Is the new Volvo XC60 better than the Audi Q5L? The car machine upgrade is also equipped with 2.0T+48V light mixing.

If I go back a few years, if you let me choose Volvo XC60 (parameter picture), I will definitely hold your eye. However, after upgrading to a dad, various words such as comfort, safety and environmental protection often come to my mind. Among some mainstream luxury medium-sized SUVs, can you tell me how to choose? Obviously, the Volvo XC60 is more in line with my car demand.

Before we start, let me tell you the good news. The new Volvo XC60 has been completely updated to a 48V hybrid, and the trailer has been changed from the original T5 to B5. Besides the power, there are other upgrades. Ok, without further ado, let’s enjoy the hard-core strength of the new Volvo XC60.

In fact, choosing a car is like finding a wife, you need fine products. Married friends all know that a wife is not necessarily very beautiful, and it is most important to be generous and experience life. The new Volvo XC60 gives me this feeling. Maybe it doesn’t have the dazzling aura of BBA, but it can protect the people you love the most. The simple and fashionable design technique is the first feeling it conveys to you, but compared with the old model, it is indeed a lot more refined.

"New Volvo XC60"

"Old Volvo XC60"

Compared with the old XC60, the new model adopts 3D mirror LOGO, which is more stereoscopic as a whole. The air intake grille is also embedded with black decorative strips. I think blackening is a trend now, but the overall look is still very trendy. Of course, the new models will still be divided into the luxury version and the sports version. As for how to distinguish them, just look at the net.

Headlights are still the familiar hammer of Raytheon. Needless to say, you can definitely recognize them 50 meters away. Don’t worry about the brightness, automatic headlights is also standard, and the adaptive high beam appears on the high gear.

In addition to the changes in the grille, the front enclosure of the luxury model has also been upgraded more exquisitely. Needless to say, such a change has brought out the overall sense of youth.

The overall feeling of the side is still the same, and the window changes from big to small to form an upward posture, which makes the whole car feel ready to go. The body size is 4708/1902/1658, and the wheelbase is 2865 mm.

The style of the rim has changed compared with the old one. The double five-spoke design looks very harmonious. With the Pirelli P ZERO tire with the size of 235/55 R19, the tire pays more attention to grip. The current market price of this tire is about 1200 yuan/piece, which is not expensive from the price point of view and belongs to the normal level.

"New Volvo XC60"

"Old Volvo XC60"

The rear tail, which is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, looks familiar. The rear taillight of Viking Axe also has strong recognition. It uses LED light source, but the hidden exhaust really makes me feel a little too low-key. But fortunately, there is no fake exhaust, otherwise it feels too auto parts city.

"New Volvo XC60"

"Old Volvo XC60"

Entering the car, a familiar style came to my face. Some people say that Volvo, as a luxury brand, why can’t the interior be luxurious? To be honest, I don’t know, but one thing is certain, the workmanship and the use of environmental protection materials are really commendable, and everyone should know that the Nordic wind direction is so simple.

The wooden decorative board running through the center console looks very advanced, which is also in line with the simple style of the new Volvo XC60. As I said at the beginning, this car needs you to go through the details to find the smell.

The full LCD finally comes standard with 12.3 inches. Hearing this, does the owner of the old XC60 feel a little unfair? In addition, there is more information on the screen as a whole, including full-screen navigation, which is very convenient for daily use.

The big screen standing in the middle is familiar to everyone, and most functions of the vehicle can be operated through this screen. Compared with the old model, the overall operation order has changed. For example, the safety auxiliary configuration tiled on the page on the old models can be triggered only by clicking the small sign on the lower right, and it needs to be adapted for the first time.

However, compared with the old models, the new Volvo XC60 has added a lot of third-party software, such as Huawei Assistant and Tmall Elf. Take the Tmall Elf as an example. Simply put, it is similar to Xiaomi’s "Little Love Classmate". The car can be connected with household appliances, so as to realize remote control.

But my favorite is the voice interaction system. The voice interaction of the new XC60 comes from Iflytek, and the recognition degree is still very accurate. You just need to shout "Hello, Xiaowo", which can realize navigation, weather query, air ticket query, food query, hotel query, air conditioning control and so on. And I found that voice control is very suitable for those elderly friends. It doesn’t matter if you can’t operate the car, just say it.

The crystal lever also appeared on the new Volvo XC60 this time, which looks more refined as a whole, and it is a good thing that the whole system comes standard with electronic lever. The most intuitive feeling is that it is more convenient to use. Of course, it also provides a manual mode, and the electronic lever can be moved to the left.

In addition to the car, the top reading light has also been completely changed to touch-control operation. Obviously, the buttons are gone, and the whole is more concise. Moreover, the control of the sunroof sunshade is very interesting, just sliding in the groove of the rectangular square.

According to different models, the new Volvo XC60 also provides different stereos. The model of this test drive is equipped with Harman Kardon audio, and the overall sound quality is very good. However, I still prefer the Baohua Weijian audio on the T8 version. Both the treble and bass are handled well, and the surround effect is very shocking.

As a medium-sized SUV, panoramic sunroof is an essential configuration. After opening, the lighting in the car can be improved, and with the panoramic skylight, long-distance travel will feel very pleasant.

The seat is wrapped in leather, which is very wide and comfortable to sit on. The ergonomics is very good. And when you adjust the seat, the central control screen will also appear the corresponding adjustment method, so you can also adjust the seat angle through the central control screen.

The height of the experiencer is 183cm, and the seat is adjusted to the lowest level and comes to the driver’s seat. The overall performance is very good, and there is no sense of oppression. Moreover, the spacious seat is also a boon for friends who are fatter.

With the front seats adjusted, the experiencer comes to the back row, with four fingers in the head space and two fists in the leg space, which is enough for a medium-sized SUV, and the back row is also equipped with independent air conditioning and Type-C interface.

The transverse width and longitudinal width of the trunk are very good. After the second row of seats are put down, the space is further expanded, and there is no problem in carrying some goods every day. Moreover, the car is also equipped with air suspension, and the trunk can be adjusted. You just need to click the button on the right side of the trunk.

As can be seen from the photo, there are only four fingers in the lowest state, and two fingers in the highest state. This can still be of great help to the daily handling of goods, especially some female friends should like it very much.

The new Volvo XC60 is equipped with 2.0T+48V power combination. At present, the pure fuel version is divided into B4 and B5 engines. The B5 model tested today has a maximum power of 250 HP (in addition, the motor can provide an additional 14 HP) and a maximum torque of 350 Nm, matching the 8-speed automatic manual transmission.

To say what this Volvo XC60 feels like in terms of dynamic feeling, we must first talk about the performance of 48V hybrid. The most intuitive feeling is that it becomes quiet. Whether you start the vehicle or start at the daily traffic lights, it is difficult for you to notice the existence of the engine. Therefore, this new Volvo XC60 also cancels the automatic start-stop function, which is actually a good thing for most drivers, because automatic start-stop is sometimes very annoying, I believe everyone understands. In addition, the new Volvo XC60 will greatly improve its fuel economy.

In the actual driving process, the overall adjustment of the throttle is still highly consistent with the old one, with moderate sensitivity, which is very suitable for most consumers. Of course, after the throttle goes to the end, the overall sense of acceleration is also very fast, and the overall response of the gearbox is also very good. It is also relatively neat when downshifting. When cruising normally, the gearbox will actively rise to the highest gear.

The feeling of hanging the whole body is a bit hard, but the shock filtering effect is relatively simple, and some small gullies can be easily solved. The chassis is also relatively compact, which is a bit like the style of a German car. Of course, this brand-new Volvo XC60 is still not suitable for too intense driving, after all, the positioning is biased towards home.

Turning to the whole is still a light feeling, which is very suitable for female friends. No matter whether it’s a normal turn or a U-turn, it won’t feel very hard. But personally, I don’t like this feeling very much. I always feel that steering is heavy and driving is more leisurely, but it varies from person to person.

After talking for a long time, I believe some friends will also ask, what are the feelings of different driving modes? I’m really sorry, the new XC60 has cancelled the choice of driving mode, so you don’t have to consider how to choose the mode in different road conditions in the future. In fact, the manufacturer also explained that the purpose of doing so is also to be concise and convenient. Although I think this is a bit inappropriate, because almost all competing products at the same level are equipped with multiple driving modes. But actually, when we think about it, it seems that we really don’t adjust the driving mode often when we drive every day.

It is also worth mentioning that the navigation assistance function of the new XC60. In fact, it is equipped on the old models, which is simply automatic driving. It is very responsible to say that this set of navigation assistance functions is remarkable and very accurate in the same class. All you need to do is adjust the distance from the front car, set the speed, and leave the rest to the new XC60. Of course, if your hands leave the steering wheel for a long time, the car will automatically give an alarm. Moreover, its navigation aid is very suitable for hot noon, because it can avoid traffic accidents caused by drowsiness.

Finally, NVH, some old car owners may think that XC60 is not sound-proof, but think about it, how can it be very sound-proof with so many environmentally friendly materials? However, after driving the new XC60 today, I feel that the overall performance is normal, and there is no such feeling of resonance. If you have to say, the tire noise is a bit loud, but there is nothing you can do about it. After all, P ZERO is not a silent tire.

Summary: The biggest change of the new Volvo XC60 is the car system and the brand-new power combination. From the product point of view, its strength has really improved a lot, and being more intelligent is a big change this time. But some places have indeed been simplified. Some people say yes, but others sayno. After all, turnips and cabbages have their own tastes. But in all fairness, the growth of Volvo XC60 in recent years is obvious to all, and it can often be seen on the street, which also shows that consumers recognize this car. And I think the friends who buy XC60 must have taken a fancy to its safety, environmental protection and price. As for this new XC60, what is the market feedback? Let’s wait and see!