There are 65 rare and beautiful pictures, and the nature is amazing.

There are countless beautiful scenery and wonders in nature, waiting for us to discover and explore.

Let’s enjoy a group of amazing natural landscapes together.

Beautiful wisteria flowers string by string, like a purple waterfall, romantic and beautiful, full of magic.

The lake falls and birds fly.

Xiaguang dyed the mountains red, which matched the reflection in the clear lake.

Silent mountains, clear and calm lake water, gentle glow, snow-white earth.

Green water and green mountains, pleasant scenery.

Blue sky and white clouds, green water and green mountains, flowers in full bloom, just like a fairyland.

All over the mountains, azaleas are in full bloom.

Green mountains and green waters, misty.

The mountains and peaks are overlapping, green and beautiful.

The endless flower fields are romantic and charming.

The Great Wall of Wan Li is magnificent.

The trees are green and the lake is clear.

Clouds and mist, such as in a fairyland.

Great rivers and mountains, magnificent.

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