How to arrange exercise at home? Five self-weight movements will help you gain muscle and lose fat, and carve a good figure.

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Fitness is a thing that needs persistence to achieve something. The longer you persist in fitness, the more you will gain.

If you can arrange an hour of exercise every day, you can improve your active metabolism, promote the decline of body fat rate, strengthen your heart and lung function and slow down the aging of your body. Doing more strength training in fitness can prevent muscle loss, improve your basal metabolic value, and make your body shape better after losing weight.

Then, how can people who don’t have time to go out to exercise arrange exercise at home? I suggest you start exercising from these movements:

Action 1, opening and closing jump

A warm-up action, which is also recognized as fat burning action, can help you quickly raise your heart rate, let your body enter a state of fat burning, activate your body muscles and avoid muscle loss. Each time for 30 seconds, repeat 4 groups.

Action 2, high leg lift

This movement can promote the blood circulation of lower limbs and improve the flexibility of lower limbs. During the training, we should tighten the abdominal muscles and lift our legs as much as possible for 30 seconds at a time, repeating 4 groups.

Action 3, push-ups

Push-ups can exercise upper limb muscles, improve upper limb lines and strength, and make you look better in clothes. Push-ups are performed in 4-5 groups at a time, with 15-20 in each group. Those who cannot complete multiple push-ups at one time can start with kneeling push-ups and upward inclined push-ups.

Action 4, squat

Squat can exercise hip and leg muscles, improve hip line, and shape long legs with full hips and tight heels. Beginners start with freehand squats, and then carry out weight-bearing squats or squat jumps after a foundation, with 5 groups of 15 in each group.

Action 5, lunge squat

Squat lunge is also an effective action to exercise the muscles of lower limbs, which can improve the hip and leg lines and improve the stability of lower limbs at the same time. Do it 10 times left and right, and repeat 5 groups.

Action 6, the goat stands up

This action can exercise core muscles, improve core strength, make you less injured during exercise, and also improve the problem of backache caused by sedentary. The action is carried out 15 times and repeated in 4 groups.