Hankook Tire has been recognized by many parties together with DTM for the first time.

    Strong return is highly anticipated.

    n With high-performance and high-quality products and strong on-site technical support, Hankook Tire sponsored.DTMThe first year was affirmed by many parties.

    n Drawing on the experience of top-level events, Hankook Tire continuously improves the quality and performance of its products.

    (Shanghai, China)2011year10moon27Day)On October 23, 2011, the 2011 German Touring Car Masters (DTM), one of the highest-level touring car races in the world, ended the final battle in Hockenheim, Germany. As the exclusive tire supplier of DTM, Hankook Tire has drawn a successful conclusion for its first year sponsorship work with high-performance and high-quality products and strong technical support on site. BMW, which will return to DTM strongly next year, also brought its latest racing car to the scene, making 2012 DTM highly anticipated.

    Hankook Tire won many praises.

    As the first time to join hands with DTM, Hankook Tire’s outstanding performance throughout the season is obvious to all. From the gravel road surface in Zan Dewater, the Netherlands to the rainy and slippery road surface in Hockenheim Norris, the Ventus series of racing tires accompany drivers through all kinds of difficult tracks and bad weather, and maximize the performance of the car. At the same time, the high balance of handling, stability and safety of Hankook tires has also been greatly appreciated by drivers, and has been recognized and trusted by organizers and teams.

    "Hankook Tire has provided excellent products and efficient support team for the team. Although it is the first time to cooperate, I give them the highest evaluation". Hans &bull, Chairman of ITR e.V, the event organization association responsible for organizing and promoting DTM; Werner • Hans Werner Aufrecht said. At the same time, Hankook Tire’s consistently excellent performance has also won high recognition from the team leader.

    "I am very happy to be able to join hands with two top automobile brands in the world, and achieve stable performance and zero failure achievements throughout the year. By participating in DTM, the world’s top race, we have gained very valuable tire track experience, and applying it to the research and development of daily tires is the driving force for our persistent participation in DTM and other top races, "said Manfred Sandbichler, executive director of Hankook Tire Race." The end of this season means a brand-new beginning of the 2012 season, and we look forward to the wonderful performance of BMW, another top automobile brand newly added in 2012. Hankook Tire will provide the three top automobile brands in the world with the same high performance and performance at a higher level.

    Audi drivers win the annual championshipBMW returns strongly.2012 DTM

    On October 23rd, witnessed by 120,000 spectators, Jamie Green, the Mercedes-Benz driver, was the first to cross the finish line in Hockenheim and won the last race of DTM. At this point, the annual total score ranking of the 2011 season has also surfaced. Audi driver Martin Tomczyk won the drivers’ championship with an absolute advantage of 72 points, while Audi driver Mattias Ekstr?m and Mercedes-Benz driver spangler finished second and third respectively. The same high-profile team championship was won by Audi.

    Looking back on the competition of DTM in 2011 (a total of 10 races), the contest between Audi and Mercedes-Benz was full of twists and turns. Mercedes-Benz camp gained absolute advantage at the beginning of the season, but with the Audi camp’s comprehensive attack, its drivers successively won the drivers’ championships in the seventh and eighth races, and the situation showed a dramatic reversal — — In the end, the Audi ABT team "came from behind" and became the final winner.

    With excellent driving skills and fighting spirit, Tom Zeke, who won the annual championship in deus ex, has undoubtedly become the biggest dark horse this season. The strategy of "striving for progress steadily" earned him points in every race. In addition, he successfully won three races and only one pole position in Sielberg, Austria, so that he finally won the driver’s championship. In addition, as the champion of Audi, the veteran Ashton also performed well, winning three championships and one runner-up in the second half of the season, catching up with spangler, the strong rival of Mercedes-Benz.

    In addition, Hankook Tire’s Best PIT stop (tire changing and gas station in the race) award specially set up in DTM to reward the efficient and high-speed team support team was also won by Audi Phoenix team, and the Audi camp can be described as a bumper harvest this season.

    It is reported that after 18 years away from DTM, BMW will return to DTM in the 2012 season. After completing the test of Hankook tire, BMW expressed great satisfaction and looked forward to the cooperation next year. At the same time, China and Shanghai may once again become one of the DTM substations since 2010, which makes China racing fans have more expectations.


    Third runner-up of the year: Audi driver Tom Zeke (middle) and Ashton (left) and Mercedes-Benz driver spangler (right)


    Last stop champion: Mercedes-Benz driver Green

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