25 photos that make you laugh, so funny, so funny.

1. The skier is holding a sheep, which will never be forgotten.

2.The pug’s face says it all, and the surprised look is so cute.

3. The new superhero team, mothman and Batman.

This playground is occupied by cats.

It’s so cute that the big dog is watching the fun with the puppy on his back.

6. Several lions are eyeing around the car, and the people in the car are feeding raw meat.

7. Holding an umbrella like this is really domineering.

8. When camping, all the clothes were towed away by wild boar. What should I do?

9. The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu.

10. The greedy elephant tore down the kitchen.

11. Carrying a cat for a walk, the cat looks around curiously like a child.

Is the horror sticker stuck on the back glass of the car to cure the high beam dog or to scare people?

13. The special service desk is like a big soup pot.

14. Foreign netizens found that a moose got lost because of heavy snow and broke into the basement.

15. This toilet is a bit special. I don’t know what it is used for.

16. The clown touches the pony, and the pony’s eyes are a little special.

17. The car seat disguised by a real person is just a little fat, if only it were thinner.

18. Little brother plays the piano outdoors, and a group of long-tailed monkeys come to make trouble.

19. There are many donkeys pulling carts, and it is the first time for people to pull donkeys by car.

20. Don’t pee on the floor, or we’ll cut off our balls.

21. Save King Super Bee.

22. Two very sleepy "sumo wrestlers" fell asleep.

23. This is a strange photo.

A flock of sheep caused a traffic jam.

25. Take a rooster to the Internet cafe to play games.

26. The legendary mushroom cat