The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

After entering the winter, everyone began to look forward to snow, so that we can have fun and run wild in the snow. Of course, people who like outdoor sports are ready to go skiing in the surrounding snow fields. We have won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the winter events are not practiced quickly! Not ready for actual combat? Let’s start by learning related vocabulary.

Skiing types skiing classification

Snowboarding snowboarding

Cross-country skiing cross-country skiing

Alpine Skiing alpine skiing

Nordic skiing nordic skiing (cross-country skiing with the heel not fixed on the snowboard)

Ski jumping ski jumping

Freestyle skiing freestyle skiing (no fixed snow slot)

Classical skiing traditional skiing (fixed snow slot)

Downslope skiing mountain skiing

Military skiing (used as a means of transportation in the military)

Kite skiing kite traction skiing (a form of skiing pulled or carried by a paraglider, glider or kite)

Backcountry skiing wilderness skiing (refers to skiing in uninhabited rural areas without put in order and marked snow slopes or trails)


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

Skiing equipments ski equipment

Ski snowboard

Snowboard snowboard

Tipped ski board head

Tailed ski plate tail

Ski break skid stop

Ski pole ski pole

Ski wear ski suit

Tapering trousers Ski Pants

Ski boots ski boots

Snow training shoes cold-proof sneakers

Binding fixer

Thermos thermos kettle

Snow cap snow hat

Gloves gloves

Ski glasses/goggle ski glasses

Helmet helmet

Kneepad knee pads

Plush earmuffs plush earmuffs

Band-Aid/plaster band-aid


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

Skiing moves skiing action

Pole planting stick (when turning, the snowball fights lightly on the inner curved side snow trail)

Short radius turn short radius turn

Giant slalom turn(G.S turn)

Parallel turn and leg turn (parallel turn)

Snow plough Plough Brake (two skis with their tails facing outwards, so that the skis form a figure of eight).

Airplane turn air turn

Stem christie braked the turn (pushed the tail end of the inner side plate outward and slid along the snow surface to make it change from a position parallel to the outer side plate into a V-shape).


The snowy season brings you the most complete skiing vocabulary.

Skiing facilities ski resort facilities

Ticket Office ticket office

Ski resort ski resort

Track track

Ski slopes/runs/piste slide

The primary/elementary ski slopes/runs/bunny slope primary road

The intermediate Ski slopes/runs intermediate road

The high-class/high-level/high-grade ski slopes/runs advanced road

Snowmaking machine/snowmaker snow maker

Bombardier snow press

Cableway cableway

Drinking Station drinking station

Shuttle Bus shuttle bus

Ski equipment hall snow gear hall

The distance between … spacing

The cable car gondola lift cable car

Chairlift cable car

Oxygen bar oxygen bar

Snow entertainment snow play area

Snow entertainment area for children children’s snow amusement park

Entertainment facilities entertainment facilities

Ski area ski area

Skiing show ski show


Ski area conditions natural conditions of snow field

Slope gradient

Temperature temperature

Humidity humidity

Altitude altitude

The slope orientation faces upwards.

Natural resources natural resources

Sunlight sunshine

Local climate local climate

Transport capacity/ability capacity

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