Inventory of the hottest hybrid and pure electric vehicles at Guangzhou Auto Show 2020

Near the end of 2020, as the last grand finale of this year, the 18th Guangzhou Auto Show is in full swing.

In addition to the new generation of fuel models, or the first appearance, in the auto show with the theme of "New Technology, New Life", new energy models are naturally not inferior, and they have truly achieved high-standard and full-brand participation. Next, let’s take a look at the popular plug-in models and pure electric models at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

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Gac Toyota weilanda PHEV

Faw Toyota RAV4 PHEV

As we all know, Toyota’s hybrid is a clean stream in the powertrain. Thanks to the dual-motor and Atkinson cycle engine, the hybrid power output of Toyota is extremely rapid, and the fuel consumption is still very low.

However, the small flaw of this powertrain is that although its power output is fast, its ultimate power and secondary acceleration ability are slightly insufficient. As a result, Toyota’s PHEV model came into being. In fact, the biggest highlight of the car is the power system. It is understood that the car is equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and an electric motor, of which the maximum horsepower of the engine is 178 horsepower, and the comprehensive output horsepower of the whole powertrain is 306 horsepower. It only takes 6.6 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers. In addition, according to the official information, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of this car is 2.6L, while the pure electric cruising range is 63km, so the fuel economy is really good.

Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Willanda PHEV and FAW RAV4 PHEV are actually more like high-performance versions of their respective fuel versions. According to official data, the acceleration of the two cars can reach 7 seconds, which is already a very excellent result. Plug-in features also make them more economical in short battery life.


Byd Qin PLUS

The 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show officially opened today. BYD Company released its latest new energy hybrid car-Qin PLUS. The design of this car can be described as the same as that of BYD’s main model "Han", but as a new car, there are still some brand-new design concepts, and the whole car looks younger and more dynamic.

The car adopts BYD’s latest hybrid technology and is equipped with a 1.5L high-efficiency engine dedicated to Xiaoyun-Plug-in. The thermal efficiency of the whole car has reached an astonishing 43% and the compression ratio is as high as 15.5:1. Such an excellent result can be called one of the mass production engines with the highest thermal efficiency in the world.At the same time, as the core component of DM-i super hybrid technology, this engine can ensure that the fuel consumption of the car is as low as 3.8L/100KM. In the ideal state of full oil and full electricity, this Qin PLUS can travel more than 1,000 km, and drivers can completely abandon mileage anxiety and realize mileage.Freedom.

BYD has made great moves this year, from the introduction of blade batteries to the release of a 1.5L plug-in hybrid engine with a thermal efficiency as high as 43%. It seems that this brand is gradually becoming China’s "Sony", and consumers are upgrading its renewal with the most black technology configuration. BYD Qin PLUS should be just the beginning.


Mercedes-benz GLE 350 e plug-in hybrid version

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020, Mercedes-Benz announced that its GLE 350 e 4MATIC plug-in hybrid coupe SUV was officially launched, and only one configuration model was launched, with a price of 828,800 yuan. The biggest change of the new car was the power system, which adopted the third generation plug-in hybrid technology of Mercedes-Benz, and the pure electric cruising range under NEDC working conditions exceeded 100 kilometers.

The new car listed this time adopts the same design language as the ordinary fuel version, and the large slip back design of the coupe version takes into account both aesthetics and practicality. The front air intake grille with all over the sky adopts concave design, and the middle is filled with large-size Mercedes-Benz trident star and thick transverse spokes. The front enclosure under the air intake grille is exaggerated and aggressive, but the vents are sealed, and the details are exactly the same as those of the fuel version.

From the interior, the Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe SUV is basically the same as the current Mercedes-Benz GLE, and the car is equipped with a dual 12.3-inch large screen with integrated design. The size of the air conditioning outlet on the left side is exaggerated, and the right side is symmetrical with the left side and decorated with the same size, which makes the big screen in the car look more harmonious and unobtrusive. The design of air conditioning control area is quite long and narrow, with piano key buttons, which is very stylish.

The biggest difference between the GLE 350 e 4MATIC coupe SUV and the ordinary version is the power system. On the basis of the 2.0T gasoline engine, it also adopts the third generation plug-in hybrid technology of Mercedes-Benz, and the pure electric cruising range under the NEDC comprehensive working condition standard exceeds 100 kilometers. Both AC and DC charging methods are supported. Under the condition of 60 kW DC charging, it takes 20 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%.

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Saic Volkswagen ID.4X/ faw-Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ

As the representative of the most intelligent, digital and cutting-edge technology of Volkswagen brand, its sister model SAIC Volkswagen ID.4X VS FAW-Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ will naturally not miss this Guangzhou Auto Show. In terms of appearance, the width of the front bumper of the two cars is slightly different, while the body and rear are almost the same.

In the interior, the ID4.CROZZ of FAW-Volkswagen completely inherited the configuration and design of the European version, while the ID4.X of SAIC-Volkswagen was partially adjusted and updated according to the needs of users.

In terms of performance configuration, both models are equipped with version 4.0 of Smart Car Federation, L2+ intelligent assisted driving system and ternary lithium battery pack from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. The maximum power is 150kW, 240Ps, the peak torque is 310N·m, the maximum speed is 160km/h, and the battery life can exceed 500 km.

The advent of the two cars is undoubtedly the foundation stone for the Volkswagen brand to open the era of pure electric. The compact electric SUV model will be officially launched in March next year. I believe it is worthy of everyone’s expectation, and it is worthy of being a quality choice regardless of the north and south.


Dongfeng Honda M-NV

Many people are not familiar with M-NV, but they have heard of X-NV. It is a pure electric small SUV from Dongfeng Honda, and the protagonist M-NV listed at Guangzhou Auto Show today is based on it. Since Guangqi Honda updated VE-1 and launched VE-1+ and VE-1S+, it is reasonable for Dongfeng Honda to release M-NV with the help of the same platform. With the listing of M-NV, two versions of the new car have been launched, of which the Shang Cheng version costs 149,800 yuan and the Shang Yi version costs 159,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car has been greatly modified, adopting the round LOGO of Siming brand, and adopting an integrated streamlined design as a whole, continuing Dongben’s exclusive double-swallow-wing grille with willow-shaped through LED headlights, giving people a radical and tense sensory experience. At the same time, the new car also retains the side door handle that is popular with consumers.

In terms of performance, the maximum power reaches 120Kw, 163ps, and the maximum torque is 280Nm. Equipped with ternary lithium battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, the NEDC has a battery life of 480 kilometers and an acceleration of 9.3s seconds, which is also outstanding in power consumption and driving control.

I believe that the listing of the new M-NV will undoubtedly provide consumers with a better choice when choosing pure electric vehicles.



At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Volvo brand also launched a pure electric vehicle-Volvo XC40 RECHARGE. With this appearance, the new car was officially put on sale, with a price of 357,000 yuan.

Volvo XC40 RECHARGE adopts a two-color body design with a white body and a blackened roof, which is more energetic. Similar to the fuel version, the new car outlines the outstanding texture with many detailed lines; The difference is that the new car has a charging port at the front and rear parts on the left.

As for the car, the new car uses the "Android Automotive OS" system developed by Google, and has been upgraded to a certain extent, which is in line with users’ daily usage habits.

At the same time, many functions and configurations of the new car are also based on the XC40 fuel version. XC40 RECHARGE adopts CMA platform architecture, equipped with front and rear dual-motor systems, and matched with a 78kWh battery pack. The maximum power is about 300kW, the peak torque is about 660N·m, and the comprehensive cruising range is about 400km.

The brand-new Volvo XC40 RECHARGE brings many indicators, such as official direct sales mode, electric vehicle safety technology configuration, iCPU intelligent interconnection system and so on, which bring our consumers a relatively novel car purchase and car use experience. The avant-garde and elegant design of the new model really makes us shine, and its later market performance is worth looking forward to!


R automobile MARVEL-R

When it comes to independent new energy vehicles, people always think of BYD and GAC New Energy, but in fact, due to the strong strength of SAIC, SAIC Roewe R automobile brand also has strong comprehensive competitiveness. At Guangzhou Auto Show, Marvel R, the brand’s heavyweight new car, announced the pre-sale price of 220,000 yuan, so let’s get a sneak peek.

The shape of MARVEL R follows the design concept of "light around the world" and pays attention to the creation of science fiction. Its front face adopts the popular split headlight design, and the penetrating LED strip has the functions of daytime running light and turn signal, which has a strong sense of science and technology.

The connection between the side and the rear of the car makes the overall body feel round, full and powerful visual impression. It is reported that in terms of interior decoration, the overall theme of "Arrowhead" is chosen, which is simple and elegant in one go.

MARVEL R’s interior adopts a combination of screen and physical buttons. The oversized 19.4-inch screen is the crowning touch, and the highly integrated scientific and technological electronic knob below reflects the scientific and technological beauty from the future. Although the overall design tends to be simple, the materials still maintain a high standard, and a large area of soft materials and leather packages reveal a sense of luxury in science and technology. In the power part, the official data has not been released yet.

In 2018, SAIC Roewe launched the mid-to high-end model SAIC Roewe MARVEL X, and the new car is positioned in a medium-sized pure electric SUV. However, due to its brand positioning and price factors, the performance of the new car in the market at that time was poor, and the sales volume was relatively bleak. Since then, SAIC Roewe has never launched a mid-to high-end pure electric vehicle. 

To some extent, SAIC Roewe’s bid-changing strategy also wants to distinguish the brand positioning from the previous models. The appearance of SAIC Roewe MARVEL-R represents Shanghai Roewe’s determination to re-launch the mid-to-high-end, and can the MARVEL-R and the brand-new R-mark that have changed its "appearance" bring better market performance to SAIC Roewe? We will also wait and see.


Guangzhou automobile ai’ an Aion Y

Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020 is undoubtedly a memorable day for Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an brand. On the 20th, GAC New Energy officially changed its name to GAC Ai ‘an, and was established as an independent brand alongside GAC Chuanqi. This move is undoubtedly an affirmation of Ai ‘an.

AION Y is an A-class intelligent pure electric SUV. This auto show only shows the exterior design of the new car. Details about interior details, vehicle size, power parameters and cruising range have not been announced. Judging from the configuration information currently available, the new car continues to be the main selling point of intelligence.

In the design of this car, while ensuring the trendy and futuristic feeling, it also adds a bit of round and moist sprouting, closed grille design, and folded-wing headlights with spiral structure on both sides, which is also called "Angel’s Wings" by the official.

Among them, the blue-orange color scheme and the petal-shaped wheel hub outlined by avant-garde and sharp lines are also very eye-catching. On the whole, it can be called the highest recognition in the whole audience. In terms of intelligent configuration, AION Y will be equipped with ADiGO 3.0 automatic driving system, one-button remote parking in full scene and the world’s leading memory parking function. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with voice-controlled video shooting, 5G light-speed second-pass car video APP release, car games and KTV. 

The power information has not been announced this time, but according to the official disclosure, relying on the ultra-long mileage reliability test accumulated by GAC Ai ‘an from the network car, AION Y will be a car that can’t be worn out.


Summary of Guangzhou Auto Show

The 18th Guangzhou International Automob

As far as Guangzhou Auto Show is concerned, although it is only a few months away from Beijing Auto Show, judging from the number of new and upgraded models, in order to meet the car demand of north and south consumers, major brands are absolutely full of intentions.