"Sports Lottery, New Spring, Longteng and Good Luck" opens in Shandong.

Recently, the theme activities of the Chinese sports lottery "Sports Lottery in New Spring, Longteng Good Luck" were opened in Weifang, Jinan, Liaocheng and other places, which sent blessings and good luck to Shandong citizens in the New Year of the Dragon and let everyone feel the festive atmosphere in advance.

The brand promotion activity of "Sports Lottery New Spring Longteng Good Luck" was held in Weifang Taihuacheng Holiday Plaza a few days ago. This activity fully demonstrated the brand strength of public welfare sports lottery through comprehensive experience forms such as "exhibition, performance, play and competition". On the day of the event, the citizens who came to Weifang Taihuacheng Holiday Plaza were pleasantly surprised to find that the holiday hall had a new look overnight and entered the festive "Longmen" to the "Sports Lottery New Spring" activity area, as if they were in a paradise. Different theme zones are set up at the scene, including not only the big screen stage, the wishing tree for the Spring Festival, the photo punching box, the good luck red envelope wall, but also the public welfare flip wall, the "Happy Five Knows" of the responsible sports lottery, the easel of the Asian Cup rational lottery board, etc., to show the use direction of the sports lottery public welfare fund and the concept of responsible lottery, and the knowledge of rational lottery for popular science, so that the public can fully feel the public welfare attribute and brand culture of sports lottery.

The wonderful live performance of the national tide attracted many viewers to stop and watch. The enthusiastic and energetic flash program performance kicked off in "Encouragement of the Prosperous Age". The singer sang popular songs such as "Broad Sky" and "Red Sun", and the wonderful magic performance brought by the female magician made everyone feel the magic charm at close range. Dancers with fluttering sleeves brought the classical elegance that has passed through thousands of years with a song "Jing Hong Dance", which surprised the eyes of the audience, and then they used a costume version of the popular dance "Subject III" to make everyone stunned.

A sports lottery top scratch experience zone was set up at the event site, and a variety of theme tickets such as "Long Xing Universiade", "Happy New Year to Xianglong" and "Happy New Year" brought a strong New Year atmosphere, and the audience experienced the fun of scratching prizes on the spot and helped public welfare. In the exhibition areas of non-legacy paper-cuts, Weifang kites and other special folk culture, non-genetic inheritors personally cut out lifelike "Le Xiaoxing" paper-cuts and gave them to the audience at the scene, which was loved by many young people. In front of Weifang’s special kite booth, there are not only customized kites in Le Xiaoxing’s version, but also children can paint colorful kites on the spot to make a kite with childlike innocence and commemorative significance. The Chinese New Year wishing tree in the atrium is covered with wishing cards, such as "Going ashore for the 2024 college entrance examination", "Wishing the family peace, happiness and success" and "being together forever" … Young people write down their New Year wishes on the wishing cards and place a wonderful New Year dream on them. In front of the photo punching box at the scene, the girls and boys held placards and took photos with hands such as "Long Xing Universiade" and "Step by Step Promotion" to convey New Year greetings.

During the activity, the host called the masses to participate in interactive games such as "football shooting", "passing balloons overhead" and prize-winning questions and answers, and won exquisite small gifts such as red envelopes, lanterns and origami. At the event site, Le Xiaoxing, the mascot of sports lottery, also interacted with everyone with different images, including a large statue of Le Xiaoxing at the Longmen, a doll of Le Xiaoxing who walked around and interacted with everyone, a kite of Le Xiaoxing, a paper-cut of Le Xiaoxing, etc. The super cute and lovely image was loved by everyone, which also made everyone experience the fun of sports lottery in all directions.

In Jinan, the theme activity of "Sports Lottery in New Spring, Longteng Good Luck" was recently launched in Sunacmao, Daming Lake and Gaoxin Wanda Sports Lottery Store. Fun interactive games and prize-winning question-and-answer sessions were set up at the event site. In the game, everyone experienced the joy of moving, and laughter continued. Everyone actively participated in the prize-winning question and answer session and won a surprise gift. Le Xiaoxing became a "group pet" at the scene, and everyone rushed to take pictures with it, leaving many wonderful moments. Through the explanation of the host, everyone also learned about the public welfare attribute and the concept of responsible lottery in China. The citizens experienced the top-scraping and lotto games on the spot. Ms. Zhang said: "This’ red envelope is coming’ is particularly festive. I buy some every year. I can’t miss such wonderful activities today. " There are also many "lottery fans" who bet on the spot to support public welfare undertakings, and look forward to realizing their little dreams with the help of lotto in the New Year. In Liaocheng, a sports lottery exhibition experience center was opened in Gaotang Fortune Plaza, and the brand promotion activities of "Sports Lottery New Spring Longteng Good Luck" were launched simultaneously. Accompanied by dynamic music, the event kicked off. The explosive dance attracted a large number of young people to stop and watch. The fashionable and interesting New Year theme photo punching box was deeply loved by the public, and everyone took photos as a souvenir, adding a new year atmosphere to the upcoming Spring Festival. While enjoying the dynamic dance, the on-site citizens also actively participated in the quiz of sports lottery knowledge and won exquisite gifts. At the event, a "wishing card" was also prepared for every citizen. In the new year, I wrote down my good wishes and hung them onOn the "wishing tree", I record my beautiful thoughts on life and look forward to a good fortune in the New Year.

Spring in the snow believes that everything is sprouting, and the Year of the Dragon will be lucky before starting. Next, Shandong Sports Lottery will also convey the concept of public welfare and responsibility to the public in a more colorful form, show the public welfare image of fashion and warm sunshine, continue to contribute to the development of social public welfare undertakings and sports undertakings, and add color to the people’s better life. (From January 30th, China Sports Daily, 08 edition) 

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