During the Spring Festival holiday, the national road traffic is generally stable and orderly. It is expected that the self-driving return traffic around the Lantern Festival will remain high.

Beijing, February 17 (Reporter Jing Wong) The reporter learned from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security that as of 19: 00 on February 17, the road traffic safety situation in China was generally stable and orderly, and no serious road traffic accidents were reported.
According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, from February 17 to 22, due to the cold wave weather, there will be a sharp drop in temperature in most parts of China, with heavy snowstorms in parts of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, and small to moderate rains in eastern North China, most of Huanghuai and parts of northern South China, which will adversely affect traffic.
The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reminds drivers and friends to always put traffic safety first, pay close attention to the weather and road information before going out, arrange the travel time and route reasonably, and don’t drive too fast and fatigue in order to hurry.
On February 16, 2024, in Chongqing, airport employees held their posts to escort passengers back to Spring Festival travel rush.
During the Spring Festival holiday, the national road traffic was generally stable and orderly.
The Spring Festival holiday takes a long time. According to the relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, people travel by car and concentrate, and the road traffic flow continues to run at a high level. From the traffic flow of 700 important passage nodes of 73 expressways monitored by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, it is about 20% higher than that of the same period last year. Local public security traffic control departments judge and judge easily blocked road sections in advance, formulate organization and diversion plans one by one, strengthen regional police cooperation among departments, strengthen linkage and cooperation with transportation, fire rescue, medical first aid and other departments, highway maintenance, obstacle clearing and other units, strengthen patrol control and command and guidance of key time periods, key road sections and important nodes, and make every effort to unblock and ensure smooth work.
In order to ensure the road traffic safety during the Spring Festival holiday, the majority of traffic police auxiliary police stick to their posts, keep a close eye on the key sections with concentrated traffic flow and prominent hidden dangers according to the characteristics of traffic violations and accidents during the holiday, pay close attention to the three keys of source investigation, key rectification and strict road management, adhere to the combination of fixed-point duty and mobile inspection, and strictly investigate serious traffic violations such as drunk driving and "three overload and one fatigue". During the long holiday, the country dispatched 181,000 police officers and 62,000 police cars every day, started more than 4,000 traffic police law enforcement stations and set up more than 20,000 temporary duty stations.
In Hainan, in order to cope with the superposition of traffic flow on the first day of work after the holiday and Spring Festival travel rush’s departure from the island, Haikou traffic police will guide the cross-sea vehicles and local residents to avoid cross-traffic conflicts.
In view of the traffic guarantee of vehicles crossing the sea on the first day of work after the holiday and in Spring Festival travel rush, at the press conference of Qiongzhou Strait Spring Festival travel rush in Haikou City in 2024, the relevant person in charge of the traffic police detachment of Haikou Public Security Bureau introduced that in order to serve and ensure the passengers and friends to cross the sea safely and return smoothly, Haikou Public Security Traffic Police implemented measures such as separation of passenger cars and trucks, separation of cross-sea and transit lanes, classification control and diversion guidance, and went all out to unblock and ensure smoothness.
On February 17, 2024, Hebi, Henan Province, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, people set foot on the return journey one after another.
Beijing: Line 7 does not stop, and Line 10 opens 30 minutes earlier.
In response to the large passenger flow of railways and civil aviation returning to Beijing, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission that on February 17, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Department adopted comprehensive measures such as subway delay, bus encryption, dispatching and renting (network car) to "guarantee point" transportation, and increasing airport bus capacity to ensure passengers’ connecting trips at night.
Beijing West Railway Station and Metro Line 7 take measures of non-stop and continuous operation. The operation time of Beijing West Railway Station on Metro Line 9 was extended by one hour. The operation hours of the 9, 21 and 387 originating routes are extended, and the four originating routes, including the night 14, night 22, night 23 and night 36, are arranged with mobile capacity to ensure passengers’ travel.
Beijing South Railway Station, Metro Line 14 extended the operation of Beijing South Railway Station for 1.5 hours. The operation time of Metro Line 4 is extended by one hour. On February 18th, the public transport capacity was strengthened from 1 am to 3 am, and seven spare cars were added to three night shift lines (night 15, night 17 and night 24), and high-speed rail lines were opened in due course.
Beijing Fengtai Station, on February 18th, Metro Line 10 opened 30 minutes earlier and Line 16 opened 1 hour earlier. The bus will strengthen the capacity of two high-speed rail lines at Fengtai Station at night, add 16 spare cars to the two special lines, and arrange 10 extra spare cars to be called at any time in the surrounding bus stations.
Beijing Railway Station and Metro Line 2 both extended their operation hours by 30 minutes, and opened their doors 10 minutes earlier on February 18th. Seven bus lines increase capacity.
Beijing Chaoyang Station, Metro Line 14 Dongfeng beiqiao extended its operation for 1.5 hours on the upstream and 1 hour on the downstream. Public transport increased investment in transport capacity and continued to add 10 cars, with a total of 140 cars. The capacity of the night 13 road will be increased, and the Chaoyang station will be issued. The shuttle bus from Shilibao and Hujialou to Dongdaqiao will strengthen the connection capacity to the East Third Ring Road.
In addition, the subway Daxing Airport Line was delayed for 1.5 hours, and the subway line 19 and Daxing Airport Line were delayed synchronously.
Chuzhou, Anhui Province: Charging Station in High-speed Service Area "Full Power" Escort
Official tip: refuse to take the overcrowded car and "hacker transport"
It is predicted that by the Lantern Festival, the passenger flow of self-driving return cars will remain high, and due to the cold wave weather, a new round of rainfall, snowfall and cooling will be ushered in most parts of the country, which will adversely affect the return traffic in Spring Festival travel rush.
The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reminds drivers that when traveling by car, they should pay close attention to the weather changes and road traffic conditions, plan and arrange their trips reasonably, and adjust their travel plans as much as possible in case of bad weather such as low temperature, freezing rain, snow, fog and dust. To drive according to the law, do not overspeed, overload passengers, fatigue driving, and drunk driving is strictly prohibited; It is necessary to be civilized and courteous, pay attention to observation and slow down at intersections. In case of slow traffic and traffic congestion, queue up in order to pass, and do not fight for the road or occupy the emergency lane; In the event of a traffic accident, it is necessary to keep in mind that "the car pulls over and people evacuate, that is, call the police" to prevent secondary accidents; Be sure to choose legal and compliant vehicles when taking passenger vehicles, refuse to take overcrowded vehicles and "hacking", and fasten your seat belts all the time.
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