Wanda Film Chen Zhixi: Excavating the charm of light and shadow to make young people fall in love with movies

1905 movie network feature Gain insight into the film industry and embrace Chinese films. In 2023, "China Film Report" "Blue Feather Parlor" launched the two sessions to specially plan "Dialogue Spring", inviting representatives of ten film companies to jointly promise a beautiful vision for Chinese films to move forward in the wind. From welcoming spring to entering spring. Now, we once again start with the prosperous Spring Festival stall and join hands with filmmakers to dream of 2024, when Chinese films are blooming.

"China Film Report" "Blue Feather Parlor" 2024 Two Sessions specially planned – the eighth episode of "Dialogue Spring" entered Wanda Film. The whole industry chain layout and development, closer to the audience, listen to the audience’s voice to feed back creation. Tonight, the host of the movie channel, Lan Yu, talked to the chairperson and president of Wanda Film joint stock company, let the audience walk into the cinema, walk into the movie, and feel the charm of light and shadow making dreams.

Discover and cooperate with new directors to supplement industry talents

The new work "Flowers Bloom" will be turned on for the second time

In the past period of time, the filmmaker Chen Zhixi has completed a career change – from "tens of billions of beautiful women producers" to become the chairperson of Wanda Film, the head of a film company with a whole industry chain. Wanda Film has always had a special emotion for her.

Located in the central district of Beijing’s East Fourth Ring Road, Wanda Studios has hosted most movie premieres. The studio has accompanied the filmmaker’s growth. From the very beginning, "almost all the premieres of films I have produced and invested in in my career have been in this studio."

Chen Zhixi has participated in the creation of many directors’ first works in the past, from the director’s "Lost in Thailand", the director’s "Pancake Man", and later Jia Ling’s. For her, after taking over Wanda Film, she listed the project planning for the next three years. In addition to cooperating with mature directors, she hopes to accompany more young filmmakers.

Wanda Film launched the "Elite + Program" in 2017, dedicated to discovering and cultivating professional talents in the film and television industry, and fully promoting the upgrading of China’s film industry. So far, 11 directors have been signed, as well as hundreds of screenwriters. "I hope to use my experience of accompanying many directors in the creation of their first films to accompany more young directors, so as to fill the market with more good content."

From a pure producer to the current head of a film company, in Chen Zhixi’s view, "launching some new directors and screenwriters for the industry and replenishing industry talents is the most basic work I can do."

She hopes to summarize her past experience and explore and judge the possibility of directors in more dimensions, "such as the director’s values and field control ability, to judge what kind of works this director will present to the audience and the market in the future." Chen Zhixi hopes to help these directors choose the theme and genre that best suits their talents as their debut films, so that they can succeed quickly.

Looking back at Chen Zhixi’s creative resume, she accompanied Xu Zheng, Dapeng and other filmmakers to realize the transformation from actor to director. At that time, they were all in their thirties and full of infinite possibilities. Today, Chen Zhixi looks at the actors around the age of 30, "There are three people who are very promising. I am already chatting with them, helping them choose topics, and seeing if there is a chance to move from the front to the back in the future."

In addition to the newcomer power, Wanda Cinemas will continue to work with mature and experienced directors.

After collaborating with Jia Ling on "Hello, Li Huanying," the two will continue to work together on the new novel "Flowers Blossom." "Half of the film has been completed, and we will continue to shoot the other half." At present, the entire film crew is also choosing the time and shooting location, "I hope to finish the film and meet the audience as soon as possible."

The whole industry chain excavates the charm of light and shadow

Awaken the enthusiasm of young audiences to fall in love with cinemas

As a film company with a whole industry chain, Wanda Film continues from the creative end to the screening end, which also allows Chen Zhixi, the head of the company, to have more opportunities to enter the audience and communicate with the audience. "In the past, more of my work was to accompany the directors to make scripts, how to set the plate and code the box office. At the stage of promotion, the previous distribution was also dependent on the outside. Now, Wanda Film has its own screening hall, which can feed back our films through the studios of the entire theater chain."

At present, there are 916 Wanda Studios across the country, and among the top 100 theaters in the national box office during the Spring Festival, Wanda accounts for as many as 67.

Chen Zhixi said that in the future, Wanda Film will continue to strengthen the high standards and high platform of the entire Wanda Studios, "continue to improve our service awareness and service quality, and create a very good viewing environment for the audience."

She was also thinking about how she used to feel like walking into a movie theater was like Chinese New Year because of the aroma of popcorn, so how could she make today’s young people fall in love with movies?

Awakening the enthusiasm of young people and making them willing to go to the cinema to watch movies has become a topic she and Wanda Film are eager to solve.

We are willing to learn more about movies and the charm of light and shadow. "Chen Zhixi hopes that under the environment of Wanda Film, she can take the initiative to change some business conditions, so that the theater can have more life-like and richer scene simulations.

"For example, in’The Trilogy of Consecrated Gods’, the props are so beautiful and the costumes are so beautiful. But after the movie is filmed, the audience is far away from them. As the end point of the movie, can we really hold some Consecrated Gods props for the director? I think that by transporting all those exquisite props and costumes to the theater, the audience can reach a deeper dimension of understanding and love for the movie."

The possibility of exploring cinemas also affects creators’ development at the front end. Judging from the current situation of the Chinese film market, a large proportion depends on box office revenue, 8% relies on Internet copyright recycling, and a very small part relies on derivatives.

In Chen Zhixi’s opinion, derivatives may be one of the paths for the recovery of film revenue in the future. "We hope that the life cycle of movies will become longer, and there can be more series movies." In particular, Wanda Film is currently developing and creating animated films in the "Bao Gong" series, and plans to create a more complete derivative system. "Animated films have more advantages in derivatives."

The animated film planned for this year’s Qixi Festival will be one of Wanda Film’s summer publicity projects. After the accumulation of the past two works, the film "will definitely have a very good derivative performance, which will really make the audience and characters, and even the film have emotional communication and interaction."

This week, Jackie Chan and Wong Kar Wai meet to compete on the same day. Who will win?

1905 movie network feature andThe battle is not over yet, the week is over. This week, a total of nine new films were released, but the focus was on these two films, that isandWhich of these nine new films can I watch? How much are these two focus works worth looking forward to? Xiaodian helps you filter

"The Flying Tiger."

Director: Ding Sheng

Starring: Jackie Chan/Huang Zitao/Wang Kai/Wang Continental/Sang Ping/Wu Yonglun

Release Date: 2016-12-23

Duration: 123 minutes

Director Ding Sheng’s most well-known work in recent years was last year’s work. Whether it was the wonderful performance of supporting actor Wang Qianyuan or the inner impulse to eat dumplings after watching it, it was impressive. This year, Director Ding Sheng rushed into the New Year’s Eve stall with his new work and partnered with a group of big coffee.

After that, Jackie Chan, who worked with Ding Sheng three times, and Huang Zitao, Wang Kai and Wang Continental, who worked together for the first time, formed a folk anti-Japanese guerrilla team. They were all railway workers at Zaozhuang Railway Station on Jinpu Railway. Jackie Chan was the captain Ma Yuan, the foreman of the porters. They worked in the day and came out to fight the devils at night. The common people gave them a name called the Railway Flying Tigers.

The posters released so far in this film are all very beautiful, and the characters in the play are also very talkative. Several new actors and Xiao Xianrou have shown a funny side.

And for Jackie Chan, who was very desperate to film, this time it was still the same. He led the Flying Tigers in the Northeast at minus 20 degrees, on a 100-ton train head, completing various forms including skateboard train scraping, slide train scraping, and other extreme movements such as train jumping.

The film also did a lot of things, except for releasing a poster of the longest, longest and longest in history(The poster is too long, click here to view it.)In addition, there will also be scenes of a train crash in the movie.

They also used actors to create more than 80 memes, which can be used directly. (However, the release date is not the 30th in the picture, but the 23rd~)

The Ferryman.

Director and Screenwriter: Zhang Jiajia

Producer: Wong Kar-wai

Starring: Tony Leung/Takeshi Kancheng/Eason Chan/Angelababy/Zhang Rongrong…

Release Date: 2016-12-23

Duration: 128 minutes

Wong Kar-wai, who has been making a play for many years, has not released a new film, but has released a film he supervised, "The Ferryman".

The director of this play is the screenwriter Zhang Jiajia. "Passing Through Your World" has been released on National Day, and the story integrity of the script is not good. The problem of lines not speaking human words has been seen. This time, he not only wrote but also directed "Ferryman". Zhang Jiajia’s goodnight heart language lines will still appear in such an atmosphere, which is amazing. What kind of atmosphere? Let’s see what Takeshi Kancheng said:

Of course, Tony Leung and Takeshi Kancheng can be seen enjoying the performance of comedy when filming this drama. They have also transformed from the melancholy male gods of these years to the early Hong Kong-style comedies. They are funny and desperate.

However, it has to be said that these few words of Takeshi Kancheng are the same as what we feel when we see the trailer. I didn’t expect "Ferryman" to be a comedy. In the trailer that has been exposed so far, only a few lines are from Tony Leung, Takeshi Kancheng, Angelababy, Zhang Rongrong, Xiong Dailin, Jia Ling, Liu Yan. Other places are basically based on the narration of Tony Leung and Takeshi Kancheng.

These casts are very mixed, except for Tony Leung and Takeshi Kancheng, as well as Anglebaby, whose acting skills have been criticized, Dapeng, who has just given a wonderful performance in China, comedians Jia Ling and Cui Zhijia, as well as popular singers Li Yuchun, Little Fresh Meat Luhan, High Cold Muse Rhododendron and so on.

The film’s story is simple. Adapted from Zhang Jiajia’s novel, Tony Leung’s Chen Mo and Takeshi Kancheng’s Guan Chun open a bar and act as ferrymen, who can rescue people who come for help from their pain and bring them happiness and warmth. The nature of the story sounds very similar to another film, helping people solve difficulties and fulfill their wishes.

Of course, there is no shortage of emotional stories in "Ferryman". The current CPs are: Tony Leung and Du Juan, Takeshi Kancheng and Zhang Rongrong, Eason Chan and Angelababy.

"The world is like a book, I prefer your sentence, I would like to be a comma and stay at your feet. But you have your own reader, and I am just a ferryman." This is from Zhang Jiajia’s novel, let’s see if this sentence will become a narration or a line.

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The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

On March 18th, the "Deep Blue G318 Experience Day and Deep Blue Super Range Extension Technology Evolution Day" was held in Chengdu. At this hardcore conference in the history of Deep Blue automobiles, Deep Blue Motors released the first hardcore SUV, Deep Blue G318 and Deep Blue Super Range 2.0. As the first "technology new hardcore" SUV of Deep Blue Motors, the release of Deep Blue G318 heralds its further expansion in the field of new energy. And Deep Blue Super Range 2.0 evolves for more savings, cooler and safer. It sits on 10 global firsts and enjoys 2 industry exclusives. It is a veritable decathlon champion and defines the highest standard in the field of range extension.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

At the press conference, Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Automobile, said, "It is easy to build a tram, but difficult to build a good tram, and even more difficult to build a good tram that makes consumers applaud. Deep Blue Super Range Extension was born to solve the pain points of trams and came to applaud users", demonstrating Deep Blue Automobile’s strong confidence in its own technology. This time, Deep Blue Super Range 2.0 has fully evolved, and refreshes the "hybrid ceiling" with "more economical, cooler and safer".

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is more economical, cooler and safer

For most users, all the cool points of new energy vehicles come from electric drives, and all pain points come from batteries, such as battery life anxiety, inconvenient replenishment, battery safety, etc. And Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 effectively solves the relevant painpoints under the premise of ensuring the complete release of electric drive cool points, bringing users an unprecedented driving experience.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

Natural piggy bank:The Force Super Integrated Electric Drive 2.0 included in it has a 92.59% efficiency of the electric drive assembly, leading the world, allowing users to drive farther and use more. The Force Intelligent Range Extension 2.0 is equipped with a new Blue Whale engine and a special generator and drive motor system for range extension, which can achieve the world’s highest oil-to-electricity conversion efficiency of 3.63 kWh of electricity per liter of oil, and truly use less oil to generate more electricity.

Such a high oil-to-electricity conversion ratio is due to the fact that Deep Blue Automobile has mastered the core technology of the engine. The new Blue Whale engine adopts a number of leading technologies such as the world’s first 500bar ultra-high pressure fuel injection system and the world’s first 150mJ high-energy ignition system, achieving an ultra-high compression ratio of 16:1 and a world-class thermal efficiency of 44.28%. It ensures that the engine does not waste every drop of fuel, making the "natural piggy bank" worthy of its name.

Forever electric car feeling:The Force Superfocus Electric Drive 2.0 deeply integrates more than ten components and functions of the electric drive system, greatly reducing the weight and volume of the electric drive system and the electronic control system, and the power density of the electric drive assembly is as high as 2.53kW/kg, allowing "small size, low weight" to burst out strong power. The special generator equipped with the Force Intelligent Range Extension 2.0 has 100kW ultra-high peak power and 70kW continuous output power, which can ensure continuous power output even in the feeding state.

In addition, in terms of silent performance, the Force Intelligent Range Extender 2.0 starts the car’s range extender noise mutation ≤ 1dB (A) during travel, the idle charging car noise ≤ 35.9dB (A), and the in-situ start steering wheel vibration ≤ 0.04g; the Force Superset Electric Drive 2.0 electric drive assembly has a one-meter sound pressure level ≤ 75.1dB (A), which truly realizes non-inductive start and silent operation, allowing users to enjoy the "forever electric car feeling" super cool driving!

A sense of security at any time:The Golden Bell Battery 2.0 used in Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 has four characteristics of "long life, true safety, super efficiency, and fast replenishment", which completely eliminates users’ concerns.

The high-stability standard battery used in it has a cycle life of > 5000cls, which is much higher than the cycle life of 3000-4000cls of ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries. At the same time, the SOC calculation error of the golden bell battery is ≤ 3%, which leads the industry average and achieves 600,000 km attenuation without perception. The multi-dimensional system safety design based on intrinsic safety, passive safety and active safety effectively avoids thermal runaway. As of now, the dark blue car 150,000 super range extension users still maintain a "0" fire record.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

In addition, the charging rate of the Golden Bell Battery 2.0 has been fully improved, and the charging time of 30% to 80% SOC is only 15 minutes. The first wide temperature range micronucleus high-frequency pulse heating technology, the temperature compatibility range is expanded to -30 ° C to 0 ° C, the power performance is increased by 55%, and the charging time is shortened by 30%. Under -30 ° C environment, the fast charging time of 0% -80% SOC is shortened by 40 minutes, which effectively solves the anxiety of users to replenish energy in winter.

The first dark blue super range extension 2.0 dark blue G318 solves the four major pain points of traditional hardcore

At the press conference, the dark blue G318, which is positioned as the "new hard-core technology", was unveiled simultaneously. In response to the four pain points of the traditional hard-core SUV’s similar shape, poor comfort, cramped space, and high energy consumption, the four major innovations of "new hard-core style, new hard-core comfort, new hard-core space, and new hard-core energy consumption" brought new choices to users.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

New hardcore look:The dark blue G318 creates the appearance of the "Starship" with the design concept of "Cyber Metal, Rough Stone Cut". The front face of the "Warship" is tough and majestic; the rear of the "Space Gate" sci-fi car is full of futuristic feeling. In terms of interior, the built-in 14.6-inch large screen, with physical buttons, allows technology and hard style to combine. The Starship push-pull rod-type shift lever allows users to enjoy the surging power and a smooth driving feeling.

New Hardcore Comfort:The deep blue G318 adopts a combination of double fork arms + multi-link suspension, supplemented by air suspension, CDC suspension and active magic carpet, for more stable and comfortable handling. The R-EPS steering system with circulating ball power is more powerful and responsive, making the steering more accurate and smooth. High-strength seven-ring mesh body structure, the torsional stiffness of the body is 45000Nm/deg, which is much higher than that of common hard-core SUVs (mostly below 30000Nm/deg), making the whole vehicle have better NVH performance and dynamic comfort.

The deep blue G318 has two locks, a central stepless differential lock and a magnetic mechanical differential lock, which greatly improves the passability and comfort under extreme road conditions. The ET all-terrain system integrates 16 driving modes to easily cope with various road conditions. In particular, the in-situ U-turn function can reduce the minimum turning radius of the vehicle to 3.2 meters, achieving a 180-degree extreme U-turn!

New hardcore space:Thanks to the 5010 * 1985 * 1960mm body size and 2880mm long wheelbase, the dark blue G318 has a transverse room rate of 61% and a longitudinal room rate of 68%. Both front and rear passengers can get spacious and comfortable head and leg space. The front and rear seats can be completely flat, allowing users to choose between the "sofa bed" and the "1.8m queen bed". The 818L-1747L trunk space can accommodate up to 29 20-inch suitcases, which has a stronger loading capacity than the maximum of 12 for friends.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

The dark blue G318 also has a strong extension space. The dynamic load-bearing capacity of the roof rack can reach 80kg, and the static load-bearing capacity is 300kg, which can expand into a large flat on the first floor and a small bungalow on the second floor; the rear and roof are equipped with 1.6T qualification tow hooks and the only roof searchlight in the industry that can be legally launched on the road. 6kW external discharge can meet the needs of 8 tents at the same time, making outdoor life more exciting!

New hardcore energy consumption:The dark blue G318 is the first to take the dark blue super range extension 2.0, with a pure electric cruising range of 190km and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 1000km. 1L of oil generates 3.63 degrees of power, reducing the fuel consumption of the feed to 6.7L/100km (CLTC), and the cost of using the car is lower.

Equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system, the maximum power is 316kW, and it can burst out 6200N · m wheel end peak torque, and the zero-hundred acceleration is only 6.3s. All systems are equipped with ENC active noise reduction technology, allowing users to enjoy the "forever tram feeling" driving experience!

In terms of battery safety, the Golden Bell Battery 2.0 is used, with a built-in distance of more than 100mm and a ground clearance of 278mm-348mm battery pack, plus 10 layers of bottom protection, allowing for smooth outdoor travel without fear of bumps.

The first Deep Blue G318 with Deep Blue Super Range Extension 2.0 is coming strong, creating a happy "mobile home"

At the same time, Deep Blue Automobile simultaneously released the "318 National Highway Ecological Protection Plan": for every G318 sold in the future, 318 yuan will be set aside for the ecological protection of 318 National Highway and the construction of charging piles. In the next three years, Deep Blue Automobile will build no less than 1,000 Deep Blue charging piles in major hotels and homestays along 318 National Highway.

In addition, the "Deep Blue Car G318 Self-Driving Tour Club" was also officially established. The first batch of limited recruitment of 318,000 members can obtain two exclusive rights. First, before June 30, Dading users will receive a "double 318 National Highway Hot Spot Tour Package" worth 6,000 yuan, and enjoy the VIP remote service of Deep Blue Car throughout the process; second, they will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the official 318 long-distance travel.

In today’s increasingly mature new energy vehicle market, users have increasingly high requirements for vehicle performance, battery safety, and energy economy, and Deep Blue Super Range 2.0 has successfully met these needs, not only bringing new technology paradigms to the industry, but also injecting new vitality into the development of the global new energy vehicle market. The Deep Blue G318 also starts from the actual pain points of users, and with a very forward-looking design concept, it shows the strength of hardliners that is completely different from traditional hardliners SUVs!

Precision Forging Technology was investigated by 7 organizations: the company started mass production in Q1, 2023 for the supporting business (domestic+export) of Volvo’s second-generation new energy

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on March 7, and the company was investigated by seven institutions on February 22, 2023, with institutions of other types, fund companies and securities companies.

  The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: Review of operation in 2022.

  A: In 2022, the company’s overall revenue increased by 27%, mainly due to the supporting business of new energy vehicles and the export market business, of which the supporting business of new energy vehicles accounted for about 22% in 2022, the export market business accounted for about 33% in 2022, and the export growth rate was over 30%.

  Q: Expectation in 2023

  A: In 2023, the company is expected to achieve an overall revenue growth of 30%. It is estimated that domestic revenue and export revenue will basically keep pace with growth, and the proportion of new energy revenue is expected to reach more than 30%.

  Q: What are the incremental plates in 2023?

  A: In 2023, the main increase will be in supporting the business segment and export business segment for new energy vehicles. Traditional fuel vehicles will enter the batch production with new localization projects, which will also contribute to some growth.

  Q: The ratio of fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles in exports.

  A: In the export business in 2022, the business income supporting fuel vehicles will account for 80%+, and the proportion of new energy income in the export business in 2023 will increase year-on-year.

  Q: The specific gravity of differential assembly products.

  A: In 2022, the differential assembly revenue will account for about 17% of the total revenue, and the target in 2023 will be more than 25%.

  Q: Major customers of agricultural machinery sector.

  A: The main customer of agricultural machinery is John Deere.

  Q: Long-term planning by product and business.

  A: New energy vehicles: differential gears, differential assemblies, main reduction gears and motor shafts.

  The target is that in 2025, the revenue from supporting new energy vehicles will account for more than 50%. Lightweight field: air-conditioning compressor scroll, chassis system forgings, thermal management system forgings, etc., target chassis system forgings, thermal management system forgings, etc. began to contribute revenue in 2024.

  Q: Matching situation of major customers in North America.

  A: The company’s domestic market support for major customers in North America has basically reached expectations. In the near future, it will arrange a team to visit its European factory to meet the supply issues.

  Q: Volvo’s new energy project

  A: The company started mass production for Volvo’s second-generation new energy vehicle supporting business (domestic+export) in Q1, 2023. Its next-generation new energy vehicle differential assembly and motor shaft are under negotiation and are progressing smoothly.

  Q: BYD project

  A: The company mainly supports differential gears for (). BYD has four platforms of differential business. The company has been supporting differential gears for the platform with the largest output, and the gears for the other three platforms have also been developed and are currently being tested and verified.

  Q: The business of well-known technology companies in China.

  A: The company has been developing differential assemblies for its different platforms, and plans to start mass production in 2024.

  Q: Geely Automobile’s business:

  A: The company has been supporting motor shafts for Geely in batches. In addition, the differential assembly business has obtained the fixed point of its new project, and the assembly is currently being tested and verified.

  Q: New Power Customer Business

  A: Major new car-making customers, such as Ai ‘an, Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Lingpao and Nezha, have cooperated with them. The main supporting products are differential gears and differential assemblies.

  Q: Main gear reduction business

  A: At present, the production capacity of the project is already under construction, and the target customers are also docking. The goal is to contribute revenue in 2024.

  Q: Plans to build factories overseas

  A: In 2022, the company’s export accounted for 33%, of which North America accounted for about one third of the export. Considering the factors such as tariffs, market competition and expansion, and customer requirements, the company will start the overseas factory building planning in Asia, Europe and North America in real time, and will announce the actual progress in time.

  Q: What is the impact of changes in raw material prices?

  A: The company and most customers have a mechanism for adjusting the fluctuation of material prices, and the impact of changes in raw material prices on costs is relatively controllable;

  The main business of Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging Technology Co., Ltd. is bevel gear of automobile differential, combined gear of automobile transmission, shaft parts of automobile transmission, EDL (electronic differential system gear), synchronizer gear ring, clutch drive hub parts, parking gear, motor shaft and differential assembly for new energy vehicles, and gears for high-end agricultural machinery. The company’s main products are divided into bevel gears and combined teeth.

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Harvest fund Fund company Yang juncheng Yongying fund Fund company Wang Jiawei Recursive fund Fund company Yu liangtao Golden Eagle Fund Fund company Wu Haifeng Yin Hua Fund Fund company zhang yinuo Open source securities securities company Zhu Jingyi Dongzheng asset management other Chen Siyuan

Is the new Volvo XC60 better than the Audi Q5L? The car machine upgrade is also equipped with 2.0T+48V light mixing.

If I go back a few years, if you let me choose Volvo XC60 (parameter picture), I will definitely hold your eye. However, after upgrading to a dad, various words such as comfort, safety and environmental protection often come to my mind. Among some mainstream luxury medium-sized SUVs, can you tell me how to choose? Obviously, the Volvo XC60 is more in line with my car demand.

Before we start, let me tell you the good news. The new Volvo XC60 has been completely updated to a 48V hybrid, and the trailer has been changed from the original T5 to B5. Besides the power, there are other upgrades. Ok, without further ado, let’s enjoy the hard-core strength of the new Volvo XC60.

In fact, choosing a car is like finding a wife, you need fine products. Married friends all know that a wife is not necessarily very beautiful, and it is most important to be generous and experience life. The new Volvo XC60 gives me this feeling. Maybe it doesn’t have the dazzling aura of BBA, but it can protect the people you love the most. The simple and fashionable design technique is the first feeling it conveys to you, but compared with the old model, it is indeed a lot more refined.

"New Volvo XC60"

"Old Volvo XC60"

Compared with the old XC60, the new model adopts 3D mirror LOGO, which is more stereoscopic as a whole. The air intake grille is also embedded with black decorative strips. I think blackening is a trend now, but the overall look is still very trendy. Of course, the new models will still be divided into the luxury version and the sports version. As for how to distinguish them, just look at the net.

Headlights are still the familiar hammer of Raytheon. Needless to say, you can definitely recognize them 50 meters away. Don’t worry about the brightness, automatic headlights is also standard, and the adaptive high beam appears on the high gear.

In addition to the changes in the grille, the front enclosure of the luxury model has also been upgraded more exquisitely. Needless to say, such a change has brought out the overall sense of youth.

The overall feeling of the side is still the same, and the window changes from big to small to form an upward posture, which makes the whole car feel ready to go. The body size is 4708/1902/1658, and the wheelbase is 2865 mm.

The style of the rim has changed compared with the old one. The double five-spoke design looks very harmonious. With the Pirelli P ZERO tire with the size of 235/55 R19, the tire pays more attention to grip. The current market price of this tire is about 1200 yuan/piece, which is not expensive from the price point of view and belongs to the normal level.

"New Volvo XC60"

"Old Volvo XC60"

The rear tail, which is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, looks familiar. The rear taillight of Viking Axe also has strong recognition. It uses LED light source, but the hidden exhaust really makes me feel a little too low-key. But fortunately, there is no fake exhaust, otherwise it feels too auto parts city.

"New Volvo XC60"

"Old Volvo XC60"

Entering the car, a familiar style came to my face. Some people say that Volvo, as a luxury brand, why can’t the interior be luxurious? To be honest, I don’t know, but one thing is certain, the workmanship and the use of environmental protection materials are really commendable, and everyone should know that the Nordic wind direction is so simple.

The wooden decorative board running through the center console looks very advanced, which is also in line with the simple style of the new Volvo XC60. As I said at the beginning, this car needs you to go through the details to find the smell.

The full LCD finally comes standard with 12.3 inches. Hearing this, does the owner of the old XC60 feel a little unfair? In addition, there is more information on the screen as a whole, including full-screen navigation, which is very convenient for daily use.

The big screen standing in the middle is familiar to everyone, and most functions of the vehicle can be operated through this screen. Compared with the old model, the overall operation order has changed. For example, the safety auxiliary configuration tiled on the page on the old models can be triggered only by clicking the small sign on the lower right, and it needs to be adapted for the first time.

However, compared with the old models, the new Volvo XC60 has added a lot of third-party software, such as Huawei Assistant and Tmall Elf. Take the Tmall Elf as an example. Simply put, it is similar to Xiaomi’s "Little Love Classmate". The car can be connected with household appliances, so as to realize remote control.

But my favorite is the voice interaction system. The voice interaction of the new XC60 comes from Iflytek, and the recognition degree is still very accurate. You just need to shout "Hello, Xiaowo", which can realize navigation, weather query, air ticket query, food query, hotel query, air conditioning control and so on. And I found that voice control is very suitable for those elderly friends. It doesn’t matter if you can’t operate the car, just say it.

The crystal lever also appeared on the new Volvo XC60 this time, which looks more refined as a whole, and it is a good thing that the whole system comes standard with electronic lever. The most intuitive feeling is that it is more convenient to use. Of course, it also provides a manual mode, and the electronic lever can be moved to the left.

In addition to the car, the top reading light has also been completely changed to touch-control operation. Obviously, the buttons are gone, and the whole is more concise. Moreover, the control of the sunroof sunshade is very interesting, just sliding in the groove of the rectangular square.

According to different models, the new Volvo XC60 also provides different stereos. The model of this test drive is equipped with Harman Kardon audio, and the overall sound quality is very good. However, I still prefer the Baohua Weijian audio on the T8 version. Both the treble and bass are handled well, and the surround effect is very shocking.

As a medium-sized SUV, panoramic sunroof is an essential configuration. After opening, the lighting in the car can be improved, and with the panoramic skylight, long-distance travel will feel very pleasant.

The seat is wrapped in leather, which is very wide and comfortable to sit on. The ergonomics is very good. And when you adjust the seat, the central control screen will also appear the corresponding adjustment method, so you can also adjust the seat angle through the central control screen.

The height of the experiencer is 183cm, and the seat is adjusted to the lowest level and comes to the driver’s seat. The overall performance is very good, and there is no sense of oppression. Moreover, the spacious seat is also a boon for friends who are fatter.

With the front seats adjusted, the experiencer comes to the back row, with four fingers in the head space and two fists in the leg space, which is enough for a medium-sized SUV, and the back row is also equipped with independent air conditioning and Type-C interface.

The transverse width and longitudinal width of the trunk are very good. After the second row of seats are put down, the space is further expanded, and there is no problem in carrying some goods every day. Moreover, the car is also equipped with air suspension, and the trunk can be adjusted. You just need to click the button on the right side of the trunk.

As can be seen from the photo, there are only four fingers in the lowest state, and two fingers in the highest state. This can still be of great help to the daily handling of goods, especially some female friends should like it very much.

The new Volvo XC60 is equipped with 2.0T+48V power combination. At present, the pure fuel version is divided into B4 and B5 engines. The B5 model tested today has a maximum power of 250 HP (in addition, the motor can provide an additional 14 HP) and a maximum torque of 350 Nm, matching the 8-speed automatic manual transmission.

To say what this Volvo XC60 feels like in terms of dynamic feeling, we must first talk about the performance of 48V hybrid. The most intuitive feeling is that it becomes quiet. Whether you start the vehicle or start at the daily traffic lights, it is difficult for you to notice the existence of the engine. Therefore, this new Volvo XC60 also cancels the automatic start-stop function, which is actually a good thing for most drivers, because automatic start-stop is sometimes very annoying, I believe everyone understands. In addition, the new Volvo XC60 will greatly improve its fuel economy.

In the actual driving process, the overall adjustment of the throttle is still highly consistent with the old one, with moderate sensitivity, which is very suitable for most consumers. Of course, after the throttle goes to the end, the overall sense of acceleration is also very fast, and the overall response of the gearbox is also very good. It is also relatively neat when downshifting. When cruising normally, the gearbox will actively rise to the highest gear.

The feeling of hanging the whole body is a bit hard, but the shock filtering effect is relatively simple, and some small gullies can be easily solved. The chassis is also relatively compact, which is a bit like the style of a German car. Of course, this brand-new Volvo XC60 is still not suitable for too intense driving, after all, the positioning is biased towards home.

Turning to the whole is still a light feeling, which is very suitable for female friends. No matter whether it’s a normal turn or a U-turn, it won’t feel very hard. But personally, I don’t like this feeling very much. I always feel that steering is heavy and driving is more leisurely, but it varies from person to person.

After talking for a long time, I believe some friends will also ask, what are the feelings of different driving modes? I’m really sorry, the new XC60 has cancelled the choice of driving mode, so you don’t have to consider how to choose the mode in different road conditions in the future. In fact, the manufacturer also explained that the purpose of doing so is also to be concise and convenient. Although I think this is a bit inappropriate, because almost all competing products at the same level are equipped with multiple driving modes. But actually, when we think about it, it seems that we really don’t adjust the driving mode often when we drive every day.

It is also worth mentioning that the navigation assistance function of the new XC60. In fact, it is equipped on the old models, which is simply automatic driving. It is very responsible to say that this set of navigation assistance functions is remarkable and very accurate in the same class. All you need to do is adjust the distance from the front car, set the speed, and leave the rest to the new XC60. Of course, if your hands leave the steering wheel for a long time, the car will automatically give an alarm. Moreover, its navigation aid is very suitable for hot noon, because it can avoid traffic accidents caused by drowsiness.

Finally, NVH, some old car owners may think that XC60 is not sound-proof, but think about it, how can it be very sound-proof with so many environmentally friendly materials? However, after driving the new XC60 today, I feel that the overall performance is normal, and there is no such feeling of resonance. If you have to say, the tire noise is a bit loud, but there is nothing you can do about it. After all, P ZERO is not a silent tire.

Summary: The biggest change of the new Volvo XC60 is the car system and the brand-new power combination. From the product point of view, its strength has really improved a lot, and being more intelligent is a big change this time. But some places have indeed been simplified. Some people say yes, but others sayno. After all, turnips and cabbages have their own tastes. But in all fairness, the growth of Volvo XC60 in recent years is obvious to all, and it can often be seen on the street, which also shows that consumers recognize this car. And I think the friends who buy XC60 must have taken a fancy to its safety, environmental protection and price. As for this new XC60, what is the market feedback? Let’s wait and see!

Mina, a fighting fish dancer, was rumored by her peers! Car-scrapping said: it must pay a huge price.

Original title: "Mina", a fighting fish dancer, encountered rumors from peers! Car-scrapping said: it must pay a huge price.

The fighting fish dancer [Mina] encountered rumors from peers! Car-scrapping said: it must pay a huge price.

As we all know, the live broadcast industry is today’s"Live less rice and earn more money every day"The typical representative has attracted the influx of countless handsome men and beautiful women.

Although the anchors and online celebrity of the major live broadcast platforms have changed rapidly and the involution is serious, the super popular dancer in the Betta Dance Area[Mina]Still occupying the section for a long time, my sister’s throne stands still, and she is the first choice for the goddess in the hearts of countless old drivers. (Ahem, it is worth mentioning that, unlike other female anchors, Mina not only has a large wave of male fans, but also attracts a considerable number of female fans.)

As the saying goes-a tall tree catches/invites/inspires the wind―a person in a high position/with great reputation is liable to be attacked. Recently, Mina, as the T0-level online celebrity anchor of the platform and even the whole network, has also encountered such things as [a small group], [a foolish girl bully] and [Zhou Shuyi] that others have encountered before.Malicious rumorEvents.

(Previously, betta fish online celebrity [a small group], [Daimei Xiaobawang], [Zhou Shuyi] and others all suffered from online pornographic incidents.

For example, [a small group] was once rumored to shoot an indecent video, and the rumor maker used a video with extremely vague facial features as ironclad evidence to open the hammer [a small group], which made the small group helpless to prove its innocence.)

There are countless rumors on the internet, such as [a small group], [a little girl bully] and [Zhou Shuyi].

In a recent live broadcast of Mina, she also revealed her own experience, saying: "SomeoneSomeone was forced to quit the net’The anchor and his team members are maliciously spreading rumors about me! "Different from other soft handling methods of online celebrity anchors, Mina directly started the hard and rigid mode, indicating that legal weapons have been taken to safeguard her own interests!

During the live broadcast, she even said: "Must make it pay a huge price!It is best to let him step on the sewing machine for a few days, and step on it for a few days if he can! If you can’t step on the sewing machine, let it lose money! In addition to the above, an apology is also essential! Apologize to me publicly on all major platforms and let them learn a good lesson! "

In addition, Mina also revealed: "Because I decided to pursue its responsibility, the other party also asked a well-known anchor who was banned to intercede." (The water friends in the live broadcast room participated in the test.LBW)

Dear audience lords ~ useless gossip will officially return from now on!

Every day in the future will bring you the latest, hottest and most interesting live gossip!

Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention ~

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How subversive is super hybrid, BYD Qin PLUS DM?

On March 8th, BYD Qin PLUSDM-i, a "fuel car disruptor", went on the market, with four configurations, and the subsidized price was 105,800-145,800 yuan. Its revolutionary fuel consumption of 3.8 liters, long battery life of 1,245 kilometers and breaking 100 in 7.3 seconds will completely change users’ perception of compact cars.

According to the pure electric cruising range, the new car has released four configurations, namely, 55KM distinguished model, 55KM flagship model, 120KM distinguished model and 120KM flagship model, and the subsidized prices are 105,800 yuan, 119,800 yuan, 129,800 yuan and 145,800 yuan respectively.

Technological subversion, it is necessary to set a new benchmark for cars.

The exterior design of Qin PLUSDM-i follows the essence of DragonFace family design language. The front and rear of the car are designed with horizontal widening. The arrow feather dzi LED headlights and the 5mm dragon claw mark penetrating LED taillights echo each other, and the lateral lines are full and full of tension, making the overall design more youthful and dynamic.

The embracing wide-range suspension cockpit creates an open sensory experience, equipped with the iconic 12.8-inch intelligent suspension rotating screen, equipped with DiLink3.0 intelligent network connection system, cloud services, remote driving, NFC car keys for mobile phones, OTA remote upgrade for whole vehicles, mobile power stations and many other BYD black technologies.

The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4765×1837×1495mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2718 mm. The back row adopts a fully flat central passage design, so you can get the same comfortable experience as the seats on both sides when sitting in the middle position. There is plenty of space in the trunk, and 4/6 of the rear seats can be put into the expansion volume, which is more than enough for daily family trips or go on road trip.

Compared with the fuel vehicle of the same class, Qin PLUSDM-i has the advantage of "upgrading the dimension" in technology. The BYD DM-i super hybrid system it carries, with Xiaoyun-plug-in special 1.5L high-efficiency engine, EHS electric hybrid system and DM-i super hybrid special blade battery as the core, creates an electric hybrid technology, and is equipped with DM-i super hybrid special blade battery, adopting the world’s first pulse self-heating and the world’s leading refrigerant direct cooling technology.

As a result, the fuel consumption of Qin PLUSDM-i can be as low as 3.8L per 100 kilometers, which is only half of that of the same class fuel car, and only over 20 cents per kilometer. In the state of full oil and electricity, the comprehensive cruising range of the 55KM version can reach 1180 km, and the 120KM version can reach 1245 km. In the recent Qin PLUSDM-i "One Box of Oil, Across Five Provinces" Challenge, the media teachers who participated in the event even ran the best result with an average fuel consumption of 3.14 liters per 100 kilometers.

With the advantage of high-power motor, the acceleration of Qin PLUSDM-i reaches 7.3 seconds, which is 2-3 seconds faster than that of a fuel car of the same class, and the power is comparable to 2.0T high horsepower. Not only fast, but also stable, Qin PLUSDM-i’s driving performance is infinitely close to pure electric vehicles, and its power output is smooth and quiet, which is very suitable for family travel.

A fuel-efficient is enough to beat the invincible.

After the DM-i super hybrid technology and three first models were officially released not long ago, Qin PLUSDM-i, as the first mass-produced vehicle based on a brand-new technology platform, took the lead in cutting into the market, and both the price range of 105.8-145.8 thousand and the compact level are very competitive market segments of domestic cars, which also reflects BYD’s confidence in Qin Plus DM-I.

In this market segment, the most obvious advantage of Qin PLUSDM-i is still its DM-i hybrid system, which will undoubtedly lead competitors at the same level in ultra-low fuel consumption and driving quietness. Compared with appearance, interior and space, the fuel economy of Qin PLUSDM-i is the most practical benefit for car owners, especially for about 100,000 consumers.

Moreover, it should be noted that the official fuel consumption of 3.8L/ 100 km has a premise of power loss, which shows that the fuel system itself without batteries is also very efficient. No matter whether the fuel consumption of 3.8L/ 100 kilometers can be achieved, from the actual measurement, it should not be a problem to exceed the fuel consumption of the same level benchmark and a tank of oil can run more than 1000 kilometers, and the fuel saved is real.

But in fact, Qin PLUSDM-i has almost no rivals in the compact market of new energy of its own brand. Whether it is Roewe ei6 or MG 6, the product strength and price are not as good as Qin Plus DM-I. At this price, we can easily think of Lei Ling/Corolla dual engine in the joint venture camp, while Qin PLUSDM-i has higher cost performance and more powerful intelligent configuration in product strength.

More importantly, it is also in line with the policy of new energy license, which can solve the troubles of indicators in cities with restricted purchases, while the price of models with the same "green license advantage" is relatively higher. It can be said that Qin PLUSDM-i is a plug-in car, and the price goes straight into the traditional fuel car range.

From the point of view of buying a car, budget and indicators are both hard demands. Therefore, to put it simply, compared with the same price, Qin PLUSDM-i is not only more fuel efficient, but also a green card; Compared with the green card, it is also more fuel-efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, in fact, it seems that there is a car market with great room for growth in front of Qin PLUSDM-i, especially plug-in hybrid cars, which is still a blue ocean.

At this point, the entire BYD Qin series has basically covered the price range of 60,000-200,000 from the most basic Qin to Qin ProDM. The power ranges from 1.5L+CVT, EV pure electricity, 1.5T+6DCT, and today’s 1.5L+DM-i super hybrid system. Various power combinations give you enough choices and basically cover all kinds of car scenes.

Che Yun summary

Lu Tian, general manager of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, said: "More than 2,000 years ago, the Qin Dynasty brought unprecedented fission to China society; In 2021, Qin PLUSDM-i will also open a new era of travel. " BYD’s recent product strength is obvious to all, and its brand strength continues to rise. Subverting the cognitive price, coupled with the advantages of low fuel consumption, long battery life, sufficient power and high face value, Qin PLUSDM-i has solved almost all the pain points of users. Whether it can subvert the fuel car depends on the market performance behind it.

A "Great Wall Gun" made Great Wall Motor a hit, and Wei Jianjun’s first live show in Baoding was hotly debated.

Original title: A "Great Wall Cannon" made Great Wall Motor a hit, and Wei Jianjun’s first live show in Baoding was hotly debated.

Reading Tip: Recently, the popularity of Great Wall Motor has continued to soar due to the events of "Great Wall Gun" and "Wei Jianjun Live Broadcasting". On April 18th, Lei Jun Tik Tok, the chairman of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., praised the Great Wall Tank 700 in a live broadcast, which once again attracted the audience’s hot discussion.

What is the charm of Great Wall Motor? On April 19th, nearly 30 college students in Bulgaria visited Baoding Great Wall Motor Xu Shui Branch, watched the whole process of vehicle production, got a glimpse of "Tank 700" and got on the bus for a trial ride.

"Lei Jun praised Tank 700", "Great Wall Gun" and "Wei Jianjun Live First Show" Great Wall Motor’s popularity remained high.

Previously, at the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile, Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motor, was present and presented Lei Jun with a tank 700Hi4-T, and Lei Jun gave a Xiaomi SU7 as a gift.

After a lapse of more than 20 days, Lei Jun connected Wei Jianjun in the live broadcast in Tik Tok, and bluntly said that he liked Tank 700 very much. The appearance of the vehicle was very domineering, and the gas field did not lose millions of luxury cars. For a while, Great Wall Motor once again sparked heated discussion.

The discussion on Great Wall Motor is not a whim.

Recently, a female netizen received a car from Great Wall Motor because she shouted "Great Wall Gun" in the video. This incident attracted the attention of netizens, and Great Wall Motor was therefore "small fire". After that, on April 17th, Wei Jianjun, the chairman of Great Wall Motor, made his first live show in Baoding, showing that Great Wall Motor had no plans and wisdom to drive. This incident once again pushed the discussion of Great Wall Motor to a new climax.

Now, with the help of Lei Jun’s live broadcast, Great Wall Motor has once again been pushed into the public eye. What is the charm of Great Wall Motor? Nearly 30 college students in Baoding visited.

The fastest time is 52 seconds. "A car will be off the production line in the time of drinking a glass of water." The production speed of Great Wall Motor is amazing.

On April 19th, in the third phase of the activity "Walking into the Second Hometown" jointly sponsored by Baoding Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Hebei Youth Daily, nearly 30 college students in Baoding entered Baoding Great Wall Motor Xu Shui Branch.

It is understood that the company covers an area of 13 square kilometers and has three workshops. On the same day, the students went to the production workshop to watch the whole process of vehicle production.

It is reported that Xu Shui Branch of Great Wall Motor is mainly responsible for the production of tanks, mocha, Blue Mountain, Harvard Big Dog and Harvard H6.

According to the staff, according to the previous order production, the fastest average time is 52 seconds to produce a car off the assembly line. "When we drink a glass of water, a car will be off the assembly line." According to reports, on the day of the visit, the number of cars produced in a workshop can reach more than 700 units. In this regard, the students who visited the peers were greatly shocked. "It’s amazing, this speed is really unimaginable."

After the visit, nearly 30 students also watched the highly discussed tank 700 on the Internet and got on the bus for a trial ride. The staff said that the vehicle that the students saw was the top version of the tank 700, and its price was around 700,000 yuan. In this regard, the students were very surprised and "experienced the charm of a tank".

Deeply understand local enterprises in Baoding and promote the deep integration of college students and Baoding.

At the end of the activity, the students said that through this activity, they personally felt the strength and charm of Great Wall Motor, and had a deeper understanding and understanding of local enterprises in Baoding. "I hope I can have an internship in Great Wall Motor in the future and work here."

According to the organizer, the social practice activity of "Walking into the Second Hometown" aims to lead college students to "measure Baoding with their feet, find Baoding with their eyes, listen to Baoding with their ears, and feel Baoding with their hearts" and provide them with opportunities to enter the society, gain knowledge and practice.

The organizers of the event said that they will continue to lead college students in Baoding into well-known enterprises, non-legacy projects, human geography, etc., and learn more about Baoding’s history and culture, natural scenery and economic development through expert lectures, field visits and immersive experiences, so as to promote the deep integration of college students and Baoding.

It is understood that the activity of "Entering the Second Hometown" will continue to be carried out. Interested applicants can write directly to the official backstage, leaving their names, schools and contact information.

Reporter Zhao Ye Trainee reporter Yan Mengyue

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Xiaomi SU7 insurance price is 360,000 yuan? Official response

On January 30th, some netizens posted that the premium price of the high-end version of SU7, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile, was 361,400 yuan. The new car adopts ternary lithium battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, with a maximum speed of 265 km/h. Market news speculated that the final selling price of Xiaomi automobile may be in the range of 250,000 to 370,000.

In response to the above news, Xiaomi Automobile responded: "Unofficial news is not true." In addition, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, forwarded a message to Weibo, a netizen, and said that in recent days, internal vehicles began to be licensed, which was to test all the processes of running through sales and delivery, and buying insurance was also one of the links. In other words, it has no reference value.

Xiaomi SU7 is the first production car of Xiaomi Automobile, which was released on December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Day. On Xiaomi Auto Technology Day, Lei Jun spent about three hours explaining technologies such as large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, and the design of Xiaomi’s first production model, but he didn’t talk about the price and kept it highly confidential, which also became the biggest suspense of Xiaomi.

In fact, since the release of Xiaomi Automobile, the price of Xiaomi Automobile has always been the focus of the industry. How much is the pricing for "Xiaomi Auto SU7"? When will it be announced? " Earlier, Xiaomi Auto officially replied, "We really haven’t finalized the price. Mr. Lei, the founder of Xiaomi, also introduced it at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference. It is indeed a bit expensive, but it will be’ expensive for a reason’. Not 99,000, not 149,000, not 199,000. The final pricing will be announced at the official launch conference of Xiaomi SU7. " Since then, Mr. Lei has also revealed that Xiaomi Su750,000 has no rivals. It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a "C-class high-performance eco-technology car", which provides dual-motor version and single-motor version. The single-motor version is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 220 kW; The dual-motor version is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor system, in which the maximum power of the front motor is 220kW and the maximum power of the rear motor is 275kW.

Not long ago, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, also said in an interview with the media that the pricing of Xiaomi’s first model may be a bit expensive, equivalent to the performance of two or three million luxury cars, and reiterated that the pricing of Xiaomi’s first model will not be 99,000 yuan, 149,000 yuan, 199,000 yuan.

Judging from the product configuration announced by Xiaomi Technology Day, the positioning of Xiaomi SU7 is not low, which means that its price cannot be too low. It should be noted that in recent years, the automobile market has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially since 2023, the automobile price war has intensified, and the price has also become a key link in the competition between automobile enterprises.

For Lei Jun, who "staked all his assets and reputation and started his last business in his life", he has high hopes for Xiaomi Automobile. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi automobile has the performance index that is not inferior to Tesla Model S, and the three indexes of 0-100km/h acceleration, 100km/h-0 braking distance and top speed are not backward, and bluntly said that Xiaomi SU7 has no accurate benchmarking vehicle, and it hopes to be comparable to Porsche Taycan Turbo in mechanical quality such as drivability, and to be comparable to Tesla Model S in intelligence.

As for the follow-up goal of Xiaomi Automobile, Lei Jun’s ambition is to become one of the top five automakers in the world. Lei Jun said: "The goal of Xiaomi Automobile is to rival Porsche and Tesla, to build dream cars in the new era of automobile industry, and to make a beautiful, easy-to-drive, comfortable and safe mobile intelligent space." The goal of autonomous driving is to enter the first camp of the industry in 2024. In addition, Lei Jun also stressed that today is 1003 days since Xiaomi announced its entry into the electric vehicle industry. Starting from the underlying core technology, Xiaomi has invested ten times to make a good car, and its long-term goal is to strive to become one of the top five automobile manufacturers in the world in the next 15-20 years. It is worth mentioning that the homogenization of 200,000-300,000 models in today’s auto market is very serious, and the competition is particularly fierce, which also means that Xiaomi Auto will face a lot of pressure after listing.

Lei Jun said in an interview before: "I am particularly worried that everyone will not buy if it doesn’t catch fire. What’s more worrying is that if everyone buys, they will have to wait for a year or two, and they will definitely be scolded." Whether Xiaomi SU7 can be accepted by the market or whether consumers are willing to pay for it is still unknown because the price is to be determined. But from this point of view, the final decision on how Xiaomi SU7 will perform in the auto market may still depend on Lei Jun’s highly confidential price. According to the plan, the final pricing of Xiaomi SU7 will be announced at the official launch conference of the car.

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At a new high, Volvo Car Greater China sold more than 180,000 vehicles in 2023.

  China Economic Net, January 9 (Reporter Guo Yue) Recently, Volvo Cars released data: In 2023, the global sales volume reached 708,716 vehicles, of which 180,234 vehicles were sold in Greater China, all reaching record highs. The continuous improvement of brand power and the steady advancement of electrification transformation have also become highlights.

  Specifically, as of December, 2023, Volvo Cars has achieved positive growth in global sales for 16 consecutive months, and the sales share of pure electric vehicles has climbed to 16%.

  In the Chinese mainland market, in 2023, Volvo Car’s new energy sector performed particularly well, with sales increasing by 25% year-on-year. At the same time, from January to November, 2023, the market share of Volvo Cars in the luxury fuel car market in Chinese mainland reached 6.3%. Focusing on the performance of specific models, in 2023, Volvo S90 sold a total of 40,379 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 22%; Volvo XC90 sold a total of 19,615 vehicles, an increase of 11% year-on-year; Volvo XC60 sold a total of 70,811 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

  In terms of new product promotion, Volvo Cars has ushered in new progress in a number of pure electric vehicles. In 2023, the pure electric luxury MPV-Volvo EM90 was launched in the world and opened the reservation in Chinese mainland. In 2024, the brand-new all-electric flagship SUV-Volvo EX90 and the brand-new all-electric luxury SUV-Volvo EX30 will be listed in Chinese mainland one after another. Three all-electric vehicles for different market segments will help Volvo Cars fully launch its new energy market in 2024.

  At the same time, Volvo Cars is also actively building a new business model for pure electric vehicles and adapting its layout. At present, in addition to nearly 300 dealer operation outlets, Volvo Cars has 46 city center stores and brand experience stores, and the "direct sales+dealers" model has begun to take shape.

  In addition, Volvo Cars has also established a perfect energy-replenishing system covering all scenarios of users’ travel, covering four scenarios: home charging, public charging, dealer charging and emergency charging. Up to now, Volvo Cars has joined hands with third-party partners to access more than 600,000 charging resources, covering 330+ cities.

  More than that, in addition to new products and new business models, in 2023, Volvo Cars also established a stable and far-reaching electrification transformation system by continuously promoting localized innovation and carbon neutrality in the whole value chain. In China, Volvo Cars has continuously increased its investment. In 2023, the brand-new Shanghai Design Center and the Asia-Pacific Software Integration Center were put into use one after another, and they worked closely with the brand-new software testing center in Gothenburg, Sweden, to continuously evolve and iterate the safety, software and hardware strength of Volvo Cars.

  Focusing on the goal of "becoming a climate zero-load benchmark enterprise in 2040", Volvo Cars also actively promotes the low-carbon transformation of the supply chain, including not only the production and manufacturing ends, but also the procurement and logistics chain. On the basis of the previously announced goal of reducing bicycle carbon emissions by 40% from 2018 to 2025, Volvo Cars further accelerated its actions, including announcing at the first chain Expo in 2023 that it would promote the "Hundred Green Electricity" project of the first-tier supplier in China in 2024, and announcing plans to reduce bicycle carbon emissions by 75% compared with the 2018 benchmark in the subsequent COP28 period.

  In 2023, Volvo Cars continued to sharpen its brand image. While promoting product innovation, we will adhere to the brand concept of safety, sustainability and personalization, and lay the foundation for market performance in 2024. Specifically, in 2023, Volvo Cars released the "World Tree Intelligent Safety System", which further expanded the safety of traffic travel from the traditional active and passive safety to four different safety spaces: inside, outside, body and people, and constituted a more comprehensive safety system.