College students running home: 70 kilometers takes 9.5 hours to think about it.

  "I’m just doing what I like and want to challenge myself."

  On October 2nd, Wang Lang, a 20-year-old sophomore, didn’t expect that he suddenly got angry on the Weibo. Everything stems from the fact that the day before, he realized a long-simmering plan — — Running alone from the school in Dazhou, Sichuan, I returned to my hometown in Dazhu County, more than 70 kilometers away.

  Wang Lang, a 20-year-old sophomore. Sichuan Daily Map At 3: 30 in the morning on the National Day, Wang Lang started from the dormitory of Lianhu Campus of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences, without luggage, wearing light sweatpants, carrying a sports purse around his waist, and navigating with mobile phone software, and started a nine-and-a-half-hour running trip home.

  Before dawn, it was raining heavily. After running 5 kilometers in the original urban area, Wang Lang entered the nearly 40-kilometer-long mountain road. There are no street lamps, no pedestrians, and the light from the flashlight can only illuminate the feet. Wang Lang runs with fear every step. "Psychological suffering is more difficult than physical suffering."

  Relying on his love of running, Wang Lang insisted on running the whole course, although he had frequent cramps in his thighs in the last few kilometers, so he had to slow down and pull to relieve himself after running a few hundred meters.

  Wang Lang’s self-made national day home route map. This love of running continues from my father who farmed at home. According to Wang Lang, running is my father’s hobby since childhood, but due to family conditions, I have never received professional training. "This is my father’s regret, but running is still his greatest pleasure. My father has insisted on getting up early every day for 35 years."

  Running together has also become a way of emotional communication between father and son. In March of this year, Wang Lang signed himself up for the Chengdu Double Legacy Marathon with his father. "In order to reduce his father’s regrets, the ranking is not important, and running together is very happy."

  The Paper:When did you have the idea of running home? Why?

  Wang Lang:During the National Day holiday of senior one, I also had the experience of running from home to school, but the distance was only a dozen kilometers, and I didn’t try to run as far as this time. But I ran back to Dazhu County, where my family is located, from Dazhou City. This plan was made long ago. If I hadn’t sprained my ankle before, I might have realized it during my vacation in Tomb-Sweeping Day.

  I like running, and I want to challenge myself. I want to add some colorful things to my plain life. Isn’t there a saying that we will get old if we don’t get crazy?

  The Paper:What plans and preparations have been made in advance?

  Wang Lang:Let friends take luggage belt home in advance and go into battle lightly. I brought my bank card, cash, ID card and campus card in my pocket. I was afraid of any unexpected situation on the road, so I prepared two mobile phones, which were fully charged. The route is to follow the navigation completely.

  Wang Lang:Looking at the map before running shows that it is about 73 kilometers, and it is estimated that it will take more than 17 hours to walk. But what I recorded with running software was that I ran 79.18 kilometers from school to Shuangma Station in Dazhu County, which took a total of 9 hours and 28 minutes, including the time needed to rest and replenish energy.

  The Paper:Did you encounter anything impressive on your way home from running? Have you ever thought about giving up halfway?

  Wang Lang:Actually, it’s a little scary to think about it. There are more than 30 kilometers of mountain roads in the middle. At that time, it was still dark, and it was raining cats and dogs. I was afraid of spraining my ankle and being chased by dogs. When crossing a tunnel, there were no pedestrians. My breathing, the footsteps of running, the shaking of my wallet zipper, the rain outside and the speeding of passing cars echoed in the tunnel, which was particularly scary. I was in a bad mood at that time. When I was shopping and asking for directions on the way, I met passers-by and advised me not to run, but I never thought about giving up. I had to persist and challenge what I liked.

  The Paper:Do you often run? Why do you like it?

  Wang Lang:I am a student of the Institute of Physical Education, and I usually run regularly or quantitatively at school. Running away from the phone and the crowd, talking to your heart, seems to purify your mind. It feels good to sweat after running, and it can really bring positive energy to life and study.

  I like running and am influenced by my father. His greatest pleasure is running, which lasted for 35 years. When I was at home on holiday, he woke me up at four or five in the morning and we went together.

  The Paper:Do you have any plans after this attempt?

  Wang Lang:My father and I both signed up for the Guang ‘an International Marathon in mid-October, and are going to join the Dazhou Running Group. Ranking doesn’t matter, running with dad is very happy.