How subversive is super hybrid, BYD Qin PLUS DM?

On March 8th, BYD Qin PLUSDM-i, a "fuel car disruptor", went on the market, with four configurations, and the subsidized price was 105,800-145,800 yuan. Its revolutionary fuel consumption of 3.8 liters, long battery life of 1,245 kilometers and breaking 100 in 7.3 seconds will completely change users’ perception of compact cars.

According to the pure electric cruising range, the new car has released four configurations, namely, 55KM distinguished model, 55KM flagship model, 120KM distinguished model and 120KM flagship model, and the subsidized prices are 105,800 yuan, 119,800 yuan, 129,800 yuan and 145,800 yuan respectively.

Technological subversion, it is necessary to set a new benchmark for cars.

The exterior design of Qin PLUSDM-i follows the essence of DragonFace family design language. The front and rear of the car are designed with horizontal widening. The arrow feather dzi LED headlights and the 5mm dragon claw mark penetrating LED taillights echo each other, and the lateral lines are full and full of tension, making the overall design more youthful and dynamic.

The embracing wide-range suspension cockpit creates an open sensory experience, equipped with the iconic 12.8-inch intelligent suspension rotating screen, equipped with DiLink3.0 intelligent network connection system, cloud services, remote driving, NFC car keys for mobile phones, OTA remote upgrade for whole vehicles, mobile power stations and many other BYD black technologies.

The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4765×1837×1495mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2718 mm. The back row adopts a fully flat central passage design, so you can get the same comfortable experience as the seats on both sides when sitting in the middle position. There is plenty of space in the trunk, and 4/6 of the rear seats can be put into the expansion volume, which is more than enough for daily family trips or go on road trip.

Compared with the fuel vehicle of the same class, Qin PLUSDM-i has the advantage of "upgrading the dimension" in technology. The BYD DM-i super hybrid system it carries, with Xiaoyun-plug-in special 1.5L high-efficiency engine, EHS electric hybrid system and DM-i super hybrid special blade battery as the core, creates an electric hybrid technology, and is equipped with DM-i super hybrid special blade battery, adopting the world’s first pulse self-heating and the world’s leading refrigerant direct cooling technology.

As a result, the fuel consumption of Qin PLUSDM-i can be as low as 3.8L per 100 kilometers, which is only half of that of the same class fuel car, and only over 20 cents per kilometer. In the state of full oil and electricity, the comprehensive cruising range of the 55KM version can reach 1180 km, and the 120KM version can reach 1245 km. In the recent Qin PLUSDM-i "One Box of Oil, Across Five Provinces" Challenge, the media teachers who participated in the event even ran the best result with an average fuel consumption of 3.14 liters per 100 kilometers.

With the advantage of high-power motor, the acceleration of Qin PLUSDM-i reaches 7.3 seconds, which is 2-3 seconds faster than that of a fuel car of the same class, and the power is comparable to 2.0T high horsepower. Not only fast, but also stable, Qin PLUSDM-i’s driving performance is infinitely close to pure electric vehicles, and its power output is smooth and quiet, which is very suitable for family travel.

A fuel-efficient is enough to beat the invincible.

After the DM-i super hybrid technology and three first models were officially released not long ago, Qin PLUSDM-i, as the first mass-produced vehicle based on a brand-new technology platform, took the lead in cutting into the market, and both the price range of 105.8-145.8 thousand and the compact level are very competitive market segments of domestic cars, which also reflects BYD’s confidence in Qin Plus DM-I.

In this market segment, the most obvious advantage of Qin PLUSDM-i is still its DM-i hybrid system, which will undoubtedly lead competitors at the same level in ultra-low fuel consumption and driving quietness. Compared with appearance, interior and space, the fuel economy of Qin PLUSDM-i is the most practical benefit for car owners, especially for about 100,000 consumers.

Moreover, it should be noted that the official fuel consumption of 3.8L/ 100 km has a premise of power loss, which shows that the fuel system itself without batteries is also very efficient. No matter whether the fuel consumption of 3.8L/ 100 kilometers can be achieved, from the actual measurement, it should not be a problem to exceed the fuel consumption of the same level benchmark and a tank of oil can run more than 1000 kilometers, and the fuel saved is real.

But in fact, Qin PLUSDM-i has almost no rivals in the compact market of new energy of its own brand. Whether it is Roewe ei6 or MG 6, the product strength and price are not as good as Qin Plus DM-I. At this price, we can easily think of Lei Ling/Corolla dual engine in the joint venture camp, while Qin PLUSDM-i has higher cost performance and more powerful intelligent configuration in product strength.

More importantly, it is also in line with the policy of new energy license, which can solve the troubles of indicators in cities with restricted purchases, while the price of models with the same "green license advantage" is relatively higher. It can be said that Qin PLUSDM-i is a plug-in car, and the price goes straight into the traditional fuel car range.

From the point of view of buying a car, budget and indicators are both hard demands. Therefore, to put it simply, compared with the same price, Qin PLUSDM-i is not only more fuel efficient, but also a green card; Compared with the green card, it is also more fuel-efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, in fact, it seems that there is a car market with great room for growth in front of Qin PLUSDM-i, especially plug-in hybrid cars, which is still a blue ocean.

At this point, the entire BYD Qin series has basically covered the price range of 60,000-200,000 from the most basic Qin to Qin ProDM. The power ranges from 1.5L+CVT, EV pure electricity, 1.5T+6DCT, and today’s 1.5L+DM-i super hybrid system. Various power combinations give you enough choices and basically cover all kinds of car scenes.

Che Yun summary

Lu Tian, general manager of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, said: "More than 2,000 years ago, the Qin Dynasty brought unprecedented fission to China society; In 2021, Qin PLUSDM-i will also open a new era of travel. " BYD’s recent product strength is obvious to all, and its brand strength continues to rise. Subverting the cognitive price, coupled with the advantages of low fuel consumption, long battery life, sufficient power and high face value, Qin PLUSDM-i has solved almost all the pain points of users. Whether it can subvert the fuel car depends on the market performance behind it.