Understanding the "core training" in running from another angle

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In this column, I will continue to introduce you to the related content of running.


Let’s start with the posture. As a "most natural" sport, running hardly involves the cooperation between people and equipment (except running shoes, which will be elaborated in detail), and the running mode can be said to be a skill package brought by human beings, which is embedded in genes as people evolve to walk upright.

Since I became a father, I have watched my daughter fall to the ground, from learning to look up, turn over, crawl, stand, walk to run, and often lament the magic of the creator; At the same time, it is very enlightening to observe the movements of children! For example, if children want to pick up toys on the ground, or move a small stool, they must squat down, take them, and then squat up, instead of bending down and reaching for things on the ground first like adults; Another example is that when a child runs, the heel does not touch the ground first, but the sole touches the ground first.

When children learn to walk, their language communication skills are usually not fully developed, so these basic action patterns are not taught by adults-parents only do some auxiliary work such as help at most.Obviously, these basic movement patterns are "preset programs" that already exist in every child’s brain at birth.After a period of "debugging" and "running-in", children can use these preset programs normally, and the action differences between children are very small.??

Now the field of kinematics has fully paid attention to the value of the research on children’s sports patterns, and formed a special branch of developmental sports, and through some exercises, adults can gradually return to their original source in sports patterns.


In the introduction of the last issue, we introduced the importance of posture-because of sitting or standing for a long time in life, and often because of poor sitting or standing posture, some wrong body habits are formed, which leads to "imbalance" in the body, and this "imbalance" destroys the core stability of the human body, so it is easy to compensate in sports and becomes one of the reasons for sports injuries.

In Tiesanluan, most fans are energetic and curious sports enthusiasts, and they are also willing to try new things. I remember that for a while, "practicing the core" was a very fashionable thing in the iron three laps (maybe it still is).

Therefore, all kinds of flat support, sit-ups and abdominal muscle tears are practiced happily, and you must regularly take photos of eight abdominal muscles in front of the mirror to prove the effectiveness of "practicing the core".However, when I returned to these special sports, I found that the previous problems still existed, so I went back to the above process and entered an infinite loop.?

This is the trouble of many iron three people-they are all practicing the core, and few people can tell what the core is, and even fewer people know how to use it.?

Generally speaking, the muscles that control the spine and body posture can be called core muscles.We won’t delve into it here. The body is like a complex but not very reliable engine. Only when all parts are in normal positions can the ideal output power be achieved, and the core function is to ensure that these "parts" can be in normal positions without deviation.


Go on, running,Running mainly relies on the lower limbs to drive the body forward, and the legs do repeated periodic movements like pistons, while the pelvis is the fulcrum of the movement of the legs. If the fulcrum is not stable, the parts will deviate and the engine will act abnormally.. How to control the stability of the core to ensure the efficient operation of the engine? Here is a concept: dynamic neuromuscular stability (hereinafter referred to as DNS). Excuse me? If you know every word, you don’t know what you’re talking about. In this case, the purpose of my subject (zhuang) and general education (bi) has been achieved, and brackets laugh!?

Get down to business,Simply put, DNS is a technical means to help restore or improve sports ability through the stability of core muscles. Different from the usual methods of simply strengthening the muscle strength of waist and abdomen, DNS mainly controls the coordination of waist and abdomen muscle groups and intra-abdominal pressure through the motor nervous system to achieve the goal of core stability.

The diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles of the human body are like the lid and bottom of a mineral water bottle, and the abdominal wall is the body of this mineral water bottle. When your posture is correct, the diaphragm is opposite to the pelvic floor muscle, and you use abdominal breathing to inhale one breath into the abdominal cavity, which causes the intra-abdominal pressure to rise, just like filling a mineral water bottle with water and tightening the bottle cap. At this time, the structure and state of the bottle are very stable and not easy to deform. As shown in the figure below.

If the posture is bad, such as the pelvis leans forward excessively (many people will deliberately do this to make their chests stand high and their hips become warped), the relative position of the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles will be destroyed, just like if you squeeze the bottle body of a mineral water bottle into it, even if it is filled with water, the bottle still cannot maintain structural stability. As shown in the figure below.

Through DNS, joints can be located in the best position, so as to obtain the best advantages of sports mechanics, and it is also conducive to the correct excitation of sports muscles. existIn long-distance endurance exercise, the muscle strength or endurance of a single muscle is not the key point. The key to improve exercise efficiency is to coordinate the work between muscles and stimulate them at the right time, and a good posture is a prerequisite for achieving efficient exercise..?

I hope this article will play a role in attracting jade, so that everyone can look at the "core" from another angle. We will talk about running shoes in the next column, so stay tuned.

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