Six real "Chinese-style" original ecological beauties are a lot of popular actresses.


In this era of looking at faces, "Yan value is justice" has become the consensus of the public.

However, the true beauty connotation goes far beyond the proportion of the five senses, and more importantly, it contains the soul power.

Let’s take a look at these truly stunning beauties. Do they have enough charm to convince the world?

True love at first sight, does Zhou Yun’s shining light come from Jiang Wen?

In 2002, a film called Heroes of Heaven and Earth was under intense shooting.

Zhou Yun, a girl who is still in college, came to the set and met the director Jiang Wen here.

Jiang Wen has been a veteran director for many years, while Zhou Yun is just a newcomer who has just set foot in the entertainment industry.

However, this time the encounter, but in the fate of the two people painted a heavy color.

In order to perform the role perfectly, Zhou Yun resolutely shaved off his thick black hair and polished his head.

Despite losing the embellishment of her hair, her temperament has not diminished at all, but has added a touch of skill and tenacity.

In the interval between filming, Jiang Wen often looks at Zhou Yun approvingly, with appreciation in his eyes.

And Zhou Yun will return shyly with a bright smile.

In 2005, the two formally entered the marriage hall.

Originally, people may think that the combination of the older director and Hua Dan Jr. is a little abrupt, but their feelings are like old wine, and the longer they get, the more mellow they become, which makes people want to bless.

In many films directed by Jiang Wen later, Zhou Yun appeared and successfully created female characters with different personalities.

Whether it’s the brave true nature in One Step Away, the witty blood in Let the Bullets Fly, or the free and easy pride in Evil Doesn’t Suppress Righteousness, Zhou Yun perfectly presents himself in different aspects.

Jiang Wen seems to be showing the multiple charms of Zhou Yun in his heart to the audience through focus plane.

He used the beauty of art to carve the beauty of love.

Ye Jihong, the first supermodel in China, proved her unique charm with her strength.

In 1980s, a legendary supermodel was born in the modeling field of China, and she was Ye Jihong.

Unlike porn stars in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Ye Jihong is not eye-catching by her stunning style.

Her beauty is more like a deep pool, calm and not thrilling, but can firmly grasp your eyes.

Ye Jihong knew that true charm does not need external decoration, but internal temperament.

Therefore, she attracted the attention of countless fans with her unique temperament.

Michele Monique Reis, a Hong Kong elder sister who competed with Ye Jihong, once made her feel inferior.

Michele Monique Reis’s popularity is higher and its appearance is more eye-catching.

However, Ye Jihong did not flinch, but proved his unique charm with his own strength.

Under the artist Chen Yifei’s pen, Ye Jihong seems to have a thousand words in his eyes.

She got rid of the bondage of commercial packaging and showed an extraordinary temperament.

Ye Jihong used her magnetic aura to tell the world that true beauty does not need the approval of others, but it has its own aura.

Perhaps it is this leisurely temperament that makes her a classic that cannot be copied.

Zhu Lin, the rare king of the daughter country in Journey to the West, perfectly interprets complex character with acting skills.

In 1986, the shooting of the classic The Journey to the West was in full swing.

Among many roles, the most troublesome one is the candidate for the role of king of the daughter country.

This role needs to have both the majesty of the king and the charm of women, both atmospheric and lively and amiable.

Such a complicated person was hardly found among the actors at that time.

After interviewing thousands of actors, director Yang Jie finally took a fancy to a very young actor-Zhu Lin.

Although Zhu Lin is still young, her understanding of this role is eye-catching.

Through her interpretation, the audience saw not only a touching beauty, but also a flesh-and-blood three-dimensional life.

In her rich facial expressions, she is sometimes filled with love and sometimes with sadness, which shows the inner struggle of the king of her daughter country to the fullest.

Even in the scene of confrontation with Tang Priest, she didn’t use the exaggeration that ordinary villains would use.

On the contrary, through subtle expression management, this female character has maintained her unique charm.

With his keen insight and excellent acting skills, Zhu Lin perfectly interpreted this extremely difficult role and made it lifelike.

Perhaps, it is this control of the details of the role that has made her brilliant on the road of acting.

Chen Hong, the first beauty in mainland China, conquered the difficult Hong Kong art circle with her strength.

The 1980s was the golden age of Hong Kong films.

However, for mainland actors, this fertile land of art is not friendly.

It was in such a difficult environment that Chen Hong made his mark.

She conquered many Hong Kong audiences with her unique temperament and solid acting skills, and was praised as "the first beauty in mainland China".

Chen Hong has a small square face, unlike the traditional beauty.

However, it is this asymmetrical facial line that increases her three-dimensional sense and aura.

When director Chen Kaige first met Chen Hong, she was deeply shocked by her face like an oil painting.

Although it is not a melon face, it is also beautiful.

Chen Hong is 51 years old, but she still has girlish skin.

The traces left by years on her face only made her beauty more precipitated.

Perhaps this is the unforgettable charm of Chen Hong.

With her own efforts and strength, she opened up a world of her own in a severe environment, and this spirit cannot be eroded by time.

A smile warms people’s hearts like spring breeze, and Gao Yuanyuan influences every role with sincerity.

"Mark Chao, it’s bitter to take revenge on your wife!" The heroine of this sentence is Gao Yuanyuan, who is known as "laughing like spring".

In 1997, Gao Yuanyuan entered the show business at the age of 18.

Although she is still a little childish, her unique temperament is already in the bud.

With big eyes, high nose and oval face, the proportion of Gao Yuanyuan’s five senses is perfect.

When she smiles, the whole person radiates dazzling light.

In 2014, Gao Yuanyuan returned to the public eye.

What remains unchanged is her bright smile, but what changes is the faint maternal aura revealed in the smile.

Gao Yuanyuan is not only outstanding in appearance, but also excellent in acting.

Whether it is the villain in "Eternal Dragon Slayer" or the warm-hearted girl in "Mala Tang Girl", she can infect every character with her sincerity.

Perhaps this is the real secret that she can touch the hearts of the audience.

Gao Yuanyuan endowed each character with the agility of life with his pure soul strength.

Lin Fangbing, who plays the legendary role of Yang Guifei, shows the beauty of women with her plump figure.

In the hit drama The Legend of Yang Guifei, Lin Fangbing, who successfully played the role of Yang Guifei, was deeply loved by the audience.

For this role, Lin Fangbing gained 30 Jin, reaching the highest weight in his life.

However, the plump figure did not affect her charm, but added charm.

As an excellent actor, Lin Fangbing not only presents Yang Guifei’s noble temperament in appearance, but also depicts Yang Guifei’s inner waves through subtle expressions.

In particular, her every move reveals charming amorous feelings and successfully completes the transformation from modern women to Yang Guifei.

In this play, Lin Fangbing shows the colorful life of this legendary woman with her rich acting skills.

With her understanding and expressive force of the role, she vividly showed Yang Guifei, a historical figure, to the audience.

Because of this, Lin Fangbing won the honor of best actress in the 11th Golden Eagle Award.

This is not only an affirmation of her acting skills, but also represents that the beauty of all plump women deserves attention and praise.


So, what is true beauty? Perhaps the external appearance is just the entrance, and what really convinces people is the inner soul power.

If a person has these beautiful qualities of tenacity, wisdom and sincerity, he can shine brilliantly.

We should use our inner eyes to discover the true beauty of the world.