Deep in scheming! The reporter investigated the refusal of the online car appointment, and the driver induced the passenger to cancel the order

       CCTV News:Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to travel through online car-hailing, but there are some hidden hidden operations, which "add a little bit of congestion" to travel. A reporter recently found in Beijing that Didi Express has "rejected orders, refused orders" and "induced passengers to cancel orders". Sometimes, passengers not only have difficulty completing the trip smoothly, but also inadvertently lower their credit rating on the Didi platform, which affects future online car-hailing trips.


       Drivers who take orders and refuse to take them may be related to the Didi Express reward model. According to several Didi Express drivers, the model of Didi Express rewarding drivers has changed in recent years. At present, Didi Express drivers need to follow the driver-side application prompts and receive a certain number of singular numbers in different reward models to get bonuses.

       Didi Express customer service introduced that how many orders have to be completed in a day, how much is the reward, such as how many orders are completed from what time to what time, how much is the reward, and there is that kind of reward. The driver-side display is the main one every day, and it is also possible that there may be several rewards a day.

       In the current mode of Didi Express assigning orders, some drivers will selectively cancel orders in order to earn bonuses for the number of orders they receive, while passengers will spend more time and energy to complete online car-hailing trips, and even inadvertently lower their credit score on this platform.

       Didi Express driver: "Many people are like this, because in order to get a reward of 100 yuan, he pulled this order a little farther, forty or fifty, and may not be able to get the reward because of this order."


       Who cancels or "demotes" the driver to induce "Youdao"

       During the reporter’s investigation, it was learned from a number of Didi Express drivers and customer service that as a constraint on express drivers by the platform, the driver voluntarily canceled the order, which may be regarded as a violation. During the investigation, many express drivers said that they would be fined 10 yuan per order and deducted corresponding service points.

       In order to further avoid the financial penalties and deductions of service points that may be caused after the passenger complains about the active cancellation of the order, many express drivers said that they will find some reasons to excuse themselves, and some drivers will ask the passenger to cancel the order, claiming that the cancellation of the order by the passenger has no impact on themselves.

       The truth is as the driver said, does it have no impact on the passengers? However, the reporter got the opposite answer from several other Didi Express drivers and customer service. According to the Didi Express driver, the current platform implements two-way constraints on drivers and passengers, and passengers take the initiative to cancel orders, which may also reduce credit value. At present, after the Didi Chuxing APP completes the express order, passengers and drivers have two-way evaluations. The customer service introduced that both drivers and passengers implement a 5-point credit score rule. Some express drivers said that after receiving the order, they found that the passenger’s credit score was lower than 4 points, and the rejection rate would be greatly improved.


       Complain to the platform, but do not inform the result of the complaint?

       Legal experts said that filing a complaint with the platform is the cheapest and most efficient measure for passengers to protect their rights. According to the customer service of Didi Express, express drivers who are found to have violated the rules after verification will usually be dealt with in three ways: warning, financial punishment and ban punishment according to the severity of the situation. But the final processing result will not be fed back to passengers.

       Liu Junhai, a professor at Renmin University of China Law School, introduced that Article 8 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of our country stipulates that consumers have the right to know the real situation of their use of goods or services. In order to protect consumers’ right to know, Article 20, paragraph 2, also specifically stipulates the information disclosure obligations of business operators.

       Professor Liu Junhai believes that the online ride-hailing platform, as the creator of the transaction model, the drafter of the transaction rules, the selector of the relevant drivers, and the winner of the relevant economic benefits, should resolve consumer complaints as soon as possible as the preferred solution to resolve disputes. Not only from a legal perspective, but also from a business ethics perspective, it is not enough to develop the market and occupy the market itself. The most important thing is that enterprises should stand together with consumers consciously, learn to think from a different perspective, and further optimize their own complaint and dispute resolution process from the perspective of consumers.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

On March 18th, the "Deep Blue G318 Experience Day and Deep Blue Super Range Extension Technology Evolution Day" was held in Chengdu. At this hardcore conference in the history of Deep Blue automobiles, Deep Blue Motors released the first hardcore SUV, Deep Blue G318 and Deep Blue Super Range 2.0. As the first "technology new hardcore" SUV of Deep Blue Motors, the release of Deep Blue G318 heralds its further expansion in the field of new energy. And Deep Blue Super Range 2.0 evolves for more savings, cooler and safer. It sits on 10 global firsts and enjoys 2 industry exclusives. It is a veritable decathlon champion and defines the highest standard in the field of range extension.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

At the press conference, Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Automobile, said, "It is easy to build a tram, but difficult to build a good tram, and even more difficult to build a good tram that makes consumers applaud. Deep Blue Super Range Extension was born to solve the pain points of trams and came to applaud users", demonstrating Deep Blue Automobile’s strong confidence in its own technology. This time, Deep Blue Super Range 2.0 has fully evolved, and refreshes the "hybrid ceiling" with "more economical, cooler and safer".

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is more economical, cooler and safer

For most users, all the cool points of new energy vehicles come from electric drives, and all pain points come from batteries, such as battery life anxiety, inconvenient replenishment, battery safety, etc. And Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 effectively solves the relevant painpoints under the premise of ensuring the complete release of electric drive cool points, bringing users an unprecedented driving experience.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

Natural piggy bank:The Force Super Integrated Electric Drive 2.0 included in it has a 92.59% efficiency of the electric drive assembly, leading the world, allowing users to drive farther and use more. The Force Intelligent Range Extension 2.0 is equipped with a new Blue Whale engine and a special generator and drive motor system for range extension, which can achieve the world’s highest oil-to-electricity conversion efficiency of 3.63 kWh of electricity per liter of oil, and truly use less oil to generate more electricity.

Such a high oil-to-electricity conversion ratio is due to the fact that Deep Blue Automobile has mastered the core technology of the engine. The new Blue Whale engine adopts a number of leading technologies such as the world’s first 500bar ultra-high pressure fuel injection system and the world’s first 150mJ high-energy ignition system, achieving an ultra-high compression ratio of 16:1 and a world-class thermal efficiency of 44.28%. It ensures that the engine does not waste every drop of fuel, making the "natural piggy bank" worthy of its name.

Forever electric car feeling:The Force Superfocus Electric Drive 2.0 deeply integrates more than ten components and functions of the electric drive system, greatly reducing the weight and volume of the electric drive system and the electronic control system, and the power density of the electric drive assembly is as high as 2.53kW/kg, allowing "small size, low weight" to burst out strong power. The special generator equipped with the Force Intelligent Range Extension 2.0 has 100kW ultra-high peak power and 70kW continuous output power, which can ensure continuous power output even in the feeding state.

In addition, in terms of silent performance, the Force Intelligent Range Extender 2.0 starts the car’s range extender noise mutation ≤ 1dB (A) during travel, the idle charging car noise ≤ 35.9dB (A), and the in-situ start steering wheel vibration ≤ 0.04g; the Force Superset Electric Drive 2.0 electric drive assembly has a one-meter sound pressure level ≤ 75.1dB (A), which truly realizes non-inductive start and silent operation, allowing users to enjoy the "forever electric car feeling" super cool driving!

A sense of security at any time:The Golden Bell Battery 2.0 used in Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 has four characteristics of "long life, true safety, super efficiency, and fast replenishment", which completely eliminates users’ concerns.

The high-stability standard battery used in it has a cycle life of > 5000cls, which is much higher than the cycle life of 3000-4000cls of ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries. At the same time, the SOC calculation error of the golden bell battery is ≤ 3%, which leads the industry average and achieves 600,000 km attenuation without perception. The multi-dimensional system safety design based on intrinsic safety, passive safety and active safety effectively avoids thermal runaway. As of now, the dark blue car 150,000 super range extension users still maintain a "0" fire record.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

In addition, the charging rate of the Golden Bell Battery 2.0 has been fully improved, and the charging time of 30% to 80% SOC is only 15 minutes. The first wide temperature range micronucleus high-frequency pulse heating technology, the temperature compatibility range is expanded to -30 ° C to 0 ° C, the power performance is increased by 55%, and the charging time is shortened by 30%. Under -30 ° C environment, the fast charging time of 0% -80% SOC is shortened by 40 minutes, which effectively solves the anxiety of users to replenish energy in winter.

The first dark blue super range extension 2.0 dark blue G318 solves the four major pain points of traditional hardcore

At the press conference, the dark blue G318, which is positioned as the "new hard-core technology", was unveiled simultaneously. In response to the four pain points of the traditional hard-core SUV’s similar shape, poor comfort, cramped space, and high energy consumption, the four major innovations of "new hard-core style, new hard-core comfort, new hard-core space, and new hard-core energy consumption" brought new choices to users.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

New hardcore look:The dark blue G318 creates the appearance of the "Starship" with the design concept of "Cyber Metal, Rough Stone Cut". The front face of the "Warship" is tough and majestic; the rear of the "Space Gate" sci-fi car is full of futuristic feeling. In terms of interior, the built-in 14.6-inch large screen, with physical buttons, allows technology and hard style to combine. The Starship push-pull rod-type shift lever allows users to enjoy the surging power and a smooth driving feeling.

New Hardcore Comfort:The deep blue G318 adopts a combination of double fork arms + multi-link suspension, supplemented by air suspension, CDC suspension and active magic carpet, for more stable and comfortable handling. The R-EPS steering system with circulating ball power is more powerful and responsive, making the steering more accurate and smooth. High-strength seven-ring mesh body structure, the torsional stiffness of the body is 45000Nm/deg, which is much higher than that of common hard-core SUVs (mostly below 30000Nm/deg), making the whole vehicle have better NVH performance and dynamic comfort.

The deep blue G318 has two locks, a central stepless differential lock and a magnetic mechanical differential lock, which greatly improves the passability and comfort under extreme road conditions. The ET all-terrain system integrates 16 driving modes to easily cope with various road conditions. In particular, the in-situ U-turn function can reduce the minimum turning radius of the vehicle to 3.2 meters, achieving a 180-degree extreme U-turn!

New hardcore space:Thanks to the 5010 * 1985 * 1960mm body size and 2880mm long wheelbase, the dark blue G318 has a transverse room rate of 61% and a longitudinal room rate of 68%. Both front and rear passengers can get spacious and comfortable head and leg space. The front and rear seats can be completely flat, allowing users to choose between the "sofa bed" and the "1.8m queen bed". The 818L-1747L trunk space can accommodate up to 29 20-inch suitcases, which has a stronger loading capacity than the maximum of 12 for friends.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

The dark blue G318 also has a strong extension space. The dynamic load-bearing capacity of the roof rack can reach 80kg, and the static load-bearing capacity is 300kg, which can expand into a large flat on the first floor and a small bungalow on the second floor; the rear and roof are equipped with 1.6T qualification tow hooks and the only roof searchlight in the industry that can be legally launched on the road. 6kW external discharge can meet the needs of 8 tents at the same time, making outdoor life more exciting!

New hardcore energy consumption:The dark blue G318 is the first to take the dark blue super range extension 2.0, with a pure electric cruising range of 190km and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 1000km. 1L of oil generates 3.63 degrees of power, reducing the fuel consumption of the feed to 6.7L/100km (CLTC), and the cost of using the car is lower.

Equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system, the maximum power is 316kW, and it can burst out 6200N · m wheel end peak torque, and the zero-hundred acceleration is only 6.3s. All systems are equipped with ENC active noise reduction technology, allowing users to enjoy the "forever tram feeling" driving experience!

In terms of battery safety, the Golden Bell Battery 2.0 is used, with a built-in distance of more than 100mm and a ground clearance of 278mm-348mm battery pack, plus 10 layers of bottom protection, allowing for smooth outdoor travel without fear of bumps.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

At the same time, Deep Blue Automobile simultaneously released the "318 National Highway Ecological Protection Plan": for every G318 sold in the future, 318 yuan will be set aside for the ecological protection of 318 National Highway and the construction of charging piles. In the next three years, Deep Blue Automobile will build no less than 1,000 Deep Blue charging piles in major hotels and homestays along 318 National Highway.

In addition, the "Deep Blue Car G318 Self-Driving Tour Club" was also officially established. The first batch of limited recruitment of 318,000 members can obtain two exclusive rights. First, before June 30, Dading users will receive a "double 318 National Highway Hot Spot Tour Package" worth 6,000 yuan, and enjoy the VIP remote service of Deep Blue Car throughout the process; second, they will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the official 318 long-distance travel.

In today’s increasingly mature new energy vehicle market, users have increasingly high requirements for vehicle performance, battery safety, and energy economy, and Deep Blue Super Range 2.0 has successfully met these needs, not only bringing new technology paradigms to the industry, but also injecting new vitality into the development of the global new energy vehicle market. The Deep Blue G318 also starts from the actual pain points of users, and with a very forward-looking design concept, it shows the strength of hardliners that is completely different from traditional hardliners SUVs!

Precision Forging Technology was investigated by 7 organizations: the company started mass production in Q1, 2023 for the supporting business (domestic+export) of Volvo’s second-generation new energy

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on March 7, and the company was investigated by seven institutions on February 22, 2023, with institutions of other types, fund companies and securities companies.

  The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: Review of operation in 2022.

  A: In 2022, the company’s overall revenue increased by 27%, mainly due to the supporting business of new energy vehicles and the export market business, of which the supporting business of new energy vehicles accounted for about 22% in 2022, the export market business accounted for about 33% in 2022, and the export growth rate was over 30%.

  Q: Expectation in 2023

  A: In 2023, the company is expected to achieve an overall revenue growth of 30%. It is estimated that domestic revenue and export revenue will basically keep pace with growth, and the proportion of new energy revenue is expected to reach more than 30%.

  Q: What are the incremental plates in 2023?

  A: In 2023, the main increase will be in supporting the business segment and export business segment for new energy vehicles. Traditional fuel vehicles will enter the batch production with new localization projects, which will also contribute to some growth.

  Q: The ratio of fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles in exports.

  A: In the export business in 2022, the business income supporting fuel vehicles will account for 80%+, and the proportion of new energy income in the export business in 2023 will increase year-on-year.

  Q: The specific gravity of differential assembly products.

  A: In 2022, the differential assembly revenue will account for about 17% of the total revenue, and the target in 2023 will be more than 25%.

  Q: Major customers of agricultural machinery sector.

  A: The main customer of agricultural machinery is John Deere.

  Q: Long-term planning by product and business.

  A: New energy vehicles: differential gears, differential assemblies, main reduction gears and motor shafts.

  The target is that in 2025, the revenue from supporting new energy vehicles will account for more than 50%. Lightweight field: air-conditioning compressor scroll, chassis system forgings, thermal management system forgings, etc., target chassis system forgings, thermal management system forgings, etc. began to contribute revenue in 2024.

  Q: Matching situation of major customers in North America.

  A: The company’s domestic market support for major customers in North America has basically reached expectations. In the near future, it will arrange a team to visit its European factory to meet the supply issues.

  Q: Volvo’s new energy project

  A: The company started mass production for Volvo’s second-generation new energy vehicle supporting business (domestic+export) in Q1, 2023. Its next-generation new energy vehicle differential assembly and motor shaft are under negotiation and are progressing smoothly.

  Q: BYD project

  A: The company mainly supports differential gears for (). BYD has four platforms of differential business. The company has been supporting differential gears for the platform with the largest output, and the gears for the other three platforms have also been developed and are currently being tested and verified.

  Q: The business of well-known technology companies in China.

  A: The company has been developing differential assemblies for its different platforms, and plans to start mass production in 2024.

  Q: Geely Automobile’s business:

  A: The company has been supporting motor shafts for Geely in batches. In addition, the differential assembly business has obtained the fixed point of its new project, and the assembly is currently being tested and verified.

  Q: New Power Customer Business

  A: Major new car-making customers, such as Ai ‘an, Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Lingpao and Nezha, have cooperated with them. The main supporting products are differential gears and differential assemblies.

  Q: Main gear reduction business

  A: At present, the production capacity of the project is already under construction, and the target customers are also docking. The goal is to contribute revenue in 2024.

  Q: Plans to build factories overseas

  A: In 2022, the company’s export accounted for 33%, of which North America accounted for about one third of the export. Considering the factors such as tariffs, market competition and expansion, and customer requirements, the company will start the overseas factory building planning in Asia, Europe and North America in real time, and will announce the actual progress in time.

  Q: What is the impact of changes in raw material prices?

  A: The company and most customers have a mechanism for adjusting the fluctuation of material prices, and the impact of changes in raw material prices on costs is relatively controllable;

  The main business of Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging Technology Co., Ltd. is bevel gear of automobile differential, combined gear of automobile transmission, shaft parts of automobile transmission, EDL (electronic differential system gear), synchronizer gear ring, clutch drive hub parts, parking gear, motor shaft and differential assembly for new energy vehicles, and gears for high-end agricultural machinery. The company’s main products are divided into bevel gears and combined teeth.

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Harvest fund Fund company Yang juncheng Yongying fund Fund company Wang Jiawei Recursive fund Fund company Yu liangtao Golden Eagle Fund Fund company Wu Haifeng Yin Hua Fund Fund company zhang yinuo Open source securities securities company Zhu Jingyi Dongzheng asset management other Chen Siyuan

Shenzhou Dual-Core Mercedes-Benz E300 Integrated PC at a great price of 2399

  【September 10th Shenzhen Station of Pacific Computer NetworkThe innovatively designed all-in-one computer has opened the era of thin and light desktop for us. The combination of high-configuration host and thin and light display will no longer have the trouble of heavy host and cumbersome connection. As long as one connection is connected, the whole machine will be connected, and the window will be opened at the touch of a button. The Mercedes-Benz E500 all-in-one machine independently developed by Shenzhou is an integrated PC with super-large display and super configuration. It has the advantages of energy saving, silence and space saving, so it is widely loved by consumers. Now the Mercedes-Benz series has added a new member — — Mercedes-Benz E300, which continues the beautiful combination of 19-wide ultra-large LCD and 2.4G 45nm dual-core, will become a star product in the all-in-one machine market at a premium price of 2399. Buy now, and you can also get the desktop gift package prepared by Shenzhou for you! (The spree includes 2.0 speakers, game sets and detergent sets.)

Mercedes-benz E300
Shenzhou Benz E300D1  Tuku  Evaluation and measurement  On altar  Quotation

  The exterior design of Mercedes-Benz E300 takes the traditional stable route, with a square base, which is stable and tangible, supporting a 19-inch super-large widescreen LCD. The combination of a large display and a stable bracket gives people a sense of security. The simple black style of the whole machine has a strong business atmosphere, and a trace of silver is hung along the edge of the outline, which is calm and lively. In terms of structural design, there is no complicated external connection due to the combination of the host display. The left side of the base is equipped with a DVDRW CD-ROM drive, and the left and right sides of the fuselage are respectively equipped with a card reader and a USB interface. The back of the fuselage and the back of the base are ventilation and heat dissipation windows of the whole machine, and most of the areas are designed in a grid shape, which effectively solves the heat dissipation problem of the fuselage. The key to turning on and off the whole machine is a conspicuous silver button, which is arranged in an eye-catching position of the base, which is explosive and wonderful.

Mercedes-benz E300
Shenzhou Benz E300D1

  The internal architecture of Celeron E3200 used in Mercedes-Benz E300 adopts Intel 45nm High-K and Metal Gate semiconductor technology, which has a high clock frequency. The main frequency of Celeron E3200 is 2.4GHz, the external frequency is 200MHz, the design of 800MHz front-end bus is adopted, and the TDP power consumption is 65W, which provides powerful power for the whole machine and greatly reduces power consumption. It brings an energy-saving and quiet use environment. The supported instruction sets are MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSSE3, and EM64T. In terms of instruction sets, Celeron E3200 adds Intel VT (Virtualization Technology), which is only available in Intel high-end processors at present. This technology can expand the hardware capacity and simplify the software reconfiguration process. A single CPU can simulate multiple CPUs in parallel. Allow a platform to run multiple operating systems at the same time, and the application programs can run in independent spaces without affecting each other, thus significantly improving the working efficiency of the computer and making the whole machine have strong image and multimedia processing speed. In addition, with the addition of 19-inch wide LCD, 80G hard disk, DVD drive, 10/100M network card and 9 and 1 card readers, you can experience a perfect digital life.

PConline product library— — Specification parameter
Mercedes E300D1
Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor E3200 2.4G
Memory type:
Memory size:
Hard disk type:
sata hard disk
Hard disk capacity:
Optical drive:
Widescreen liquid crystal
19 inches
Graphics card:
integrated graphics
Sound card:
onboard sound card
Network card:
10-100M network card on board
Keyboard/optical mouse
  > > more details(Comparison of picture quotation parameters, comments, evaluations and quotes) 

  Editor’s comment:Mercedes-Benz E300 all-in-one machine is full of rich business atmosphere, which brings convenience and quickness in use. The 19-wide LCD and 2.4G45nm dual-core are perfectly matched. The market price of Mercedes-Benz E300 is only 2399. If you buy it now, you can also get the desktop gift package prepared by Shenzhou for you! (The spree includes 2.0 speakers, game sets and detergent sets.)

  [Market quotation]: Shenzhou Benz E300D1 2399 yuan.
  [Sales Address]: H2B028 0755-82532525, Floor 2, Huaqiang Plaza, Huaqiang North Road, Shenzhen
  [Quotation inquiry]:Shenzhen desktop quotation
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The jiacang exceeds 40 billion, and foreign investors can’t stop buying in the New Year! "Persuade to buy a house" expert: not forcing low-income families to buy a house! What is the impact of Paxlovi

A-shares adjusted back today, the Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly, and the GEM and Kechuang 50 Index fell more than 1%; Hong Kong stocks rose strongly in early trading and fell back in the afternoon. The Hang Seng Technology Index once fell nearly 1%.

Specifically, in terms of A-shares, the Shanghai Composite Index fluctuated strongly in intraday trading, and turned green at the end of the session. The GEM Index and the Kechuang 50 Index plunged sharply. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.24% to 3161.84 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.59% to 11439.44 points, and the Growth Enterprise Market Index fell 1.13% to 2445.97 points. The total turnover of the two cities was 741.8 billion yuan, equivalent to yesterday; Northbound funds are not afraid of the index correction, but still flow in strongly, with a net purchase of about 7.6 billion yuan for the whole day. Since January, they have accumulated more than 40 billion yuan.

Today, most of the sectors in the two cities are lower, with tourism, software, semiconductors, wine-making and automobiles all falling. Huguang shares and Xiaoyan shares have fallen, and Fudan Microelectronics has fallen by 10%. The coal sector rose against the trend, and Shaanxi Black Cat and Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity had daily limit; The concept of baby broke out, and Annabel and blond rabbi went up daily; In addition, a number of pre-increased performance shares have been sought after. Tony Electronics and Electronic City have gained three consecutive boards, and Shiyida and Kangda New Materials, which released good performance yesterday, have daily limit. In addition, Tongda Power, which supplies BYD, has performed brilliantly in recent days, and has gained 5 boards today.

In terms of Hong Kong stocks, the two major stock indexes rose strongly in early trading, but fell back in the afternoon, and the Hang Seng Technology Index turned green. At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.49% to 21,436.05 points, and the Hang Seng Science and Technology Index fell 0.25% to 4,547.12 points. In terms of individual stocks, BYD shares rose nearly 5%, Tencent and Alibaba rose more than 3%, and Zhou Heiya plunged about 23%.

Many performance pre-increased stocks rose sharply.

A number of stocks with a substantial pre-increase in net profit in 2022 have recently been sought after by funds. For example, Dongni Electronics and Electronic City have been trading daily for three consecutive trading days; Shiyida and Kangda New Materials, which disclosed the performance forecast last night, both had daily limit. It is worth mentioning that Kangtai Bio, which suffered a big loss in advance, also rose sharply today.

Tony Electronics has been trading daily for three consecutive trading days. At the close, the stock reported 80.65 yuan, approaching a record high.

Tony Electronics disclosed its performance forecast on the evening of the 9th. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company will be 100-110 million yuan in 2022, up by 199.28% to 229.2% year-on-year. It is estimated that the net profit after deducting non-profit in 2022 will be 62.33 million yuan-72.33 million yuan, an increase of 344.89%-416.27% year-on-year.

The company issued a risk warning last night, saying that there are two main reasons for the pre-increase of the company’s 2022 annual performance: 1. The main business impact: the operating income and gross profit of consumer electronics, photovoltaics, medical care and new energy businesses have all improved; The company’s export products are mainly settled in US dollars. Due to the appreciation of the exchange rate of US dollars against RMB, exchange gains are generated in this period, while exchange losses are generated in the same period of last year. 2. Impact of non-operating profit and loss: The government subsidy in this period increased compared with the same period of last year. The company reminds investors to pay attention to production and operation risks.

The company also said that the Purchase Contract signed by its subsidiary Tony Semiconductor and its downstream customer T stipulated the delivery quantity, unit price, specifications, acceptance criteria and liability for breach of contract, among which the final unit price and delivery time of products in 2024 and 2025 will be determined through consultation in the fourth quarter of the previous year, which has uncertainty on the company’s future financial status and operating results. In the subsequent performance of the contract, in case of macro-policies, market environment, product quality, operation management and other factors, the contract may not be fully performed or cancelled as scheduled, and it shall bear corresponding liabilities for breach of contract and compensate liquidated damages.

Electronic City also had a daily limit for three consecutive days. At the close, the stock reported 5.27 yuan, and nearly 1 million orders were sealed on the daily limit. The company disclosed its performance forecast in the evening of June. The company expects the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to be 470 million yuan-680 million yuan in 2022, an increase of 1388.52%-2053.6% year-on-year.

Shiyida disclosed its performance forecast last night. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2022 will be 120 million yuan-170 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 225.88%-278.33%. According to the company, during the reporting period, the company steadily pushed forward the layout and business adjustment of various business segments according to the strategic plan, continued to deepen the smart hardware business, sought a breakthrough in upgrading the smart hardware business, continued to promote open source and reduce expenditure, reduced the product cost of the company, and provided more value-added services to customers. The company’s smart hardware performance increased steadily this year.

Kangda New Materials also disclosed its performance forecast last night. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2022 will be 45-55 million yuan, an increase of 104.58%-150.05% over the same period of last year. After deducting non-recurring gains and losses, the net profit was 30,672,600 yuan-40,672,600 yuan, an increase of 463.56%-647.3% over the same period of last year. The company said that during the reporting period, the prices of raw materials of the company’s main products showed a downward trend, which played a positive role in the recovery of the company’s performance; At the same time, the company actively implemented cost reduction and efficiency improvement, optimized operational efficiency, and continuously improved profitability, so that the company’s operating performance is expected to increase compared with the same period of last year.

It is worth noting that the share price of Kangtai Bio, which predicted a big loss last night, also rose sharply today, with the highest intraday price exceeding 8%. At the close, the stock reported 36.26 yuan, up 5.44%, with the latest market value of 40.6 billion yuan.

Kangtai Bio disclosed its performance forecast last night. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2022 will be a loss of 76 million-150 million yuan, down 106.02%-111.87% year-on-year. The company pointed out that during the reporting period, due to major changes in the vaccination environment in COVID-19 at home and abroad, the company’s COVID-19 vaccine sales dropped sharply compared with the previous year. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements of the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises, the company made provision for asset impairment of COVID-19 vaccine-related inventory goods, raw materials, self-made semi-finished products, production equipment and COVID-19 inactivated vaccine development expenditure in 2022, and spent 303 million yuan on clinical research and development expenditure of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine. The above factors reduced the total profit by 1.088 billion yuan, and the net profit was reduced by 816 million yuan.

The coal plate rose against the trend

The coal sector rose against the trend. At the close, Shaanxi Black Cat and Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity had daily limit, Lu ‘an Huaneng, Yankuang Energy and mountain coal international rose over 7%, and Jinkong Coal, China Coal Energy and China Shenhua rose over 5%.

Besides, Yankuang Energy, Yitai Coal, China Coal and China Shenhua listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange rose by about 9%, nearly 8% and nearly 5%, respectively.

In the news, yesterday, China Coal Industry Association and China Coal Transportation and Marketing Association issued a proposal on ensuring coal supply during the Spring Festival, proposing to give priority to coal supply and make emergency preparations. The coal transportation and marketing department should further improve its political position, always establish the awareness of ensuring the supply and price stability of coal, and give priority to ensuring the supply and delivery of coal in long-term contracts. At the same time, it is necessary to keep abreast of downstream users’ demand and inventory status, pay close attention to changes in the market situation, actively maintain the operation order of the coal market, and respond to the national emergency supply guarantee task in a timely manner.

Open source securities said that the coal industry is affected by both supply and demand, but it will also face the weak reality of supply in the first quarter, and the weak supply and demand will lead to the high coal price. At present, coal stocks have been fully adjusted, which implies the expectation of weak economy in the first quarter. In addition, they have high dividends and low valuations, which are not only attractive, but also have a high enough safety margin, both offensive and defensive. In addition, Guanghui Energy recently disclosed that the company’s net profit in 2022 is expected to increase by 126%-130% year-on-year, and the performance forecast of other coal enterprises’ annual reports in 2022 will be gradually disclosed. 2022 is a year of rapid profit growth in the coal industry, and the unexpected performance is also expected to catalyze the market.

A piece of news explodes the concept of baby.

The concept of baby rose in intraday trading. At the close, Rabbi Blonde and Anna Nair had daily limit, mygym rose by nearly 6%, and king of the children, Baby Friendly Room and Gaole shares all strengthened.

The concept of assisted reproduction has also been manifested, with Shengnuo Bio and Hanshang Group rising by over 7%, while Orrit and Aoyang Health rising by over 4%.

In the news, recently, the Shenzhen Health and Health Commission publicly solicited opinions on the Measures for the Administration of Parenting Subsidies in Shenzhen (Draft for Comment). The "Administrative Measures" proposes that if a child is born after 0: 00 on the date of the formal implementation of the measures and is born in the Shenzhen Public Security Department, the child development allowance will be counted from the date of the child’s birth until the child reaches the age of 3; After being born into a household, you can apply for a one-time maternity allowance and a child-rearing allowance issued year by year.

In addition, a few days ago, the Central Economic Work Conference gave important instructions on social issues such as China’s birth policy and old-age service, and proposed to improve the birth support policy system, implement the policy of gradually delaying the statutory retirement age in a timely manner, and actively respond to the aging population and declining birthrate.

According to the agency, in recent years, in the face of the decreasing birth rate of newborns and the increasing aging rate, "one old and one young" has become the core issue of social policy. The state gradually adjusts the birth policy, gradually liberalizes the second and third births, improves the birth support policy, and enhances the social birth will.

Guojin Securities believes that with the continuous loosening of the birth policy, the demand for multiple births in China will be released, and the infant-related products that are expected to benefit directly in the short term, among which fast-moving consumer goods will benefit more than durable consumer goods, such as infant milk powder and skin care products, followed by infant clothing, etc. At the same time, it will also drive the relevant retailers to speed up their development (such as offline baby products retailers and cross-border e-commerce maternal and child plates, etc.) and the demand for improvement of large-sized housing will also increase. In the medium and long term, with the increase of the age of newborns, the population of children and adolescents will increase accordingly, and children’s toys and entertainment consumption of young consumers will also benefit.

"Easy Sifang" Motor Tongda Power with Firewheels has a daily limit of 5 consecutive days.

It is worth mentioning that the recent performance of Tongda Power is quite eye-catching. Up to now, it has been trading for five consecutive trading days. The stock closed at 19.43 yuan today, with more than 47,000 orders on the daily limit.

Tongda Power recently said on the investor interaction platform that the company’s current products in the field of new energy vehicles mainly focus on the stator and rotor cores of driving motors. BYD is one of the company’s important customers, and the company also has many new energy automobile enterprise customers. At present, the company has full production capacity and sufficient capacity utilization rate. In the future, the company will focus on the projects of wind power generators and new energy vehicle drive motors, and increase development efforts.

Recently, BYD held a brand launch conference, launched millions of high-end models U8 and U9, and released a brand-new self-developed easy Sifang technology platform. It is reported that the "Easy Sifang" technology is the first mass-produced four-motor drive technology in China, which enables the automobile to accurately control the four-wheel dynamics of the vehicle by virtue of the four-motor independent vector control technology and creates a brand-new automobile safety technology system.

Some analysts pointed out that Tongda Power, which has soared recently, is the supplier of BYD motor stator core, and the most critical part of "Easy Sifang" is the motor. The rapid growth of demand for new energy vehicles has driven the drive motor industry to flourish.

Experts responded by advising people to take out one-third of their savings to buy a house: not forcing low-income families to buy a house.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, recently, experts advised people to take out one-third of their savings to buy a house, which triggered a heated discussion. On the 11th, Meng Xiaosu, a well-known scholar, responded: "Some netizens said,’ Low-income families have no money, so what can they buy a house?’ In fact, they are not wrong. Low-income families suffered the most from the epidemic in three years, and their quality of life declined mainly. Therefore, it is not realistic to just say’ support the need to buy a house’ or’ strongly support the purchase of the first suite’. He believes that it is necessary to encourage residents who have the ability to pay to buy houses, so as to promote economic, employment and income growth and benefit low-income groups.

Meng Xiaosu said that he never thought it was right to force low-income families to buy commercial housing. Over the years, he repeatedly stressed that low-income families, new citizens and young families should be provided with affordable housing, including property-based housing and rental housing, instead of just buying commercial housing. To this end, we must speed up the improvement of the "dual-track housing system", the government should fulfill the responsibility of providing affordable housing, and state-owned enterprises should return to the security track as soon as possible.

Earlier, Meng Xiaosu said in a public interview: "The deposits of China residents have increased by 15 trillion yuan. If one third of them are taken out to resume the purchase of houses and decoration, will China’s economy not recover smoothly?" Subsequently, this view sparked a heated discussion on the Internet and boarded a hot search.

In this regard, Meng Xiaosu said that in the first 11 months of 2022, the sales of commercial housing in China was about 11.86 trillion yuan, and it is expected to be around 13.4 trillion yuan for the whole year, which is about 5 trillion yuan lower than the 18.19 trillion yuan in 2021. "It’s like cutting the bottom of the barrel, how can the economic operation not be affected? When I say’ take out 5 trillion yuan to buy a house’, I mean the lost 5 trillion yuan of housing sales. "

Does Paxlovid’s failure to enter the medical insurance catalogue affect the medical insurance in COVID-19? National medical insurance bureau responded

The the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference on the 11th. Responsible comrades from relevant departments of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Post Bureau and experts from China CDC attended the conference, introduced the situation of epidemic prevention and control in key institutions and places, and answered questions from the media.

At the meeting, the reporter asked, Paxlovid made in Pfizer failed to enter the medical insurance catalogue through negotiation. Will it have an impact on the medical insurance in COVID-19?

In this regard, Huang Xinyu, director of the Medical Service Management Department of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, said that the National Medical Insurance Bureau has always attached great importance to the guarantee of medication in COVID-19. In 2021, we have formulated two medical insurance policies and included them in the payment scope in the catalogue. With the timely follow-up of the diagnosis and treatment plan, the scope of the medical insurance drug list was adjusted.

Huang Xinyu said that COVID-19’s therapeutic drugs have always been the focus of our attention. In the medical insurance catalogue negotiation in 2022, three COVID-19 therapeutic drugs were included in the negotiation, including Pfizer’s Paxlovid, which unfortunately failed. However, don’t worry too much. Just last week, the National Medical Insurance Bureau just formulated a notice to optimize the medical insurance policy for treatment expenses after the COVID-19 Class B Hospital, which clearly continued the policy of temporary payment for listed drugs in the existing diagnosis and treatment plan. The current payment will be made until March 31 this year, during which the patient’s medication will not be affected.

In addition, in the medical insurance catalogue, there are more than 600 kinds of drugs for treating colds and fever. It should be said that the insured has a rich choice of drugs. The National Medical Insurance Bureau is also paying close attention to the research and development progress of COVID-19’s treatment. It is known that some new drugs for COVID-19’s treatment have been put on the market one after another recently. We believe that with the increase of new drugs on the market, patients’ choice of clinical drugs and their ability to guarantee will be further improved. The National Medical Insurance Bureau will pay close attention to the price level of drugs used in COVID-19, do a good job in price monitoring and management, do a good job in ensuring the cost of COVID-19, and strive to reduce the burden on patients.

Eight guidelines for epidemic prevention and control in the cultural tourism industry are abolished

The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice on the implementation of the "Class B Management" of novel coronavirus infection and the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the cultural and tourism industries. It is mentioned that local cultural and tourism administrative departments should, in light of local conditions, formulate measures to prevent and control the epidemic situation in the industry after the implementation of "Category B Management" and measures to prevent and control the epidemic situation when it is serious, ensure that all epidemic prevention and control requirements are put in place, and ensure the normal development of cultural and tourism activities and the orderly flow of personnel. As of the date of issuance of this notice, eight guidelines for epidemic prevention and control in the cultural and tourism industries shall be abolished at the same time.

Proofreading: Zhao Yan

Live recommendation

6.58 inches or 6.8 inches? Huawei P70 is equipped with a 1.5K micro-curved screen and supports LTPO.

On January 29th, today’s well-known digital blogger @ Digital Chat Station revealed that Huawei is testing two screens, which are used in Huawei P70 series. The screen sizes may be 6.58 inches and 6.8 inches. In addition to the size, this screen will be equipped with a 2.5D contour surface and an LTPO with a resolution of 1.5K.

The blogger also broke the news that Huawei P70 series will be equipped with Kirin 9XXX chip. Previously, blogger @ Wisdom Pikaqiu broke the news that the P70 standard version will use Kirin 9000s chip.

According to PConline’s previous report, Huawei P70 series is equipped with 50Mp± IMX989 physically variable aperture main camera, 50mp super wide angle and 50Mp± 4X periscope telephoto macro lens, which may be cut. In addition, the new machine is also expected to be equipped with a new version of satellite communication technology.

P70 series will use two different sensors or different versions. It is expected that OV50H will be used in the basic version and Pro version, and IMX989 will be used in the Art version.

In terms of other configurations, Huawei P70 series is equipped with earphone stereo double-lift, and the battery uses high-density batteries above 5000mAh.

At present, Huawei officials have not announced the specific release time of the P70 series, but according to the blogger @ Wisdom Pikachu, this new machine is expected to be released in March.

Huawei has not disclosed relevant information about P70 series at present. For more follow-up information, please pay attention to the continuous report of PConline.

Editor’s comment:Huawei’s P70 series of related news also appears frequently, which makes people look forward to the appearance of this model more and more. According to the current news, this mobile phone is very capable of playing in all aspects, and it is enough to play as a flagship. I look forward to the official release of P70.

Add some color to low-key security Volvo S40 static experience

  [car home Experience] If you know anything about cars, when you hear the brand Volvo, what words will flash in your mind for the first time? Safe? Northern Europe? Keep a low profile? Taste? No matter what word crosses your eyes, I believe it will not be a description of sports, fashion and fashion. Yes, Volvo has always been a brand famous for its commitment to automobile safety technology. It comes from Sweden in northern Europe, but now it belongs to Ford, and its impression has always been low-key, unobtrusive and not so eye-catching. However, today’s red Volvo S40 may break your old impression.

  Note: The model we experienced this time is Volvo S40 2.4i Zia version, which may be different from other models in terms of color, parameters and configuration.

Appearance-at first glance, it is better to look carefully.

  S40 is a compact model, which comes from Ford C1 platform. As many people know, the products of this platform include Focus and Mazda 3. The other two models are well-known for their manipulation and sports, and they are all the rage among young people. What about S40?

  At first glance, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a red S40. This is not because I am a woman, so I like red, but because although almost all models will have red without exception, not all cars can look good in red. And I like the red color of this Volvo S40 very much, maybe it just fits my age and aesthetics.

Home of the car

  At first glance, the front of S40 is straight and restrained, with simple lines, not very streamlined and round, and not very tough and masculine. The chrome-plated upper intake is not as exaggerated as the popular "big mouth", and the logo of "VOLVO" stands calmly in the middle, as if it is lacking. But just like the "second-eye beauty", after a few more eyes, you can find S40’s character from various details.

Home of the car

 Home of the car Home of the car

Home of the car Home of the car

Home of the car

  Two headlights with black edges are as bright and angry as the eyes of a "gourd doll", and the flat and ultra-wide lower air intake is slightly fierce. The most characteristic angle is from the front side. The headlights with black edges, the wide and flat lower grille with black, and the powerful engine compartment line are quoted to Fang Ping’s front face, which has a fierce lion’s head effect.

  The joints between the hood and headlights are even and detailed, and there are no obvious defects. The welding spots on the side of the door are symmetrically distributed, and the treatment effect is also fine.

Home of the car

  From the side, it can be found that the engine cabin line passes through the A-pillar all the way to the rear, which outlines a high waistline and dynamic shape, and directly intersects with the arc of the roof at the rear of the car, making the ending a little more movement and dexterity besides being angular and heavy.

Home of the car

Home of the car Home of the car

Home of the car Home of the car

  S40’s tail line is straight, and the two stepped taillights create a sense of integrity with angular edges, which is also surrounded by a circle of black borders. Because there are no tiny lines and no excessive intersections and overlaps, the whole tail shape is quite simple, and the broad protrusions make the layers distinct. If the plump and rounded hip design of the car please men, perhaps the style like S40 can win the love of female consumers.

Home of the car

  Generally speaking, the appearance of Volvo S40 left me with a unique impression. It is angular but not too straightforward, with personality but not very ostentatious, passionate but restrained, impulsive but secretly hidden.

Interior-pure black interior+suspended center console

  This red S40 2.4i Zia version is matched with a pure black interior, instead of gray or beige, which is always used in household models. The visual effect brought by the black interior is first of all a cool and sporty feeling, which is easy to arouse people’s desire to drive and control, unlike the light gray or beige interior, which will make people relax and bring a soothing and fresh feeling. From this perspective, S40 still takes more care of the individual needs of young consumers.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The steering wheel wrapped in leather is moderate in size, and the fineness and friction of leather are also very close. The multi-function keys on the left side of the steering wheel are used to operate cruise control, while the right side controls entertainment information, such as radio and CD.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The style of the dashboard is Volvo’s simple style, which looks only clear and easy to identify during the day, but the effect of luminous is still quite beautiful.

  S40 has a well-known bright spot, that is, its floating center console. In recent years, with the popularity of various digital products such as thin and light mobile phones, I believe that this beautiful and lightweight center console made of matt metal panels can bring many young people a sense of satisfaction with fashion and scientific and technological effects.

Home of the car

  There are four large knobs on the center console, which are used to control the audio and air conditioning, and the buttons are relatively small. From the perspective of the fineness of workmanship, we can’t help but draw a conclusion that we get what we pay for. Although the models developed on the same platform, it is obvious that Volvo S40’s internal material selection and workmanship level are far better than those of Fox and Mazda 3.

Home of the car

  The keyhole is designed at the lower left of the air-conditioning outlet above the center console. The multi-function display screen has a relatively small area and displays conventional information such as air conditioning, sound and time. What is unsatisfactory is that the information display is actually in English. However, the adjustment of air-conditioning blowing mode is to separate a portrait to indicate that the style is more intuitive and novel.

Home of the car

  The exterior rearview mirror can be adjusted electrically. If you want to fold it away, you need to press the L and R keys at the same time. The shape of the handbrake is also unique, and it also has a floating effect.

Home of the car

  The cosmetic mirror on the sun visor is believed to be very popular with ladies. Both sides of the mirror are equipped with lighting, which makes the light sufficient and uniform, and the area of the mirror is also large, which is not as big as a matchbox on some models, and its practicality is still relatively high.

Space-not bad for a compact car.

  The body size of Volvo S40 is 4476×1770×1454mm, which is smaller in length, width and height than sedan Focus’s 4480×1840×1500mm, but the wheelbase of 2640mm is the same as that of Focus and Mazda 3. In the actual experience, we also feel that its internal space is still good.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Although S40 takes simplicity as its concept, there is no shortage of humanized design in the interior space, which is quite considerate. In addition to the conventional glove box, the storage compartment inside the car and the storage bag at the back of the front seat, there are elastic small storage bags at the front edges of the front and rear seats. Although the volume of the glove box is not very large, it is equipped with anti-skid pads to prevent the goods in the box from rolling and causing damage when the vehicle is driving.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In order not to waste space, a shallow storage compartment is set behind the suspended center console, but only some flat items can be placed, otherwise it will shake when driving. The biggest disadvantage is that the storage compartment inside the door is small and there is no special glasses case.

  Although the S40 looks like a four-door hatchback, in fact, its short tail is not integrated, the trunk is still opened separately, and the floor in the trunk is flat and the area is not small.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the electric adjustment function mentioned above, the front passenger’s seat can also be tilted forward, and with the rear seat that can be tilted 4 minutes on the right side, it can create an access road for carrying extra-long strip items, which is unique and valuable in design. Unfortunately, after our efforts, because the front headrest can’t be adjusted, the front passenger seat is adjusted to the rearmost position, and the headrest will still be stuck in the glove box after the chair back is put down, and it can’t be completely flat.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of driving space, we found a male editor with a height of 178CM and a weight of 75KG to demonstrate, and found that the front head space of S40 is quite abundant, and the performance of the rear leg space is OK, but the head space in the rear row is slightly cramped. If it is a tall man with a height of more than 180CM, it may feel a little oppressive. After all, it is only a compact car, and objectively speaking, the space performance is normal, reasonable and better.

Seat-lumbar adjustment is influenced by the height of the seat, which is more suitable for women.

  The driver’s seat and the driver’s seat are all electric 8-way adjustment and manual lumbar support adjustment. The driver’s seat has three sets of memory functions. As mentioned earlier, the driving space of S40 is not bad, but it must be mentioned that the length of the seat cushion is sacrificed to a certain extent. After our actual measurement, the depth of the front and rear cushions is 480mm, which is shorter than that of the front seats of general compact cars. Although the shape of the seat is very good, it is very suitable for women to ride, but if it is changed to men, the front edge of the seat cushion is designed as a sofa-like edge, which will just be supported in the middle of the thigh, and it feels very uncomfortable.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The adjustment knobs of manual lumbar support are located on both sides of the seat. If the driver or passenger is male, the seat will not be adjusted too high, and this knob will be sandwiched between the seat and the central armrest, which is extremely inconvenient to operate. However, if the driver or passenger is female, the seat will be adjusted to ensure sufficient sight. At this time, the adjustment of the lumbar support is relatively convenient, and the operation of turning around and twisting the arm is also more difficult for the fatter person.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  S40’s leather seat leather is good, which makes people feel comfortable. I believe Volvo, which has always advocated car safety, has also spent a lot of thought on the seat design. The front headrest is fixed and cannot be adjusted, but the height and angle are ideal, which can suit the riding posture of most people. The height of the rear headrest can be adjusted vertically, and it can also be pulled out and removed.


  The 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine is in-line with 5 cylinders, and it is matched with a five-speed manual/automatic geartronic gearbox, which has an adaptive speed change mode, can automatically adapt to the driver’s driving style, and has a good stable output.

Home of the car

  The maximum power of 2.4i engine appears at 6000rpm, and it can also provide up to 170 horsepower. At 4400 rpm, the output torque reaches 230Nm. Such data will not be too laborious to push a body like S40.

Home of the car

  When the engine compartment cover of S40 is opened, it is found that besides the normal sound insulation cotton, there is also an air duct leading from the air inlet to the battery. It seems that it should be used to cool the battery, but we don’t understand why it is designed like this for the time being. Later, we will contact Volvo to consult about the purpose of this design and give you a definite answer.

  There are as many as 8 airbags in the whole vehicle, which can automatically control the inflation ratio and explosion speed according to the impact force, thus avoiding the secondary injury caused by airbags. WHIPS head and neck safety protection system can automatically lift the headrest when a high-speed rear-end collision occurs, and disperse the huge impact force generated during the collision to reduce the damage to the head, neck and spine of the occupants.

  In addition, in order to reserve enough impact buffer zone, VOLVO not only greatly reduced the load of the self-designed miniaturized transverse engine, but also adopted a more compact engine compartment layout, and even the collapse route of the battery was arranged in advance during the collision, so it can minimize the damage to the occupants in the car during the collision.

  Conclusion:In fact, the price of Volvo S40 far exceeds that of ordinary compact cars, which makes it not a family car that most ordinary families can afford. However, through this static experience, we can see that Volvo not only insists on the safety concept advocated, but also makes some adjustments in vehicle design. At least S40 can make people feel its fashion and modernity from the outside to the inside. From the aspects of exterior and interior, technical content, safety performance and configuration, S40 is suitable for those friends who have unique tastes and do not blindly pursue large size and large space and earn a good income.

  After watching the static experience of Volvo S40, you must want to know more about its handling performance in actual driving. Don’t argue, the evaluation article of S40 will be presented by the evaluation team of car home this Thursday. Be sure to watch it on time! (Text, map/photo by car home Hu Yongping/Wang Kugong Liang Wei)

  Parameter Configuration Table of Volvo S40 Parts

Model picture
Basic parameter S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Model name: S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Quotation: 308,000 288,000 358,000
Brand: Changan Volvo Changan Volvo Changan Volvo
Level: small family car small family car small family car
Engine: 2.4L 170 HP L5 2.4L 170 HP L5 2.5L 220 HP L5
Gearbox: 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration
Length× width× height: 4476×1770×1454 4476×1770×1454 4476×1770×1454
Body structure: 4-door 5-seat sedan 4-door 5-seat sedan 4-door 5-seat sedan
bodywork S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Length: 4476 4476 4476
Width: 1770 1770 1770
Height: 1454 1454 1454
Car weight: 1486 1486 1500
Wheelbase: 2640 2640 2640
Front track (mm): 1535 1535 1535
Rear track (mm): 1531 1531 1531
Minimum ground clearance (mm):
Body structure: Sedan Sedan Sedan
Number of cars: four four four
Number of seats: five five five
Tank volume (l): 62 62 62
Trunk volume (l): 404 404 404
engine S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Displacement (cc): 2435 2435 2521
Displacement (l): 2.4 2.4 2.5
Working mode: Natural inspiration Natural inspiration turbocharge
Cylinder arrangement type: L L L
Number of cylinders (units): five five five
Number of valves per cylinder (units): four four four
Compression ratio: 10.3 10.3 nine
Valve structure: DOHC DOHC DOHC
Cylinder diameter: 83 83 83
Stroke: 90 90 93.2
Horsepower (hp): 170 170 220
Maximum power (kW): 125 125 162
Maximum power speed (rpm): 6000 6000 5000
Maximum torque (n m): 230 230 320
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 4400 4400 1500-4800
Engine specific technology:
Fuel: petrol petrol petrol
Fuel label: No.97 No.97 No.97
Oil supply mode: multipoint injection multipoint injection multipoint injection
Cylinder material: aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al)
Cylinder head material: aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al)
Environmental standards: Ou IV Ou IV Ou IV
Oil capacity (l):
gearbox S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Name: 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration
Number of gears: five five five
Gearbox type: AT AT AT
Chassis steering S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Driving mode: Precursor Precursor Precursor
Front suspension type: mcphersonindependent suspension mcphersonindependent suspension mcphersonindependent suspension
Rear suspension type: Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
Type of assistance: Mechanical hydraulic power Mechanical hydraulic power Mechanical hydraulic power
Wheel braking S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Front brake type: Dish type Dish type Dish type
Rear brake type: Dish type Dish type Dish type
Former tyre size: 205/55R16 205/55R16 205/50 R15
After tyre size: 205/55R16 205/55R16 205/50 R17
Front wheel rim specifications: 6.5JX16 6.5JX16 7JX17
Rear wheel rim specifications: 6.5JX16 6.5JX16 7JX17
Spare tire: Non-Full-Size Non-Full-Size Non-Full-Size

Safety equipment S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Driver’s seat airbag:
Co-pilot airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Front side airbag:
Rear side airbag:
Knee airbag:
Electronic anti-theft:
Central locking in the car:
Remote control key:
Keyless start system:
Control configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
ABS anti-lock braking:
Brake force distribution (EBD):
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC/ATC):
Brake assist (EBA/BAS):
Body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC):
Lifting (air) suspension:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Power steering with speed:
Active steering system:
External configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Manual sunroof:
Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Same color rearview mirror:
Same color rubbing strip:
Sports version surround:
Aluminum alloy wheel hub:
Internal configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Leather steering wheel:
Left foot rest pedal:
Steering wheel up and down adjustment:
Steering wheel fore and aft adjustment:
Multifunctional steering wheel:
Steering wheel shifting:
Constant speed cruise:
Parking aid:
Multifunctional display:
HUD head-up digital display:
Seat configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Leather seats:
Sports seat:
Seat height adjustment:
Lumbar support adjustment:
Electric adjustment of front seats:
Power seat memory:
Seat heating:
Front seat center armrest:
Sit back on the central armrest:
Front cup holder:
Rear cup holder:
Seat massage/ventilation:
The rear seat is laid down as a whole:
Rear seats are laid down in proportion:
Multimedia configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
GPS navigation system:
Multimedia control system:
Bluetooth system:
Car TV:
Car phone:
Center console LCD screen:
Rear LCD:
MP3 support:
Single CD:
Multi-disc CD converter:
Single DVD:
Multi-disc DVD system:
2-3 Speaker system:
4-5 Speaker system:
6-7 Speaker system:
Loudspeaker system with more than 8 speakers:
Lighting configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Xenon headlights:
Automatic headlights:
Turn headlights:
Front fog lamp:
Rear fog lamp:
Headlight height adjustable:
Headlight cleaning device:
Glass/rearview mirror S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Front power window:
Rear power window:
Anti-pinch function:
Electric rearview mirror:
Mirror heating:
Electric folding of rearview mirror:
Manual rear sunshade:
Electric rear sunshade:
Mirror anti-glare:
Rear side sunshade:
Sunvisor vanity mirror:
Induction wiper:
Air conditioner/refrigerator S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Manual air conditioning:
Automatic air conditioning:
Rear seat air outlet:
Temperature zone control:
In-vehicle air conditioning:
Car refrigerator:

Zhiji LS6 textbook-level "intelligent driving" is innovative.

China Economic News Network (Liu Chenxi)At the moment when the traditional SUV performance test is the same, how can the test drive play new ideas? As the "strongest 6 series in history", for Zhiji LS6, performance testing is only the basic exercise, and intelligent peak experience is the core competitiveness. In order to let the national media and users experience the high-level intelligence of Zhiji LS6 in one stop, Zhiji LS6 has created the sixth space of super intelligent driving, initiated a brand-new gameplay of "AI intelligent driving maze", simulated and built typical road conditions, traffic flow and people flow in big cities, and deeply experienced the future intelligent cabin in the commuter meta-universe, with more performance experience, comprehensive driving and control experience and all-round inspection.Zhiji LS6Strength, with "the most interesting test drive in history" to set the industry benchmark.

Deep intelligence is the winning factor in the second half of the electric track. Zhiji LS6 redefines the new paradigm of intelligent driving experience with the triple standards of zero blind area: full digital vision, zero anxiety: advanced intelligent driving, and zero distance: future intelligent cabin ecology..Empowering the whole driving experience from boarding to getting off with AI, covering high-speed elevated roads, urban roads and urban slow scenes, and creating the most applicable and practical future intelligent driving experience.

Can you imagine a car running normally when the front and rear glass, windows and rearview mirrors are all black? Zhiji LS6 can easily get through the "ultimate blindfold challenge" in the dynamic test drive. With the help of the global digital visual field blind compensation function, Zhiji LS6 can also freely pass through complex road conditions in the state of complete blindness, with the help of Zhiji’s original global digital visual field blind compensation and the traditional 360-degree panoramic image.

In the extreme weather experience area of the test drive site, the scene of urban extreme weather is restored, the rearview mirror is blocked by rain, and the rainy night mode is turned on to enhance the blind area vision; In the daily commuting experience area: simulate the unprotected left turn scene, turn on the A-pillar for blind, simulate the right turn into the community scene, turn on the side for blind, and safely avoid pedestrians in the blind area on the right.

In the dynamic test drive, the test drive site is set up with complex parking spaces, narrow alleys and other areas, and the practicability of the functions of one-button parking, one-button extrication, one-button sticking and one-button tracking of Zhiji LS6 is comprehensively tested. Intelligent driving maze experience area is set up to see what you can’t see, get rid of what you don’t want to open, and experience LS6′ s zero blind zone full digital vision and one-button AI driving function in a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional way to enjoy an unprecedented simple, relaxed and interesting driving experience.

In the daily driving scene, once you break into a dead end, you are crazy, and Zhiji LS6 returns with one click. In the mirror narrow road experience area: at a fixed location, turn on the rearview mirror to fill the blind, read the clues on the rear wall, turn left and enter the mirror narrow road, and form countless mirror images after multiple mirror reflections adjacent and opposite. Being in it, even the old driver can’t pour it out quickly. Zhiji LS6 turns on one-button tracking to help you return to the original road section. Find a new path and enter the next level.

In the urban experience area: simulating the crowded parking scene, Zhiji LS6 stops at the designated place by silently searching for the library, and then uses one button to get out of trouble and enter the next link. And after parking on its own side, start the one-button sticking function to solve the parking problem perfectly.

In the high-performance "6" performance driving experience area, 100-kilometer acceleration, 100-kilometer braking, S-shaped pile winding, coaxial bumpy road, cross-axis bumpy road and cross-axis projects are set up to comprehensively verify the functions of LS6′ s acceleration performance, 100-kilometer braking performance, vehicle stability and dynamic correction ability, steering wheel operation and directivity, torque dynamic distribution of four wheels, torsional rigidity passability of the whole vehicle and riding comfort.

BYD Qin L will be listed soon: the price may reach 120 thousand, and the fuel consumption performance is amazing.

[ITBEAR technology information] on February 6 th, recently, BYD Qin family welcomed a new member-BYD Qin L. This new car has passed the declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which indicates that it will meet with consumers soon. As an upgraded version of BYD Qin series, Qin L is positioned as a medium-sized car, which is between Qin and Han, providing more choices for the market.

It is reported that BYD Qin L has received much attention in the warm-up stage. Some bloggers broke the news that the starting price of the new car may be around 120,000 yuan, which is 20,000 yuan higher than the current Qin Plus DM-I. However, the difference of 20,000 yuan is not aimless, because Qin L will be the first vehicle equipped with DM5.0 technology, and its NEDC fuel consumption is only about 2.9L, which is far lower than the current 3.8L of Qin PLUS. This remarkable improvement will undoubtedly attract many consumers who have higher requirements for fuel consumption.

In terms of body size, BYD Qin L shows the advantages of medium-sized cars. Its length, width and height are 4830mm, 1900mm and 1495mm respectively, and its wheelbase reaches 2790 mm. This data is obviously larger than the existing Qin PLUS series models, which makes Qin L have more room to play in the internal space. At the same time, the total mass of the new car is 2035kg, and the kerb mass is 1660kg, which ensures the stability and safety of the vehicle.

In design, BYD Qin L continues BYD’s family-style "Dragon Face" design language. Its front face is equipped with a huge air intake grille, and it is available in two styles: hot stamping or not. Both sides of the grille are equipped with C-shaped air ducts, which makes the whole front look sporty. The side of the car body adopts smooth line design to create an elegant and dynamic car body posture.

In terms of power, BYD Qin L is equipped with an engine with a displacement of 1498ml, with a maximum power of 74kW. According to ITBEAR technology information, the new car will also adopt a brand-new hybrid system-the fifth-generation DM-i hybrid system, with a brand-new hybrid chassis code-named "P5" and a former McPherson rear four-bar independent suspension. This series of technical upgrades will make Qin L reach a higher level in power and economy. In addition, the new car also offers two pure electric cruising ranges of 60km and 90km, with corresponding battery capacities of 10.08kWh and 15.874kWh respectively.

Generally speaking, the appearance of BYD Qin L has undoubtedly brought new vitality to the medium-sized car market. Its upgraded size, design and power system make it a leader in its class. In the future, we have reason to expect BYD Qin L’s performance in the market.


Zero acceleration 9.1s//measured cruising range over 500km Depth test BYD Qin PLUS EV

Easy car original: With a budget of about 150,000 yuan, I plan to buy a pure electric vehicle with a pure electric cruising range of 600km. Is there a good choice? If you only look at the book data, BYD is a good choice in this price range.166,800 yuan can have a 600km high cruising range version., the cost performance is quite high.

The appearance of Qin PLUS EV is quite small "Han", andEquipped with a more secure blade battery., the configuration is not low, compared with the previous Qin EV models, it can be said thatReduce the price and increase the allocationYes.

Although the cost performance is very high, what is the driving texture of Qin PLUS EV? Can the real cruising range reach 600km? With these questions, let’s have a test together.

New car highlights first look:

1. It is equipped with a front permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 135kW.measure with instruments0-100km/h acceleration time is 9.1s, and 100-0km/h braking distance is 38.2m..;

2. Power and chassis adjustment is mainly based on home comfort.Smooth and quiet brings more comfortable driving experience.;

3, fast charging speed to force, the actual measurement of Qin PLUS EV under comprehensive working conditionsReal pure electric cruising range can exceed 500km.;

4. Follow the family-style design style of BYD Longyan.Looks like a trumpet "".

The model we tested this time is the 2021 Qin PLUS EV 600km flagship model, which is the top model with a price of 166,800 yuan.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor mounted on top modelThe maximum power is 135kW and the maximum torque is 280 n m.The officially declared 0-50km/h acceleration time is 4 seconds.

The maximum power and torque of the permanent magnet synchronous motors equipped on the other three middle and low models are 100kW, 180N·m, and the 0-50km/h acceleration time is 5.5 seconds.

So what is its actual acceleration performance? First of all, let’s test its acceleration time of 0-100km/h and braking distance of 100-0 km/h.

Before the test, turn off the air conditioner, turn off the ESP body stability system and adjust the driving mode to SPORT mode. Finally measuredThe fastest acceleration time of Qin PLUS EV is 9.1 seconds., the bestThe braking performance is 38.2 meters..

As can be seen from the acceleration curve, during the acceleration process of Qin PLUS EV from 0 to 50 km/h, the response speed of the motor is faster, and the maximum acceleration can be reached soon after stepping on the switch. The final acceleration time of 0 to 50 km/h is 3.6 seconds, which is faster than the official data of 4 seconds.

After the maximum acceleration is maintained at 50km/h, it begins to decline, and the acceleration capacity of 50-100km/h in the second half also gradually decreases. However, during the whole rapid acceleration process, the power output is quite linear, and finally the speed exceeds 100km/h in 9.1 seconds.

Qin PLUS EV’s braking front section is sensitive, and the whole braking process is quite linear and stable, which can give us enough confidence. After many tests, the best braking distance is 38.2 meters, which can basically be controlled within 39 meters, and the performance is quite good.

Next, let’s talk about the driving experience of Qin PLUS EV. As a new energy family car, the overall adjustment of Qin PLUS EV is not surprising.Give priority to comfort.

Although the appearance is similar to BYD’s flagship model Han, the actual test drive is two completely different styles. Qin PLUS EV will not give us a passionate acceleration experience like Han.Smooth and comfortableIs the direction it is striving for.

Although the motor power of Qin PLUS EV with a maximum power of 135kW is not particularly abundant, it is more than enough to meet the needs of daily use.

At the beginning, the dynamic response of Qin PLUS EV will not be particularly positive. Especially in ECO mode, the initial response of the switch will be "lazy", and the acceleration process will be gentle, which will bring about the speed increase in no hurry.A relatively comfortable and stable driving experience is also valued by consumers who pay attention to family cars, and it can also save some energy.

Of course, if you want to "go wild", you can switch to SPORT driving mode. In this mode, the switch of Qin PLUS EV will become more sensitive and the speed will climb much faster. Especially in the high-speed road conditions where overtaking is needed,Qin PLUS EV in SPORT mode will give us more confidence..

In SPORT mode, the acceleration ability is indeed improved, but the comfort and ride comfort are greatly reduced. When accelerating rapidly, it will bring a certain sense of dizziness to drivers and passengers. It is not recommended to use this driving mode for a long time.It is enough to recommend using ECO/NORMAL mode for daily driving, which can bring more comfortable driving experience.

Qin PLUS EV’s kinetic energy recovery system is divided intoStandard feedbackandGreater feedbackTwo levels, the power recovery under the standard feedback is moderate, and the vehicle can slowly brake linearly and smoothly after releasing the switch.

In the larger feedback mode, there will be more energy recovery, but the disadvantage is that there will be some drag and drop, and the comfort will be reduced.

In terms of steering strength, Qin PLUS EV followsSteering style of family car with low speed, light weight and high speed.It is relatively flexible and light to drive. However, the steering virtual position still exists, so you need to be extra careful when the speed is fast and cornering, and try to slow down as much as possible.

Qin PLUS EV’s chassis suspension is also a comfortable adjustment style.Tougher suspension can well filter out the small bumps on the road.. However, in the face of speed bumps or potholes, you can still obviously feel the body jumping up and down, which still needs improvement.

In terms of NVH, Qin PLUS EV has no influence of engine noise, and the quietness of the whole vehicle is quite excellent when driving at low speed. However, when the speed exceeds 80km/h, tire noise and wind noise are more obvious, but the whole is still within the acceptable range.

In order to understand the noise situation of Qin PLUS EV more intuitively, we also tested its noise level in the car of 40-120 km/h.

The test results show that the noise decibel value of Qin PLUS EV in each speed segment is well controlled. The noise in the 40km/h car is 55.4 decibels, and the noise at the high speed of 120km/h is 66.2 decibels.

Here, for example, the noise value of the computer mainframe is generally about 55 decibels, while the voice of two people chatting and talking at a distance of one meter face to face is generally about 60 decibels. It can be seen that the noise decibel value data of Qin PLUS EV is still good.

After the overall test drive experience, power and acceleration are obviously not the strengths of Qin PLUS EV, and the word sports is basically irrelevant to it, giving us more.A smooth and comfortable driving experience.Is the direction it is striving for.

After talking about the driving experience, let’s test the actual cruising range of Qin PLUS EV, and test it in the daily commuting environment to see if its real pure electric cruising range can satisfy us.

Before starting the test, we need to fully charge Qin PLUS EV. The 600km version is equipped with a capacity of71.7kWh blade battery, the official declared fast charge.It only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%..

Before charging, Qin PLUS EV has 36% remaining power, and the dashboard shows that it takes 52 minutes to fully charge.It took 68 minutes to fully charge., charging power up to 60kW. If you start charging from 0%, you can fill it in less than two hours, and the charging efficiency is still relatively high.

In this endurance test, we mainly focus on the urban traffic congestion near Pearl River New Town, Xinguang Expressway and Nansha Port Expressway, and the ratio of urban traffic, expressway and expressway is basically 1:1:1.

When the Qin PLUS EV is fully charged, it is already 19 o’clock in the evening, which is at the peak of work in Guangzhou.At full charge, the remaining cruising range of Qin PLUS EV is 600km..

Before starting the test, I reset the dashboard mileage 1 and energy consumption curve chart to zero. The air conditioning temperature is set at 24℃, and the air volume is in second gear.

Choose NORMAL driving mode, choose larger feedback mode with strong energy feedback, and then start the test. However, I was the only one in the car during the test, and I was basically in no-load condition.

Depart from Tianhe Stadium, go to and from Xinguang Expressway, pass through Guangzhou Grand Theatre and Central Lake Park of University Town, and finally reach Nansha. The test is about 100km one-way, and the feedback mode is maintained throughout, mainly in ECO mode, but the driving mode will be switched according to the road conditions. After arriving at the destination, I will go back to work in the morning rush hour the next day.

In the end, I drove the Qin PLUS EV for a total of 205.5km, with an average speed of 38km/h, which consumed 41% of the electricity. The table shows that the remaining cruising range is 354km, which is 246km away.

At this point, the energy consumption curveThe average power consumption in the last 50 kilometers is 12.9 kW h/100 km., andThe actual average power consumption should be 14.3 kW h/100 km..

Under comprehensive working conditions,The ratio of power failure is about 1:1.197., which is equivalent to the cruising range of 1.197km for every 1km I drive Qin PLUS EV.

Under the comprehensive working conditions close to the daily car environment, convert it.The real cruising range of Qin PLUS EV is 501km.Of course, this is already a very good performance.

If you drive in the whole ECO mode and drive until the power is completely consumed,Its real cruising range is over 520km, which is no problem at all.. Calculated by commuting 60km to and from work every day,Just charge it once a week.

In terms of appearance, Qin PLUS EV adopts BYD’s latest.EV Dragon Face family design language, continuing the design style of Han EV.

The overall design of the appearance is also very similar to that of Qin PLUS DM-i, and the design of connecting matte silver chrome trim with LED headlight group is consistent with Qin Plus DM-I..

The front face is unique to EV models.Closed grille designDistinguish it from Qin plus DM-I. The lower enclosing area is outlined by black decorative strips that run horizontally, which enhances the visual width of the front face. The LOGO logo of "Qin" is also adopted.Relief design, more exquisite and beautiful.

Arrow-feather LED headlights are blackened, which is more design-oriented. The whole system comes standard with headlight on/off function in advance, and the middle and high models also haveIntelligent far and near light function.

Coming to the body side of Qin PLUS EV, the modeling design is consistent with Qin PLUS DM-i model. The smart waistline running through the front and back and the slip-back design create a forward dive posture, which is more versatile.

In terms of body size,The length, width and height of Qin PLUS EV are 4765/1837/1515mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2715mm.. Compared with competing models, it does not fall in the wind.

The test drive model is equipped with18-inch silver-black two-color aluminum alloy rim, full of sports. Matching it is Germany, which focuses on energy conservation.Horse brand EcoContact 6 series tires, with specifications of 235/45 R18.

The sleek and full tail design is also not much different from Qin PLUS DM-i, and the multi-line outline makes the tail layered.

After blackening, the penetrating LED taillights still maintain a good visual effect after lighting. The duckling tail design is matched with the latest font suffix of "Build Your Dreams", which has high recognition.

Qin PLUS EV interior design also adopts family-style design elements.Design of embracing cockpitWith the suspended central control large screen, it highlights the scientific and technological atmosphere of the cockpit. With the combination of black and brown colors, irregular silver decorative strips in the central control area and piano paint panel, the interior texture is quite good.

The LCD instrument panel adoptsEmbedded design, can display the vehicle information is more comprehensive, however.Small sizeVisually, it seems stingy.

12.8-inch adaptive rotating suspended central control large screen, equipped withDiLink 3.0 Zhilian system. Support intelligent voice interaction, play third-party applications such as WeChat and Tik Tok, and support OTA upgrade, with high playability.

Qin PLUS EV adopts an integrated seat design, which has a good wrapping, and the whole system is equipped with a 6-way electrically adjustable main driver’s seat. However, the seat padding is hard and the ride comfort is average. Moreover, the seat is not designed to be perforated, and the heat dissipation of the seat is relatively general in hot summer.

The top model is also equipped with front and rear seat heating function, and it will be more perfect if the seat ventilation function can be added later.

In terms of ride space, the experiencers with a height of 182cm sit in the front and rear rows of Qin PLUS EV respectively. The head space in the front row is about 4 fingers, the head space in the back row is average, and there is room for more than one punch in the legs. The overall performance is basically consistent with Qin PLUS DM-i, which is enough to meet the needs of daily use.

Summary:At present, there are not many pure electric vehicles with 150,000 NEDC pure electric cruising range exceeding 600km. Qin PLUS EV is one of them, and its cost performance is quite high. With the blessing of large-capacity blade battery and excellent motor adjustment, we have measured that its average power consumption is 14.3 kW h/100 km, and the real cruising range can reach more than 500km, which has been quite excellent.

Its comfortable and smooth driving experience is also in line with the needs of family cars. Although the acceleration of 9.1s is a little worse, the power is enough to meet daily needs. If your budget is limited and you want to buy a pure electric sedan with a high cruising range, then Qin PLUS EV will be a worthy choice.