In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game: Feel the diverse charm of football.

BEIJING, Beijing, October 31 (Xinhua) In 2023, the fans’ watching activities of Beijing municipal social football activities were successfully held in Beijing Manchester United Dream Theater recently. Through a variety of football activities, fans and friends felt the fun brought by football.

The event was hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center and undertaken by Beijing Football Association. The fans’ watching activities are led by the government, with the community as the main body, aiming at integrating the participation of resources in football characteristic venues, integrating football matches, mass entertainment, parent-child interaction and other forms, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches.

At the event site, fans and friends experienced a variety of watching content. A series of simulation training facilities seem to bring fans and friends to the green field: "AR Football Experience Equipment" helps football lovers improve their practical skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through technology; "Table football" has exercised the fans’ overall overall view of the football experience; "Under-table football" improves the ball control ability under the feet in a limited space by playing against two people.

Many fans also invited friends to play indoor 3v3 football matches to simulate team struggle on the pitch. A fan who participated in the event said that through a variety of football series activities, he enjoyed the top football matches with everyone and felt the fun brought by football together.

In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

In addition, fans and friends can also watch many European giants’ games on the spot. It is reported that there have been many watching games such as "Manchester United vs Crystal Palace", "Manchester United vs brentford", "Barcelona vs Real Madrid", "Chicago Flame vs Miami International" and "Manchester United vs Manchester City".

According to the organizer, at present, there have been seven football fans’ watching activities at the municipal level in Beijing. The purpose of the football fans’ watching activities is to provide professional services, and through the combination of various experience facilities and watching games, a good watching environment is created for the fans, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches, thus promoting the healthy development of football. (End)