It snows in Chengdu today! Netizen: Scalp snow, it is also snow.

just now
Downtown Chengdu, get off! Snow! Yes!
Chengdu Meteorological Observatory
Publish a snowfall forecast
At present, there is light snow or sleet in most areas of Chengdu
It is expected that from today’s day to tomorrow night.
There is intermittent light snow in Chengdu
The most obvious period of snowfall occurred this evening.
The temperature is-2 ~ 5℃
Wuhou, Chenghua and Qingyang
Wenjiang, Pidu, Longquan and Xindu
Netizens in other places
Sent a "good news"!
Come on!
Let’s feel the snowflakes in Chengdu first.
a pet phrase
Although the scalp is snowy, it is also snow.
The snowflake floating on the clothes
It’s really not that everyone is dazzled.
If the downtown area is dominated by a sense of snowy atmosphere,
The snow in these places is really visible to the naked eye.
Southwest jiaotong university photographed by netizens
Dujiangyan in the early morning
And Pengzhou.
The snowflakes are distinct
Not enough?
21 to 22
Sandaoyan and Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park
Lujiatan, Huanglongxi and Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area
Danjingtai Scenic Area, Dujiangyan
Jiezi Ancient Town, Jiulonggou
Xiling Snow Mountain, Pujiang, etc.
Are showing in the snow.
The main force of cold air has passed
There are weak cold air supplements in the follow-up.
Affected by strong cold air
20 -22 January
Strong cooling, rain, snow and windy weather occurred in Chengdu.
According to the monitoring data of the National Meteorological Observatory
The average temperature in Chengdu on the 21st is 6.0℃.
It is 4.4℃ lower than that on 19th.
The biggest drop is Jianyang.
From 11.4℃ to 5.7℃
The highest temperature in various places on the 22nd.
Has dropped to 4 ~ 9℃
The lowest temperature in various places in the early morning of the 22nd.
Has dropped to 0 ~ 2℃
Most parts of Chengdu
There has been the most obvious rainfall this year
Among them, the western mountain area
Longquanshan City Forest Park
And parts of Tianfu New District in Sichuan.
There was sleet or light snow.
According to the statistics of monitoring data of ground meteorological observation stations
maximum precipitation
Appeared in Tianfu New District, Sichuan
instantaneous wind speed
Appear in Qingbaijiang
According to the latest meteorological data monitoring and analysis
At present, the main force of this cold air affecting our city has passed.
Chengdu Meteorological Observatory at 16: 00 on the 22nd
Lift the blue warning of strong cooling
But there are weak cold air supplements in the follow-up.
At present, the influence of strong winds is over.
The cooling continues.
Late heating is slow.
Somatosensory still cold and biting.
Frozen hands and feet
Minimum -4℃! It’s still cold these days.
According to @ Chengdu Meteorological News
At 7 o’clock this morning, the city’s temperature
0.0℃ (Dujiangyan) ~ 2.7℃ (Shuangliu)
It is estimated that the daytime in our city will be mainly cloudy with cloudy days.
There is scattered light rain or sleet in the west and Longquan mountains around evening.
There is still light snow in the mountains
The highest temperature is about 5℃
It is estimated that in the next three days
The sky in Rongcheng is mainly cloudy or cloudy on cloudy days.
Some places have a short-lived sun.
Multi-scattered light rain or sleet
There is still light snow falling in some mountainous areas.
The highest temperature is about 5 ~ 8℃
The lowest temperature can reach -4℃
The specific weather forecast for the next few days is as follows
On the 23rd, it was cloudy on cloudy days, with scattered light rain or sleet in the west and Longquan mountains, and light snow in the mountains, with the temperature of-2 ~ 5℃.
From the evening of 23rd to 24th, there was scattered sleet on cloudy days and light snow in mountainous areas, and the temperature was-2 ~ 5℃.
From the evening of 24th to 25th, it is cloudy during the day, with scattered light rain in the west and light snow in the mountains at night, and the temperature is-4 ~ 8℃.
From the evening of 25th to 26th, it turns cloudy during the day, with scattered sleet or light snow in the mountains, and the temperature is-3 ~ 9℃.
From the evening of 26th to 27th, it was cloudy and sunny during the day, and the temperature was-2 ~ 11℃.
From the evening of 27th to 28th, it was cloudy and sunny during the day, and the temperature was-3 ~ 12℃.
It was cloudy during the day from the evening of 28th to 29th, and the temperature was 0 ~ 12℃.
The chill is very strong and the temperature continues to drop.
Today, from day to night, it is cloudy in Bazhong, Dazhou and Guang ‘an, with sleet or light rain on cloudy days in other cities in the basin and light snow in the mountainous areas around the basin. The northwest of Ganzi Prefecture and the south of Aba Prefecture are cloudy with snow showers, with partial snow, and the rest of the western Sichuan Plateau is cloudy and cloudy; Most of Panxi area is cloudy on cloudy days, among which there are showers of snow (rain) in the northeast of Liangshan Prefecture, with partial snow. Within 24 hours, the lowest temperature in the basin:-1 ~ 2℃; Maximum temperature: 3~6℃.
The rain and snow process in central and eastern China ends today.
Southwest China has become the "main battlefield" for precipitation
Yesterday, the southern part of China ushered in the strongest snowfall day, and the snow line pressed to the northern part of South China, and there were many blizzards. According to the forecast, the current rain and snow weather process will basically enter the final stage from today’s daytime. In the next few days, the "main battlefield" of precipitation will be concentrated in the southwest region, in which freezing rain will appear in southern and western Guizhou and eastern Yunnan.
Specifically, today, some areas in central and eastern Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, eastern Tibet, northern and southern Qinghai, Hexi in Gansu, northern and eastern Sichuan Plateau, western Guizhou, northeastern Yunnan and other places have small to medium snow or sleet, and local snow (5 ~ 8 mm). There is light rain in parts of Sichuan Basin, south-central Yunnan, southeastern Guangxi, southwestern Guangdong, Hainan Island and Taiwan Province Island.
Tomorrow, there will be light to medium snow or sleet in parts of eastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, Hexi in Gansu, western Sichuan Plateau, western Guizhou and northeastern Yunnan, with local heavy snow (5 ~ 7 mm). There are small to moderate rains in parts of Yunnan and Sichuan Basin.
The day after tomorrow, there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of eastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, southern Gansu, northern Sichuan Plateau, southern Sichuan, western Guizhou, northeastern and northwestern Yunnan. There are small to moderate rains in most parts of Yunnan and southwestern Guizhou.
Has the low temperature in various places ended for a long time?
Will last until around the 26th.
This morning, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a low-temperature blue warning. It is estimated that the lowest or average temperature in Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, south-central Zhejiang, western Fujian, Guangdong, and central and eastern Guangxi is more than 5 C lower than that in the same period of history. Among them, some areas in central and eastern Guizhou, northwestern Hunan, south-central Jiangxi, southern Zhejiang, and northwestern Guangdong are more than 7 C lower, and the minimum temperature line of 0 C will be located in northern Guangxi and northern Guangdong.
Among the big cities, the temperatures in Changsha, Hunan Province at 7: 00 this morning were only -6℃ and Guiyang at -5.9℃, both of which were rare low temperatures in late January. In addition, many areas in the south were blessed by rain and snow this time, which made them feel damp and cold, and the somatosensory temperature may be lower. The public needs to continue to do a good job in cold protection and warmth.
It is expected that the impact of this cold wave will gradually end from tonight, but due to the slow return of temperature in most parts of the central and eastern regions, this generally low temperature will continue until around the 26th, and then the temperature will gradually return to a higher or normal state than normal.
Did it snow there?
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