AITO’s new M7 series was officially launched, with a price of 249,800 yuan.

Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi) On September 12th, the new M7 series of AITO was officially listed. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said, "We have invested 500 million yuan in the new M7 series of AITO.".

As a 250,000-class luxury medium and large SUV, the official guide price of the new M7 series in the world is: 249,800 yuan for the five-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus, 284,800 yuan for the five-seat four-wheel drive version of M7 Plus, and 309,800 yuan for the five-seat intelligent drive version of M7 Max; The six-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus is 269,800 yuan, and the six-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max is 329,800 yuan.

The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, the urban intelligent driving navigation assistance (urban NCA) will realize the experience that can be opened all over the country.

Since its release in April 2023, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has built a rich scene library on the AI ? ? training cluster, learning 10 million +km in depth every day, and continuously optimizing the iterative intelligent driving algorithm and scene strategy. As of September 2023, the long-distance NCA pilot MPI(Miles Per Intervention) is as high as 200km, and the success rate of urban elevated import and export is as high as 99%+.

HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit has realized the "touch-and-touch" of mobile phones, which can realize the continuous application circulation of drama and games; Mobile phone aerial photography can also be transferred to the cockpit screen; HUAWEI MagLinkTM in the back row expands the use method of Huawei’s flat-panel hanging and connecting.

The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 4.3 liters, and the spy photos of Xingyue L mixed version are exposed. Do you choose joint venture or independence?

At the Guangzhou Auto Show not long ago, Geely Automobile officially released its Star Yue L hybrid version. On the basis of maintaining the design of the Star Yue L fuel version, the new car has been adjusted for some details. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Geely Automobile’s new Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system for the first time. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in the first half of next year.

A few days ago, we got a set of spy photos of the Star Yue L mixed version from relevant channels. Combined with the previous declaration map and official map, we can have a general understanding of the appearance of the new car. The changes of the Star Yue L hybrid version and the Star Yue fuel version are mainly concentrated in the front face. The straight waterfall air intake grille has been replaced with a fish-scale texture structure, and the textures on both sides of the grille can also be lit, and a luminous Geely LOGO is added.

At the same time, the lower enclosure is decorated with black and the same color as the body instead of the previous through chrome trim, and the large-size diversion grooves on both sides look more combative.

In terms of body size, the declared length, width and height of the new car are 4770/1895/1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845mm, which is consistent with the fuel version. The rear of the car still occupies the whole visual center of gravity with penetrating taillights. The difference is that the shape of the rear enclosure has been adjusted to echo the front face, and the "GHS" logo has been added at the tail mark in the lower right corner to show the identity of the hybrid car.

In the car, we guess that the new car should also continue the design layout of the fuel version, adopt the interior color matching of two-color mix and match, and form an integrated screen with a length of 1 meter with full LCD instrument+central control screen+co-pilot entertainment display, occupying the whole visual center of gravity, showing a strong luxury technology atmosphere.

The power part is the biggest highlight of the new car. The Xingyue L hybrid version is equipped with Geely’s brand-new Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system, which consists of a 1.5TD hybrid engine+motor +DHT Pro transmission. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 110 kW, the peak torque is 225 Nm, the thermal efficiency is as high as 43.32%, and the coverage rate of the high-efficiency area is close to 50%. The matching DHT Pro transmission has three gears.

According to the official, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Xingyue L 100 kilometers equipped with this hybrid system can be as low as 4.3 liters, the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 7.9 seconds, and the maximum cruising range of 1300 kilometers can be achieved. However, the final performance still needs to wait for the follow-up actual test to be revealed.

Since its release, Xingyue L has attracted the attention of consumers with its leapfrog body size, rich configuration and Volvo powertrain. After its listing in July this year, it has achieved very eye-catching sales results. For reference, the price range of the fuel version of the Star Yue L is 137,200-185,200 yuan. If the future Star Yue L hybrid version can also give a price with enough sincerity, I believe that the new car should have a relatively good market competitiveness.

I knew a week ago: China will cancel the roaming fee for long-distance mobile phones from September 1.

I knew a week ago: China will cancel the roaming fee for long-distance mobile phones from September 1.

  * August 28th *

  The 29 th meeting of the 12 th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) was held

  The 29th session of the 12th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) was held in Beijing from August 28th to September 1st.

  * 29 August *

  In 2007, the Ministry of Finance paid the first phase of 600 billion yuan special treasury bonds at maturity.

  Determination of the maturity renewal method of special national debt in 2007, which is concerned by the market. On August 22, the website of the Ministry of Finance announced that the first phase of the 2007 600 billion yuan special national debt will be paid on August 29, 2017. The Ministry of Finance will issue 600 billion yuan of special treasury bonds to relevant banks in a rolling way. In this regard, Xu Zhong, director of the Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China, said that the rolling issuance of special government bonds will basically be compared with the practice in 2007, and will not have an impact on the financial market and liquidity in the banking system.

  Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Terminal T3A put into use.

  The T3A terminal and the third runway of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport will be officially put into use on August 29th. By then, Jiangbei Airport will become the fourth airport in China with three runways running simultaneously after Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

  *31 August *

  Xiamen city’s single and even numbers are restricted to non-Fujian D-number cars.

  From 0: 00 on August 31 to 24: 00 on September 6, Xiamen vehicles were restricted in single and even numbers, non-Fujian D-brand cars were restricted in traffic, and large trucks were restricted in traffic. The traffic police department reminded that this temporary traffic management measure was aimed at Xiamen, including all districts outside the island.

  * 1 September *

  Mobile phone long-distance charges roaming charges canceled

  From September 1st, there will be no long-distance charges and roaming charges for mobile phones in China, which is expected to affect hundreds of millions of mobile phone users. At present, 4G users generally have no long-distance and roaming charges, and this new policy will have a greater impact on non-4G package users. It remains to be seen whether and how much the actual telephone bill can be reduced.

  The national primary school students’ science classes are unified in advance to the first grade.

  For the primary school freshmen who entered school in September this year, besides adapting to the study and life of primary school students as soon as possible, they will also face a new challenge: taking science classes. Because the Ministry of Education issued the newly revised "Compulsory Education Primary School Science Curriculum Standards", it clearly adjusted the starting grade of primary school science curriculum to grade one, and it was implemented this fall.

  Implementation of takeaway industry standards

  The Service Specification for Takeaway Delivery will be officially implemented on September 1st, which specifies the service process and service quality, including that merchants should confirm orders within 10 minutes, take-away delivery personnel should not enter consumers’ homes, and tipping is prohibited.

  The first ticket of Beijing online shopping subway ticket is free

  Internet ticketing platform for one-way ticket of Beijing rail transit — — Yitongxing APP was officially launched a few days ago and took the lead in pilot operation on the airport line. From next month, this convenience measure will be extended to 20 large passenger flow stations. At that time, passengers can enjoy the first free and random reward when purchasing tickets through APP online, including the one-way ticket price of 25 yuan Airport Line.

  Total prohibition of alcohol in official activities in Guizhou

  From September 1st, official activities in Guizhou Province were completely banned from alcohol. According to the regulations, all official activities in Guizhou Province will be forbidden to provide any alcohol, and no alcohol provided by any unit or individual, including private alcohol, will be allowed.

  *3 September *

  The ninth meeting of BRICS leaders was held.

  China will host the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders in Xiamen, Fujian from September 3 to 5 this year. As another grand event of China’s home diplomacy in 2017, this meeting attracted the attention of the whole world.

  The 13th National Student Games opened.

  The 13th National Student Games will be held at the Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou on September 3rd, and the closing ceremony will be held at Zhejiang University on September 16th. In order to embody the concept of openness and sharing, and meet the needs of teachers and students to watch the games, this year’s Games will choose games that meet the opening conditions and open to the public.

LI announced its financial report for the first quarter of 2023, with quarterly revenue and delivery reaching a record high.

On May 10th, 2023, LI announced its financial report for the first quarter of 2023. Despite the fact that the overall performance of China’s auto market is not as good as expected, LI’s quarterly revenue and delivery both hit record highs. Revenue in the first quarter was 18.79 billion yuan, up 96.5% year-on-year. In the same period, LI delivered a total of 52,584 new cars to users, up 65.8% year-on-year, achieving the single-season delivery *. Driven by strong delivery, LI ranked among the top three new energy brands in China in the first quarter, with a market share of about 11%, far exceeding other new power brands. Thanks to the unremitting pursuit of operating efficiency, a number of financial data hit record highs. After deducting equity incentives, operating profit and net profit reached 890 million yuan and 1.41 billion yuan respectively, and free cash flow reached 6.7 billion yuan. The gross profit margin remained stable at 20.4% in the first quarter. A healthy business model and sufficient cash reserves have laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that LI has continuously strengthened its refined operation and promoted the continuous increase of delivery data from January to April 2023. By the end of last month, more than 330,000 home users had chosen LI’s products. Thanks to the emergence of more and more home users, the delivery volume in April 2023 exceeded 25,000 vehicles for the first time, up by 516.3% year-on-year, setting a new record of single-month delivery since the brand was founded, and has delivered more than 20,000 vehicles for two consecutive months. Based on positive market feedback, LI’s second-quarter performance guidance has reached a new high, with an estimated delivery of 76,000 to 81,000 vehicles, up 164.9% to 182.4% year-on-year; The estimated total revenue is 24.22 billion yuan to 25.86 billion yuan, up 177.4% to 196.1% year-on-year.

Maintain high growth in R&D investment and constantly optimize product strength.

In the first quarter, relying on users’ continuous recognition of Ideal L9 and Ideal L8, as well as the strong order volume and rapid capacity climbing of Ideal L7, LI achieved a new single-season delivery result, and gained an 11% market share in the new energy vehicle market of more than 200,000 yuan in China. Once again, it proves that LI is constantly exerting the advantages and cooperative effectiveness of its supply chain, manufacturing, sales and service network from stage 1 to stage 10. At present, the released ideal L series models have achieved outstanding performance in their respective market segments. Among them, as a five-seat flagship SUV of the brand * family, the ideal L7 has delivered more than 10,000 yuan in the complete delivery month, which is also a five-seat SUV model of China brand * with a starting price of more than 300,000 yuan and a monthly delivery of more than 10,000 yuan, becoming one of the luxury five-seat SUVs of more families *; Ideal L8 maintains sales in six market segments *; Ideal L9 has won the monthly sales champion of large SUV for many times since it was delivered last year.

Meanwhile, LI invested a total of 1.85 billion yuan in R&D in the first quarter, up 34.8% year-on-year. In terms of smart space and intelligent driving with high user utilization rate, LI has continuously improved its product strength through OTA upgrade. Since the beginning of this year, the ideal L-series models have completed two OTA version upgrades of 4.3 and 4.4, and more than 100 functions and experiences have been optimized. Among them, the task master can let users define the function combination independently and realize the linkage of seat, driving, navigation and application, which has been well received and discussed by users since it was launched. In addition, in OTA 4.4, the new version of the car adds the sentry mode that users have been waiting for for for a long time. The system will automatically detect the situation around the car and remind users according to the level of different situations. Through its own power-saving strategy, the energy consumption for the whole night is only about half that of other models; At the same time, users who assemble the ideal AD Max intelligent driving system also get LKA Plus function through the recent upgrade. This function can realize automatic lane change when navigation is not turned on, reduce driving fatigue and improve traffic efficiency.

In April, Ideal L9, the six flagship SUV—— of the family, won the five-star intelligent star rating in the evaluation results of the IVISTA China Smart Car Index 2023 * batch released by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Automobile Research"). Especially in the intelligent safety test, Ideal L9 is the vehicle with the highest score among the vehicles that have been tested by China Smart Car Index, and it is also the vehicle with G+ on the basis of four G evaluations. Ideal L9 has also become the vehicle with the highest performance in IVISTA China Smart Car Index.

Create an ideal fortress to protect family members.

LI has also invested a lot of energy and time in safety related to users’ travel, and strived to build an ideal fortress safety body for the whole family through the safety concept of *. Last year, Ideal L9 became a large SUV with G rating for 25% offset collision on both driver’s side and passenger’s side in China Insurance Automobile Safety Index (C-IASI, hereinafter referred to as "China Insurance Research"). In April this year, the Ideal L9 won the five-star evaluation of the upgraded version of C-NCAP in 2021 in the test results of a new batch of China’s new car evaluation regulations (C-NCAP), becoming the vehicle with the highest comprehensive score in history. Ideal L9 is also a luxury large-scale SUV in China, which has obtained * achievements in China’s new car evaluation regulation (C-NCAP), China Insurance Automobile Safety Index (C-IASI), China Automobile Consumer Research and Evaluation (CCRT) and China Automobile Health Index (C-AHI). In the same month, the Ideal L8 also became the SUV model with * achievements in the crash test history of China Insurance Research Institute. In the passenger safety index inside the car, the passenger safety index outside the car and the vehicle auxiliary safety index, the ideal L8 all got the highest rating of G (excellent), especially in the 25% offset crash test on the passenger side of non-standard test items.

A series of excellent crash results depend on the powerful ideal fortress safety car body design, which is a defensive car body structure deeply developed by LI, and strives to provide 360 all-round protection for family members in every position in the car. First of all, LI determined the energy distribution strategy at vehicle level, system level and key parts level, and built a more scientific and reasonable power transmission path and section size system for each main power transmission channel in turn. Secondly, LI designed a cage-type car body with ultra-high torsional rigidity, and used boron steel (hot formed steel) at key positions to form a protective structure with higher strength. At the same time, LI insists on improving material selection, adopts positive energy management and load distribution for body-in-white, carries out accurate topology of key parts and cross-section structure of the body, and truly uses good steel on the blade. The standard flagship ideal fortress safety body truly realizes the equal rights of safety technology.

In addition, following the four five-star certifications of Ideal L9 in China Automobile Health Index (C-AHI) rating, Ideal L8 also recently obtained four five-star certifications in China Automobile Health Index, becoming a well-deserved "green house" to protect family members.

Stepping into a new development chapter with "dual-energy strategy"

Recently, LI officially released the "Double Energy Strategy", which indicates that the brand will exert all-round efforts in "intelligence" and "electric energy". More importantly, by 2025, LI will form a product layout of "one super flagship model+five extended-range electric vehicles+five high-voltage pure electric vehicles", which will face a market of more than 200,000 and fully meet the needs of home users.

In terms of "intelligence", ideal intelligent driving has officially entered the 3.0 era, from high-speed scenes to urban scenes. This system uses three neural network large model algorithms: static BEV network algorithm, dynamic BEV network algorithm and Occupancy network algorithm to restore, and uses NeRF technology to enhance the Occupancy network algorithm to achieve higher accuracy and details, so as to provide accurate information in the decision-making planning of complex urban scenes. At present, based on the accumulation in the past five years, LI has already had the most intelligent driving training mileage in China, which has reached more than 400 million kilometers. The urban NOA navigation-assisted driving system with ideal AD Max 3.0 is planned to push internal test users from the second quarter of this year. By the end of 2023, there will be more than 100 domestic cities, and with a set of technologies, cities and highways will be completely opened. Some intelligent driving abilities based on large-scale model training will also be released to users who adopt ideal AD Pro hardware models.

In terms of "electric energy", LI has officially entered a new stage of "extended range electric" and "high voltage pure electricity". For the pure electric products to be released in the future, LI has deeply cultivated the core technology and landed an 800V ultra-charged pure electric solution. Its advantage lies in making users bid farewell to mileage anxiety and giving pure electric users a "refueling" experience. LI’s pure electric products will adopt a new generation of self-developed electric drive system composed of 800V silicon carbide power modules, with comprehensive optimized design scheme and more advanced resource integration, which will make breakthroughs in all energy efficiency indicators. In addition, in order to reduce the charging difficulties of users of pure electric vehicles, LI officially launched the "Ideal 4C Super Charging Station" and the overcharge network, so as to realize the rapid recharge of charging for 10 minutes and increasing the battery life by 400 kilometers. By 2025, the goal is to build more than 3,000 charging stations. At the same time, the ideal AD Max 3.0 will also be integrated with the ideal 4C super charging station *, making it more convenient for users to go to the super charging station than to the gas station.

Optimize the layout of sales network and enhance the status of the industry *

In the first quarter, in order to support the development of multi-vehicles, LI continued to expand the network layout and accelerate the upgrading of store quality, so as to provide users with more convenient and efficient services. Since late June last year, LI has expanded or optimized nearly 50 existing stores. As of April 30, 2023, LI has 302 retail centers nationwide, covering 123 cities; There are 318 after-sales maintenance centers and authorized car body panel spraying centers, covering 222 cities.

The ever-increasing profitability and cash flow have become the basis for enterprises to continuously invest in R&D and business capabilities, and also provide strong support for brands to maintain their position in the new energy vehicle market. With strong product strength and excellent operational efficiency, LI will continue to strengthen its commercial and service capabilities, create greater value for users and further enhance the flywheel effect of enterprise development.

There is no need to press the "map" to upgrade the smart car, and the Aouita 11 HarmonyOS version of the smart car upgrade is listed.

On January 8th, Aouita 11 HarmonyOS version of Zhixiang upgrade was officially launched. The car has mainly undergone four upgrades: intelligent driving upgrade, equipped with map-free NCA function that does not rely on high-precision maps; Comfort upgrade, four somatosensory optimizations; Chassis upgrade, adding Huawei iTRACK function; The rights and interests are upgraded, and the "intelligent" highest rights and interests can be enjoyed for life. Moreover, there is no price increase in the whole department, and the prices of 90-degree rear-drive version 300,000 yuan, 116-degree rear-drive version 335,000 yuan, 90-degree luxury version 350,000 yuan and 116-degree luxury version 390,000 yuan remain unchanged.

With the launch of the car, Aouita has entered the era of intelligent driving with "de-high-precision mapping", effectively making up for the shortcomings of the intelligent driving scheme with high-precision maps, not only solving the pain point of "following the map", but also unlocking more high-frequency intelligent driving scenes. It is reported that its urban NCA intelligent driving function will unlock more than 300 cities at one time, bringing users a travel experience of "all the country can open and all the country can open".

Thanks to the industry’s top-stream vehicle-side perception and calculation ability brought by three laser radars that are fully equipped at the beginning, Aouita 11 can land quickly without relying on the intelligent driving NCA function of high-precision maps. Aouita 11′ s intelligent driving system integrates the Road Topology Reasoning Network (RCR) and the industry’s first GOD network to build real-time road information, identify all kinds of obstacles sensitively, and improve the safety of human driving and intelligent driving.

Aouita 11′ s intelligent driving system can make rapid and reasonable vehicle movement planning and path planning, and its driving style is more "human-like". In case of repairing subway, tidal lane, temporary road changes caused by traffic control and other scenes, the intelligent driving system can make up for the difference of iteration period of high-precision maps, and truly drive with or without maps, and the complex road conditions will not be degraded. In response to daily commuting and self-driving cross-provincial travel scenarios, the intelligent driving system can independently choose roads with higher traffic efficiency.

Combined with user feedback, the car has also been optimized for the leg, waist, back and sitting posture of the seat, so that users can have a comfortable experience no matter which seat they are in or which sitting posture they take. At the same time, the chassis of the car is upgraded with Huawei iTRACK architecture, which can realize ultra-fine road condition perception of 10,000 times per second and real-time adjustment of torque of 1,000 times per second, so as to realize the best power output mode under different road conditions and create the best driving experience.

Huawei’s iTRACK function "makes the road smooth". Aiming at the most common speed bump scene in daily life, Huawei iTRACK accurately identifies the wheel speed fluctuation, and adjusts and controls the torque within milliseconds to achieve rapid convergence. Through the actual measurement, the wheel speed fluctuation can be reduced by 50% and the aftershock time can be shortened by 40%, thus effectively improving the comfort and safety of the whole vehicle and bringing better driving experience to users. 

The rights and interests are easy to upgrade. From now until February 29, 2024, car buyers can choose one of the following rights and interests: rights and interests 1. Users who buy cars after January 8 will be given a high-end smart driving bag worth 26,000 yuan; Second, during the activity, car buyers can enjoy the discount of paying a deposit of 5,000 yuan to offset the car payment of 25,000 yuan. In addition, Aouita also introduced more car benefits in a limited time, including: the first car owner’s lifetime three-electricity warranty; 6000 yuan replacement subsidy; Give away the intelligent fragrance system; The down payment starts from 42,000 yuan, and the full-term ultra-low interest financial concessions.

Upstream news Wu Jian

Glad you came conference, Hugh and Leo cooperate again to talk about role shaping.

Special feature of 1905 film network June 10, 25th.Shanghai stateInternational film festivalgoldJue awardEntries in the main competition unitGlad you came.Hold a press conference and supervise the production.Cao Baoping, screenwriter and directorJiayin LiuActorHughLeoQi XiKe BaiMeet the media.

In the film, Wen Shan, an ordinary screenwriter who fell behind, started to write eulogy for a living by accident. In the encounter with ordinary people of all colors, Wen Shan comforted others and gained warmth, and finally found his own direction in life. The film is a true portrayal of director Jiayin Liu’s search for answers in constantly balancing the relationship between the individual and the world for more than ten years. "I also often go to Babaoshan and the zoo, and many of them are my imagination of the possible life. I imagined what I could do in Babaoshan and what I needed, from which I conjured up this role."

In the movie, Hugh plays an introverted observer who "smiles once in a while means he is happy, but looks less happy means everything is normal". When Hugh talked about his initial creation of this role, he was very concerned about whether he could find someone to refer to in real life. This role did not conform to his previous experience in creating characters. "When I have no specific object to refer to, I will be insecure and afraid that I can’t really get close to this person."

Finally, in this somewhat healing story, Hugh found his own experience in recent years. After his mother died in 2019, "I have never had the courage to face up to this matter, and I am lucky to meet Wen Shan. In fact, when I met this character, he really kept healing and warming me. I always switched between Wen Shan and the characters he cured. "

The third time I cooperated with Hugh, it was Leo who played the inner projection of Wen Shan in the film. For Wu Lei, who started to try the author’s film, this performance is also a brand-new challenge. Sometimes the role is not so "landing", and at the same time, it is necessary to reach a certain echo and care with Hugh’s performance. As a person who is waiting to be created in the movie, Leo said that Xiao Yin is waiting for a better way out. "It’s like myself, and like many young people, they are eager for a better future."

In Hugh’s view, the role of Wen Shan is to director Jiayin Liu, just as Xiao Yin played by Leo is to Wen Shan. Jiayin Liu, who projected a lot of his own experiences and emotions, admitted that when he first created the script, Wen Shan’s face was always vague until the moment he turned on the phone. "The reaction from quantitative change to qualitative change happened. He seemed to steal Wen Shan from me, and I can see Wen Shan’s face from now on."

Xinhua All Media+丨 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Report: Artificial Intelligence Behind "A Good Bowl of Rice"

  There are seven bottles filled with rice seeds on the booth. Xinhua News Agency reporter Joline photo

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, September 2 (Reporter Joline, Gong Wen) Entering the exhibition hall of CITIC Group in the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, seven bottles filled with rice seeds are particularly special among many scientific and technological exhibits such as robotic arms, robots and unmanned boats.

  Take a closer look, among them, Liangyou Huazhan, a hybrid rice seed crystal that ranks in the top three in the country for three consecutive years, and Weiliangyou 8612 with an average yield of over 1,000 kilograms per mu.

  Behind the seeds is full of science and technology, and the "planting brain" is making breeding smarter and more "intelligent" through artificial intelligence and other technologies.

  Breeding information decision-making system integrating biotechnology, data technology and artificial intelligence technology — — "planting the brain." (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

  "In the past, rice scientists were limited by the scale of the base and management costs. Breeding could only select a limited number from thousands of available combinations for experiments, and then plant them in the field for repeated verification. Now, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, it is possible to simulate combinations and tests more quickly and select the ‘ Female parent ’ And ‘ Father ’ The combination broke the bottleneck of traditional breeding. " Li Gang, deputy director of the Longping Hi-Tech Information Center under CITIC Agriculture, said, "Using artificial intelligence technology in breeding is equivalent to predicting the results in advance without farming."

  "Accurate collection and analysis of data related to agricultural production through remote sensing satellites, drones, and Internet of Things devices provide big data support for actual production decisions, replacing empirical judgment and improving agricultural production efficiency." Ma Yan, head of research and development of Huazhi Bio-Big Data Intelligent Application Center under CITIC Agriculture, said.

How to save a bridge? More than 6 hours after the heavy car pressed the beam, many parties recalled the thrilling moment.

       CCTV News:Baoji-chengdu railway is the main artery connecting northwest and southwest. Because of the early completion of the line and low grade, how to deal with the extraordinary flood peak has become the number one problem for the railway department. On the morning of July 11th, due to the heavy rainfall in Sichuan, the water level of the Fujiang River in Mianyang City rose sharply, and the Fujiang Bridge on the baoji-chengdu railway was in danger of being washed away by the flood.

       On July 11th, the K283 train was delayed by 7 hours due to heavy rain.

       On July 11th, a large number of passengers in Chengdu Railway Station refunded their tickets and changed their visas.

       On July 11th, Mianyang Works Section was blocked.

       It turned out that Mianyang section of baoji-chengdu railway was blocked by heavy rain, and the water level of Fujiang River rose sharply. No one thought that this would be a catastrophic flood once in 50 years.


       Xu Xingwu, section chief of Mianyang Works Section of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd.: "I have worked for so many years, and I know that the maximum flood discharge of this bridge was 8000 cubic meters per second, so it exceeded 50% yesterday (11th)."

       Railway bridges generally have two water levels, the lower of which is the speed limit water level. Once the blocked water level is reached, you can’t drive. How to deal with dangerous situations is a test for railway public works workers. They know very well that the Fujiang Bridge on the upstream line has been built for more than 60 years, and the lightness of steel beams will become a fatal shortcoming in the face of floods.

       Xu Xingwu: "The main span is a steel beam bridge, because it is light in weight, and its resistance to lateral force is poor, just like building blocks. If you put a force on the building blocks to hold them down, it will not be easy to push them down."


       Who will press and how? Everyone has the same idea. Lu Minghui, deputy section chief of Mianyang Works Section of Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. of China Railway, said: "For the special flood, our flood control office has formulated a plan to deal with the catastrophic flood."

       Xu Xingwu: "We have to take unconventional measures and adopt ‘ according to our own experience and basic principles. Heavy trucks press the bridge ’ The way to stabilize this bridge. "

       Seeing the rising water level, it is urgent to make decisions as soon as possible. However, it is not easy to make a decision to "weigh the car against the beam".

       Shi Guangde, director of the dispatching office of Chengdu Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said: "The first thing we consider is the personal safety of locomotive crew and engineering technicians, and the second thing we consider is whether the weight of the loaded freight train can meet the carrying capacity of this line bridge."

       After more than ten minutes of difficult and careful research, the dispatching office officially ordered. The train is over 45 knots, loaded with ballast, weighing 4,000 tons, and the bridge is crushed by heavy vehicles!


       Lu Minghui: "The water level is about one meter away from the bottom of the beam, and there are basically no large floating objects in the upper reaches, so we decided to put the car in the past."

       There are four drivers driving these two trains, both born in 1990s. It is the first time for them to cross the Fujiang Bridge at a constant speed of less than 10km/h..


       Zhang Qiang, driver of Chengdu Locomotive Depot of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd.: "This task has never been encountered before, and it must be tense. It was a heavy-duty train pulled at that time. If the operation is not stable, it will have a great impact on the bridge deck, and the flood impact may make the bridge collapse."

       Usually, the speed limit of freight trains passing through Fujiang Bridge is 80km/h, but the speed should not exceed 10km/h, and in case of heavy load, the starting and braking must be stable to reduce the impact on the bridge. It’s a bit like threading a needle. It has to be accurate. In addition, the freight train used this time is also called "railway special ballast unloading vehicle" in the industry. Recently, Mianyang Works Section is undergoing line overhaul, and the ballast unloading vehicle is parked near Mianyang, so it was put in use at the first time. However, when the car crossed the bridge, thorny problems followed.

       When the car got off the bridge, everyone didn’t relax, and everything was just beginning. At 12 noon, the water level reached its peak.


       Xu Xingwu: "We are most worried and scared when we have started to scour the bearing. Of course, there is a heavy-duty train and a heavy-duty train of more than 4,000 tons on the bridge at this time. We feel that the problem should not be too big."

       However, news came from the upstream that a large number of floating objects were washed into the river. When did they arrive here and how to deal with them? Everyone’s heart was in their throats.

       It is not only the public workers who are highly nervous, but also the four drivers in the locomotive have been on standby during the six hours of bridge pressing.

       Chen Long, driver of Chengdu Locomotive Depot of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd.: "Our locomotive stayed in a safe zone after crossing the bridge. The locomotive is equivalent to being in operation all the time, which means that the car has not turned off." Zhang Qiang, driver of Chengdu Locomotive Depot of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd.: "If the flood continues to rise, it will cause certain danger to the bridge deck, and we will also drive the car out immediately."


       At 4: 30 in the afternoon, the flood peak receded, and the train left the scene. The driver’s work came to an end temporarily, but in the hands of the public works workers, the last security line before opening to traffic was still being held.

       Xu Xingwu: "There is still a lot of follow-up work, mainly inspection and monitoring, especially whether there is any damage to the internal structure of the pier and whether its foundation is washed."

       After inspection, it was confirmed that baoji-chengdu railway began to return to normal traffic 8 hours after the heavy car pressed the beam.


       Shi Guangde: "The decision to use freight trains to press beams also provides a scientific basis for later decision-making."

       Xu Xingwu: "A soldier’s greatest contribution to the country is not sacrifice but victory. I think we can win if we can keep this bridge!" "

Disu Fashion (603587): The company has 1,086 stores, including China, Macau and Japan.

  Disu Fashion (603587) answered investors’ concerns on the investor relations platform on March 12th.

  Investors: Have the development goals and plans of the company changed in 2024? Is it still the same as in previous years?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention to the company. The company will make the goals and plans in line with the company’s long-term strategic development according to the needs of customers, macroeconomic changes and the laws of the industry. The company insists on being full of uncertainties.the new normalIt is a long-term strategy of the company to stick to the long-term principle of expanding the company’s territory and enriching the brand matrix around the concept of big fashion. It is not a one-off event. Please pay attention to the regular reports and temporary announcements of the company’s subsequent disclosure. Thank you.

  Investor: Has the company learned any valuable experience or lessons from its operation outside hours?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention to the company. The company insists on being a long-term persistence in the new normal full of uncertainty. Whenever, the company is United, persevering, working together, meeting challenges, coping with external adjustment with full development resilience, pursuing sustained and steady development while embracing changes, and hoping to repay investors with excellent business performance. Thank you.

  Investor: Will the chairman continue to buy back?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention to the company. On September 27th, 2023, the company disclosed the Announcement of Holding Shareholder’s Plan to Increase Shares of Disu Fashion. The controlling shareholder, chairman and general manager plan to increase shares of the company by the way permitted by the trading system of Shanghai Stock Exchange within six months from the date of the announcement, with an increase of about RMB 15 million. By November 17th, 2023, 561,200 shares of the company had been increased by centralized bidding, accounting for 0.5% of the company’s total share capital. At present, the company has not disclosed the relevant announcement of the completion of the implementation of the controlling shareholder’s shareholding plan. Please pay attention to the subsequent relevant announcements. Thank you.

  Investor: How can the company become bigger and stronger, and feel that the company is satisfied with being small and beautiful?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention. The company insists on being a long-term persistence in the new normal full of uncertainty. It is the company’s long-term strategy to expand the company’s territory and enrich the brand matrix around the concept of big fashion. Thank you.

  Investor: The last big show in Dunhuang was in 2021. Will the company hold such activities again?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention to the company. In October, 2023, Di Su’s brands DIAMONDDAZZLE and DAZZLE were invited to participate in the first SHANGHAIGALA held by WWDCHINA in Shanghai, presenting the exhibition of "NEWVISIONOFDESIGN Rebirth". Di Su expressed the innovative power and diversified beauty of China fashion with the brand core single product "Rubik’s Cube Cheongsam" with modern silhouette, and described the fashion inheritance and green future together with the global fashion. In addition, the company will hold new product ordering meetings and catwalk activities of various brands for partners every quarter. In the future, the company will also hold new product launches, catwalks and other activities for the public from time to time. Please take the notice of specific activities at that time as the standard, so please pay attention and thank you.

  Investors: Jiangnan Buyi’s latest financial report is bright. On the other hand, after the epidemic, its performance has collapsed. Now its performance is basically equal to that of 10 years ago. Since the peers can perform well, the decline of its performance should not be just a problem of the external environment. Is it the best strategy for it to focus on the minority without hitting the shirt? Shouldn’t good things be popularized? Why do you want to imply that you don’t bump the shirt? Before buying, will the customer first consider whether it will bump the shirt instead of whether the dress is what you want?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your concern and suggestions. Since its establishment, the company has been striving to improve brand awareness, reputation and sales performance through multi-dimensional publicity and promotion strategies such as optimizing marketing channels and increasing brand marketing promotion, and is committed to launching brand awareness and providing consumers with better consumption experience and better service. In the future, the company will continue to actively explore diversified publicity and promotion methods, improve brand awareness, create brand differentiation, and continue to accumulate and expand through a stable and sustainable business model.qualityCustomers, do refined and strong main business, and hope to repay investors with excellent business performance, thank you.

  Investors: The company has many subsidiaries. Which companies are in actual operation? Which companies intend to operate, feel that investment and funds have not actually carried out business activities!

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention to our company. The establishment of each subsidiary has its significance and function. For details about the subsidiaries of the company, please pay attention to the "analysis of major holding companies" or "composition of enterprise groups" in the periodic reports disclosed by the company. You can know the main business place, registered place, business nature and shareholding ratio of each subsidiary. Thank you.

  Investor: It has been some time since the company went public. Why not try to expand the international market? Is it premature, or is it lack of international operation?talent?

  Disu Fashion Secretary: Dear investors, thank you for your attention to our company. By September 30th, 2023, the company had 1,086 stores, including China, Macau and Japan. In recent years, the international economic environment has become more and more complex, and the global clothing industry market has fluctuated. In 2023, the supply chain cost of clothing industry will rise, consumer confidence will decline, the market situation faced by brands will become more complicated, and consumers’ needs and concepts will gradually change. From the industrial point of view, the recovery elasticity of high-end clothing consumption is good, and the domestic and foreign clothing industry is getting rid of low-price competition and entering the stage of high-quality development; From the consumption side, consumers tend to make prudent decisions and choose brands, which drives the establishment of a new market pattern. Therefore, the company will make corresponding overseas expansion plans according to international economic trends, domestic and international supply chains and international economic policies. Thank you.

When it comes to reading, I really have a phobia of dense sentences.

  Photo courtesy of vision china

  "Golden Sentence" is not the product of the author’s feeding, but the reader’s participation.

  — — — — — — — — — —

  Some children often tell me that books are classics, and they are often disappointed after reading them. After reading them for most of the day, they can’t read the "golden sentences" worth underlining and extracting. Or read a "golden sentence" and be attracted by a book, but after reading it, I found that there are too few golden sentences like this in the book, and I feel fooled. I know that many people love this "golden sentence-driven" reading. What I want to say is that this utilitarian reading is not a good way to absorb knowledge and nutrition. Searching for chapters and extracting sentences, swallowing the fragmented golden sentences alive, is not immersed in the overall content, and the efficiency is actually very low, which wastes time and good books and reading.

  "Golden Sentence" is often a "leap generalization" after a long period of material preparation and solid demonstration. For example, Adorno said: In a mass society that follows the crowd, idolatry is often manipulated in a "pseudo-personalized" way, which hides the standardization and identity of the cultural industry itself. Is this sentence "golden sentence" enough? However, it is not isolated. Only by carefully reading the previous foreshadowing and argumentation can this conclusion be logical and theoretically active. After this process, "Golden Sentence" can enter your knowledge system and become an active thought, which allows you to call freely when writing and support your output. Otherwise, the source is separated, only this sentence is extracted as a golden sentence, and the illusion of memory is formed in the notebook, which will soon become a forgotten "dead dogma."

  Professor Liu Qing also said: Our traditional academic education emphasizes that knowledge should be systematic, have complete structure and logical connection, etc., while young people prefer rich and fragmented knowledge and feelings, so they like "golden sentences". In my opinion, a more flashing sentence, which appears after the overall discussion, has a context.

  Without understanding a sentence in the knowledge system and overall outlook, that kind of "golden sentence" can’t "know". Sociologist Andrew Abbott distinguishes between "knowledge" and "knowing". "Knowledge" is a result of "knowing", and the important thing is the process of "knowing". Abbott commented: most of the students I teach think that knowing something is knowing a website. The main mode of their knowledge is to "find". For them, "reading Adam Smith" means looking for five or six sentences that are really important in each chapter. They don’t understand that the rest of Adam Smith’s sentences contain arguments and arguments, which he used to produce and defend the key parts of these students. For students, reading is just browsing outside the internet. It is an exercise to filter out the unimportant idle parts and find out the really important things. They don’t actually believe in ideas, they believe in fragmented content. For them, Smith’s theory is not an argument, but a fixed content.

  Abbott actually criticized this kind of "golden sentence-driven" reading. A book just wants to sum up a few "central ideas", "paragraphs" and "key conclusions", which can spare me the pain of "reading those idle contents". This kind of filtering and screening, as long as those "fragments of golden sentences" have not actually read or understood a book at all, the golden sentences naturally have not entered the knowledge storage that one can call freely. On the surface, I read a lot of books, but my brain is empty!

  I have always felt that "golden sentence" is not only the result of the author’s hard argument, but also a kind of reading reward for readers to immerse themselves in a book and suddenly become enlightened after tossing and turning. In other words, "golden sentence" is not the product of the author’s feeding, but the reader’s participation. Enter the author’s theoretical framework, immerse yourself in his logic, read through, read through, read the author’s deep meaning, read the logical connection, read the thought corresponding to reality, and understand a long-standing puzzle, and the "golden sentence" comes out. A "golden sentence" truly deposited in one’s own knowledge system must contain one’s own thoughts in the dialogue. I read Weber’s exposition on tool rationality and value rationality, but I didn’t read it before. But during that time, there were many events in the news that "people were regarded as tools" and "formalism bureaucracy only looked at procedures regardless of human life", and I realized that tools crushed value and realized the golden sentence connotation that "because there is a long chain between their actions and results, their moral consciousness will be blurred, which will lead to moral blindness".

  Reading is a kind of dialogue and generation, which needs to be immersed. "Golden Sentence" is an ideological reward for immersed reading, not a "essence" that can be extracted separately. That kind of extracted essence, mindless "value", is often just a marketing strategy. A famous scholar talked about the "three laws of bestsellers": first, tell what you already know in a way you don’t know; Second, repeat the statement just now and give some examples; Third, repeat the summary and you will succeed. Those golden sentences about a book, such as chicken soup and sales promotion, are mostly tailored for people who don’t study. They are just "telling what you already know in a way you don’t know", just a truth that you agree with, that you are familiar with and understand, and that’s all.

  When I study, I have a phobia of golden sentences. It’s all golden sentences. How can I stand it? The golden sentence is a "leap generalization" after a long argument, and it is a wonderful pen to make the finishing point. It’s all golden sentences, which shows that there is no argument and reason at all, and it’s all chicken soup-like, catering to you and clever conclusions. Just like the flashy PPT, it is full of "beautiful words that are nice but vague". It’s more like some fake comments. It sounds like a lot of words, and it seems that there are many golden sentences, and there is nothing but empty parallelism and superficial rhyme. The public opinion field is full of such swindlers. When they encounter something they don’t understand, they can fool them by saying a bunch of "beautiful words", so they are mystifying and euphemistic.

  I don’t like that kind of "looking for standard answers" reading either. If the contents of the book are regarded as "answers that can be copied", it is still exam-oriented thinking and there is no nutrition. A good book can arouse thinking, and it is the thought agitation brought by that argumentation process that challenges some common sense, inspires some new ideas and brings some wisdom. What is wisdom? If intelligence points to a standard answer, intellectual knowledge is a kind of ability to "turn the answer into a question", which is a kind of advanced literacy, which can push thinking to a higher conceptual level and move towards transparent wisdom in new questions.

  Yes, the better the book, the more you can’t get the "standard answer" from it, but it can produce many problems, which can help you get rid of the "uncertainty of ignorance", challenge most of the "taken for granted" and "self-evident" hidden in your thinking, and move towards the realm of critical thinking after experiencing "multiple chaos".

  Mr. He Zhaowu said in "A Record of Going to School": "Reading doesn’t have to have a purpose, and it’s better to have no purpose. Reading is an end in itself. Reading brings inner satisfaction, just like a spiritual roaming. In the eyes of others, it is of no value to travel for a day, but for me, the process itself is the greatest value. " Well, reading is by no means utilitarian, quick-paced, lively and immediate, but I also feel that reading will never fail you, enjoy the process, precipitate thinking, and will always nourish you at some time and somewhere.

  Ling Cao