionable enough, just combine these boots to match it, so it’s really exciting to wear.

The charm of basic models is greater than expected. The girls above choose various basic models for themselves, which are low-key and generous and full of charm. Combining with some personalized matching skills, you can reflect your charm and add good temperament.

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