6.58 inches or 6.8 inches? Huawei P70 is equipped with a 1.5K micro-curved screen and supports LTPO.

On January 29th, today’s well-known digital blogger @ Digital Chat Station revealed that Huawei is testing two screens, which are used in Huawei P70 series. The screen sizes may be 6.58 inches and 6.8 inches. In addition to the size, this screen will be equipped with a 2.5D contour surface and an LTPO with a resolution of 1.5K.

The blogger also broke the news that Huawei P70 series will be equipped with Kirin 9XXX chip. Previously, blogger @ Wisdom Pikaqiu broke the news that the P70 standard version will use Kirin 9000s chip.

According to PConline’s previous report, Huawei P70 series is equipped with 50Mp± IMX989 physically variable aperture main camera, 50mp super wide angle and 50Mp± 4X periscope telephoto macro lens, which may be cut. In addition, the new machine is also expected to be equipped with a new version of satellite communication technology.

P70 series will use two different sensors or different versions. It is expected that OV50H will be used in the basic version and Pro version, and IMX989 will be used in the Art version.

In terms of other configurations, Huawei P70 series is equipped with earphone stereo double-lift, and the battery uses high-density batteries above 5000mAh.

At present, Huawei officials have not announced the specific release time of the P70 series, but according to the blogger @ Wisdom Pikachu, this new machine is expected to be released in March.

Huawei has not disclosed relevant information about P70 series at present. For more follow-up information, please pay attention to the continuous report of PConline.

Editor’s comment:Huawei’s P70 series of related news also appears frequently, which makes people look forward to the appearance of this model more and more. According to the current news, this mobile phone is very capable of playing in all aspects, and it is enough to play as a flagship. I look forward to the official release of P70.