The rejection of the live broadcast of the network anchor caused the conflict and caused the threatened abortion of the photographed woman’s fracture.

  CCTV News:It is not uncommon for network anchors to make gimmicks in the process of live broadcast, one of which is chatting up live broadcast. In order to record people’s reaction in an unexpected state, it often shoots without the consent of the live broadcast object. However, this phenomenon is likely to involve legal issues. Last year, a network platform anchor caused a lawsuit for chatting up people during the outdoor live broadcast. This case was recently pronounced in the second instance in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

  This is a surveillance video of a department store in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. On the evening of January 7, 2018, a man walked into the mall and made a live webcast with a selfie stick on his mobile phone, but the live broadcast led to a dispute.

  Network anchor Ma:I felt that she didn’t want to be on camera, but I didn’t get her on camera either. Then she scolded me, and I was very uncomfortable. Then I said to the live studio, I said, how can there be such a girl?

  Mr. Feng, the husband of Ms. Tian:People told you not to shoot, but you still have to shoot there. Do you think you are a little too radical?

  Why did the network anchor go to the mall to broadcast live? Who was the woman who clashed with him? How did this dispute happen?

  Network anchor Ma:Outdoor test: Eat stranger’s food and walk.

  In the video, the anchor who is conducting an outdoor webcast is Ma. On a certain network platform, he is an outdoor anchor with nearly 300,000 fans. In this live video, Ma is conducting a so-called test on the street, and the content is to suddenly eat something from a stranger.

  Network anchor Ma:That’s not negotiable. That’s our street test. This uncle is eating. I said I would eat his noodles. Do you think my uncle will get angry? Then everyone will talk about it and I will go.

  In the live broadcast, the man who was eating in the store was surprised by Ma’s sudden movements.

  Network anchor Ma:I’ve made up my mind. Anyway, even if my uncle scolds me and hits me, it’s all my fault. I’m ready for this. I’ll apologize to him. This is risky, because I think it’s a topic as an anchor.

  In order to attract fans to pay attention to the so-called "outdoor test" of live broadcast,

  Although Ma knows that his behavior is risky, in order to increase the topicality of the live broadcast and attract the attention of fans, he still made a self-proclaimed "outdoor test" in the live broadcast. The dispute between Ma and the litigant Ms. Tian in the shopping mall also stems from such a live broadcast. So what happened at that time? According to Ma, on the night of the incident, he walked into a shopping mall during the live broadcast. After walking for a while, he met Ms. Tian, the party who was working.

  Network anchor Ma:On the live broadcast that day, I took my mobile phone and saw a girl selling clothes. I went there.

  Reporter:When you walked up to her with your mobile phone to broadcast live, did you not communicate with her before?

  Network anchor Ma:No communication, I am direct, because my live broadcast is random. Because I walk at random and interview passers-by at random.

  Reporter:What do you mainly want to communicate with her?

  Network anchor Ma:I mainly want to interview her, because it was about 6 o’clock in the evening. At this time, a girl was still at her post and still working. I felt very hard. I wanted to ask her if she was happy at work and whether it was smooth, and then tell the people in the live broadcast room.

  Ma went to Ms. Tian who didn’t know, but his conversation was rejected by the other party.

  Network anchor Ma:I said hello girl, and then this girl, she was very angry at that time, and then she said, get out of here.

  Although the other party refused to be filmed, Ma did not mean to leave. This led to the intensification of the subsequent conflict between the two sides, so why didn’t Ma leave immediately?

  Network anchor Ma:Because at that time, she didn’t just politely say, I’m sorry, I won’t give an interview. I was surprised that she didn’t say that, because I talked to many people and I had never seen it like this.

  Why did the conflict between the two sides escalate after the live broadcast was rejected?

  Ma thinks that she is doing an "interview" with Ms. Tian in the live broadcast. Then how do the party Ms. Tian and her family view this incident, and what kind of conflict did the two sides have afterwards? Because Ms. Tian didn’t want to recall what happened that day, her husband, Mr. Feng, accepted an interview with the reporter.

  According to the transcript made by Ms. Tian at the police station, she was selling clothes at the stall on the first floor of the shopping mall at the time of the incident, during which she met Ma with a mobile phone.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:At first, I didn’t strike up a conversation, so I filmed my wife live. When I filmed live, she thought it didn’t matter if you wanted to have some people, but some people felt prejudiced. You took this kind of thing without my permission and filmed it at us. So there are two problems. First, it affects my work, and second, she doesn’t want her privacy to be revealed.

  In the face of Ma’s sudden conversation and shooting, Ms. Tian, who is working, expressed strong rejection.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:My wife may have a strong attitude and asked not to shoot. He just said that this person is so angry, so he just said my wife.

  Continue to forcibly shoot the other party to grab the phone and ask to delete the video.

  Mr. Feng said that Ma ignored his wife’s request and continued to broadcast live in situ, and told the fans in the live broadcast that Ms. Tian had a bad temper. So what kind of conflict did the two sides have subsequently? The transcript shows that when Ms. Tian saw that Ma refused to go away, she went up to grab Ma’s mobile phone.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:I want to delete the video I took of her. Her request is that you take this video of me and delete it. It’s just privacy. It’s like this when it’s exposed.

  In this way, the two men had some physical contact in the process of competing for mobile phones, and Ms. Tian was injured. After the incident, she was taken to the hospital.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:The doctor said that her hand might be dislocated or broken. At that time, because my wife was pregnant, she couldn’t make a film if she was pregnant, which means she also had a stomachache.

  That night, Ms. Tian was diagnosed as dislocated left shoulder joint. Because she was just pregnant, she went to the hospital for examination the next day, and the orthopedic surgeon suggested that she rest for one month. According to Mr. Feng, his wife has been worried about the impact of the conflict on the health of her children since she left the hospital. Unfortunately, a month later, Ms. Tian had a miscarriage, which became a hurdle for her and her family.

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:Telling the truth has a great influence on our whole family, because we are happily pregnant with a child. Maybe for Ma, he didn’t feel his fault, but for his casual video, our whole family spent the whole year in this shadow, including my wife’s shadow over this matter now. It seems that he hasn’t come out from time to time, and he is still mentioning this matter from time to time. It is such a thing.

  After the conflict, the two parties conducted mediation at the police station, but the mediation was not successful. Finally, Ms. Tian’s family decided to sue Ma.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:Ms. Tian and Ma failed under the mediation of the local police station, and then sued the court in January this year, demanding that Ma compensate her for medical expenses, lost time, transportation expenses and so on, totaling more than 20,000 yuan.

  Then why did Ms. Tian’s family finally decide to sue Ma after nearly a year?

  Ms. Tian’s husband Mr. Feng:This situation may happen to me, and it may happen to another person, so I said at that time that I would still sue him and let him learn a lesson. In the future, how to respect each other when encountering this situation, that is to say, we should give each other a revelation and let the society know what a problem is, because there are too many chaos in this live broadcast, because now it is a society ruled by law, and it was originally a fast network spread. Then everyone has a privacy, you don’t respect each other, you say you are careless, you blog, you click on the traffic, you may achieve what you want to achieve, but he didn’t think about how much harm it would do to others.

  Sue the defendant for violating the right to health and demand compensation.

  In June this year, the First People’s Court of Zhongshan held a hearing to hear the case. So how will the court determine this dispute?

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:The plaintiff believes that her injury in this incident was caused by the defendant, who violated her right to health and sued the court for compensation. The defendant himself did not appear in court and the defendant’s agent appeared in court. The defendant mainly believes that there is no infringement or infringement of the plaintiff.

  The plaintiff, Ms. Tian, believes that Ms. Tian’s personal injury was caused by the defendant Ma, so the plaintiff’s losses should be borne by the defendant. During the trial, the defendant argued that although Ma had a chat with Ms. Tian, his mobile phone camera did not shine on Ms. Tian at that time. However, Ma did not provide the court with the video in his mobile phone.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:According to the investigation record made by the public security organ, Ma made his own inquiry record, and he was making a live broadcast of video chat from time to time on a network platform. In the transcript, Ma himself stated that he had talked to Ms. Tian, and then Ms. Tian refused.

  The court of first instance held that according to the transcripts made by the two parties in the public security organs after the incident, it was confirmed that Ma was taking Ms. Tian and other women as clear direct shooting or live broadcast targets at the time of the incident, and there was a verbal conversation, which was not accidental or unintentional. Ms. Tian was included in the shooting or live broadcast. Under this circumstance, Ms. Tian has the right to refuse and stop Ma’s related behavior.

  During the trial, the court presented the transcripts of inquiries and on-site surveillance videos from the public security organs, which restored Ms. Tian’s injury.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:Ms. Tian was supposed to go up and try to grab Ma’s mobile phone, but the height difference between the two sides was very large, so she didn’t grab it. Instead, during Ma’s avoidance of her, both sides had a physical contact, and the surveillance video on the spot was obscured by obstacles, so it was not clear, but the two sides had physical contact, and it was certain that there was physical contact. After the injury, Ms. Tian went to the local hospital at about 9: 30 that evening. She was diagnosed with dislocation of the left shoulder, contusion of the left shoulder and threatened abortion at the first time. After being hospitalized for two days, I went to another maternal and child health hospital to continue my treatment.

  The plaintiff’s injury is the basis of the court’s detailed explanation and acceptance caused by the defendant’s infringement

  The First People’s Court of Zhongshan held that this case was a dispute over the right to health, and citizens’ right to life and health was protected by law.

  In this case, Ma filmed it during the live broadcast without Ms. Tian’s consent, causing disputes. During the dispute, Ms. Tian was injured. Although Ma did not recognize the fact that Ms. Tian was injured because of her aggression, combined with the existing evidence, Ms. Tian was diagnosed with "dislocation of the left shoulder" at the first time after her injury. The defendant could neither give a reasonable explanation for Ms. Tian’s injury, nor provide sufficient evidence to the contrary. The court accepted the fact that Ms. Tian claimed that her injury and hospitalization were caused by Ma.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:At the trial, the defendant could not give a reasonable explanation for the reason that the plaintiff was not injured by himself, and also ruled out that the plaintiff was injured by a third party. Then at this time, combining the previous surveillance video and the investigation record of the public security organ, it has reached a highly probable fact-finding standard that whether the defendant is intentional or negligent, it has reached such a high probability that the plaintiff’s injury is caused by the defendant’s behavior.

  The First People’s Court of Zhongshan held that according to Article 6 of the Tort Liability Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), Ma should be liable for the damages caused by Ms. Tian. In the end, the court ruled that the defendant Ma compensated Ms. Tian for lost time and medical expenses totaling more than 11,000 yuan.

  Kuang Yong, President of Tanzhou Court of Zhongshan First People’s Court:Citizens’ right to physical health is protected by law. In this case, the defendant filmed without the consent of the plaintiff, causing disputes, which eventually led to the plaintiff’s injury. The defendant committed an infringement of the plaintiff’s right to physical health and should bear this civil liability for compensation according to law.

Investigation on "Punching in online celebrity": Many serious cases of disturbing the people can be detained.

       CCTV News:In the last year or two, a very popular word on the Internet is: online celebrity punched in, which means that a video of a certain place was broadcast on the relevant platform, which aroused widespread concern, and then a large number of tourists and photographers went to the place to shoot and remember. The influx of people may have boosted local tourism revenue, but some uncivilized phenomena have also embarrassed these places with hot networks.

       Tongdeli is an alley in Suzhou, about 2 meters wide and more than 200 meters long. The 19 western-style houses here constitute the most typical buildings of the Republic of China in Suzhou. The old house named after a TV series is here. Thousands of tourists come here to take photos and punch in every day, and the lives of more than 100 households have changed.


       Aunt Xu is an old resident of No.8 in Tongli. In the past two months, she has received a large number of tourists to visit, take photos and consult every day. Her home was originally an actor’s rest area, and No.7 was the prototype of Su’s old house, but because the layout of the two houses is the same, Aunt Xu often takes the initiative to open the door to receive visitors in order to alleviate the pressure next door.

       Xu Lifang, a resident of Tongli, said: "There are very few uncivilized tourists who are still knocking at the door of Su’s old house in the middle of the night."

       Aunt Xu said that she actually welcomes everyone to visit, but there are some problems, and even the house number of her own "No.8 Tongdeli" has disappeared a few days ago. The location of the actor lounge in the play has also been affected by the large passenger flow.


       Lin Shengguo, a resident of Deli, said: "When someone opens the door in the whole community, once a person takes the lead to rush into the owner’s room, all the tourists will file in, and people will be packed around their homes in the morning. This situation is very common, just like my place, where I used to sit, and so are the tourists. Even the floor of my place was trampled, the board was broken, and some people fell in my place."


       On the roadside of Pingjiang, Suzhou, a small courtyard called Haneryuan is the prototype of the restaurant "Meat eater" where the hero and heroine of this hit TV series met. A large number of tourists have been jammed at the door for two months.

       CCTV reporter Wang Shengdong: "The surge of photo-punching passengers has also brought unprecedented pressure to the garden. For example, this century-old wall around me, many tourists have taken photos with their hands, and the wall has been destroyed. The garden has to arrange special personnel to maintain order at the door."

       Haner Garden staff: "Some of them are for consumption, but more people simply punch in for taking pictures, which will lead to many people trampling on the flowers and plants in our garden, and throwing garbage everywhere, which will affect the environment of our whole garden and elegance. There are stone bridges and Ping Jianghe, which are actually very dangerous for everyone."


       Destruction of flowers and plants is even more common in other places in online celebrity. Chengdu Airport Flower Field is an open sightseeing area built by Chengdu Shuangliu District in the landing area of the east runway of Shuangliu Airport. It has become a place for many tourists to punch in because it can photograph flowers and planes at the same time. The reporter saw at the scene that most tourists can enjoy the flowers on the observation deck, greenway and other places. However, many tourists ignored the fence, and even the staff dissuaded them, insisting on taking photos and playing in the flower planting area. Some flower fields near the sightseeing channel have been trampled by tourists, which is very conspicuous.


       The "online celebrity punch card place", which suddenly rises in heat, can be said to be an embarrassing problem for the local area. There are more tourists, and their popularity has been greatly improved; But the uncivilized behavior of tourists interferes with everyone’s normal life. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching, and relevant departments in some places have prepared emergency plans for the upcoming large passenger flow.

       Li Jun, a member of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade in the Fengmen area: "Our urban management department has also joined forces with the public security traffic police, transportation and other departments to cope with the peak passenger flow during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. We have put forward corresponding measures, such as one-way circulation of vehicles, and then our passenger flow has also gone from left to right, and timely guidance has been made to deal with the unexpected incident that happened to some tourists. For these uncivilized behaviors, we first educate them through community volunteers. "

       Ji Zhaoliang, secretary of the Party Committee of Jinfan Road Community, said: "One is the combination of dredging and blocking. If it is sparse, it is mainly because we have also made a hand-painted map, then we will divert residents or some tourists and go to other places to have a look. On the other hand, we have also posted some soft guiding signs at the exit of Tongli, so as not to disturb some normal lives of our residents. "

       In fact, these places in online celebrity are not the tourist attractions in our strict sense, and the short-term gathering of passengers by punching cards will bring great pressure to the local area. On the one hand, we call on tourists to travel in a civilized way and punch cards rationally; On the other hand, for uncivilized behavior, some legal experts said that excessive disturbance to the people and damage to the environment should bear the responsibility.

       Lawyer Cheng Xiaowen: "First of all, it is the provisions of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment. Once there is a corresponding actor who disturbs some lives and normal life order of others, the public security organs can give warnings and punishments after reporting to the police, and in serious cases, they can be administratively detained."

       According to the lawyer, knocking at the door in the middle of the night and shouting the names of the characters in the TV series are also suspected of infringement. On the one hand, they disturb the normal rest of others. On the other hand, if residents can prove that this behavior has caused their physical, mental or health damage, then the actor should not only apologize, but also make financial compensation.

       Lawyer Cheng Xiaowen: "As a tourist, it’s good to visit people’s private houses, or other places in online celebrity, or to punch cards. First of all, you should travel in a civilized way, respect others, and you respect others, so you can get others’ respect for you."

       Some experts in the field of tourism also said that online celebrity’s punch-in fires quickly and the fever drops quickly, which often caught the local residents and functional departments off guard. Therefore, in addition to on-site emergency coordination due to too many tourists, various means can be used to keep the passenger flow in online celebrity stable, orderly and long-term.

       Deng Ning, vice president of beijing international studies university Institute of Tourism Science, said: "We can relatively explore some of its tourism products, or some tourist routes, and explore its connection with the so-called online celebrity land, so that this kind of people flow can have other places to visit, spend money and experience some local elements with more humanistic care besides punching in. In this case, In order to form a so-called complete tourism experience, it is especially necessary to combine with other local things, such as cultural and creative products, catering, performing arts and so on. It does not have to be physically focused on a certain point, and it can be extended a little more. "

At the press conference, the reporter twice mentioned the Diaoyu Islands-related issues, and the Foreign Ministry of China made a tough stance.

       CCTV News:On May 11, 2020, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference.

       AFP reporter: Two China coast guard vessels expelled a Japanese fishing boat from the Diaoyu Islands last week, and the Japanese side has made representations to the Chinese side. What’s your comment on this? Has China explained or apologized to Japan?


       Zhao Lijian: It is understood that the China Marine Police recently found a Japanese fishing boat illegally operating in the territorial waters of China during a routine cruise in the Diaoyu Islands. China Marine Police carried out tracking and monitoring according to law, demanding that it immediately stop relevant activities and withdraw from relevant sea areas, and resolutely responded to the illegal interference of Japanese Marine Insurance Agency vessels at the scene. China has made solemn representations to the Japanese side through diplomatic channels, urging the Japanese side to immediately stop the infringement.

       I want to emphasize that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory, and it is China’s inherent right to carry out cruise enforcement in the Diaoyu Islands. We demand that Japan abide by the spirit of the four-point principle consensus, avoid creating new troubles on the Diaoyu Islands issue, and take practical actions to maintain the stability of the East China Sea.

       Kyodo News: As far as I know, it is very rare for China to take direct action against Japanese fishing boats. It seems that China is unilaterally stepping up its activities in the Diaoyu Islands. What direction does China think China-Japan relations should develop?

       Zhao Lijian: Just now I have clearly stated China’s position. China demands that Japan abide by the spirit of the four-point principle consensus, avoid creating new troubles on the Diaoyu Islands issue, and take practical actions to maintain the stability of the East China Sea.

       At present, China and Japan should concentrate on fighting the epidemic and further develop friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries.

Learn to dress with movies during the Spring Festival, leaving seven aunts and eight aunts speechless.

    What to wear when you go home to meet your parents and friends during the Spring Festival holiday is a big problem. Dressing up is too casual, too fashionable and too different. If you are too unconventional, your parents’ hearts will probably be unbearable.

    Today, Xiao Dian teaches you the four right and wrong demonstrations of dressing in the Spring Festival with the shapes in the movie, which ensures that you will become the focus of the holiday party, gogogo~

    Our slogan is: Watch movies and celebrate the Year of Bigger!

Correct demonstration

Leading the way — — Retro sweet campus style

    Although the film was released in 1995, among them, the clothes worn by Hollywood upper-class girls are still fashionable and eye-catching today. It can be said that the protagonist of this film is gossip girls in the 1990s. Until 2014, the costumes in this film were also used in the MV of the rapper Iggy Azalea, which is enough to show its influence.

Iggy Azalea’s MV is a copy of this costume in the film.

    If you pick out a few sets that can be used for reference: then plaid suit/short coat+plaid skirt+boots, it will definitely make it difficult for you to be outstanding. There is also a shirt+vest+short skirt, which immediately reduces the age by ten years. By the way, details such as accessories are also the key. Pay attention to the color of hairband, the heroine, and the black hat also echoes the black in the red Haig pattern. Have you learned?

Get out of here! Tumor jun — — Cute, clever and lovable

    Although "fuck off!" The film tumor jun is too sad for the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but several sets of clothes played by Xiong Dun in Bai Baihe outside the hospital are still very suitable for girls to follow suit. These shapes are similar to the characters’ personality, cute, fashionable and grounded, which is definitely what parents should wear as good girls.

    Take a closer look at these styles to learn, medium and long coat+overskirt, if the skirt is longer than the coat, you must wear short boots to show that your legs are not short! ! ! If the skirt is too bright, it’s best to have the same color as the scarf. Choose a short cotton-padded jacket/coat, then it is more appropriate to put a long sweater inside to cover your thighs (if you are confident about your beautiful legs, it will be better to wear tight jeans), and if the coat is light in color, the color of your booties should not be too dark.

Intern — — Capable, stylish and simple

    For most office workers, it is naive to dress too cute and too gorgeous during the Spring Festival, but the smart and simple fashion style is the dress that suits most people. Today, Anne Hathaway is no longer an intern in The Devil Wears Prada. In the new film Intern, she has transformed herself into the editor-in-chief of fashion websites, and the modeling in her film is also worth talking about.

    The two sets of clothes in the film: denim shirt+plaid suit+wide-leg pants, polka-dot shirt+wide-leg pants of the same color, are easy to learn, and they are not demanding on their bodies; Jeans+loafers+college sweater is a fashion that will never go out of fashion. Also, the bag with bright colors and simple lines is definitely the finishing touch of the whole body shape.

Sex and the City — — High-end luxury shows off the wind

    In a whisper, when I went home during the Spring Festival, a few people didn’t think, "I just want to show all those seven aunts and eight aunts, and I am doing very well now." If you don’t think so, this film is of no reference value to you. As long as you have the slightest thought, then the dresses of several fashionistas in Sex and the City are the style that you should learn immediately.

Carrie’s fur coat is the most dazzling item in winter.

    Since the purpose is to show off, it is natural that the nobler and more gorgeous the better, and there can be no shortage of fur shawls, cashmere and formal dresses. If you don’t believe me, look at these four heroines, and wherever you go, it will definitely be the focus of the crowd. Also, the heel must not be less than eight centimeters. This momentum will immediately put aside the uncles and aunts who asked you "when to get married and when to have children".

Error demonstration

Warm with Light — — Hair dyeing should not be too exaggerated.

    It’s no problem to celebrate the Spring Festival and dye your hair, but if you don’t want to listen to your parents nagging you for a week, then don’t be like Clementine in this movie. Your hair is bright red today, blue tomorrow and green the day after tomorrow. It’s not impossible to dress up as a rainbow, but you should also consider your parents’ feelings. Try to keep a low profile and then keep a low profile.

Pirate radio — — Take care of your hair and beard

    To tell the truth, retro, hippie, playing with personality and so on, these dressing styles are actually personal choices, and Xiao Dian likes the British rock style in the film as much as you do. But since the Spring Festival is a reunion with family, we should take care of other people’s thoughts for the time being. Therefore, the hairstyle should be as clean and tidy as possible, and the beard and everything should be shaved. In these few days, put away your personality a little and let others judge your appearance less.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — — Tattoos and stuff should be hidden.

    Tell Xiao Dian that this exhortation is unnecessary! You all know that, right? You don’t tell your parents to secretly tattoo or wear a nose ring. At this time, you must hide it. Don’t learn from the hacker Lisbeth in the movie and expose your tattoo casually. The consequences will be very serious.

Searching for the Dragon — — Go away, sloppy guys

    In "Seeking Dragons", Hu Bayi fascinated the girls, but! Don’t think that the modeling of Chen Kun in the movie is worth learning. Only on the grassland can the handsome and rough image set off a rough charm. Also, if you think that you can be the beauty of Brother PK Kun, you must take this sloppy grave-robbing style and go home. Parents and relatives think that you are not doing well and have tears in your eyes. Don’t blame Xiaodian for not reminding you.

Xinhua All Media+丨 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Report: Artificial Intelligence Behind "A Good Bowl of Rice"

  There are seven bottles filled with rice seeds on the booth. Xinhua News Agency reporter Joline photo

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, September 2 (Reporter Joline, Gong Wen) Entering the exhibition hall of CITIC Group in the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, seven bottles filled with rice seeds are particularly special among many scientific and technological exhibits such as robotic arms, robots and unmanned boats.

  Take a closer look, among them, Liangyou Huazhan, a hybrid rice seed crystal that ranks in the top three in the country for three consecutive years, and Weiliangyou 8612 with an average yield of over 1,000 kilograms per mu.

  Behind the seeds is full of science and technology, and the "planting brain" is making breeding smarter and more "intelligent" through artificial intelligence and other technologies.

  Breeding information decision-making system integrating biotechnology, data technology and artificial intelligence technology — — "planting the brain." (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

  "In the past, rice scientists were limited by the scale of the base and management costs. Breeding could only select a limited number from thousands of available combinations for experiments, and then plant them in the field for repeated verification. Now, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, it is possible to simulate combinations and tests more quickly and select the ‘ Female parent ’ And ‘ Father ’ The combination broke the bottleneck of traditional breeding. " Li Gang, deputy director of the Longping Hi-Tech Information Center under CITIC Agriculture, said, "Using artificial intelligence technology in breeding is equivalent to predicting the results in advance without farming."

  "Accurate collection and analysis of data related to agricultural production through remote sensing satellites, drones, and Internet of Things devices provide big data support for actual production decisions, replacing empirical judgment and improving agricultural production efficiency." Ma Yan, head of research and development of Huazhi Bio-Big Data Intelligent Application Center under CITIC Agriculture, said.

Yang Jingde: Hua Tuo, the "Imperial Doctor" who devoted his life to the aerospace industry.

source map

CCTV News:Speaking of Hua Tuo, everyone must be familiar with it. It is said that this imperial doctor in the Three Kingdoms period has a wonderful hand to rejuvenate the disease. In the Capital Aerospace Machinery Company under the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, there is also a "doctor Hua Tuo". However, this doctor is not a doctor, but an old technician who repairs machine tools. He is Yang Jingde.

Yang Jingde, born in 1937, is a national senior technician, graduated from Shanghai Aviation Industry School (formerly "East China 250 Technical School"), and is one of the earliest military industry technicians trained in New China. At the age of 18, he was assigned to Nanyuan Aviation Repair Factory, today’s Capital Aerospace Machinery Company, and began to deal with cold machine tools.

Now, Nanyuan Aviation Repair Factory has developed into a base for the batch production and development of missiles and rockets in China. From green to old, Yang Jingde never left. He used his life’s wisdom and years to interpret his persistence in the space dream.

Another kind of "magic doctor": "looking, hearing and asking" to repair machine tools

In the 1950s, China’s space industry was still in its infancy, and the conditions were very difficult. Nanyuan aviation repair shop has only a total of hundreds of equipment, all of which are hand-operated machine tools. Yang Jingde doesn’t even have a desk in her dormitory.

However, Yang Jingde was never afraid of hardships, and especially loved to study hard, seizing every opportunity and time to learn advanced technology. Because of his outstanding performance, he was also sent to learn the maintenance of precision machine tools from Soviet experts. For this reason, he made every effort to cherish this hard-won learning opportunity.

At that time, Yang Jingde, who was very young, was already quite famous in the factory. Years of study and research and tempering on the production line have enabled him to practice a stunt: "looking, smelling, asking and cutting" the equipment like an old Chinese doctor.

The oil on the equipment guide rail is more or less, clear or turbid. Yang Jingde can tell the cause of the fault with his eyes.

He can also "listen" to the fault. A few years ago, a British imported equipment was abnormal. Yang Jingde went to the front of the machine tool, leaned down, listened to the noise of the equipment, and then felt the temperature and rotation frequency of the equipment with his hands. The roar in the workshop was extremely noisy, but it did not affect his judgment at all, and he found the "lesion" in a few times.

What’s more, there is another trick, "sound detection from a distance", which makes everyone have to admire the superb skills of this old technician.

One year, Yang Jingde had just finished gallstone surgery, and one of the equipment in the unit was broken. In order not to affect the production, he walked out of the hospital and went back to the workshop for a day. Until he found the cause of the equipment failure and solved the problem, the young comrades of the rest of the equipment could do it by themselves, and he dragged his tired body home. Who knows that at 9 o’clock in the evening, my colleague called and said that the machine that had just been repaired had broken down again. In desperation, he can only instruct the on-site personnel by telephone remote control: "You put your mobile phone next to the machine and I will listen." He vaguely heard the irregular noise in the roar of the machine.

"You put ‘ Lead screw ’ Clean it and see if there is anything extra. " Yang Jingde said.

After the maintenance master took down the "lead screw", he found that there was indeed something superfluous in it. It was aluminium scrap who wore the ball of the "lead screw", which caused the equipment to malfunction. Clean it and reinstall it. Problem solved!

Lay the foundation for your dream with your aerospace peers.

"On October 1, 1997, I began to enter the stage of re-employment, and the specific work was as follows … …” It can be seen from a yellowed Production Task Record Book that this old technician can retire 19 years ago. At that time, Yang Jingde was famous for his stunts, and many units wanted to hire him. The boss of a company came three times and offered him 5000 yuan a month. One company even said, "The salary is up to you, and you are hired as a consultant, so you don’t have to work."

At that time, the salary of rehiring old experts in the factory was 500 yuan per month. Before retiring, the factory leader only said to Yang Jingde: "The factory can’t live without you." He nodded without hesitation.

"I was trained in the factory. Everything I have is given by the factory. I can’t be ungrateful." Yang Jingde said. Not for fame, not for profit, Yang Jingde is like a rock. This firmness is the infinite loyalty of this old technician to the aerospace industry.

After rehiring, the leader always told Yang Jingde that he didn’t have to come to work every day, so call him if he had any questions. But he is still not at ease, coming every day.

Selfless and earnest attitude, marvelous machine repair technology, Yang Jingde has saved a lot of money and made progress for the factory over the years.

In the summer of 2014, an imported machine tool broke down seriously, and there was no maintenance capacity in China, so it had to return to the country of origin, with a maintenance cost of more than 1.3 million yuan and a cycle of at least 3 months. This is a high-precision machine tool, and no one dares to touch it. Yang Jingde looked at it and said, "It can be repaired!"

As a result, 77-year-old Yang Jingde stooped and got in and out of the equipment every day, sweating and working for 20 days. Finally, the machine tool was repaired with only 150,000 yuan. Yang Jingde not only saved "foreign equipment", but also saved more than one million yuan in maintenance costs for the factory. This shocked the original manufacturers.

source map

In 2015, Yang Jingde was 78 years old. Considering his age, the company leaders were really worried about his physical condition, so they ended their re-employment. However, he is still the same as before, and the unit is responsive and has no words.

The old man who repaired machines walked with the aerospace industry all the way, and every progress of this career condensed his life’s hard work and pursuit. He is a witness and a founder. (Text/Liu Chang)

The cycling race of "International Military Competition -2020" and "Tandem" ended, and China advanced to the semi-finals.

  Moscow, August 31st (Xinhua) Reporter Lai Yuhong and correspondent Jing Haihui reported that the cycling race of "International Military Competition -2020" and "Tank Biathlon" ended on August 30th, and all three teams of China team successfully completed the race and advanced to the semi-finals.

  There are 45 teams from 16 countries and regions participating in the cycling race of "Tank Biathlon". The 702nd team, 703rd team and 701st team from China won the third, fourth and tenth place respectively.

  On the morning of August 30th, local time, China’s team 703 made its debut at the Russian Alabino shooting range, competing fiercely with Belarusian, Serbian and Azerbaijani teams. During the competition, although the third shot missed the target in the artillery shooting, the members of the 703 car group quickly adjusted their mentality and galloped all the way through obstacles such as wading fields, soil ridges and rutting bridges. The anti-aircraft machine guns and parallel machine guns all hit the target, and finally won the first place in the group and ranked fourth in the cycling race. So far, all three teams of the China team have finished the race and won the first place in the group.

  "International Military Competition -2020" was held in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan from August 23rd to September 5th. 156 teams from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the competition, with more than 5,000 participants. China has sent six teams and more than 260 officers and men to participate in six events, such as "Top Scout", "Two Tanks", "Safe Environment", "Open Water", "Automobile Expert" and "Airborne Platoon".

  "Tanks Biathlon" is the highlight of "International Military Competition -2020", which is divided into two stages: cycling race and relay race. The semi-final will start on September 1st, and it will be carried out in the form of relay race. Three teams from the same participating country will use one equipment to relay the driving and shooting tasks.

  Above: On August 30th, the team from China participated in the cycling race of "Tank Biathlon" at the Russian Arabino shooting range. Xinhua news agency

Company Frontline | Donghua Software Theme Points Adjustment and Update

  () F10 data shows that on February 25th, 2024, () theme points have been updated and adjusted:

  Intelligent integrated machine

  On November 6, 2023, the company disclosed on the interactive platform that Donghua Pengxiao Company has successfully developed PX100, PX200, PX300 and GT100 series all-in-one products, which are mainly used for self-service and window service of public security and government affairs, and are still under constant research and upgrading to provide more powerful support for public security construction and government affairs services. Among them, GT100 is an intelligent all-in-one machine specially built for uncertified cities. It has a series of powerful functions, such as face recognition, voice recognition, environmental monitoring, national secret encryption authentication and so on, and has won unanimous praise.

  Huawei kunpeng

  On September 25, 2023, the company disclosed on the interactive platform that the company has maintained in-depth cooperation with major domestic CPU manufacturers (such as Kunpeng, Haiguang, Godson, Feiteng, etc.) and system manufacturers. On may 25, 2023, the company disclosed on the interactive platform that the company’s Qingdao Pengxiao all-in-one machine project is under fundraising and construction, and Pengxiao all-in-one machine is gradually promoting sales to customers in key industries such as finance, communication, energy and medical care.

Relying on the company’s branches all over the country, we will build a nationwide marketing network system and provide integrated soft and hard solution services around Kunpeng’s ecology.

  The company’s aerospace software listed in science and technology innovation board.

  On May 24th, 2023, the stock of aerospace software was officially listed in science and technology innovation board, Shanghai Stock Exchange. In addition, Xingdong Shenqi, a holding subsidiary of Xi ‘an Donghua Software Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, invested RMB 79.7 million in aerospace software with its own funds. Xi ‘an Donghua Software Co., Ltd., as the executive partner of Xingdong Shenqi, holds 56.12% of its shares. As of the disclosure date of this announcement, Xingdong Shenqi holds 22.11 million shares of aerospace software, accounting for 7.37% of its total share capital before its initial public offering and 5.53% of its total share capital after its initial public offering.

  Products in the field of vehicle networking

  On August 22, 2022, the company disclosed on the interactive platform that in the field of car networking, the company’s self-developed products have covered the main products of the car networking industry and have related applications, including: intelligent roadside equipment, cloud control platform, intelligent network application, and car networking operation and maintenance platform.

  Cross-border payment

  On March 1, 2022, the company disclosed on the interactive platform that the company and the clearing center of the People’s Bank of China have a long-term customer relationship. The Company has successively participated in several projects of the Clearing Center of the People’s Bank of China, such as the 2020 payment system host storage update project of the Clearing Center of the People’s Bank of China and the 2019 RMB cross-border payment system equipment update and software upgrade project of the Clearing Center of the People’s Bank of China.

  Digital industry application (water conservancy industry)

  In 2022, the company made full use of the leading advantages of industries involved in top-level architecture design such as smart water conservancy and the 14th Five-Year Plan, made use of more than ten years’ experience in water conservancy business, and applied artificial intelligence, big data, water conservancy model, digital twinning and other information technologies, focusing on digital twinning project, digital twinning basin and smart water conservancy application to achieve breakthroughs, solve the pain points of water conservancy business and promote the high-quality development of water conservancy. In the implementation of several typical projects, the company has formed a number of smart water conservancy platform products that have been tested by actual business. Through smart water conservancy projects such as Pearl River Delta, Indo-China and Liaoning, the big data object model, governance method and service system of water conservancy projects are developed, and the digital twin water conservancy project data backplane products are formed. Through Changsha Smart Water Conservancy Platform Project, integrating visualization engine, BIGIS, simulation and other technologies, digital twin scenes such as water resources management, flood control and disaster reduction, and engineering construction management have been developed, and digital twin basin products have been formed. Through the project of Shanxi Data Capability Center, a full-service platform of "one account, one picture, one platform" for water conservancy has been developed, and a smart water conservancy integrated platform product has been formed. Through the river length system project, the integrated application system of artificial intelligence voice technology and river and lake management is developed, and the assistant of river length, supervision assistant and intelligent outbound call are realized, forming the intelligent product of intelligent robot for river and lake supervision.

  Xiong’ an Donghua

  Xiong’ an Donghua Global Software R&D Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, completed the establishment of industrial and commercial registration on November 1, 2017 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, mainly engaged in software technology development, technical consultation, technical service, technology promotion and technology transfer; Computer information system integration service; Data processing; Basic software services, application software services, public software services, etc. As an enterprise that obtained the industrial and commercial business license earlier in xiong’an new area, the company will give full play to its leading role in the software information service industry, and make use of its accumulated industry experience in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, smart medical care, smart city, government information, etc., and actively carry out intensive cultivation in the fields of medical care, education, finance, water conservancy, government affairs, big data and cloud computing, demonstrating the company’s strategic determination to deeply cultivate xiong’an new area and lay out the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.


  In terms of smart medical care, the company has successively won the bid for the first phase of the national national health insurance informatization project-the project of application support platform, and several projects of the national health information platform in Yanqing District, Datong City, Chuzhou City and Ankang City in Beijing. In addition, the company has also made important progress in cloud clinic and intelligent network hospital, and launched the cloud clinic system in four Shanghai UIH imaging centers located in Changchun, Hengshui, Xi ‘an and Wuhan respectively. Nanjing Jiangbei Medical Cloud Hospital, the first intelligent network hospital in Nanjing Jiangbei New District, which relies on a three-level comprehensive entity hospital, covers the functions of online consultation, health education, appointment for diagnosis and treatment, etc. Through cooperation with seven community health service centers, the high-quality medical resources of the three-level hospitals are sunk and docked with all the distribution points, and convenient drug circulation is realized through prescription circulation.

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

We all know that the puppy of a dog is called Puppy in English and the kitten of a cat is called Kitten.

But, you know what? Goat cubs are represented by kid in English. Yes, that’s the kid we often refer to as a child.

Therefore, what we are going to learn with you today is the vocabulary expression of various animal cubs in English.

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

Are you ready? Let’s start now.

Duck –duckling

Eagle –eaglet

Eel (eel) –elver

Elephant –calf

Elk (moose) –calf

Ferret (white glaze) –kit

Fish –fry

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

Fox –cub/kit

Frog –tadpole

Giraffe –calf

Goat –kid

Goose –gosling

Hare (hare) –leveret

Red hartebeest –calf

Hawk (falcon) –chick/eyas

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

Horse –foal/colt/filly

Kangaroo –joey

Leopard –cub

Lion –cub

Mink –kit

Owl –owlet

Peafowl –peachick

Note: peacock means male peacock, peahen means female peacock.

Pheasant –chick

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

Pig –piglet/ porkling/gilt

Pigeon –squab/squeaker

Pike (pike) –pickerel

Possum –joey

Rabbit –kitten

Rat –pup

Rhinoceros (rhinoceros) –calf

Roedeer (roedeer) –kid

Salmon –parr/smolt

Seal –calf/pup

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

Sheep –lamb

Skunk –kitten

Spider –spiderling

Swan –cygnet

Tiger –cub

Toad (clam –tadpole

Wallaby (wallaby) –joey

Walrus –cub

Weasel –kit

Whale (whale) –calf

Wolf –cub/pup/whelp

Zebra (zebra) –foal

What do you call children of all kinds of animals in English?

It can be seen that foal, kid, kit, joey, cub, calf and other words are the most commonly used in English names of animal cubs. spider and duck’s cub names all add ling after the original words, while eagle, owl and pig all add let at the end of the original words (because eagle has the letter le at the end and owl has the letter L at the end, T and et are added directly respectively).

For the convenience of memory, you can summarize the words of cubs with the same words or similar endings. In this way, the vocabulary has doubled in an instant!

(Source: Oxford Dictionary WeChat WeChat official account, Editor: Helen)

College students running home: 70 kilometers takes 9.5 hours to think about it.

  "I’m just doing what I like and want to challenge myself."

  On October 2nd, Wang Lang, a 20-year-old sophomore, didn’t expect that he suddenly got angry on the Weibo. Everything stems from the fact that the day before, he realized a long-simmering plan — — Running alone from the school in Dazhou, Sichuan, I returned to my hometown in Dazhu County, more than 70 kilometers away.

  Wang Lang, a 20-year-old sophomore. Sichuan Daily Map At 3: 30 in the morning on the National Day, Wang Lang started from the dormitory of Lianhu Campus of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences, without luggage, wearing light sweatpants, carrying a sports purse around his waist, and navigating with mobile phone software, and started a nine-and-a-half-hour running trip home.

  Before dawn, it was raining heavily. After running 5 kilometers in the original urban area, Wang Lang entered the nearly 40-kilometer-long mountain road. There are no street lamps, no pedestrians, and the light from the flashlight can only illuminate the feet. Wang Lang runs with fear every step. "Psychological suffering is more difficult than physical suffering."

  Relying on his love of running, Wang Lang insisted on running the whole course, although he had frequent cramps in his thighs in the last few kilometers, so he had to slow down and pull to relieve himself after running a few hundred meters.

  Wang Lang’s self-made national day home route map. This love of running continues from my father who farmed at home. According to Wang Lang, running is my father’s hobby since childhood, but due to family conditions, I have never received professional training. "This is my father’s regret, but running is still his greatest pleasure. My father has insisted on getting up early every day for 35 years."

  Running together has also become a way of emotional communication between father and son. In March of this year, Wang Lang signed himself up for the Chengdu Double Legacy Marathon with his father. "In order to reduce his father’s regrets, the ranking is not important, and running together is very happy."

  The Paper:When did you have the idea of running home? Why?

  Wang Lang:During the National Day holiday of senior one, I also had the experience of running from home to school, but the distance was only a dozen kilometers, and I didn’t try to run as far as this time. But I ran back to Dazhu County, where my family is located, from Dazhou City. This plan was made long ago. If I hadn’t sprained my ankle before, I might have realized it during my vacation in Tomb-Sweeping Day.

  I like running, and I want to challenge myself. I want to add some colorful things to my plain life. Isn’t there a saying that we will get old if we don’t get crazy?

  The Paper:What plans and preparations have been made in advance?

  Wang Lang:Let friends take luggage belt home in advance and go into battle lightly. I brought my bank card, cash, ID card and campus card in my pocket. I was afraid of any unexpected situation on the road, so I prepared two mobile phones, which were fully charged. The route is to follow the navigation completely.

  Wang Lang:Looking at the map before running shows that it is about 73 kilometers, and it is estimated that it will take more than 17 hours to walk. But what I recorded with running software was that I ran 79.18 kilometers from school to Shuangma Station in Dazhu County, which took a total of 9 hours and 28 minutes, including the time needed to rest and replenish energy.

  The Paper:Did you encounter anything impressive on your way home from running? Have you ever thought about giving up halfway?

  Wang Lang:Actually, it’s a little scary to think about it. There are more than 30 kilometers of mountain roads in the middle. At that time, it was still dark, and it was raining cats and dogs. I was afraid of spraining my ankle and being chased by dogs. When crossing a tunnel, there were no pedestrians. My breathing, the footsteps of running, the shaking of my wallet zipper, the rain outside and the speeding of passing cars echoed in the tunnel, which was particularly scary. I was in a bad mood at that time. When I was shopping and asking for directions on the way, I met passers-by and advised me not to run, but I never thought about giving up. I had to persist and challenge what I liked.

  The Paper:Do you often run? Why do you like it?

  Wang Lang:I am a student of the Institute of Physical Education, and I usually run regularly or quantitatively at school. Running away from the phone and the crowd, talking to your heart, seems to purify your mind. It feels good to sweat after running, and it can really bring positive energy to life and study.

  I like running and am influenced by my father. His greatest pleasure is running, which lasted for 35 years. When I was at home on holiday, he woke me up at four or five in the morning and we went together.

  The Paper:Do you have any plans after this attempt?

  Wang Lang:My father and I both signed up for the Guang ‘an International Marathon in mid-October, and are going to join the Dazhou Running Group. Ranking doesn’t matter, running with dad is very happy.