What’s the weather like in Shanghai? It’s cool today! In a few days, it will be washed at 17℃ again.

Yesterday (January 9th)
The weather in Shanghai is sunny and warm
I believe many people have taken off their down jackets.
But I got up early this morning (January 10th).
Do you suddenly feel chilly?
As a cold air arrived in Shanghai, it turned northwest last night, and the wind force increased to 4~5, and the temperature began to drop. The temperature drop in some suburbs can reach the cold wave level.
Today is the coldest day in recent days!
The temperature is 3~7℃ all day.
The northwest wind is increased to 4-5 and the gust is 6. Under the wind-cold effect, it is even colder. Everyone should wear more. Fortunately, the north wind also blew away the haze, and the air quality improved this afternoon.
The "timeliness" of this wave of cold air is very short, and it is as cold as Thursday morning. The lowest temperature in the urban area is about 1 C, and the suburban area is MINUS 3 C to MINUS 5 C. It began to warm up during the day on Thursday.
Future weather trend
During the "March 9th" this year, although there was cold air influence from time to time, the overall influence was northerly and the power was weak.
After the short-term impact of cold air, the temperature in most parts of the country rises, and around the 14th, the highest temperature in many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will break through 20℃, as warm as March all the year round.
In the next ten days, the temperature in Shanghai will show a trend of "short-term drop → high → small drop → high again".
From Thursday, the temperature will go out of a wave of "xiaoyang line", and the highest temperature on Sunday will even exceed 17℃.
At the beginning of next week, affected by the spread of cold air, the temperature dropped, but it was still just an "episode", and it rebounded to 17℃ again in the middle of next week!
This is really not like the temperature of "Sanjiu".
You know, Shanghai’s "three nine" all the year round
The highest temperature should be in the early 10℃
No wonder the netizen shouted:
With such a high temperature,
What about the bacon sausage?
Under such weather changes.
Fang friends should also pay attention to dressing ~
Increase or decrease in time to keep cold and warm!
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Source: News Square