BYD Qin L will be listed soon: the price may reach 120 thousand, and the fuel consumption performance is amazing.

[ITBEAR technology information] on February 6 th, recently, BYD Qin family welcomed a new member-BYD Qin L. This new car has passed the declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which indicates that it will meet with consumers soon. As an upgraded version of BYD Qin series, Qin L is positioned as a medium-sized car, which is between Qin and Han, providing more choices for the market.

It is reported that BYD Qin L has received much attention in the warm-up stage. Some bloggers broke the news that the starting price of the new car may be around 120,000 yuan, which is 20,000 yuan higher than the current Qin Plus DM-I. However, the difference of 20,000 yuan is not aimless, because Qin L will be the first vehicle equipped with DM5.0 technology, and its NEDC fuel consumption is only about 2.9L, which is far lower than the current 3.8L of Qin PLUS. This remarkable improvement will undoubtedly attract many consumers who have higher requirements for fuel consumption.

In terms of body size, BYD Qin L shows the advantages of medium-sized cars. Its length, width and height are 4830mm, 1900mm and 1495mm respectively, and its wheelbase reaches 2790 mm. This data is obviously larger than the existing Qin PLUS series models, which makes Qin L have more room to play in the internal space. At the same time, the total mass of the new car is 2035kg, and the kerb mass is 1660kg, which ensures the stability and safety of the vehicle.

In design, BYD Qin L continues BYD’s family-style "Dragon Face" design language. Its front face is equipped with a huge air intake grille, and it is available in two styles: hot stamping or not. Both sides of the grille are equipped with C-shaped air ducts, which makes the whole front look sporty. The side of the car body adopts smooth line design to create an elegant and dynamic car body posture.

In terms of power, BYD Qin L is equipped with an engine with a displacement of 1498ml, with a maximum power of 74kW. According to ITBEAR technology information, the new car will also adopt a brand-new hybrid system-the fifth-generation DM-i hybrid system, with a brand-new hybrid chassis code-named "P5" and a former McPherson rear four-bar independent suspension. This series of technical upgrades will make Qin L reach a higher level in power and economy. In addition, the new car also offers two pure electric cruising ranges of 60km and 90km, with corresponding battery capacities of 10.08kWh and 15.874kWh respectively.

Generally speaking, the appearance of BYD Qin L has undoubtedly brought new vitality to the medium-sized car market. Its upgraded size, design and power system make it a leader in its class. In the future, we have reason to expect BYD Qin L’s performance in the market.