Zhiji LS6 textbook-level "intelligent driving" is innovative.

China Economic News Network (Liu Chenxi)At the moment when the traditional SUV performance test is the same, how can the test drive play new ideas? As the "strongest 6 series in history", for Zhiji LS6, performance testing is only the basic exercise, and intelligent peak experience is the core competitiveness. In order to let the national media and users experience the high-level intelligence of Zhiji LS6 in one stop, Zhiji LS6 has created the sixth space of super intelligent driving, initiated a brand-new gameplay of "AI intelligent driving maze", simulated and built typical road conditions, traffic flow and people flow in big cities, and deeply experienced the future intelligent cabin in the commuter meta-universe, with more performance experience, comprehensive driving and control experience and all-round inspection.Zhiji LS6Strength, with "the most interesting test drive in history" to set the industry benchmark.

Deep intelligence is the winning factor in the second half of the electric track. Zhiji LS6 redefines the new paradigm of intelligent driving experience with the triple standards of zero blind area: full digital vision, zero anxiety: advanced intelligent driving, and zero distance: future intelligent cabin ecology..Empowering the whole driving experience from boarding to getting off with AI, covering high-speed elevated roads, urban roads and urban slow scenes, and creating the most applicable and practical future intelligent driving experience.

Can you imagine a car running normally when the front and rear glass, windows and rearview mirrors are all black? Zhiji LS6 can easily get through the "ultimate blindfold challenge" in the dynamic test drive. With the help of the global digital visual field blind compensation function, Zhiji LS6 can also freely pass through complex road conditions in the state of complete blindness, with the help of Zhiji’s original global digital visual field blind compensation and the traditional 360-degree panoramic image.

In the extreme weather experience area of the test drive site, the scene of urban extreme weather is restored, the rearview mirror is blocked by rain, and the rainy night mode is turned on to enhance the blind area vision; In the daily commuting experience area: simulate the unprotected left turn scene, turn on the A-pillar for blind, simulate the right turn into the community scene, turn on the side for blind, and safely avoid pedestrians in the blind area on the right.

In the dynamic test drive, the test drive site is set up with complex parking spaces, narrow alleys and other areas, and the practicability of the functions of one-button parking, one-button extrication, one-button sticking and one-button tracking of Zhiji LS6 is comprehensively tested. Intelligent driving maze experience area is set up to see what you can’t see, get rid of what you don’t want to open, and experience LS6′ s zero blind zone full digital vision and one-button AI driving function in a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional way to enjoy an unprecedented simple, relaxed and interesting driving experience.

In the daily driving scene, once you break into a dead end, you are crazy, and Zhiji LS6 returns with one click. In the mirror narrow road experience area: at a fixed location, turn on the rearview mirror to fill the blind, read the clues on the rear wall, turn left and enter the mirror narrow road, and form countless mirror images after multiple mirror reflections adjacent and opposite. Being in it, even the old driver can’t pour it out quickly. Zhiji LS6 turns on one-button tracking to help you return to the original road section. Find a new path and enter the next level.

In the urban experience area: simulating the crowded parking scene, Zhiji LS6 stops at the designated place by silently searching for the library, and then uses one button to get out of trouble and enter the next link. And after parking on its own side, start the one-button sticking function to solve the parking problem perfectly.

In the high-performance "6" performance driving experience area, 100-kilometer acceleration, 100-kilometer braking, S-shaped pile winding, coaxial bumpy road, cross-axis bumpy road and cross-axis projects are set up to comprehensively verify the functions of LS6′ s acceleration performance, 100-kilometer braking performance, vehicle stability and dynamic correction ability, steering wheel operation and directivity, torque dynamic distribution of four wheels, torsional rigidity passability of the whole vehicle and riding comfort.