The cycling race of "International Military Competition -2020" and "Tandem" ended, and China advanced to the semi-finals.

  Moscow, August 31st (Xinhua) Reporter Lai Yuhong and correspondent Jing Haihui reported that the cycling race of "International Military Competition -2020" and "Tank Biathlon" ended on August 30th, and all three teams of China team successfully completed the race and advanced to the semi-finals.

  There are 45 teams from 16 countries and regions participating in the cycling race of "Tank Biathlon". The 702nd team, 703rd team and 701st team from China won the third, fourth and tenth place respectively.

  On the morning of August 30th, local time, China’s team 703 made its debut at the Russian Alabino shooting range, competing fiercely with Belarusian, Serbian and Azerbaijani teams. During the competition, although the third shot missed the target in the artillery shooting, the members of the 703 car group quickly adjusted their mentality and galloped all the way through obstacles such as wading fields, soil ridges and rutting bridges. The anti-aircraft machine guns and parallel machine guns all hit the target, and finally won the first place in the group and ranked fourth in the cycling race. So far, all three teams of the China team have finished the race and won the first place in the group.

  "International Military Competition -2020" was held in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan from August 23rd to September 5th. 156 teams from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the competition, with more than 5,000 participants. China has sent six teams and more than 260 officers and men to participate in six events, such as "Top Scout", "Two Tanks", "Safe Environment", "Open Water", "Automobile Expert" and "Airborne Platoon".

  "Tanks Biathlon" is the highlight of "International Military Competition -2020", which is divided into two stages: cycling race and relay race. The semi-final will start on September 1st, and it will be carried out in the form of relay race. Three teams from the same participating country will use one equipment to relay the driving and shooting tasks.

  Above: On August 30th, the team from China participated in the cycling race of "Tank Biathlon" at the Russian Arabino shooting range. Xinhua news agency