Experience the China big plane C919.

  (video production: the main station is dreaming of the media creative studio)

  Commercial aircraft has always been called the jewel in the crown of modern industry. On May 5, 2017, with the success of the first flight of China C919 passenger plane, China people’s dream of a big plane took another step forward. In the following five years, the C919 large passenger plane has been conducting evidence-based test flight. On September 29th, 2022, it ushered in the most important moment — — Obtaining the type certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China also means that after 15 years’ efforts, China has completed the whole process of design, manufacture, test, flight test and airworthiness certification of a large jet airliner in strict accordance with the internationally accepted airworthiness standards for the first time. The C919 has the "safety qualification" to deliver to customers and put into market operation, and it also marks that China’s airworthiness certification ability has reached the advanced level in the world.

  For this important historical moment, two C919 aircraft flew to Beijing from the development site, which was the first time that a large C919 passenger plane flew to Beijing Capital International Airport. As the first "passengers", CCTV reporters from the main station followed one of the planes and experienced this unusual journey exclusively. This is the first time that a large C919 passenger plane has witnessed the report by the media since its first flight. What exactly is the interior of C919 cabin like? What kind of experience will you have when you take the C919 domestic large plane for the first time? The CCTV reporter at the reception desk reveals the secret for you!

  (CCTV reporter Cui Xia Tao Jiashu assisted in filming China Commercial Aircraft He Chun Xu Bingnan Yan Tianyu)