Xinjiang ice and snow tourism festival is getting better and better. Snow circle competition stirs up ski resorts.

The Third China Xinjiang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival

  Zhongguangwang Urumqi News (Reporter Gao Jingya) "One, two, one, two" With the rhythmic sound of trumpets, a rope tens of meters long stretched straight in dozens of pairs of powerful hands. This is what the reporter saw today at the 3rd China Xinjiang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival and the 6th 2008 Silk Road Ice and Snow Scenery Snow Mountain Golf Lighting Ski Resort Sub-venue.

Go all out to the end

  On December 22nd, various events of the 3rd China Xinjiang Ice and Snow Tourism Festival were in full swing at Xuelianshan Golf and Lighting Ski Resort. Snow cross-country race, snowboarding competition, snowboarding competition, skiing circle competition … Nearly a thousand contestants gathered here, shouting, cheering and laughing together, and the scene immediately became a colorful and joyful ocean.

  Among many competitions, the team composed of hundreds of students is particularly prominent. I saw that the students quickly arranged the snow circles in a row, and the contestants quickly sat in the snow circles. With the whistle of the coach, the game officially began. Li Xue, from No.56 Middle School in Urumqi, is a frequent visitor to the ski resort. After the competition, she said excitedly: It’s so exciting to play skiing with so many people for the first time!

Uyghur traditional music performance

  Xu Xia, manager of the planning department of Xuelianshan Lighting Ski Resort, told the reporter: This year’s activities mainly highlight the masses and interaction, hoping to let more people participate in and experience the ice and snow projects with the help of the Ice and Snow Tourism Festival.

  In recent years, major ski resorts in Xinjiang have been constantly upgrading their equipment. In addition to strong hardware facilities such as snow presses and snow makers, they have also built a variety of special projects to attract tourists. During this year’s snow and ice storm, the general public and tourists can not only experience traditional projects such as snowboarding, skiing circle and snowmobile in the ski resort, but also feel the fun brought by new projects such as powered parachute, magic carpet ropeway, four-person hanging chair and delta wing.

Editor: Liu Li