There is no 4 billion in Cary at the trough! Not the top student in the college entrance examination! Lei Jun broadcast live for Xiaomi Automobile: the sales volume was 3-5 times higher than expected.

Following the "explosion" conference at the end of March, Xiaomi Automobile ushered in a traffic feast. At 16: 00 on April 18th, Lei Jun started the live broadcast on time at Beijing Xiaomi Automobile Delivery Center.

This is the first time that Lei Jun started a live broadcast for Xiaomi Automobile. Three years ago, when Lei Jun premiered in Tik Tok, it was the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi. He took products such as "Biography of Xiaomi", "Walk the Line" and Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, and at the same time, he had a heart-to-heart chat with rice noodle friends.

This live broadcast has its own traffic, and the number of viewers quickly exceeded 100,000+,and the number of likes quickly exceeded 100 million. At the beginning of the live broadcast, viewers also sent gift special effects to Lei Jun, and later the gift-giving function was quickly turned off.

"Lei Jun’s legs are quite thin." "Raytheon, I’m coming!" "I also want to take a photo with Lei Jun", "Did Lei always grab Huawei Pura 70" and other comments, constantly refreshing, verifying everyone’s intimacy with Lei Jun.

"It is too early to talk about the success of Xiaomi Automobile"

"Xiaomi Automobile has been released for 20 days, and it is too early to talk about success." Lei Jun said during the live broadcast that Xiaomi SU7 was so hot that I was afraid every day. Under the public beta, every detail was looked at with a magnifying glass. Now I’m a little more nervous, because Xiaomi SU7 has held on to "One Million People in YEATION".

"Of course, Xiaomi is now a success in the first stage. The cycle of building a car is particularly long, and we need to continue to do it seriously. " Lei Jun said.

Whether before or after the release, the popularity of Xiaomi SU7 has remained high, which is not a small order of magnitude higher than that of other car companies. The latest data obtained by the reporter was as of April 3, when Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, announced at the first delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 that the number of Xiaomi cars had exceeded 100,000, and the number of locks had exceeded 40,000. This is a burst in the context of particularly fierce market competition faced by cars with a price range of 215,900-299,900.

In the experience center, Lei Jun introduced in the live broadcast. On the whole, for Xiaomi SU7, the favorite color of girls is Xiaguang purple, and the favorite color of boys is elegant gray; Xiaomi believes that the most cracked color is lava orange. "For the question of what color to choose, listen to your wife." Lei Jun quipped.

"It’s not good to compare me with Musk."

Because there are few live broadcasts, there are still some areas to be improved, such as the occasional echo of the microphone.

However, the live broadcast as a whole continued Lei Jun’s consistent "customer thinking" and cordial style. For example, in the delivery center, Lei Jun had a cordial conversation with the owner’s children and asked where to go to school; Ask the female car owner why she chose Xiaguang Purple; Ask the doctor what major the car owner is studying; Take the initiative to invite customers to take photos and so on.

Why is the proportion of female owners of Xiaomi Automobile high? Lei Jun said that on the one hand, the company has many female engineers; On the other hand, basic functions such as sun protection, storage and good-looking directly hit the pain points of female customers; In addition, many female car owners have used Mijia eco-chain products before and know something about Xiaomi.

During the live broadcast, Lei Jun answered the question "Why did Xiaomi build a car in three years?". He explained that Xiaomi had accumulated the foundation of intelligent manufacturing in the past, and Xiaomi’s R&D budget this year was 24 billion yuan, so it took three years to build a car instead of just three years.

Consistent with expectations, Lei Jun once again introduced innovative technologies such as Xiaomi Super Die Casting in the live broadcast, and introduced that there are hundreds of robots in the factory. Lei Jun revealed that in the future, he plans to open the Xiaomi factory to ordinary citizens step by step.

For the long delivery time, Lei Jun responded that Xiaomi’s preparation should refresh various records of domestic cars. The company has achieved the release and delivery, and the delivery is the quantity. The core problem is that the sales volume is 3-5 times higher than the company expected. "The company held a supplier meeting a few days ago, and the company will improve delivery step by step as soon as possible."

In the live broadcast, Lei Jun also refuted the identity of "the first man in Shuangwen". He said, "I am at the bottom of my life, and there is no cold 4 billion in Cary", "I have never won the college entrance examination" and so on. Lei Jun said frankly, "Many people say that I am a billionaire, and I have never counted (my own assets). Success in life depends not on cool writing, but on dreams, struggle and help from noble people. "

When talking about the benchmark Musk, Lei Jun responded, "Musk is a great entrepreneur. What I do with him is not exactly the same, so it is not easy to compare. But we have all helped popularize science and technology and promoted social progress. "

"Traffic Times" of Car Factory

Lei Jun emphasized in the live broadcast that Xiaomi can’t be treated as a car factory, but the whole ecology of people and cars, and the core is a technology company. However, Lei Jun’s marketing strategy for Xiaomi Automobile is even more talked about by the market.

As of today’s live broadcast, Lei Jun Tik Tok has more than 17.9 million fans. On Weibo, there are more than 23 million fans, with an average of more than one Weibo a day, to protect the traffic.

Under the leadership of Lei Jun, Xiaomi, including Lu Weibing, Xu Fei and many other senior executives, have also launched short video and other platforms. These flows gathered together during the release of Xiaomi SU7, which together constituted the key boost for the realization of Xiaomi SU7 market.

This kind of "traffic marketing" has affected countless drivers in the car circle.

According to the public information, Yin Tongyue, the chairman of Chery, personally tested the long-distance, high-speed and high-order intelligent driving ability of Star Era ET; Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motor, opened his first personal live show, and showed the whole scene NOA; of Great Wall Motor without high-precision map. Xia Yiping, CEO of Extreme Yue, and Li Yanhong, CEO of Baidu, got on the bus and experienced the latest Extreme Yue 01 … These live broadcasts not only narrowed the distance between the car factory and the users, but also showed their product experience intuitively to the users.

Editor: Chen Lixiang

Proofreading: Liao Shengchao

The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 4.3 liters, and the spy photos of Xingyue L mixed version are exposed. Do you choose joint venture or independence?

At the Guangzhou Auto Show not long ago, Geely Automobile officially released its Star Yue L hybrid version. On the basis of maintaining the design of the Star Yue L fuel version, the new car has been adjusted for some details. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Geely Automobile’s new Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system for the first time. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in the first half of next year.

A few days ago, we got a set of spy photos of the Star Yue L mixed version from relevant channels. Combined with the previous declaration map and official map, we can have a general understanding of the appearance of the new car. The changes of the Star Yue L hybrid version and the Star Yue fuel version are mainly concentrated in the front face. The straight waterfall air intake grille has been replaced with a fish-scale texture structure, and the textures on both sides of the grille can also be lit, and a luminous Geely LOGO is added.

At the same time, the lower enclosure is decorated with black and the same color as the body instead of the previous through chrome trim, and the large-size diversion grooves on both sides look more combative.

In terms of body size, the declared length, width and height of the new car are 4770/1895/1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845mm, which is consistent with the fuel version. The rear of the car still occupies the whole visual center of gravity with penetrating taillights. The difference is that the shape of the rear enclosure has been adjusted to echo the front face, and the "GHS" logo has been added at the tail mark in the lower right corner to show the identity of the hybrid car.

In the car, we guess that the new car should also continue the design layout of the fuel version, adopt the interior color matching of two-color mix and match, and form an integrated screen with a length of 1 meter with full LCD instrument+central control screen+co-pilot entertainment display, occupying the whole visual center of gravity, showing a strong luxury technology atmosphere.

The power part is the biggest highlight of the new car. The Xingyue L hybrid version is equipped with Geely’s brand-new Lei Shenqing Hi·X hybrid system, which consists of a 1.5TD hybrid engine+motor +DHT Pro transmission. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 110 kW, the peak torque is 225 Nm, the thermal efficiency is as high as 43.32%, and the coverage rate of the high-efficiency area is close to 50%. The matching DHT Pro transmission has three gears.

According to the official, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Xingyue L 100 kilometers equipped with this hybrid system can be as low as 4.3 liters, the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 7.9 seconds, and the maximum cruising range of 1300 kilometers can be achieved. However, the final performance still needs to wait for the follow-up actual test to be revealed.

Since its release, Xingyue L has attracted the attention of consumers with its leapfrog body size, rich configuration and Volvo powertrain. After its listing in July this year, it has achieved very eye-catching sales results. For reference, the price range of the fuel version of the Star Yue L is 137,200-185,200 yuan. If the future Star Yue L hybrid version can also give a price with enough sincerity, I believe that the new car should have a relatively good market competitiveness.

Yang Jingde: Hua Tuo, the "Imperial Doctor" who devoted his life to the aerospace industry.

source map

CCTV News:Speaking of Hua Tuo, everyone must be familiar with it. It is said that this imperial doctor in the Three Kingdoms period has a wonderful hand to rejuvenate the disease. In the Capital Aerospace Machinery Company under the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, there is also a "doctor Hua Tuo". However, this doctor is not a doctor, but an old technician who repairs machine tools. He is Yang Jingde.

Yang Jingde, born in 1937, is a national senior technician, graduated from Shanghai Aviation Industry School (formerly "East China 250 Technical School"), and is one of the earliest military industry technicians trained in New China. At the age of 18, he was assigned to Nanyuan Aviation Repair Factory, today’s Capital Aerospace Machinery Company, and began to deal with cold machine tools.

Now, Nanyuan Aviation Repair Factory has developed into a base for the batch production and development of missiles and rockets in China. From green to old, Yang Jingde never left. He used his life’s wisdom and years to interpret his persistence in the space dream.

Another kind of "magic doctor": "looking, hearing and asking" to repair machine tools

In the 1950s, China’s space industry was still in its infancy, and the conditions were very difficult. Nanyuan aviation repair shop has only a total of hundreds of equipment, all of which are hand-operated machine tools. Yang Jingde doesn’t even have a desk in her dormitory.

However, Yang Jingde was never afraid of hardships, and especially loved to study hard, seizing every opportunity and time to learn advanced technology. Because of his outstanding performance, he was also sent to learn the maintenance of precision machine tools from Soviet experts. For this reason, he made every effort to cherish this hard-won learning opportunity.

At that time, Yang Jingde, who was very young, was already quite famous in the factory. Years of study and research and tempering on the production line have enabled him to practice a stunt: "looking, smelling, asking and cutting" the equipment like an old Chinese doctor.

The oil on the equipment guide rail is more or less, clear or turbid. Yang Jingde can tell the cause of the fault with his eyes.

He can also "listen" to the fault. A few years ago, a British imported equipment was abnormal. Yang Jingde went to the front of the machine tool, leaned down, listened to the noise of the equipment, and then felt the temperature and rotation frequency of the equipment with his hands. The roar in the workshop was extremely noisy, but it did not affect his judgment at all, and he found the "lesion" in a few times.

What’s more, there is another trick, "sound detection from a distance", which makes everyone have to admire the superb skills of this old technician.

One year, Yang Jingde had just finished gallstone surgery, and one of the equipment in the unit was broken. In order not to affect the production, he walked out of the hospital and went back to the workshop for a day. Until he found the cause of the equipment failure and solved the problem, the young comrades of the rest of the equipment could do it by themselves, and he dragged his tired body home. Who knows that at 9 o’clock in the evening, my colleague called and said that the machine that had just been repaired had broken down again. In desperation, he can only instruct the on-site personnel by telephone remote control: "You put your mobile phone next to the machine and I will listen." He vaguely heard the irregular noise in the roar of the machine.

"You put ‘ Lead screw ’ Clean it and see if there is anything extra. " Yang Jingde said.

After the maintenance master took down the "lead screw", he found that there was indeed something superfluous in it. It was aluminium scrap who wore the ball of the "lead screw", which caused the equipment to malfunction. Clean it and reinstall it. Problem solved!

Lay the foundation for your dream with your aerospace peers.

"On October 1, 1997, I began to enter the stage of re-employment, and the specific work was as follows … …” It can be seen from a yellowed Production Task Record Book that this old technician can retire 19 years ago. At that time, Yang Jingde was famous for his stunts, and many units wanted to hire him. The boss of a company came three times and offered him 5000 yuan a month. One company even said, "The salary is up to you, and you are hired as a consultant, so you don’t have to work."

At that time, the salary of rehiring old experts in the factory was 500 yuan per month. Before retiring, the factory leader only said to Yang Jingde: "The factory can’t live without you." He nodded without hesitation.

"I was trained in the factory. Everything I have is given by the factory. I can’t be ungrateful." Yang Jingde said. Not for fame, not for profit, Yang Jingde is like a rock. This firmness is the infinite loyalty of this old technician to the aerospace industry.

After rehiring, the leader always told Yang Jingde that he didn’t have to come to work every day, so call him if he had any questions. But he is still not at ease, coming every day.

Selfless and earnest attitude, marvelous machine repair technology, Yang Jingde has saved a lot of money and made progress for the factory over the years.

In the summer of 2014, an imported machine tool broke down seriously, and there was no maintenance capacity in China, so it had to return to the country of origin, with a maintenance cost of more than 1.3 million yuan and a cycle of at least 3 months. This is a high-precision machine tool, and no one dares to touch it. Yang Jingde looked at it and said, "It can be repaired!"

As a result, 77-year-old Yang Jingde stooped and got in and out of the equipment every day, sweating and working for 20 days. Finally, the machine tool was repaired with only 150,000 yuan. Yang Jingde not only saved "foreign equipment", but also saved more than one million yuan in maintenance costs for the factory. This shocked the original manufacturers.

source map

In 2015, Yang Jingde was 78 years old. Considering his age, the company leaders were really worried about his physical condition, so they ended their re-employment. However, he is still the same as before, and the unit is responsive and has no words.

The old man who repaired machines walked with the aerospace industry all the way, and every progress of this career condensed his life’s hard work and pursuit. He is a witness and a founder. (Text/Liu Chang)

Delicate Lanxin’s "Bian Que III" interpretation of "Artificial Intelligence+"application scene has attracted attention.

This year, the two sessions wrote "artificial intelligence+"into the government work report for the first time, which indicates that 2024 is undoubtedly the first year of artificial intelligence application industry, and the "artificial intelligence+"action will also become a hot topic, and making a big article on "artificial intelligence+"is also in line with the trend.

The "+"of "artificial intelligence+"means "+various application scenarios", which effectively applies artificial intelligence to all aspects of the national economy. At the same time, "+"can also let everyone stand on the shoulders of artificial intelligence to exert their imagination and creativity, and become a new human being who is more competitive and can open up the future.

Talking about the topic of "artificial intelligence+",not long ago, at the "Bian Que III" AI empowerment big health industry conference held in Chongqing, the organizer Chongqing Xianlilanxin Health Management Co., Ltd. released the first intelligent AI product in the weight loss industry, which undoubtedly interpreted the new scene of the innovative application of "artificial intelligence+health management", which was highly praised by colleagues in the industry and attracted the attention of many media.

According to relevant media reports, the first intelligent AI in the weight loss industry released at this event was jointly developed by Chongqing Xianlilanxin Health Management Co., Ltd. and Professor Li Ming, the first AI doctor system developer in China. "Bian Que No.3 -IPHMS Intelligent Private Health Management System" is an innovative solution with artificial intelligence, big data analysis, accurate data reconstruction and personalized physiological and pathological digital model technology as the core. It can monitor and analyze personal health data in real time, including heart rate, sleep quality, exercise situation, etc. through bracelet and mobile application technology. Then, through the analysis of artificial intelligence and AI big data, help users realize 24-hour uninterrupted intelligent monitoring of health status, provide health advice and early warning, and promote health management and disease prevention.

Intelligent private health management system aims to closely combine high technology with personal health, and help users better understand their physical condition and take actions to keep healthy through intelligent analysis and personalized health guidance.

Apps and applets developed to improve the user experience and cooperate with the health management system will also be listed one after another, which will realize the full scene of use, facilitate the service path and promote the quality transformation of products, and set a clear benchmark for the innovative practice of "artificial intelligence+private health management".

At the scene, Professor Li Ming introduced to the participants. "Bian Que No.3 -IPHMS Intelligent Private Health Management System", in the field of skin care, can also provide customized skin care programs and skin care recommendations for customers through AI technology based on skin testing and data analysis. It provides a novel and effective way for modern people to improve their quality of life and health.

In addition, Yang Jun, founder of Xianli Lanxin brand, also said; According to (Ai Media Consulting) data, from 2014 to 2021, the overall revenue of China’s big health industry maintained steady growth. In 2021, the revenue scale reached 8 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.1%, and it is expected to reach 9 trillion yuan in 2024. It shows that the demand for big health industry in China has risen sharply, and colleagues in the industry should be encouraged to "stay away from fantasy and live in vain". We should fully realize that big health industry has become the future industry with the greatest development potential, and health service has also become a strategic major undertaking related to the national economy and people’s livelihood and the overall happiness index of the future society.

It is understood that at the beginning of 2015, Mr. Yang Jun started the chain management, led a group of people to start a business over assets, and embarked on the innovative road of "health industry+store empowerment+sustainable development". Has launched a number of health brands such as slim Lanxin, Lanxin Women and Lanpinhui. Participated in the standard formulation of General Rules for Brand Influence Evaluation in China, was shortlisted for the standard working group of Evaluation Standard for National Brand Demonstration Enterprises, and also led the formulation of the industry standard of Operation and Management Standard for Health Slimming Service Institutions.

The company’s main sectors involve comprehensive services such as chain store export, beauty education and training, beauty multimedia, beauty product research and development, beauty store decoration, big health AI, artificial intelligence and so on. In just a few years, Xianli Lanxin has more than 1,800 stores in Chongqing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Anhui, Xinjiang and other provinces. The brand has traveled all over the country, helping more than 1,800 entrepreneurs and providing more than 5,000 jobs. Its deeds have been praised by the central authoritative media.

The successful release of the AI intelligent private health management system "Bian Que No.3" has upgraded Xianlilanxin from a slimming brand to a big health company with scientific research strength and technology content, with technology as the core driving force, giving the brand new vitality. It provides confidence for the weight loss industry to enhance the new quality productivity, and has important social significance and value.

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    Source: Oriental Morning Post 

Profile photo: On the afternoon of May 24, 2006, the Shanghai traffic police towed the accident vehicle away from the scene of the accident.

   Yesterday (17th), after the article "Judicial Appraisal Says Shanghai Audi Car Crashes Nine People in a Row Due to Driver’s Illusion" went online, some netizens questioned the judicial appraisal that "the driver was in a’ delusional outburst’ at the time of the crime". To this end, the reporter once again investigated this incident.

    At 5: 30 pm yesterday, Min Yinlong, director of the Judicial Appraisal Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, was interviewed by a reporter in the office of the center, and showed the reporter the appraisal certificate of Huazheng Forensic Medicine [2006] No.086 with more than 5,000 words made on June 10.

    "In the afternoon, we received a lot of phone calls from readers, and some of them hung up without waiting for us to speak." Min Yinlong said, "There must be something fishy in it", "What background does this guy have" and "Aren’t you afraid of smashing your own brand in this appraisal?" He was puzzled by the speculation and accusations that came upon him.

     About judicial expertise

    Not disturbed by other factors

    "The appraisal of this case was entrusted by Huangpu Public Security Bureau to evaluate Li Wei’s mental state appraisal and criminal responsibility ability. We have never received so-called’ special instructions’ and’ greetings’, nor have we been under any pressure, and the identity background of the appraiser is nothing special." Min Yinlong said. The reporter saw that the appraisal book showed that Li Wei, a 33-year-old appraiser, was from Harbin, with a junior high school education, and an employee of a real estate company in Shanghai.

    Min Yinlong told reporters that the judicial appraisal of mental illness includes five major parts: the entrusted institution States the general situation of the incident; Family members, etc. provide a summary of the medical history of the appraiser; Inspection: the appraiser communicates with the appraiser, judges his reaction ability according to the response, investigates the relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues of the appraiser, and understands his interpersonal relationship, life and work, etc. Explain the test results according to the comprehensive analysis of objective indicators; Finally, the appraisal conclusion is made.

    "If you have any objection to our appraisal conclusion, you can apply to the Municipal Judicial Appraisal Expert Committee for review." Min Yinlong said that in this case, the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau also made a special trip to the center to learn about the situation from two forensic experts.

    "Such a major case is not a joke." Yesterday afternoon, Qian Yulin, the chief physician of the case appraiser who was on a business trip in Anhui, repeatedly said in an interview with reporters on the phone, "There is no interference from other factors in the appraisal process, and we have never brought any affair."

    Qian Yulin said that the general judicial expertise has two or three pages and about 1,000 words, while the expertise in this case has six pages and more than 5,000 words, and the final appraisal conclusion has also been recognized by the entrusting organ Huangpu Public Security Bureau.

     About the identity of the driver

    Really a full-time driver

    Yesterday, after many investigations, the reporter found that Li Wei is 33 years old, from Harbin, with a junior high school education. By 2005, he had been working in Harbin without military service. After coming to Shanghai this year, I have been working in Shanghai Xintianyuan Real Estate Company as a boss’s full-time driver.

    According to the ID card provided by Li Wei, his home address in Harbin is No.6, North Qidao Street, Anyang, Daoli District, Harbin. The reporter contacted the Kang ‘an Police Station of Harbin Public Security Bureau again, and the other party said that the address had been relocated as early as 2003. At present, a commercial house named "Haifu Kangcheng" has been built here. The original residents are in the process of moving back, but Li Wei’s family cannot be directly contacted.

    Identification basis: the driver of the accident was delusional and was chased and called 110.

    Qian Yulin, the chief physician of the appraiser in the case of "Audi car hitting 9 people in a row", said that Li Wei’s appraisal was jointly completed by him and Qin Shiyong, the deputy chief physician. Qian Yulin, 66, has more than 20 years of practical experience in psychiatric judicial expertise, and Qin Shiyong, 70, has also been engaged in this expertise for more than ten years.

    "He is a very typical severe mental patient." Qian Yulin recalled to reporters a lot of incredible, ambiguous and even logically contradictory fragments in his communication with Li Wei.

  Constantly searching his girlfriend’s hair and nails

    According to the analysis in the fourth part of the appraisal report, Li Wei became a full-time driver of a company boss after coming to Shanghai. One week before the incident, Li unreasonably suspected that his girlfriend was taking drugs, constantly searched his girlfriend’s hair, nails, etc., and rummaged through the car where his girlfriend had been sitting and the place of residence to search for drugs. He inexplicably suspected that drugs were hidden between the cracks in the floor tiles, and because of his girlfriend’s walking posture, facial expression, toilet use time and other daily details, he unreasonably inferred that she was taking drugs and firmly believed it.

    Illusion girlfriend sent someone to kill herself.

    According to the analysis, on the day of the crime, Li Wei began to be nervous because he couldn’t dial his girlfriend’s cell phone and the phone number of his residence. He suspected that his girlfriend knew that he was taking drugs and reported the case to the public security organ, which was not good for him. Then, Li Wei began to feel that there were many motorcycles and cars following him while driving, so he was highly nervous and afraid. He thought that his girlfriend had assigned others to follow him and his personal life was greatly threatened.

  Dare not drink mineral water

    The appraisal also excerpted the work of Huangpu Public Security Bureau on June 2: "… During the trial, Li Wei asked for water, and the police immediately used disposable cups to get him a cup of pure water, but he said that there was sediment in the water and he could not drink it. The police changed the second cup for him, but he still thought there was something in the cup and didn’t want to drink it. To this end, the police bought two bottles of mineral water for him. Before he opened the bottle cap, he carefully looked at the light, and at the same time squeezed the mineral water bottle to see if there was any leakage, and he was reluctant to drink mineral water. "

  I dialed 110 when I was "hunted"

    In the process of identification, one detail was considered the most critical by Qian Yulin: Li Wei once said that he had called 110 while fleeing. Three times before and after, he claimed that he was being chased by others, and he was very scared and asked for more police to protect him. The police record of Public Security 110 was indeed consistent with his description.

  background for news stories

    What is "paranoia"

    Professor Zhu Rongshen, director of psychiatry and medical psychology in the first clinical department of Tongji University School of Medicine, gave the concept of "paranoia" yesterday: it is a distorted belief, pathological reasoning and judgment based on pathology. Although these beliefs and reasoning judgments do not conform to the education level of patients, patients firmly believe in them and cannot be persuaded or corrected by personal experience and experience.

    "Sudden attack" is a selective attack, and the patient is completely normal when he is outside the delusion core. Therefore, the disease belongs to a deeply hidden mental disease that is difficult for patients to find under normal circumstances.

    Professor Zhu once received such patients. He told reporters that such people are prone to auditory hallucinations and hallucinations. Even some people think that they are being tracked by satellite positioning system, and the delusions are generally related to personal experience, social and cultural background. Lee? /Chen Chaoqun

  If you are mentally ill, you will lose your driver’s license.

    The reporter learned from the relevant departments that according to the relevant regulations, anyone who suffers from mental illness and other diseases that hinder the safe driving of motor vehicles can’t get a driver’s license, and after a normal person gets a driver’s license, his driver’s license will also be cancelled.

    According to the provisions of Article 22 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, people who suffer from diseases that hinder the safe driving of motor vehicles are not allowed to drive motor vehicles. After a normal person suffers from mental illness, first of all, the driver and his family should contact the traffic control department in time. "This is also a guarantee for the safety of himself and others", and the traffic management department will cancel his driver’s license in time to prevent traffic safety from being affected. When the police find abnormal situations in the course of duty, they will also check the driver to ensure the driver’s safe driving.

    In addition, according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, motor vehicle drivers need to go to the traffic control department under the jurisdiction of the driver’s license for regular inspection. The contents of regular inspection of motor vehicle driver’s license by public security traffic management department are: the physical condition of motor vehicle driver and the accumulated points of traffic violations. (Reporter Yang Jiehe and Zhang Ling Gu Wenjian Cheng Jia)

Editor: Chang Yan

No physical fitness, continue to open the field! China Volleyball Association issued the regulations for the 2021 National Volleyball Championship, in October, with Jiangmen for women volleyball and Z

On July 21st, China Volleyball Association issued the competition rules for the 2021 National Volleyball Championship, which are clear, and the competition will continue to be held in a closed and open court, and there is no physical fitness test link in the rules.
According to the competition rules, the 2021 National Men’s Volleyball Championship will be held in Zhangzhou Sports Training Base, Fujian Province from October 13th to 23rd, and the Women’s Volleyball Championship will be held in Jiangmen Sports Center, Guangdong Province from October 20th to 28th. In the first stage, according to the ranking order of the 2020 National Volleyball Championship, the teams were divided into two groups, A and B, and a single round robin was held in the group. In the second stage, the eight teams that won the top four in the first stage of the group competed in a cross-match, and then competed in the semi-finals and finals respectively. According to the ranking of last year’s championships, this year’s grouping is as follows:
Men’s grouping
Women’s grouping
In the competition rules, there is no physical fitness test link that appeared in the 2020 national volleyball championship, and there is no time reserved for physical fitness test in the schedule of the event, which also proves that the physical fitness test link will disappear from the national volleyball championship.
In the 2020 National Women’s Volleyball Championship held at the end of September and the beginning of October 2020, Tianjin women’s volleyball team defeated Shandong women’s volleyball team 3-1 in the final, and won the championship.
Source of this article: A new vision of sports

Little pin, big dream, beach volleyball girl’s Olympic dream

As soon as she arrived in Tokyo, China women’s sand volleyball player Xue Chen posted a dynamic on her social media: "One of the favorite activities of the Olympic Games: collecting pin!"
A small PIN is not only Xue Chen’s own hobby, but also a testimony of her hard work in every Olympic Games.
This year’s Tokyo Olympic Games is the third Olympic Games that Xue Chen, who is 33 years old, has participated in. Before going to war, she set herself such a goal: "Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 failed to realize their wishes, and I hope that I will not regret it in Tokyo this time."
33-year-old Xue Chen is the oldest and most experienced player in China sand volleyball, and also a star player in the world sand volleyball. She was not only selected as one of the top 100 FIVB stars in the past ten years, but also a member of the FIVB Athletes Committee.
However, these achievements still can’t stop Xue Chen from pursuing higher goals. In her view, the bronze medal in the Beijing Olympic Games and the fourth place in the London Olympic Games have some regrets, and she wanted to use the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 as the "final battle" of her career, but she failed because of injuries and surgery in 2015.
"The process of rehabilitation is to climb from the bottom of the valley. In this process, I will often fall into self-doubt. I was once ready to retire after the 2017 National Games. But I was still unwilling, so I finally chose to resume training in June 2018. Fortunately, the shoulders are still very face-saving, and my running-in with my new teammate Wang Xinxin has become more tacit because of the extra year. " Xue Chen said.
With this experience, the Tokyo Olympic Games naturally carried more dreams of Xue Chen: "This will be my last Olympic Games, I will enjoy the highest stage of competitive sports, and I will try my best to play every game with Wang Xinxin, leaving no regrets."
With this dream, Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin appeared on 25th. In the face of Eipl and alix, the top American teams ranked fifth in the world, the two girls from China dared to fight hard, but their strength was a little weaker. They lost 0-2 in the end and missed the opening of the group stage. The scores of the two games were 17-21 and 19-21.
Although we lost the first match, the close score is enough to show the good state of China’s team, and Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin still have a chance to advance. Next, at 15: 00 on July 27th, Beijing time, Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin will play against Kaiser and Mei Plinke, the Netherlands’ number one group and currently ranked 14th in the world.

[Beautiful Hebei Red Line] Qiannanyu: Red Spirit and Green Beauty, a total of Taihang Legend

   On the morning of June 22nd, "Beautiful Hebei Red Line — — A delegation from the online media interview activities to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party came to Qiannanyu Village, Jiangshui Town, Xingtai County, Hebei Province. The picture shows the Kangda Exhibition Hall.

   Hebei News Network (Reporter Chang Fangyuan) This is a fertile red soil and the greenest place in Taihang Mountain. The development model of "red+green" has turned into the badlands into a green mountain and a barren mountain ditch into an economic ditch. On the morning of June 22nd, "Beautiful Hebei Red Line — — The delegation of the online media interview activities to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party came to Qiannanyu Village, Jiangshui Town, Xingtai County, Hebei Province. The beautiful and rich Qiannanyu made online media reporters praise it.

   Qiannanyu is the seat of China People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political University (hereinafter referred to as "Anti-Japanese University"). On November 4, 1940, Kangda General School was stationed in Jiangshui, Xingtai County, Hebei Province. Since then, it has been running here for three years, and has trained three students, totaling 18,000. Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping, Luo Ruiqing, Teng Daiyuan, He Changgong and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation have fought and lived here.

   On the morning of June 22nd, "Beautiful Hebei Red Line — — A delegation from the online media interview activities to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party came to Qiannanyu Village, Jiangshui Town, Xingtai County, Hebei Province. The picture shows online media reporters interviewing in Qiannanyu Eco-tourism Zone.

   Came to Qiannanyu, "Beautiful Hebei Red Line — — In commemoration of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the interview group first visited the Kangda Exhibition Hall. Surrounded by green hills and shaded by green trees, the Kangda Exhibition Hall is magnificent and solemn. "Looking at today’s magnificent buildings, it’s hard to imagine the hard conditions here in the past. I wanted to look for the old site of Kangda just now, but I was told by the commentator that there was no remains of the old site of Kangda, because the school building of Kangda in the war years was just a few dilapidated earth-walled grass houses. More often, teachers and students could only struggle and study on the grass and in the ravine. " After the visit, Jing Wong, a reporter from overseas network, felt that in the extremely cruel and arduous war years, groups of anti-big students took up important posts, made outstanding contributions to winning the victory of War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and even the war of liberation, and showed the revolutionary ancestors’ spirit of hard struggle and the greatness of firm revolutionary belief.

   On the morning of June 22nd, "Beautiful Hebei Red Line — — A delegation from the online media interview activities to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party came to Qiannanyu Village, Jiangshui Town, Xingtai County, Hebei Province. The picture shows the scenery of Qiannanyu Village.

   Starting from Kangda Exhibition Hall, take a battery car all the way up Panshan Road, and you will come to the entrance of Qiannanyu Eco-tourism Zone. What you see along the road are clean houses with red roofs and white walls, clear streams flowing down, and apple orchards full of fruits … … Entering the tourist area, the terraced fruit trees surrounded by layers of stones are lush, and an asphalt road winds up and shuttles through the intoxicating green. On the hillside, the six characters of "recreating beautiful mountains and rivers" planted by evergreen shrubs stand out against the blue sky and white clouds.

   Guo Tianlin, secretary of the Party Committee of Qiannanyu Village, said that Qiannanyu was not the scene before. Qiannanyu, which suffered nine disasters in ten years, was a well-known poor mountain village. In 1963, a catastrophic flood almost destroyed all the mountain vegetation and only a few hundred acres of life-saving fields in the village. Since then, Qiannanyu people have been managing mountains and controlling water for 20 years before they got this piece of green in Taihang Mountain. Today, Qiannanyu has formed a layered greening model of barren hills with "ecological forest wearing a hat, dried fruits wrapped around the waist and small terraces holding the foot". All 8300 mu of barren hills suitable for forest in the village have been afforested, with the forest coverage rate exceeding 90% and the vegetation coverage rate approaching 95%.

   More than a decade ago, Qiannanyu people made up their minds to close down polluting enterprises such as mineral processing plants and chemical plants that could bring them considerable economic benefits, and developed a 38-square-kilometer "red" and "green" combined eco-tourism zone by using anti-big red resources and green resources all over the mountain, which received nearly 500,000 tourists in 2015. Forest fruit planting and tourism development, before 2015, the collective income of Nanyu Village was 31.2 million yuan, and the per capita income reached 11,800 yuan.

   "Here, the spirit of hard struggle not only stayed in the war years, but is still being carried forward. The beautiful scenery here is not a gift from nature, but comes from people’s efforts. What is even more rare is that a group of scientific and technological leaders like Li Baoguo have emerged here, who can take root in places with difficult conditions and lead farmers to develop. " Dai Yu, a reporter from the People’s Daily Central Kitchen, lamented that in Qiannanyu, the red spirit collided with the green beauty, and Taihang Mountain was being written as a legend.

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

  Come to New Year this year.

  In addition to friends and family.

  There is also a cold wave from the polar regions.

  Central Meteorological Observatory at 06: 00 on January 23

  Continue to issue a cold wave blue warning

  It is expected that it will not be until the third day

  This cold wave will continue to affect our country.

  Affected by strong cold air, it is estimated that the temperature will drop by 6 ~ 10℃ in most parts of central and eastern China, by 12~14℃ in eastern Northeast China, eastern Jiangnan and northeastern South China, and by more than 16℃ in eastern Jilin from 08: 00 on January 23rd to 08: 00 on January 25th. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in the above areas, and gusts are 7 ~ 8. Some areas in western Gansu, western Inner Mongolia, northern Qinghai and Ningxia have sand or floating dust. There are 6 ~ 8 winds and 9~10 gusts in most offshore areas of China. The lowest temperature in the process appeared on the morning of 25th, and the lowest temperature 0℃ line will be located in the east of Yunnan, south of Guizhou and north of South China.

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

  From 23rd to 24th (the second day and the third day of New Year’s Day), the temperatures in Northeast China, North China and East China will hit new lows after winter, and the temperature will be 6-10℃ lower than normal.

  From the early morning of January 23rd, snowflakes began to float in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Baoding and many places in Beijing.

  [Snow in xiong’an new area]

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

  Address: xiong’an new area Yuerong Park Source: Jishi Client

  [Snow in Tangshan]

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

  Photo from Tangshan traffic police

  Hebei specific weather forecast

  [Hebei Meteorological Observatory continued to issue the blue warning signal of cold wave at 05: 00 on January 23, 2023]

  Affected by cold air, it is expected that the lowest temperature in the whole province will continue to drop tomorrow morning, with Baoding, Langfang and the south area dropping by 6 ~ 8℃, local dropping by 8 ~ 10℃ and other areas dropping by 2 ~ 5℃. Tomorrow morning, the minimum temperature in the north of Zhangjiakou and Chengde will drop to-33 ~-26℃, in Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou and the south, to-16 ~-12℃, and in other areas to-25 ~-17℃.

  [Hebei Meteorological Observatory continued to issue gale blue warning signal at 05: 00 on January 23, 2023]

  Affected by cold air, it is expected that there will be winds of 4 to 6 from north to northeast in eastern Chengde, Qinhuangdao, eastern Tangshan, Cangzhou, Hengshui, Xingtai and Handan from day to night, with gusts of 7, which will weaken to below 6 at night; There are 4 to 6 northwest winds, 7 gusts and 8 local gusts in Zhangjiakou, the central and western Chengde, the western Baoding and the western Shijiazhuang. There are 7-8 northeast winds, 9 gusts, 6-7 northwest winds and 8-9 gusts in coastal waters and coastal areas. Please take precautions!

  [Weather forecast issued by Hebei Meteorological Observatory at 05: 00 on January 23, 2023]

  Today, from day to night, scattered light snow or light snow turned cloudy in southern Langfang, Cangzhou, eastern Hengshui, western Shijiazhuang and western Xingtai, while other areas turned cloudy and sunny. The highest temperature is-25 ~-5℃ in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and northwest Baoding, and-4 ~ 2℃ in other areas. The lowest temperature is-33 ~-20℃ in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, northern Qinhuangdao and northwestern Baoding, among which-33 ~-26℃ in Bashang area and-19 ~-12℃ in other areas.

  Tomorrow, from day to night, the whole province will be sunny and cloudy.

  From day to night on the 25th, the northwest turned sunny and cloudy, while other areas were cloudy and sunny.

  Yesterday (22nd, New Year’s Day),

  The cold wave brings strong winds and cools down to "celebrate the New Year"!

  Today and tomorrow,

  On the 23rd (the second day) and 24th (the third day),

  The temperature in our province plummeted,

  Many places will be frozen.

  And the strong wind "assisted",

  The wind-cold effect is remarkable,

  Little friends, be sure to wear more clothes to protect yourself.

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

The cold wave is coming! It has snowed in these places!

  To sum up

  During the Spring Festival this year

  The cold in the north lasts for a long time

  It’s short but really cold in the south.

  Everyone should pay attention to cold and warmth.

  Synthesis: Website of Central Meteorological Observatory, Hebei Weather and Meteorology Beijing

[Editor in charge:


"Sports Lottery, New Spring, Longteng and Good Luck" opens in Shandong.

Recently, the theme activities of the Chinese sports lottery "Sports Lottery in New Spring, Longteng Good Luck" were opened in Weifang, Jinan, Liaocheng and other places, which sent blessings and good luck to Shandong citizens in the New Year of the Dragon and let everyone feel the festive atmosphere in advance.

The brand promotion activity of "Sports Lottery New Spring Longteng Good Luck" was held in Weifang Taihuacheng Holiday Plaza a few days ago. This activity fully demonstrated the brand strength of public welfare sports lottery through comprehensive experience forms such as "exhibition, performance, play and competition". On the day of the event, the citizens who came to Weifang Taihuacheng Holiday Plaza were pleasantly surprised to find that the holiday hall had a new look overnight and entered the festive "Longmen" to the "Sports Lottery New Spring" activity area, as if they were in a paradise. Different theme zones are set up at the scene, including not only the big screen stage, the wishing tree for the Spring Festival, the photo punching box, the good luck red envelope wall, but also the public welfare flip wall, the "Happy Five Knows" of the responsible sports lottery, the easel of the Asian Cup rational lottery board, etc., to show the use direction of the sports lottery public welfare fund and the concept of responsible lottery, and the knowledge of rational lottery for popular science, so that the public can fully feel the public welfare attribute and brand culture of sports lottery.

The wonderful live performance of the national tide attracted many viewers to stop and watch. The enthusiastic and energetic flash program performance kicked off in "Encouragement of the Prosperous Age". The singer sang popular songs such as "Broad Sky" and "Red Sun", and the wonderful magic performance brought by the female magician made everyone feel the magic charm at close range. Dancers with fluttering sleeves brought the classical elegance that has passed through thousands of years with a song "Jing Hong Dance", which surprised the eyes of the audience, and then they used a costume version of the popular dance "Subject III" to make everyone stunned.

A sports lottery top scratch experience zone was set up at the event site, and a variety of theme tickets such as "Long Xing Universiade", "Happy New Year to Xianglong" and "Happy New Year" brought a strong New Year atmosphere, and the audience experienced the fun of scratching prizes on the spot and helped public welfare. In the exhibition areas of non-legacy paper-cuts, Weifang kites and other special folk culture, non-genetic inheritors personally cut out lifelike "Le Xiaoxing" paper-cuts and gave them to the audience at the scene, which was loved by many young people. In front of Weifang’s special kite booth, there are not only customized kites in Le Xiaoxing’s version, but also children can paint colorful kites on the spot to make a kite with childlike innocence and commemorative significance. The Chinese New Year wishing tree in the atrium is covered with wishing cards, such as "Going ashore for the 2024 college entrance examination", "Wishing the family peace, happiness and success" and "being together forever" … Young people write down their New Year wishes on the wishing cards and place a wonderful New Year dream on them. In front of the photo punching box at the scene, the girls and boys held placards and took photos with hands such as "Long Xing Universiade" and "Step by Step Promotion" to convey New Year greetings.

During the activity, the host called the masses to participate in interactive games such as "football shooting", "passing balloons overhead" and prize-winning questions and answers, and won exquisite small gifts such as red envelopes, lanterns and origami. At the event site, Le Xiaoxing, the mascot of sports lottery, also interacted with everyone with different images, including a large statue of Le Xiaoxing at the Longmen, a doll of Le Xiaoxing who walked around and interacted with everyone, a kite of Le Xiaoxing, a paper-cut of Le Xiaoxing, etc. The super cute and lovely image was loved by everyone, which also made everyone experience the fun of sports lottery in all directions.

In Jinan, the theme activity of "Sports Lottery in New Spring, Longteng Good Luck" was recently launched in Sunacmao, Daming Lake and Gaoxin Wanda Sports Lottery Store. Fun interactive games and prize-winning question-and-answer sessions were set up at the event site. In the game, everyone experienced the joy of moving, and laughter continued. Everyone actively participated in the prize-winning question and answer session and won a surprise gift. Le Xiaoxing became a "group pet" at the scene, and everyone rushed to take pictures with it, leaving many wonderful moments. Through the explanation of the host, everyone also learned about the public welfare attribute and the concept of responsible lottery in China. The citizens experienced the top-scraping and lotto games on the spot. Ms. Zhang said: "This’ red envelope is coming’ is particularly festive. I buy some every year. I can’t miss such wonderful activities today. " There are also many "lottery fans" who bet on the spot to support public welfare undertakings, and look forward to realizing their little dreams with the help of lotto in the New Year. In Liaocheng, a sports lottery exhibition experience center was opened in Gaotang Fortune Plaza, and the brand promotion activities of "Sports Lottery New Spring Longteng Good Luck" were launched simultaneously. Accompanied by dynamic music, the event kicked off. The explosive dance attracted a large number of young people to stop and watch. The fashionable and interesting New Year theme photo punching box was deeply loved by the public, and everyone took photos as a souvenir, adding a new year atmosphere to the upcoming Spring Festival. While enjoying the dynamic dance, the on-site citizens also actively participated in the quiz of sports lottery knowledge and won exquisite gifts. At the event, a "wishing card" was also prepared for every citizen. In the new year, I wrote down my good wishes and hung them onOn the "wishing tree", I record my beautiful thoughts on life and look forward to a good fortune in the New Year.

Spring in the snow believes that everything is sprouting, and the Year of the Dragon will be lucky before starting. Next, Shandong Sports Lottery will also convey the concept of public welfare and responsibility to the public in a more colorful form, show the public welfare image of fashion and warm sunshine, continue to contribute to the development of social public welfare undertakings and sports undertakings, and add color to the people’s better life. (From January 30th, China Sports Daily, 08 edition) 

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