Far ahead of Bluetooth! China people’s own "star flash" has come: 60% energy consumption, 6 times speed and 1/30 time delay.

Bluetooth technology was born in 1994 and was invented by Ericsson. Its original purpose was to make wireless headphones possible through wireless audio transmission.

In the past more than 20 years, Bluetooth is the most mainstream short-range wireless communication technology, which is widely used in mobile phones, headphones, handles, keyboards and other devices.

However, Bluetooth technology also has many inherent shortcomings.

For example, the delay of human-computer interaction devices such as Bluetooth mouse and handle, the audio quality and stability of Bluetooth headset, and the number of intelligent Bluetooth networking devices in the whole house are not satisfactory.


So, China people’s own "NearLink" came!

On August 4th, at the Huawei Developers Conference HDC023, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Terminal BG, announced that,

Huawei will introduce Starshine NearLink into HarmonyOS’s ecology.

What are the advantages of Star Flash over Bluetooth?

It is understood that Star Flash is a new generation of short-range wireless connection technology native to China. It is the first time that China’s communication industry has innovatively applied the experience and technology accumulated from following to leading the world for more than 30 years in the field of short-range wireless connection, which is another important milestone for China’s scientific and technological self-reliance.

Fast Science and Technology learned that in 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology took the lead in formulating the near field communication standard for Star Flash.

In September 2020, the Star Flash Alliance was formally established. It only took more than two years from the official start of standardization work to the first commercial use, and it became the fastest-growing short-range wireless technology in history.

Flash-related technicians said that Star Flash is to solve the demand that WiFi and Bluetooth can’t meet the ultimate experience such as delay and reliability in some subdivided scenarios of smart terminals and smart homes, rather than subverting WiFi and Bluetooth.

In terms of technical advantages,

Star flash has the advantages of low delay, high speed, high concurrency, high reliability, anti-interference and precise positioning.

Star Flash only uses 60% energy consumption of Bluetooth, and it can reach 6 times speed, and the transmission delay is only 1/30.

Star Flash can improve the air interface delay of e-sports mouse from millisecond level to microsecond level. In addition, with its high bandwidth and anti-interference ability, lossless audio that was difficult to achieve in the past with Bluetooth headset becomes a reality. In the smart travel scene, the positioning accuracy of Star Flash digital car keys has changed from meter level to decimeter level.

It is reported that,

As a member of the Star Flash Alliance, Huawei has contributed its wireless communication experience and technology precipitation for more than 30 years to the Star Flash standard.

For the first time, the 5G technology contributed by Huawei, such as Polar code, was shortened and made great contributions.

The rejection of the live broadcast of the network anchor caused the conflict and caused the threatened abortion of the photographed woman’s fracture.

  CCTV News:It is not uncommon for network anchors to make gimmicks in the process of live broadcast, one of which is chatting up live broadcast. In order to record people’s reaction in an unexpected state, it often shoots without the consent of the live broadcast object. However, this phenomenon is likely to involve legal issues. Last year, a network platform anchor caused a lawsuit for chatting up people during the outdoor live broadcast. This case was recently pronounced in the second instance in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

  This is a surveillance video of a department store in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. On the evening of January 7, 2018, a man walked into the mall and made a live webcast with a selfie stick on his mobile phone, but the live broadcast led to a dispute.

  Network anchor Ma:I felt that she didn’t want to be on camera, but I didn’t get her on camera either. Then she scolded me, and I was very uncomfortable. Then I said to the live studio, I said, how can there be such a girl?

  Mr. Feng, the husband of Ms. Tian:People told you not to shoot, but you still have to shoot there. Do you think you are a little too radical?

  Why did the network anchor go to the mall to broadcast live? Who was the woman who clashed with him? How did this dispute happen?

  Network anchor Ma:Outdoor test: Eat stranger’s food and walk.

  In the video, the anchor who is conducting an outdoor webcast is Ma. On a certain network platform, he is an outdoor anchor with nearly 300,000 fans. In this live video, Ma is conducting a so-called test on the street, and the content is to suddenly eat something from a stranger.

  Network anchor Ma:That’s not negotiable. That’s our street test. This uncle is eating. I said I would eat his noodles. Do you think my uncle will get angry? Then everyone will talk about it and I will go.

  In the live broadcast, the man who was eating in the store was surprised by Ma’s sudden movements.

  Network anchor Ma:I’ve made up my mind. Anyway, even if my uncle scolds me and hits me, it’s all my fault. I’m ready for this. I’ll apologize to him. This is risky, because I think it’s a topic as an anchor.

  In order to attract fans to pay attention to the so-called "outdoor test" of live broadcast,

  Although Ma knows that his behavior is risky, in order to increase the topicality of the live broadcast and attract the attention of fans, he still made a self-proclaimed "outdoor test" in the live broadcast. The dispute between Ma and the litigant Ms. Tian in the shopping mall also stems from such a live broadcast. So what happened at that time? According to Ma, on the night of the incident, he walked into a shopping mall during the live broadcast. After walking for a while, he met Ms. Tian, the party who was working.

  Network anchor Ma:On the live broadcast that day, I took my mobile phone and saw a girl selling clothes. I went there.

  Reporter:When you walked up to her with your mobile phone to broadcast live, did you not communicate with her before?

  Network anchor Ma:No communication, I am direct, because my live broadcast is random. Because I walk at random and interview passers-by at random.

  Reporter:What do you mainly want to communicate with her?

  Network anchor Ma:I mainly want to interview her, because it was about 6 o’clock in the evening. At this time, a girl was still at her post and still working. I felt very hard. I wanted to ask her if she was happy at work and whether it was smooth, and then tell the people in the live broadcast room.

  Ma went to Ms. Tian who didn’t know, but his conversation was rejected by the other party.

  Network anchor Ma:I said hello girl, and then this girl, she was very angry at that time, and then she said, get out of here.

  Although the other party refused to be filmed, Ma did not mean to leave. This led to the intensification of the subsequent conflict between the two sides, so why didn’t Ma leave immediately?

  Network anchor Ma:Because at that time, she didn’t just politely say, I’m sorry, I won’t give an interview. I was surprised that she didn’t say that, because I talked to many people and I had never seen it like this.

  Why did the conflict between the two sides escalate after the live broadcast was rejected?

  Ma thinks that she is doing an "interview" with Ms. Tian in the live broadcast. Then how do the party Ms. Tian and her family view this incident, and what kind of conflict did the two sides have afterwards? Because Ms. Tian didn’t want to recall what happened that day, her husband, Mr. Feng, accepted an interview with the reporter.

  According to the transcript made by Ms. Tian at the police station, she was selling clothes at the stall on the first floor of the shopping mall at the time of the incident, during which she met Ma with a mobile phone.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:At first, I didn’t strike up a conversation, so I filmed my wife live. When I filmed live, she thought it didn’t matter if you wanted to have some people, but some people felt prejudiced. You took this kind of thing without my permission and filmed it at us. So there are two problems. First, it affects my work, and second, she doesn’t want her privacy to be revealed.

  In the face of Ma’s sudden conversation and shooting, Ms. Tian, who is working, expressed strong rejection.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:My wife may have a strong attitude and asked not to shoot. He just said that this person is so angry, so he just said my wife.

  Continue to forcibly shoot the other party to grab the phone and ask to delete the video.

  Mr. Feng said that Ma ignored his wife’s request and continued to broadcast live in situ, and told the fans in the live broadcast that Ms. Tian had a bad temper. So what kind of conflict did the two sides have subsequently? The transcript shows that when Ms. Tian saw that Ma refused to go away, she went up to grab Ma’s mobile phone.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:I want to delete the video I took of her. Her request is that you take this video of me and delete it. It’s just privacy. It’s like this when it’s exposed.

  In this way, the two men had some physical contact in the process of competing for mobile phones, and Ms. Tian was injured. After the incident, she was taken to the hospital.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:The doctor said that her hand might be dislocated or broken. At that time, because my wife was pregnant, she couldn’t make a film if she was pregnant, which means she also had a stomachache.

  That night, Ms. Tian was diagnosed as dislocated left shoulder joint. Because she was just pregnant, she went to the hospital for examination the next day, and the orthopedic surgeon suggested that she rest for one month. According to Mr. Feng, his wife has been worried about the impact of the conflict on the health of her children since she left the hospital. Unfortunately, a month later, Ms. Tian had a miscarriage, which became a hurdle for her and her family.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:Telling the truth has a great influence on our whole family, because we are happily pregnant with a child. Maybe for Ma, he didn’t feel his fault, but for his casual video, our whole family spent the whole year in this shadow, including my wife’s shadow over this matter now. It seems that he hasn’t come out from time to time, and he is still mentioning this matter from time to time. It is such a thing.

  After the conflict, the two parties conducted mediation at the police station, but the mediation was not successful. Finally, Ms. Tian’s family decided to sue Ma.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:Ms. Tian and Ma failed under the mediation of the local police station, and then sued the court in January this year, demanding that Ma compensate her for medical expenses, lost time, transportation expenses and so on, totaling more than 20,000 yuan.

  Then why did Ms. Tian’s family finally decide to sue Ma after nearly a year?

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:This situation may happen to me, and it may happen to another person, so I said at that time that I would still sue him and let him learn a lesson. In the future, how to respect each other when encountering this situation, that is to say, we should give each other a revelation and let the society know what a problem is, because there are too many chaos in this live broadcast, because now it is a society ruled by law, and it was originally a fast network spread. Then everyone has a privacy, you don’t respect each other, you say you are careless, you blog, you click on the traffic, you may achieve what you want to achieve, but he didn’t think about how much harm it would do to others.

  Sue the defendant for violating the right to health and demand compensation.

  In June this year, the First People’s Court of Zhongshan held a hearing to hear the case. So how will the court determine this dispute?

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:The plaintiff believes that her injury in this incident was caused by the defendant, who violated her right to health and sued the court for compensation. The defendant himself did not appear in court and the defendant’s agent appeared in court. The defendant mainly believes that there is no infringement or infringement of the plaintiff.

  The plaintiff, Ms. Tian, believes that Ms. Tian’s personal injury was caused by the defendant Ma, so the plaintiff’s losses should be borne by the defendant. During the trial, the defendant argued that although Ma had a chat with Ms. Tian, his mobile phone camera did not shine on Ms. Tian at that time. However, Ma did not provide the court with the video in his mobile phone.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:According to the investigation record made by the public security organ, Ma made his own inquiry record, and he was making a live broadcast of video chat from time to time on a network platform. In the transcript, Ma himself stated that he had talked to Ms. Tian, and then Ms. Tian refused.

  The court of first instance held that according to the transcripts made by the two parties in the public security organs after the incident, it was confirmed that Ma was taking Ms. Tian and other women as clear direct shooting or live broadcast targets at the time of the incident, and there was a verbal conversation, which was not accidental or unintentional. Ms. Tian was included in the shooting or live broadcast. Under this circumstance, Ms. Tian has the right to refuse and stop Ma’s related behavior.

  During the trial, the court presented the transcripts of inquiries and on-site surveillance videos from the public security organs, which restored Ms. Tian’s injury.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:Ms. Tian was supposed to go up and try to grab Ma’s mobile phone, but the height difference between the two sides was very large, so she didn’t grab it. Instead, during Ma’s avoidance of her, both sides had a physical contact, and the surveillance video on the spot was obscured by obstacles, so it was not clear, but the two sides had physical contact, and it was certain that there was physical contact. After the injury, Ms. Tian went to the local hospital at about 9: 30 that evening. She was diagnosed with dislocation of the left shoulder, contusion of the left shoulder and threatened abortion at the first time. After being hospitalized for two days, I went to another maternal and child health hospital to continue my treatment.

  The plaintiff’s injury is the basis of the court’s detailed explanation and acceptance caused by the defendant’s infringement

  The First People’s Court of Zhongshan held that this case was a dispute over the right to health, and citizens’ right to life and health was protected by law.

  In this case, Ma filmed it during the live broadcast without Ms. Tian’s consent, causing disputes. During the dispute, Ms. Tian was injured. Although Ma did not recognize the fact that Ms. Tian was injured because of her aggression, combined with the existing evidence, Ms. Tian was diagnosed with "dislocation of the left shoulder" at the first time after her injury. The defendant could neither give a reasonable explanation for Ms. Tian’s injury, nor provide sufficient evidence to the contrary. The court accepted the fact that Ms. Tian claimed that her injury and hospitalization were caused by Ma.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:At the trial, the defendant could not give a reasonable explanation for the reason that the plaintiff was not injured by himself, and also ruled out that the plaintiff was injured by a third party. Then at this time, combining the previous surveillance video and the investigation record of the public security organ, it has reached a highly probable fact-finding standard that whether the defendant is intentional or negligent, it has reached such a high probability that the plaintiff’s injury is caused by the defendant’s behavior.

  The First People’s Court of Zhongshan held that according to Article 6 of the Tort Liability Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), Ma should be liable for the damages caused by Ms. Tian. In the end, the court ruled that the defendant Ma compensated Ms. Tian for lost time and medical expenses totaling more than 11,000 yuan.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:Citizens’ right to physical health is protected by law. In this case, the defendant filmed without the consent of the plaintiff, causing disputes, which eventually led to the plaintiff’s injury. The defendant committed an infringement of the plaintiff’s right to physical health and should bear this civil liability for compensation according to law.

Expose Xiaomi car to get production qualification! The first product will be launched in the first half of 2024.

For rice noodles, the progress of Xiaomi Automobile is the most concerned thing for everyone. In recent days, Xiaomi Automobile has indeed ushered in new news. On August 23rd, it was reported in Reuters that an informed source revealed that Xiaomi Automobile had been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to produce electric vehicles, which marked a step closer to the production and off-line of Xiaomi Automobile. However, this news has not been officially confirmed by Xiaomi.

According to Tianyancha, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. has registered the website domain name of "xiaomiev". At the same time, there are media reports that Xiaomi Automobile Factory has recently started the recruitment of workers, opened a number of positions such as painting operators and battery workshop operators, and is preparing to increase production in December.

Enterprises with new forces have solved the qualification problem of building cars, and they have succeeded in building cars. Many new forces have died early because they have not solved the problem of "birth certificate". Self-tourists are a living example.

It is not an easy task for an enterprise to build an electric vehicle. First, it needs to comply with the National Development and Reform Commission’s Management Regulations for Newly Built Pure Electric Passenger Cars, and at the same time, it needs to meet the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Access Regulations for New Energy Vehicles. Because the "double qualifications" of new energy vehicles are extremely difficult to obtain, many new car-making forces choose OEM to solve the problem of car-making qualifications.

Once the qualification of building a car is finalized, Xiaomi Automobile will surely usher in rapid development. Earlier, Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi Automobile will be officially listed in the first half of 2024, and plans to produce about 100,000 electric vehicles in 2024.

Judging from the news of previous exposure, the first product of Xiaomi Automobile is expected to be equipped with 800V high-voltage fast charging. At the design level, Xiaomi’s first product will adopt the shape of a four-door coupe, and it will also be equipped with intelligent driving assistance hardware such as laser radar, which will make the car more competitive in the market. In terms of price, we predict that the price of Xiaomi’s first product will not be low. After all, there are configurations such as laser radar, so its price will be around 300,000.

Write it at the end

At the end of March, 2021, Lei Jun said that he was ready to build a car. Up to now, the Xiaomi automobile project has passed more than two years. Although the progress is not fast, once the production qualification problem is solved, I believe that the process of Xiaomi automobile will be faster. We also hope that the first product of Xiaomi Automobile can land as soon as possible, and expect Xiaomi Automobile to bring us more surprises.

The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 4.3 liters, and the spy photos of Xingyue L mixed version are exposed. Do you choose joint venture or independence?

At the Guangzhou Auto Show not long ago, Geely Automobile officially released its Star Yue L hybrid version. On the basis of maintaining the design of the Star Yue L fuel version, the new car has been adjusted for some details. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Geely Automobile’s new Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system for the first time. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in the first half of next year.

A few days ago, we got a set of spy photos of the Star Yue L mixed version from relevant channels. Combined with the previous declaration map and official map, we can have a general understanding of the appearance of the new car. The changes of the Star Yue L hybrid version and the Star Yue fuel version are mainly concentrated in the front face. The straight waterfall air intake grille has been replaced with a fish-scale texture structure, and the textures on both sides of the grille can also be lit, and a luminous Geely LOGO is added.

At the same time, the lower enclosure is decorated with black and the same color as the body instead of the previous through chrome trim, and the large-size diversion grooves on both sides look more combative.

In terms of body size, the declared length, width and height of the new car are 4770/1895/1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845mm, which is consistent with the fuel version. The rear of the car still occupies the whole visual center of gravity with penetrating taillights. The difference is that the shape of the rear enclosure has been adjusted to echo the front face, and the "GHS" logo has been added at the tail mark in the lower right corner to show the identity of the hybrid car.

In the car, we guess that the new car should also continue the design layout of the fuel version, adopt the interior color matching of two-color mix and match, and form an integrated screen with a length of 1 meter with full LCD instrument+central control screen+co-pilot entertainment display, occupying the whole visual center of gravity, showing a strong luxury technology atmosphere.

The power part is the biggest highlight of the new car. The Xingyue L hybrid version is equipped with Geely’s brand-new Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system, which consists of a 1.5TD hybrid engine+motor +DHT Pro transmission. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 110 kW, the peak torque is 225 Nm, the thermal efficiency is as high as 43.32%, and the coverage rate of the high-efficiency area is close to 50%. The matching DHT Pro transmission has three gears.

According to the official, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Xingyue L 100 kilometers equipped with this hybrid system can be as low as 4.3 liters, the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 7.9 seconds, and the maximum cruising range of 1300 kilometers can be achieved. However, the final performance still needs to wait for the follow-up actual test to be revealed.

Since its release, Xingyue L has attracted the attention of consumers with its leapfrog body size, rich configuration and Volvo powertrain. After its listing in July this year, it has achieved very eye-catching sales results. For reference, the price range of the fuel version of the Star Yue L is 137,200-185,200 yuan. If the future Star Yue L hybrid version can also give a price with enough sincerity, I believe that the new car should have a relatively good market competitiveness.

I knew a week ago: China will cancel the roaming fee for long-distance mobile phones from September 1.

I knew a week ago: China will cancel the roaming fee for long-distance mobile phones from September 1.

  * August 28th *

  The 29 th meeting of the 12 th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) was held

  The 29th session of the 12th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) was held in Beijing from August 28th to September 1st.

  * 29 August *

  In 2007, the Ministry of Finance paid the first phase of 600 billion yuan special treasury bonds at maturity.

  Determination of the maturity renewal method of special national debt in 2007, which is concerned by the market. On August 22, the website of the Ministry of Finance announced that the first phase of the 2007 600 billion yuan special national debt will be paid on August 29, 2017. The Ministry of Finance will issue 600 billion yuan of special treasury bonds to relevant banks in a rolling way. In this regard, Xu Zhong, director of the Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China, said that the rolling issuance of special government bonds will basically be compared with the practice in 2007, and will not have an impact on the financial market and liquidity in the banking system.

  Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Terminal T3A put into use.

  The T3A terminal and the third runway of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport will be officially put into use on August 29th. By then, Jiangbei Airport will become the fourth airport in China with three runways running simultaneously after Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

  *31 August *

  Xiamen city’s single and even numbers are restricted to non-Fujian D-number cars.

  From 0: 00 on August 31 to 24: 00 on September 6, Xiamen vehicles were restricted in single and even numbers, non-Fujian D-brand cars were restricted in traffic, and large trucks were restricted in traffic. The traffic police department reminded that this temporary traffic management measure was aimed at Xiamen, including all districts outside the island.

  * 1 September *

  Mobile phone long-distance charges roaming charges canceled

  From September 1st, there will be no long-distance charges and roaming charges for mobile phones in China, which is expected to affect hundreds of millions of mobile phone users. At present, 4G users generally have no long-distance and roaming charges, and this new policy will have a greater impact on non-4G package users. It remains to be seen whether and how much the actual telephone bill can be reduced.

  The national primary school students’ science classes are unified in advance to the first grade.

  For the primary school freshmen who entered school in September this year, besides adapting to the study and life of primary school students as soon as possible, they will also face a new challenge: taking science classes. Because the Ministry of Education issued the newly revised "Compulsory Education Primary School Science Curriculum Standards", it clearly adjusted the starting grade of primary school science curriculum to grade one, and it was implemented this fall.

  Implementation of takeaway industry standards

  The Service Specification for Takeaway Delivery will be officially implemented on September 1st, which specifies the service process and service quality, including that merchants should confirm orders within 10 minutes, take-away delivery personnel should not enter consumers’ homes, and tipping is prohibited.

  The first ticket of Beijing online shopping subway ticket is free

  Internet ticketing platform for one-way ticket of Beijing rail transit — — Yitongxing APP was officially launched a few days ago and took the lead in pilot operation on the airport line. From next month, this convenience measure will be extended to 20 large passenger flow stations. At that time, passengers can enjoy the first free and random reward when purchasing tickets through APP online, including the one-way ticket price of 25 yuan Airport Line.

  Total prohibition of alcohol in official activities in Guizhou

  From September 1st, official activities in Guizhou Province were completely banned from alcohol. According to the regulations, all official activities in Guizhou Province will be forbidden to provide any alcohol, and no alcohol provided by any unit or individual, including private alcohol, will be allowed.

  *3 September *

  The ninth meeting of BRICS leaders was held.

  China will host the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders in Xiamen, Fujian from September 3 to 5 this year. As another grand event of China’s home diplomacy in 2017, this meeting attracted the attention of the whole world.

  The 13th National Student Games opened.

  The 13th National Student Games will be held at the Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou on September 3rd, and the closing ceremony will be held at Zhejiang University on September 16th. In order to embody the concept of openness and sharing, and meet the needs of teachers and students to watch the games, this year’s Games will choose games that meet the opening conditions and open to the public.

At the press conference, the reporter twice mentioned the Diaoyu Islands-related issues, and the Foreign Ministry of China made a tough stance.

       CCTV News:On May 11, 2020, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference.

       AFP reporter: Two China coast guard vessels expelled a Japanese fishing boat from the Diaoyu Islands last week, and the Japanese side has made representations to the Chinese side. What’s your comment on this? Has China explained or apologized to Japan?


       Zhao Lijian: It is understood that the China Marine Police recently found a Japanese fishing boat illegally operating in the territorial waters of China during a routine cruise in the Diaoyu Islands. China Marine Police carried out tracking and monitoring according to law, demanding that it immediately stop relevant activities and withdraw from relevant sea areas, and resolutely responded to the illegal interference of Japanese Marine Insurance Agency vessels at the scene. China has made solemn representations to the Japanese side through diplomatic channels, urging the Japanese side to immediately stop the infringement.

       I want to emphasize that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory, and it is China’s inherent right to carry out cruise enforcement in the Diaoyu Islands. We demand that Japan abide by the spirit of the four-point principle consensus, avoid creating new troubles on the Diaoyu Islands issue, and take practical actions to maintain the stability of the East China Sea.

       Kyodo News: As far as I know, it is very rare for China to take direct action against Japanese fishing boats. It seems that China is unilaterally stepping up its activities in the Diaoyu Islands. What direction does China think China-Japan relations should develop?

       Zhao Lijian: Just now I have clearly stated China’s position. China demands that Japan abide by the spirit of the four-point principle consensus, avoid creating new troubles on the Diaoyu Islands issue, and take practical actions to maintain the stability of the East China Sea.

       At present, China and Japan should concentrate on fighting the epidemic and further develop friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries.

Learn to dress with movies during the Spring Festival, leaving seven aunts and eight aunts speechless.

    What to wear when you go home to meet your parents and friends during the Spring Festival holiday is a big problem. Dressing up is too casual, too fashionable and too different. If you are too unconventional, your parents’ hearts will probably be unbearable.

    Today, Xiao Dian teaches you the four right and wrong demonstrations of dressing in the Spring Festival with the shapes in the movie, which ensures that you will become the focus of the holiday party, gogogo~

    Our slogan is: Watch movies and celebrate the Year of Bigger!

Correct demonstration

Leading the way — — Retro sweet campus style

    Although the film was released in 1995, among them, the clothes worn by Hollywood upper-class girls are still fashionable and eye-catching today. It can be said that the protagonist of this film is gossip girls in the 1990s. Until 2014, the costumes in this film were also used in the MV of the rapper Iggy Azalea, which is enough to show its influence.

Iggy Azalea’s MV is a copy of this costume in the film.

    If you pick out a few sets that can be used for reference: then plaid suit/short coat+plaid skirt+boots, it will definitely make it difficult for you to be outstanding. There is also a shirt+vest+short skirt, which immediately reduces the age by ten years. By the way, details such as accessories are also the key. Pay attention to the color of hairband, the heroine, and the black hat also echoes the black in the red Haig pattern. Have you learned?

Get out of here! Tumor jun — — Cute, clever and lovable

    Although "fuck off!" The film tumor jun is too sad for the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but several sets of clothes played by Xiong Dun in Bai Baihe outside the hospital are still very suitable for girls to follow suit. These shapes are similar to the characters’ personality, cute, fashionable and grounded, which is definitely what parents should wear as good girls.

    Take a closer look at these styles to learn, medium and long coat+overskirt, if the skirt is longer than the coat, you must wear short boots to show that your legs are not short! ! ! If the skirt is too bright, it’s best to have the same color as the scarf. Choose a short cotton-padded jacket/coat, then it is more appropriate to put a long sweater inside to cover your thighs (if you are confident about your beautiful legs, it will be better to wear tight jeans), and if the coat is light in color, the color of your booties should not be too dark.

Intern — — Capable, stylish and simple

    For most office workers, it is naive to dress too cute and too gorgeous during the Spring Festival, but the smart and simple fashion style is the dress that suits most people. Today, Anne Hathaway is no longer an intern in The Devil Wears Prada. In the new film Intern, she has transformed herself into the editor-in-chief of fashion websites, and the modeling in her film is also worth talking about.

    The two sets of clothes in the film: denim shirt+plaid suit+wide-leg pants, polka-dot shirt+wide-leg pants of the same color, are easy to learn, and they are not demanding on their bodies; Jeans+loafers+college sweater is a fashion that will never go out of fashion. Also, the bag with bright colors and simple lines is definitely the finishing touch of the whole body shape.

Sex and the City — — High-end luxury shows off the wind

    In a whisper, when I went home during the Spring Festival, a few people didn’t think, "I just want to show all those seven aunts and eight aunts, and I am doing very well now." If you don’t think so, this film is of no reference value to you. As long as you have the slightest thought, then the dresses of several fashionistas in Sex and the City are the style that you should learn immediately.

Carrie’s fur coat is the most dazzling item in winter.

    Since the purpose is to show off, it is natural that the nobler and more gorgeous the better, and there can be no shortage of fur shawls, cashmere and formal dresses. If you don’t believe me, look at these four heroines, and wherever you go, it will definitely be the focus of the crowd. Also, the heel must not be less than eight centimeters. This momentum will immediately put aside the uncles and aunts who asked you "when to get married and when to have children".

Error demonstration

Warm with Light — — Hair dyeing should not be too exaggerated.

    It’s no problem to celebrate the Spring Festival and dye your hair, but if you don’t want to listen to your parents nagging you for a week, then don’t be like Clementine in this movie. Your hair is bright red today, blue tomorrow and green the day after tomorrow. It’s not impossible to dress up as a rainbow, but you should also consider your parents’ feelings. Try to keep a low profile and then keep a low profile.

Pirate radio — — Take care of your hair and beard

    To tell the truth, retro, hippie, playing with personality and so on, these dressing styles are actually personal choices, and Xiao Dian likes the British rock style in the film as much as you do. But since the Spring Festival is a reunion with family, we should take care of other people’s thoughts for the time being. Therefore, the hairstyle should be as clean and tidy as possible, and the beard and everything should be shaved. In these few days, put away your personality a little and let others judge your appearance less.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — — Tattoos and stuff should be hidden.

    Tell Xiao Dian that this exhortation is unnecessary! You all know that, right? You don’t tell your parents to secretly tattoo or wear a nose ring. At this time, you must hide it. Don’t learn from the hacker Lisbeth in the movie and expose your tattoo casually. The consequences will be very serious.

Searching for the Dragon — — Go away, sloppy guys

    In "Seeking Dragons", Hu Bayi fascinated the girls, but! Don’t think that the modeling of Chen Kun in the movie is worth learning. Only on the grassland can the handsome and rough image set off a rough charm. Also, if you think that you can be the beauty of Brother PK Kun, you must take this sloppy grave-robbing style and go home. Parents and relatives think that you are not doing well and have tears in your eyes. Don’t blame Xiaodian for not reminding you.

Hankook Tire has been recognized by many parties together with DTM for the first time.

    Strong return is highly anticipated.

    n With high-performance and high-quality products and strong on-site technical support, Hankook Tire sponsored.DTMThe first year was affirmed by many parties.

    n Drawing on the experience of top-level events, Hankook Tire continuously improves the quality and performance of its products.

    (Shanghai, China)2011year10moon27Day)On October 23, 2011, the 2011 German Touring Car Masters (DTM), one of the highest-level touring car races in the world, ended the final battle in Hockenheim, Germany. As the exclusive tire supplier of DTM, Hankook Tire has drawn a successful conclusion for its first year sponsorship work with high-performance and high-quality products and strong technical support on site. BMW, which will return to DTM strongly next year, also brought its latest racing car to the scene, making 2012 DTM highly anticipated.

    Hankook Tire won many praises.

    As the first time to join hands with DTM, Hankook Tire’s outstanding performance throughout the season is obvious to all. From the gravel road surface in Zan Dewater, the Netherlands to the rainy and slippery road surface in Hockenheim Norris, the Ventus series of racing tires accompany drivers through all kinds of difficult tracks and bad weather, and maximize the performance of the car. At the same time, the high balance of handling, stability and safety of Hankook tires has also been greatly appreciated by drivers, and has been recognized and trusted by organizers and teams.

    "Hankook Tire has provided excellent products and efficient support team for the team. Although it is the first time to cooperate, I give them the highest evaluation". Hans &bull, Chairman of ITR e.V, the event organization association responsible for organizing and promoting DTM; Werner • Hans Werner Aufrecht said. At the same time, Hankook Tire’s consistently excellent performance has also won high recognition from the team leader.

    "I am very happy to be able to join hands with two top automobile brands in the world, and achieve stable performance and zero failure achievements throughout the year. By participating in DTM, the world’s top race, we have gained very valuable tire track experience, and applying it to the research and development of daily tires is the driving force for our persistent participation in DTM and other top races, "said Manfred Sandbichler, executive director of Hankook Tire Race." The end of this season means a brand-new beginning of the 2012 season, and we look forward to the wonderful performance of BMW, another top automobile brand newly added in 2012. Hankook Tire will provide the three top automobile brands in the world with the same high performance and performance at a higher level.

    Audi drivers win the annual championshipBMW returns strongly.2012 DTM

    On October 23rd, witnessed by 120,000 spectators, Jamie Green, the Mercedes-Benz driver, was the first to cross the finish line in Hockenheim and won the last race of DTM. At this point, the annual total score ranking of the 2011 season has also surfaced. Audi driver Martin Tomczyk won the drivers’ championship with an absolute advantage of 72 points, while Audi driver Mattias Ekstr?m and Mercedes-Benz driver spangler finished second and third respectively. The same high-profile team championship was won by Audi.

    Looking back on the competition of DTM in 2011 (a total of 10 races), the contest between Audi and Mercedes-Benz was full of twists and turns. Mercedes-Benz camp gained absolute advantage at the beginning of the season, but with the Audi camp’s comprehensive attack, its drivers successively won the drivers’ championships in the seventh and eighth races, and the situation showed a dramatic reversal — — In the end, the Audi ABT team "came from behind" and became the final winner.

    With excellent driving skills and fighting spirit, Tom Zeke, who won the annual championship in deus ex, has undoubtedly become the biggest dark horse this season. The strategy of "striving for progress steadily" earned him points in every race. In addition, he successfully won three races and only one pole position in Sielberg, Austria, so that he finally won the driver’s championship. In addition, as the champion of Audi, the veteran Ashton also performed well, winning three championships and one runner-up in the second half of the season, catching up with spangler, the strong rival of Mercedes-Benz.

    In addition, Hankook Tire’s Best PIT stop (tire changing and gas station in the race) award specially set up in DTM to reward the efficient and high-speed team support team was also won by Audi Phoenix team, and the Audi camp can be described as a bumper harvest this season.

    It is reported that after 18 years away from DTM, BMW will return to DTM in the 2012 season. After completing the test of Hankook tire, BMW expressed great satisfaction and looked forward to the cooperation next year. At the same time, China and Shanghai may once again become one of the DTM substations since 2010, which makes China racing fans have more expectations.


    Third runner-up of the year: Audi driver Tom Zeke (middle) and Ashton (left) and Mercedes-Benz driver spangler (right)


    Last stop champion: Mercedes-Benz driver Green

    About Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

    Hankook Tire (CEO: Xu Chenghe), the seventh largest tire manufacturing company in the world, is also one of the fastest growing radial tire manufacturers for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, etc.), trucks and buses. Hankook Tire’s five R&D centers around the world are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies, and the annual R&D expenditure accounts for 5% of the total revenue, constantly improving customer satisfaction through high-quality products. Hankook Tire has a sales network in 180 countries around the world, with more than 16,000 employees. Nearly 80% of the company’s annual income comes from increasingly mature overseas markets.

    For more information, please visit Hankook Tire Chinese website: www.hankooktire.com.cn.



    Source: Oriental Morning Post 

Profile photo: On the afternoon of May 24, 2006, the Shanghai traffic police towed the accident vehicle away from the scene of the accident.

   Yesterday (17th), after the article "Judicial Appraisal Says Shanghai Audi Car Crashes Nine People in a Row Due to Driver’s Illusion" went online, some netizens questioned the judicial appraisal that "the driver was in a’ delusional outburst’ at the time of the crime". To this end, the reporter once again investigated this incident.

    At 5: 30 pm yesterday, Min Yinlong, director of the Judicial Appraisal Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, was interviewed by a reporter in the office of the center, and showed the reporter the appraisal certificate of Huazheng Forensic Medicine [2006] No.086 with more than 5,000 words made on June 10.

    "In the afternoon, we received a lot of phone calls from readers, and some of them hung up without waiting for us to speak." Min Yinlong said, "There must be something fishy in it", "What background does this guy have" and "Aren’t you afraid of smashing your own brand in this appraisal?" He was puzzled by the speculation and accusations that came upon him.

     About judicial expertise

    Not disturbed by other factors

    "The appraisal of this case was entrusted by Huangpu Public Security Bureau to evaluate Li Wei’s mental state appraisal and criminal responsibility ability. We have never received so-called’ special instructions’ and’ greetings’, nor have we been under any pressure, and the identity background of the appraiser is nothing special." Min Yinlong said. The reporter saw that the appraisal book showed that Li Wei, a 33-year-old appraiser, was from Harbin, with a junior high school education, and an employee of a real estate company in Shanghai.

    Min Yinlong told reporters that the judicial appraisal of mental illness includes five major parts: the entrusted institution States the general situation of the incident; Family members, etc. provide a summary of the medical history of the appraiser; Inspection: the appraiser communicates with the appraiser, judges his reaction ability according to the response, investigates the relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues of the appraiser, and understands his interpersonal relationship, life and work, etc. Explain the test results according to the comprehensive analysis of objective indicators; Finally, the appraisal conclusion is made.

    "If you have any objection to our appraisal conclusion, you can apply to the Municipal Judicial Appraisal Expert Committee for review." Min Yinlong said that in this case, the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau also made a special trip to the center to learn about the situation from two forensic experts.

    "Such a major case is not a joke." Yesterday afternoon, Qian Yulin, the chief physician of the case appraiser who was on a business trip in Anhui, repeatedly said in an interview with reporters on the phone, "There is no interference from other factors in the appraisal process, and we have never brought any affair."

    Qian Yulin said that the general judicial expertise has two or three pages and about 1,000 words, while the expertise in this case has six pages and more than 5,000 words, and the final appraisal conclusion has also been recognized by the entrusting organ Huangpu Public Security Bureau.

     About the identity of the driver

    Really a full-time driver

    Yesterday, after many investigations, the reporter found that Li Wei is 33 years old, from Harbin, with a junior high school education. By 2005, he had been working in Harbin without military service. After coming to Shanghai this year, I have been working in Shanghai Xintianyuan Real Estate Company as a boss’s full-time driver.

    According to the ID card provided by Li Wei, his home address in Harbin is No.6, North Qidao Street, Anyang, Daoli District, Harbin. The reporter contacted the Kang ‘an Police Station of Harbin Public Security Bureau again, and the other party said that the address had been relocated as early as 2003. At present, a commercial house named "Haifu Kangcheng" has been built here. The original residents are in the process of moving back, but Li Wei’s family cannot be directly contacted.

    Identification basis: the driver of the accident was delusional and was chased and called 110.

    Qian Yulin, the chief physician of the appraiser in the case of "Audi car hitting 9 people in a row", said that Li Wei’s appraisal was jointly completed by him and Qin Shiyong, the deputy chief physician. Qian Yulin, 66, has more than 20 years of practical experience in psychiatric judicial expertise, and Qin Shiyong, 70, has also been engaged in this expertise for more than ten years.

    "He is a very typical severe mental patient." Qian Yulin recalled to reporters a lot of incredible, ambiguous and even logically contradictory fragments in his communication with Li Wei.

  Constantly searching his girlfriend’s hair and nails

    According to the analysis in the fourth part of the appraisal report, Li Wei became a full-time driver of a company boss after coming to Shanghai. One week before the incident, Li unreasonably suspected that his girlfriend was taking drugs, constantly searched his girlfriend’s hair, nails, etc., and rummaged through the car where his girlfriend had been sitting and the place of residence to search for drugs. He inexplicably suspected that drugs were hidden between the cracks in the floor tiles, and because of his girlfriend’s walking posture, facial expression, toilet use time and other daily details, he unreasonably inferred that she was taking drugs and firmly believed it.

    Illusion girlfriend sent someone to kill herself.

    According to the analysis, on the day of the crime, Li Wei began to be nervous because he couldn’t dial his girlfriend’s cell phone and the phone number of his residence. He suspected that his girlfriend knew that he was taking drugs and reported the case to the public security organ, which was not good for him. Then, Li Wei began to feel that there were many motorcycles and cars following him while driving, so he was highly nervous and afraid. He thought that his girlfriend had assigned others to follow him and his personal life was greatly threatened.

  Dare not drink mineral water

    The appraisal also excerpted the work of Huangpu Public Security Bureau on June 2: "… During the trial, Li Wei asked for water, and the police immediately used disposable cups to get him a cup of pure water, but he said that there was sediment in the water and he could not drink it. The police changed the second cup for him, but he still thought there was something in the cup and didn’t want to drink it. To this end, the police bought two bottles of mineral water for him. Before he opened the bottle cap, he carefully looked at the light, and at the same time squeezed the mineral water bottle to see if there was any leakage, and he was reluctant to drink mineral water. "

  I dialed 110 when I was "hunted"

    In the process of identification, one detail was considered the most critical by Qian Yulin: Li Wei once said that he had called 110 while fleeing. Three times before and after, he claimed that he was being chased by others, and he was very scared and asked for more police to protect him. The police record of Public Security 110 was indeed consistent with his description.

  background for news stories

    What is "paranoia"

    Professor Zhu Rongshen, director of psychiatry and medical psychology in the first clinical department of Tongji University School of Medicine, gave the concept of "paranoia" yesterday: it is a distorted belief, pathological reasoning and judgment based on pathology. Although these beliefs and reasoning judgments do not conform to the education level of patients, patients firmly believe in them and cannot be persuaded or corrected by personal experience and experience.

    "Sudden attack" is a selective attack, and the patient is completely normal when he is outside the delusion core. Therefore, the disease belongs to a deeply hidden mental disease that is difficult for patients to find under normal circumstances.

    Professor Zhu once received such patients. He told reporters that such people are prone to auditory hallucinations and hallucinations. Even some people think that they are being tracked by satellite positioning system, and the delusions are generally related to personal experience, social and cultural background. Lee? /Chen Chaoqun

  If you are mentally ill, you will lose your driver’s license.

    The reporter learned from the relevant departments that according to the relevant regulations, anyone who suffers from mental illness and other diseases that hinder the safe driving of motor vehicles can’t get a driver’s license, and after a normal person gets a driver’s license, his driver’s license will also be cancelled.

    According to the provisions of Article 22 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, people who suffer from diseases that hinder the safe driving of motor vehicles are not allowed to drive motor vehicles. After a normal person suffers from mental illness, first of all, the driver and his family should contact the traffic control department in time. "This is also a guarantee for the safety of himself and others", and the traffic management department will cancel his driver’s license in time to prevent traffic safety from being affected. When the police find abnormal situations in the course of duty, they will also check the driver to ensure the driver’s safe driving.

    In addition, according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, motor vehicle drivers need to go to the traffic control department under the jurisdiction of the driver’s license for regular inspection. The contents of regular inspection of motor vehicle driver’s license by public security traffic management department are: the physical condition of motor vehicle driver and the accumulated points of traffic violations. (Reporter Yang Jiehe and Zhang Ling Gu Wenjian Cheng Jia)

Editor: Chang Yan

Foreigner: I love Beijing autumn girls to show their charm in boots and stockings.

    China people have a very flexible scale for the change of seasons. Someone said, "Ah, the Mid-Autumn Festival has come, and autumn has begun." Others said, "Autumn really begins with the first rain after the Mid-Autumn Festival." Someone also told me: "When the wind from Siberia swept the streets and the fruits and leaves on the trees began to fall in the cold wind, autumn really came."

    However, it is already October, and I have not paid special attention to these phenomena. Due to the lack of accurate explanation of meteorology, I have to try to define the beginning of autumn by myself. Since ancient times, it has been men’s instinct to explain seasonal changes through natural signals. The leaves changed color, the rice ripened, the birds began to change their hair and flew to a warm place for the winter. I am still sensitive to nature, and of course I can judge the change of seasons by some kind of signal given by nature.

    Of all the signals I have observed, the most representative is women’s dress. That’s why I define autumn in Beijing as "when girls start to put on boots". It’s really too hot to wear boots in summer in Beijing. If women barely put it on, they can’t stand it for more than 10 minutes, and it not only makes people feel funny, but also makes the salt excreted by the body rise sharply.

    I have been in Singapore for several years. In that country where I can always sweat profusely, even female parliamentarians and company bosses wear shorts, sleeveless T-shirts and breathable sandals to work. Therefore, boots always attract my attention.

    Boots are always paired with stockings and plaid skirts. I often look at these different landscapes with ecstasy, so I am always laughed at by some kind people. One day, I walked out of Dawanglu subway station in Beijing, and it was about 10 minutes’ walk to my apartment. If there is a girl dressed as I just described and walks past me to take the subway, I will not hesitate to follow her. This may be why, sometimes when I get home, I will find my wife sitting gracefully on the bench in boots, stockings and tartan skirt. Perhaps this is why I always look forward to autumn in Beijing.

    Unfortunately, autumn is not far away when it comes to winter. Winter will make people wrap themselves up like "Zongzi". In my opinion, a thick coat over the knee is one of Beijing women’s favorite clothes in winter. They make women’s curves suddenly disappear and make Beijing look like a city with countless huge, crooked and upright caterpillars. Autumn in Beijing is sweet because it is the last season for people to show their charm before the arrival of the four-month cold winter in Beijing.

Editor: Li Erqing