"Cross-border" Integration of Tourism to Promote Green Development

Source: People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Scenery of Aershan National Forest Park (photo of drone). Xinhua News Agency reporter Lian Zhenshe

Tourists watch the float parade in Aershan City, Xing ‘an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng photo

In September, the coolness in the Daxinganling forest area grew stronger, but the lush small town of Aershan was booming. On September 2-3, the 2023 China (Aershan) Tourism Conference, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Xinhua News Agency and the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was held in Aershan City, Xing ‘an League. Representatives of cultural and tourism industries from all over the country gathered in this small town famous for tourism to talk about the "cross-border" integration of tourism and promote green development.

Promote industrial integration

Talking about the Multiple Values of Tourism

During the tourism conference, theme forums such as "Green Development of Cultural Tourism Integration", "Tourism Promotes Exchanges and Blending among Ethnic Groups" and "Tourism Promotes Rural Revitalization and Helps Common Prosperity" were held successively. Dozens of experts and representatives talked about the integration of cultural tourism industry, and talked about the multiple values of tourism in ethnic cultural exchanges and blending, regional development and industrial upgrading.

"Tourism is an important channel for exchanges and mutual learning between different regions and cultures." Shan Gangxin, director of the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, all localities have actively promoted industrial integration, enriched the supply of tourism products, and promoted exchanges, exchanges and blending among ethnic groups.

"Tourism has changed the life of Aunt Ding’s family." Rao Xiangbi, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced at the meeting that Ding Dama’s family in Gongshan County, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture has six ethnic groups. As the earliest person in the local area to set up a family inn, Ding Dama passed on the ethnic integration family culture to tourists, which was popular among tourists and it was hard to find a room in the peak season.

According to "2023 China Tourism and Vacation Development Report" released by china tourism academy during the Tourism Conference, the development of China’s holiday industry has initially formed such modes as linkage development of scenic spots, creation of accommodation scenes and development of industrial clusters. Tourism "cross-border" and "out of the circle" promote industrial integration and constantly broaden the tourism format. Sanhuali Resort with "Agriculture+Cultural Tourism", Tsingtao Brewery Garden with "Industry+Cultural Tourism" and Cool Play Town with "Sports+Cultural Tourism" in Ke Qiao, Shaoxing, and other industrial integration practices, break through industrial barriers and enhance regional development value.

Promote common prosperity

Discussion on focusing on rural revitalization

At the meeting, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Xinhua News Agency jointly launched the activity of "I design for the countryside", and at the same time held the awarding ceremony of national ski resorts and national key villages and towns for rural tourism.

"Rural tourism can organically combine rural excellent traditional culture, natural local features and modern tourism needs, and promote rural industrial integration, improve living environment and increase villagers’ income." Zhang Xiaoli, Director of the Rural Tourism and Creative Products Guidance Division of the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, introduced at the forum.

"In recent years, all parts of Inner Mongolia have actively explored the path and mode of rural tourism development and created a number of demonstration villages to help rural revitalization." Wei Zhiguo, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Department of Culture and Tourism, said.

The exhibition "Ten Years in Aershan" was held during the conference. Ten years ago, most people in rural areas of Aershan lived in old houses with "boards and mud", and the forestry resources on which they depended for their livelihood were gradually exhausted and their living conditions were poor. In 2012, the commercial logging of natural forests was completely stopped in Aershan City, and the ecological construction was re-dressed in green for the forest area. Forestry workers "put down their axes as tour guides", and tourism gave this small town a new vitality.

In the past 10 years, the number of tourists received in Aershan has increased from more than 2 million to more than 5 million. In the first half of this year, the number of tourists received by Aershan City increased by 6 times year-on-year, achieving a tourism income of 1.65 billion yuan. Today, nearly half of the population in Aershan is engaged in tourism. As tourism becomes more and more popular, the lives of ordinary people are getting more and more prosperous.

Advocate harmonious symbiosis

Suggestions on the development of green tourism

The theme of this tourism conference is "Green Development of Cultural Tourism Integration". Experts and representatives put forward suggestions on the development of green tourism market, product design, resource development and business philosophy to promote the development of green tourism.

Tang Xiaoyun, vice president of China Tourism Research Institute, said that in recent years, a variety of green tourism products in China have attracted much attention, and forest baths, hot spring baths, grassland tours, diving, skiing, mountaineering and hiking have continuously catalyzed the development of the green tourism market.

Lihong Fu’s travel agency launched a study tour on forest ecology. She took her children into the deep forest and picked up pine cones and needles on the ground. "Nature is the best raw material for artistic creation." Lihong Fu said that she started a study tour group to let children know about forest culture and feel the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature in artistic creativity.

Next to the venue of the tourism conference is the forest oxygen bath road in Aershan City. When tourists walk up the mountain road, it is not difficult to find that the steps are composed of abandoned train track sleepers, which not only has historical vicissitudes, but also reflects the green tourism development concept. The Lujiaowan Hot Spring Holiday Camp in Aershan City adopts overhead design to protect the original ecological function of the grassland under the building.

"We will actively develop green tourism with intensive resources, environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon, and sharing between host and guest." Tang Xiaoyun proposed that the national cultural and tourism system should further strengthen the protection of resources, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, improve the quality of green tourism services, and vigorously promote the formation of a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism.

(Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, reporter He Shuzhen)

How to arrange exercise at home? Five self-weight movements will help you gain muscle and lose fat, and carve a good figure.

Original content, those who carry it without authorization will be investigated! # How to exercise at home #

Fitness is a thing that needs persistence to achieve something. The longer you persist in fitness, the more you will gain.

If you can arrange an hour of exercise every day, you can improve your active metabolism, promote the decline of body fat rate, strengthen your heart and lung function and slow down the aging of your body. Doing more strength training in fitness can prevent muscle loss, improve your basal metabolic value, and make your body shape better after losing weight.

Then, how can people who don’t have time to go out to exercise arrange exercise at home? I suggest you start exercising from these movements:

Action 1, opening and closing jump

A warm-up action, which is also recognized as fat burning action, can help you quickly raise your heart rate, let your body enter a state of fat burning, activate your body muscles and avoid muscle loss. Each time for 30 seconds, repeat 4 groups.

Action 2, high leg lift

This movement can promote the blood circulation of lower limbs and improve the flexibility of lower limbs. During the training, we should tighten the abdominal muscles and lift our legs as much as possible for 30 seconds at a time, repeating 4 groups.

Action 3, push-ups

Push-ups can exercise upper limb muscles, improve upper limb lines and strength, and make you look better in clothes. Push-ups are performed in 4-5 groups at a time, with 15-20 in each group. Those who cannot complete multiple push-ups at one time can start with kneeling push-ups and upward inclined push-ups.

Action 4, squat

Squat can exercise hip and leg muscles, improve hip line, and shape long legs with full hips and tight heels. Beginners start with freehand squats, and then carry out weight-bearing squats or squat jumps after a foundation, with 5 groups of 15 in each group.

Action 5, lunge squat

Squat lunge is also an effective action to exercise the muscles of lower limbs, which can improve the hip and leg lines and improve the stability of lower limbs at the same time. Do it 10 times left and right, and repeat 5 groups.

Action 6, the goat stands up

This action can exercise core muscles, improve core strength, make you less injured during exercise, and also improve the problem of backache caused by sedentary. The action is carried out 15 times and repeated in 4 groups.

There are 65 rare and beautiful pictures, and the nature is amazing.

There are countless beautiful scenery and wonders in nature, waiting for us to discover and explore.

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Beautiful wisteria flowers string by string, like a purple waterfall, romantic and beautiful, full of magic.

The lake falls and birds fly.

Xiaguang dyed the mountains red, which matched the reflection in the clear lake.

Silent mountains, clear and calm lake water, gentle glow, snow-white earth.

Green water and green mountains, pleasant scenery.

Blue sky and white clouds, green water and green mountains, flowers in full bloom, just like a fairyland.

All over the mountains, azaleas are in full bloom.

Green mountains and green waters, misty.

The mountains and peaks are overlapping, green and beautiful.

The endless flower fields are romantic and charming.

The Great Wall of Wan Li is magnificent.

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Great rivers and mountains, magnificent.

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Female estrogen deficiency usually has these five manifestations! These four methods can make up for it.

Estrogen is a "spring-protecting pill" for women, whose skin is white and beautiful, long legs and exquisite figure depend on it to some extent.

So, don’t let your estrogen balance be insufficient!

So, what are the symptoms of estrogen deficiency and what should I do?

Estrogen is one of the "female" hormones secreted by ovary, and it is an important hormone in female endocrine system. It maintains the health of female body in many aspects, including reproductive system, bone, cardiovascular system and nervous system.

Estrogen plays many roles in the female body, including:

Promoting sexual maturity:Estrogen is the main hormone of female sexual maturity, which controls female menstrual cycle and ovarian function.

Maintain bone health:Estrogen helps to maintain bone density and protect women from bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Maintaining cardiovascular health:Estrogen can help reduce the risk of heart disease in women and protect women from some other cardiovascular diseases.

Maintain skin health:Estrogen plays a key role in maintaining the health of women’s skin, which maintains the vitality, elasticity and health of cells.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the ovarian function is normal, women generally do not have estrogen deficiency, and estrogen can be dynamically adjusted, and occasionally the body will adjust quickly after a night. However, in these three cases, there will still be insufficient estrogen.

1. Age factor

With the increase of women’s age, ovarian function gradually declines, and the level of estrogen secretion decreases year by year.

2. Health factors

After a woman suffers from mastitis, the estrogen produced in her body will decrease. In addition, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid problems and anemia, may lead to female estrogen deficiency. Due to abnormal ovarian function or other serious diseases, women may experience irregular menstrual cycle, and irregular menstruation may lead to a decline in estrogen levels.

3. Life factors

Excessive consumption of estrogen-containing food, long-term busy lifestyle, smoking, excessive drinking and inability to cope with stressful life will also lead to insufficient estrogen in women.

Female estrogen deficiency may have different effects on women’s body, mood and cognition. Here are some common symptoms:

oneClimacteric symptoms

Female estrogen deficiency is one of the main causes of menopausal symptoms. With the advent of menopause, women may have a variety of discomfort symptoms, such as hot flashes, sweating, headache, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety and depression, which are all caused by estrogen deficiency.

2. cardiovascular diseases

Studies have found that estrogen can resist oxidation, inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce atherosclerotic plaques and other protective effects, and estrogen deficiency will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women.

3. Osteoporosis

Estrogen is very important for bone health. It can promote calcium absorption and bone growth. When estrogen is insufficient, bone density will gradually decrease, increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Skin problems

Estrogen deficiency can make women’s skin dry, lose elasticity and appear fine lines.

5. Mental state changes

Studies have shown that estrogen can regulate neurotransmitters in the brain and affect mood and behavior. Estrogen deficiency can lead to mental state changes such as mood swings, irritability and insomnia in women.

Step 1 pay attention to diet

Nutrients in diet have a great influence on estrogen level. You can eat more foods rich in vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc, folic acid, tea phenol, etc., such as bean products, grains, fruits, vegetables, flaxseed, oats, alfalfa, etc., which are also helpful to improve cardiovascular health. At the same time, women should avoid eating excessively greasy food.

Step 2 exercise actively

Exercise is another good way to keep healthy, which can promote the synthesis of estrogen and help women maintain good physical condition and endocrine system function. It is recommended to do at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week, such as running, walking, swimming and yoga.

3. A healthy lifestyle

Women should try to avoid unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking and excessive stress, which will have a negative impact on estrogen levels. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly handle psychological pressure, and through decompression skills and maintaining emotional stability, it can help women to better regulate the endocrine system to stabilize the estrogen level in the body.

4. Hormone replacement therapy

For severe symptoms of estrogen deficiency, hormone replacement therapy can be considered, that is, synthetic estrogen is used to replace the estrogen lacking in the body. Modern medicine provides many types of artificial estrogens for treatment, including oral drugs, patches and gels. Patients can discuss with their doctors the most suitable alternative treatment, and the dosage and duration are usually customized according to the patient’s individualization.

However, long-term use of estrogen replacement therapy will reduce the level of estrogen, so it must be used under the guidance of a doctor to avoid the adverse effects of estrogen replacement therapy.

Finally, although estrogen is important, it can’t be supplemented indiscriminately, let alone the more the better. Supplementing too much is not only beneficial to the body, but also may lead to hysteromyoma, mammary gland hyperplasia, menstrual disorder and so on, and even increase the probability of breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Therefore, those health care products on the market that claim to maintain ovaries suggest that you eat less.

More recommendations:

Get out of the way! These most pitiable "maintenance" projects cost money and hurt people! Never believe it.

?When you become a mother, don’t do these seven things no matter how busy or tired you are, it hurts your health!

?Endocrine disorders are easy to cause these five diseases! Especially those who have these four habits should pay attention.

Women who are stared at in street shooting have nowhere to escape.

Author | Liu Chezai Editor | Yan Fei

Summer has come, and photographers holding cameras in the street are waiting for this cool season. On the streets of Taikooli, Chengdu, there are often fashionable hipsters in strange clothes, but more people just come for "beauty".

Here, the lens of street photographer Xiaomi captures a woman wearing a pink floral sling and a middle-aged man also wearing pink. Their light pace, such as the spring breeze, the swaying charm of the girl and the obvious age difference between the two make the photographer feel very excited.

But no one expected that this video of lovers’ elegant demeanor made the whole people witness an extramarital affair led by a global project management company. Subsequently, the girl’s personal social account was revealed, and people talked about the details of her private life and made great comments on it. And the sales of the pink floral dress with suspenders on her body soared with the heat until it was sold out.


When interviewed by the media, the photographer Xiaomi has deleted the video. He explained: "At that time, when shooting in the street, the two did not refuse. Many photographers were shooting, and they were chasing after each other in the front." But the reality is that most people who are photographed don’t know how to explicitly refuse to shoot in public. In addition, they will not know where these photos and videos will eventually flow and how they will be used.

Aside from the discipline of this matter and the moral controversy of extramarital affairs, the invasion of privacy and the "sexual gaze" revealed in street shooting since its appearance are deeply disturbing.

Abused "street shooting"

"Street shooting" is an exotic product. "Street snap" means capturing the moment on the street. At the beginning of the 20th century, it first appeared in European and American fashion circles. Photographers found that the instantaneous state of models outside the show was more personalized than that on the show.

In that era of strong personal consciousness and the rise of popular culture, photographers took to the streets to capture popular fashion through street shooting. In 1970s, William John Cunningham, the originator of street photography, was famous for his candid camera and street photography. He is a milliner himself, and after a series of street shooting works, he became a fashion photographer in The New York Times.

Bill Cunningham who is shooting in the street. (Photo/new york Museum of History)

Subsequently, many professional photographers turned their subjects from celebrities to street people. They were fascinated by the urban street environment and the mental state of people in it, and took many unforgettable street photographs so far.

Photo taken by legendary street photographer vivian maier. (Photo/"Looking for vivian maier")

In about 2007, Zhong Hao, the "street shooter", found inspiration from foreign fashion street shooters and began to take pictures of people he thought were dressed in fashion in downtown Hangzhou. Until 2010, with the rise of fast fashion in China, people began to pay attention to wearing, and street photography, as a fashion photography, gradually became popular in China.

With the rise of social media, around 2018, a large number of street auctions have emerged in China. For example, Sanlitun in Beijing, Yintai in Hangzhou, Taikooli in Chengdu, Tianjie in Chongqing and Anfu Road in Shanghai are all business districts where hipsters gather.

Anfu road street shooting is a grand occasion. (Photo/vision china)

At first, street shooting focused on capturing people’s clothes. But soon, in the battle for attention of social media, beauty became a natural traffic password. More and more street shooting bloggers began to target women groups, paying more attention to the beauty’s face value and figure when shooting.

At this time, street shooting has little to do with the randomness of "street". In other words, the public nature of "street" sheltered all kinds of irrationality when the photographer openly raised the camera.

Walking around Taikooli, Chengdu in June, you will see many people holding cameras, shooting at girls in short skirts, bare legs and revealing their waists. Some people will pose when they see the camera, but others will speed up their steps and cover their faces with mineral water bottles or fans. But this is not enough to deter the photographers. If the subjects don’t have a more explicit refusal, they will trot close to each other and continue to look for positions and angles.

A man running in the street. (Photo/Weibo)

In 2019, due to the phenomenon of chasing and blocking shots in street shooting, it caused serious interference to pedestrians and made people feel uncomfortable that their privacy was violated. Taikooli, Chengdu, issued a public notice prohibiting street shooting, stating that "unauthorized photographing/shooting is prohibited" and setting up a sign to remind people to "raise awareness of prevention and protect personal portrait rights". At present, these warning signs are still there, but the ban is gone.

Warning signs in Taikooli business district in Chengdu. (Figure/Time Video)

In fact, the problem of invasion of privacy almost exists with the birth of street shooting. In fashion street shooting, in order to avoid the risk of privacy, the most reasonable way is to obtain the consent of the subject before shooting and inform the shooting purpose.

People generally have a high degree of acceptance for some recorded humanistic street beats.

In these humanistic street photography, recording the interaction between people and the environment is the key point. Joel Meyerowitz, an American street photographer, said when explaining street photography: "I am interested in the whole street environment, not a specific person." In Joel’s lens, people are integrated with their surroundings. The structure, light and shadow of the street environment and the people in it present the rhythm of a city.

Joel Meyerowitz, an American street photographer, walks the streets of new york with a 35mm camera on his arm every day to capture passers-by. (Photo/photographer official website)

But in some photographers’ works today, the street remains unchanged, and they just want to shoot different faces and bodies. Street shooting has nothing to do with fashion and has lost its public value.

Sexual Gaze in Street Shooting

After the scandal was revealed, photographer Xiaomi deleted the video, but different versions of video clips are still popular online. The scandal has become a joke, the male client is invisible, and an inspection of the female client has just begun.

In many videos, the figure of the male party is directly cut off, leaving only the enlarged female body parts for the spectators to touch carefully. The comment area is full of comments on "genuine goods and good leadership taste", which proves the status quo that women are regarded as "appendages" under the gaze of men.

Susan Sontag wrote in On Photography, "Photography is not practiced by most people as art, it is a power tool." The behavior of street shooters aiming long guns and short guns at young women reflects the power difference between the sexes. The female body in front of the camera has become the carrier of men’s "possession" power.

People with cameras are looking for "prey" everywhere. (Photo/vision china)

In some street shooting accounts featuring snapshot, photographers not only put the camera on it, but even ask passers-by to interact with it in a provocative tone.

Previously, a female star met a street shooter on the street, and the other party held a mobile phone while shooting and flirted: "Beauty, come and say hello to everyone." The female star was angry and uncooperative, leaving a string of swearing words, which also triggered the criticism of female stars by netizens.

In the face of girls’ anti-sneak shots, the most commonly used words of photographers and their supporters are: "Isn’t it for filming to dress so well?" Not cooperating with filming means that girls are not generous and rude. This means that the authority of male gaze construction is everywhere, while women don’t even have the right to say "no".

The chase scenes and frivolous orders are uncomfortable. (Figure/short video account)

A photographer who pretends to photograph each other’s "beauty" completely deprives the subjectivity of female beauty. In other words, this interpretation of women’s motivation to dress up completely ignores the possibility of women’s self-satisfaction. It seems that women’s dress and beauty must be confirmed by men and exposed to produce meaning.

Finally, under the guidance of male perspective, the chest, long legs, exposed parts, suspenders and short skirts become the focus of street photos. The material is full of sexual gaze from men, and the audience’s sexual fantasies are also met invisibly.

The invasiveness of the camera, coupled with male gaze. (Photo/"Blonde Monroe")

What is even more disturbing after this is the flow of these photos.

These photographers often use street shooting materials to run social accounts. On social networks or short video platforms, you can see a lot of street shooting content. In order to drain, they often use labels such as "long legs", "beautiful little sister" and "fair skin". On some street shooting websites, users want to watch the full version of the street shooting video and even need to pay to unlock it.

Many subjects discovered that they had been photographed when they saw their photos and videos online. In order to better protect the privacy of portrait rights, the provisions of the Civil Code, which came into effect on January 1, 2021, point out: "Without the consent of the portrait owner, the portrait owner may not use or disclose the portrait of the portrait owner by publishing, copying, distributing, renting or exhibiting."

In addition to explicitly expressing rejection when being photographed, this provision directly requires street photographers to obtain the consent of the photographed when using their own street photographs, and not to use the street photographs beyond the authorized scope afterwards, let alone illegally use them.

You must obtain the consent of the other party before shooting. (Photo/"Follow Your Home")

But this is still based on personal consciousness, and more importantly, the attitude of the platform to these street shooting behaviors-can more censorship links be set up on the level of protecting women’s privacy? And, can you improve the efficiency of feedback on complaints?

At present, many platforms have set up complaint portals that infringe privacy and portrait rights, but the complaint cycle is very long, and it often takes several working days or even longer to get feedback. This gives the photographer an opportunity.

Back to this incident, while the whole people applauded for "catching rape", we should also realize that the flood of street shooting has extended to people’s private lives, and it is difficult for ordinary people who have been infringed to delete photos or sue each other. Only by raising the illegal cost and reducing the difficulty of safeguarding rights can vulgar street shooting gradually disappear.

Proofreading: Yang Chao

Operation: hee hee

Typesetting: Zhong Yinglin

Rapid recovery of tourism "new play" to incite new tourism market

"Standing at the intersection of the new free travel in golden decade, whoever can accurately understand the needs of users and provide personalized gameplay products will take the lead in the next era of tourism industry development." Chen Gang, founder and CEO of Ma Honeycomb, said at the "2023 Earth Discoverer Conference".

On December 8th, at the "Earth Discoverer Conference" hosted by Ma Honeycomb, the joint laboratory of free travel big data jointly established by china tourism academy and Ma Honeycomb released "Research Report 2023" (A Collection of Global Travel Plays), which provided a new reference example for the industry. It is reported that "Gameplay 2023" has strictly selected tens of thousands of gameplays from 130 countries around the world, and finally compiled two lists of "Top 100 New Gameplays for Domestic Tourism" and "Top 100 New Gameplays for Foreign Tourism" to recommend more unique travel experiences for travelers and guide industry partners to create more attractive tourism products.

Dai Bin, president of china tourism academy, said, "After three years of deep depression, tourism has entered a period of rapid recovery. It is expected that the recovery of the domestic tourism market will reach more than 90% in 2019 this year, which is very remarkable. Seeing the smile on the tourists’ faces is also my happiest thing. But what makes me happier is to see that the tourists like Ma Honeycomb still keep a young heart to explore and innovate after going through hardships. They deeply observe the needs of tourists and sum up a number of keywords such as personalization, theme, experience and quality. These detailed needs are the cornerstones of today’s tourism’ new gameplay’. "

(Left: Dai Bin, Dean of china tourism academy; Right: Chen Gang, founder and CEO of Ma Honeycomb)

2023 is a year of rapid recovery of tourism industry, and new tourism behavior preferences are gradually becoming clear. According to Chen Gang, in 2023, the proportion of users who searched for intentional destination gameplay exceeded 76%, and the popularity of customized tour search increased by 245% year-on-year. The popularity of high-quality demand continued to rise, and the booking of cost-effective products also increased significantly. This means that the Local travel experience has become the main factor affecting people’s consumption decisions.

"We can’t simply understand’ travel experience’ as eating better and having more fun. For young people today, any idea that can strengthen their self-expression is a plus item of travel experience, and we collectively call it’ new gameplay’". Chen Gang said, "We have specially refined the content of’ new gameplay’ based on the core contents such as Polaris Raiders and Raiders Group. Every destination has a raiders expert from Mawei to sort out a detailed new gameplay map and update it in real time according to the changes of the trend. At present, Ma Honeycomb has matched the corresponding services and products for the gameplay map through a brand-new supply chain, forming a one-stop travel service closed loop of "planting and pulling together" to help consumers realize the ultimate experience of what you see is what you get. "

The Ma Honeycomb community is also fully upgraded around the "new gameplay". In Ni Jia’s view, in the face of the brand-new personalized tourism demand, the best response formula is to provide different new gameplay exchange positions for different segments of the population. "For example, for the Z-generation’ new youth’ who is looking forward to socializing and advocating freedom, Ma Honeycomb not only launched a large number of new city weekends, but also provided opportunities to find travel partners; Facing the’ new middle-class families’ who prefer light and luxurious gameplay and pay attention to emotional value, they provide a series of new and subdivided gameplay including long-distance travel and parent-child travel; For’ senior travelers’ who pay attention to in-depth experience and humanistic value, Ma Honeycomb continues to deepen the content of outbound travel, design various novel experience routes abroad, and launch activities to send them back to a new world. " Ni Jia said that the new gameplay community ecology based on different people and different circles will better meet the personalized travel needs.

At the same time, "new gameplay" has also become a favorable starting point for marketing. Liu Tingting, head of commercial marketing of Mawei, said that the core of Mawei’s marketing is to help destinations and brands find the right people, do the right content and then spread it to more right people. "The community and the strategy group upgraded this year are the first steps for Mawei to find accurate marketing people. The so-called’ right content’ is to explore and even create the destination experience under the drive of new gameplay, and thus create new theme products, trigger IP linkage, let users see, buy, feel, and then spread to more people. " According to reports, Ma Honeycomb has created a brand-new gameplay experience for many destinations at home and abroad in 2023, and promoted it through various channels and forms. "The new gameplay is like a key to open the door to new tourism marketing, which will rejuvenate traditional destinations, take mature destinations to a new level, and let brands find new scenes of tourism marketing. We are also looking forward to working with more destinations and brands to open up the infinite possibilities of’ new gameplay’." (Reporter Zhan Zhao)

Source: Guangming Net

China’s Common Sense of History: The Beginning of Modern China History

The modern history of China began in 1840. Before that, China society was a feudal society. After that, great changes have taken place in China society, which gradually became a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society.

In 1840, Britain launched the Opium War of aggression against China. After this war, capital-imperialism launched many wars of aggression against China one after another, such as the Anglo-French Allied War in 1957, the Sino-French War in 1884, the Sino-Japanese War in 1894, and Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy and Austria Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900. After defeating China by war, these invaders forced China to sign many unequal treaties, occupied many territories in China, and gained many economic, political and military privileges. They arbitrarily stationed troops in China, set up factories and banks, controlled customs, foreign trade and trade ports in China, preached, ran newspapers, set up schools and carried out other cultural invasions at will, and so on.

In order to suppress the resistance of the people in China, the invaders also colluded with the reactionary feudal rulers in China, making the feudal landlord class in China the mainstay of their rule in China. In this way, China has gradually changed from an independent country to a semi-colonial country. A modern history of China, that is, the bloody history of imperialism invading China and enslaving the people of China.

In the feudal society of China, the self-sufficient economy combining small-scale agriculture with handicraft industry occupied the main position. At that time, farmers not only produced the agricultural products they needed, but also produced most of the industrial products they needed. The commodity economy was underdeveloped. After the Opium War, the feudal economy was destroyed under the impact of foreign capitalism, farmers and craftsmen went bankrupt in large numbers, and the commodity economy developed. While the feudal economy was destroyed, a new economic relationship emerged, that is, capitalist economic relationship.

With the emergence and initial development of capitalist economy, in addition to the original landlord class and peasant class, two new classes have emerged in China society: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. China society is not a complete feudal society, but a semi-feudal society. However, the purpose of imperialist aggression against China is to turn China into a colony, not to turn China into a capitalist country. They colluded with the feudal forces to oppress and hinder the development of capitalism in China. Therefore, in China society at this time, the feudal exploitation of peasants by the landlord class was still preserved, and the feudal relations of production still occupied a significant advantage. Under the double oppression of imperialism and feudalism, China’s economy and politics have never developed and progressed, and the people of China, especially the peasants, are getting poorer day by day. They live a cold and hungry life and have no political rights.

In this way, after the Opium War, China changed from an independent feudal country to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal country ruled by China feudal forces, and embarked on the road of colonization day by day.

From the time the foreign invaders launched an armed attack on China, the heroic and unyielding people of China also started their struggle against foreign invaders and feudal forces. The Opium War, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, the Sino-French War, the Sino-Japanese War, the Reform Movement of 1898, the Boxer Rebellion and the Revolution of 1911 were all glorious struggles against foreign aggression in China’s modern history, which showed the great heroic struggle spirit of the China people against imperialism and feudalism. Therefore, the modern history of China is also a glorious history of China people’s indomitable resistance to imperialist aggression and feudal rule. (Rufeng)

Women, Life, Freedom

Mahsa Gina Amigny

On my social media, that photo appeared again and again. A young woman was lying in a hospital bed, unconscious, with a breathing tube in her mouth. Her thick black eyelashes and curly black hair outline her young face. The post is written in Persian, and my mastery of this language can only be regarded as a primary level. I brushed these posts and continued my daily routine: seeing a doctor, teaching, and constantly urging my 17-year-old daughter Laila to fill out her college application.

As the days passed, the story became well known. The photo shows Mahsa Gina Amigny, a 22-year-old girl who has just been admitted to the university. While vacationing with her family in Tehran, she was detained by the "moral police" because of her loose headscarf. In the detention center, she was beaten and taken to the hospital, and eventually died of her injuries. Her dream was to become a lawyer, but she was disillusioned by a wisp of floating hair.

The news of her death spread through a photo. It was a photo of her parents hugging and crying in the hospital, which was shared by a reporter on Twitter. This tweet caused widespread protests, led by girls and women. My news source has become an ocean of photos of young girls. They wear black eyeliner like my daughter Lila-in the video, they laugh, cook and dance. However, many of them, Billera is still young, so they disappeared and even were murdered.

Iran was not like this. The Islamic Revolution in Israel in 1979 overthrew an oppressive monarchy and promised freedom. But from the perspective of my third-grade student at that time, everything became more depressed as time went by. Schools have become single-sex and headscarves have become mandatory. It started as a scarf, and later it became "Manteo", a loose, knee-length raincoat-like coat. But the color can only be brown, black, gray or navy blue. Pants must be worn below. Schools check from time to time, and moral police in the street look for people who violate the rules. If you are caught, you will be whipped.

In 1984, we pretended to attend a medical conference and fled Iran. We each took only one suitcase. It was not until a few hours before we boarded the plane that I knew we were leaving and would never come back. In Massachusetts, I started my eighth grade life. My Iranian part was sealed up by me-until last autumn, which forced me to recall those times.

I remember soldiers knocking at the door and searching for counter-revolutionary materials. They sat on my parents’ bed and quickly played all our videos backwards. Mostly Pink Panther, but those men don’t find it interesting.

I remember cutting my hair short and pretending to be a boy so that I could ride a bike without being bound by a headscarf. One day, I inadvertently put on pink shorts and exposed my girl identity. When those Nissan patrol cars chased me, I understood the meaning of "fight or flight". I escaped.

I remember the consequences of intellectual dissent. My aunt was expelled from dental school because she was accused of reading opposition newspapers. My cousin was forced to "repent" on TV and then executed. Another cousin was imprisoned many times because of his faith. He had cigarette burns on his arm and his nails were pulled out. He finally escaped, but his wife was killed at the age of 21.

Those memories are like dreams, awakened by images on social media. Girls and women in the video, screaming "Zan, Zendegi, Azadi"-"Women, Life, Freedom", bravely walked towards bullets and batons. Every day, the number of deaths and arrests is increasing.

A 52-year-old surgeon protested against the arrested protesters and the use of ambulances to transport security forces at a rally in front of the headquarters of the Medical Association. The doctor’s name is Parisa, and it is said that he was later shot and killed by agents.

All this makes my heart ache, and so does the silence around me. I live every day like a machine, thinking about all the unfairness. Why are people like Laila free to apply for universities and express their opinions, while girls in Iran are subjected to unspeakable punishment for demanding basic human rights?

I can take care of patients. But in Iran, my colleagues are threatened by taking care of injured protesters. They were held in solitary confinement and even murdered. Dr. Ida Rostami, 36, bravely provided treatment for injured protesters. She told her mother that she was coming home, but she never came back. When the police asked her mother to identify the body, they said that Ida had died in a car accident. But her body tells a different story. Her eyes were removed, her face was smashed, and her hand used to treat patients was broken.

So is Dr. Parrisa Bachmani. The official report said that she died in a car accident. The story repeats itself again and again. Protesters disappeared and were later reported to have jumped off a building or died in a car accident. I feel lonely and out of touch with the community. That was my home for 25 years.

One Wednesday, I met an Iranian-American colleague in the clinic corridor. Where the patient was waiting, we were in tears. We started to hold Zoom meetings every week to support each other. Campus communities have also become active. Everyone is involved, from young female postdoctoral fellows who have just arrived in the United States to retired professors. Our reaction is direct and strong. Usually calm men and women cry.

We ask the non-Iranian community to support us. They did it. Every message, email, signature and solidarity has become our strength. The community stands up, speaks, and amplifies our voices. At such an easier time to be silent, they chose to stand on our side.

As the Persian poet Saadi wrote in Bani Adam a thousand years ago, human beings are like a body, and everyone is a part of the body, created by the same essence. When one part is injured, the other part can’t be safe. If you are indifferent to the suffering of others, you are not worthy of being human.

A quarter of doctors in the United States are international graduates. Our roots are all over the world, spanning generations. Our sense of belonging comes from embracing all forms of humanity. See the injured people and stand beside them. Send text messages of support and sign petitions. Whether for Iran, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Turkey or Sudan, these actions connect us like a part of the body.

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Exercise can cure everything.

It’s been eight days since the Tokyo Olympic Games ended.

The national team won 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 18 bronze medals, which made us feel the strength of our motherland.

The athletes who returned to China for isolation have never been idle.

Trampoline champion Zhu Xueying took a yoga mat and a yoga ball with her, and even set up a mini trampoline beside the bed. I have to say, it was a champion.

Li Fabin, a weightlifting champion, practiced handstand with only two boxes of water, as if in a gym.

Wang Shun, who won the 200-meter medley, squatted and stood up without any equipment …

As long as people who really want to exercise, not to mention that there is no venue and no equipment, it is the most difficult isolation period, so it does not hinder.

Don’t blame netizens for commenting:"In the future, my unconditional excuses for exercising at home are gone."

We have long known that we are often beaten in the face. Many times we are tired, stressed, and have a headache and brain fever, which are just rhetoric and have nothing to do with the exercise itself.

The hardest thing about exercise is not the process of doing it, but the decision to do it.

When you really start exercising, you will find that it is too cured!

A while ago, there was a way to exercise while playing mobile phones on the Internet:

You can lie on your stomach and lie down, paralyzed in various positions, as long as you move your legs, it looks relaxed.

But the people who really tried it said this:

"I don’t want to move after two moves. I want to play with my mobile phone quietly."

"As soon as I lie in bed, I really don’t want to move."

"I have to raise my mobile phone, my arm is too tired …"

It doesn’t take long or much trouble to exercise in a down-to-earth manner. On the contrary, the more you think about being lazy and don’t want to move, the harder it will be to move in the future.

Sometimes, fatigue is not the amount of activity, but perhaps nothing.

Sometimes, it is not because you are tired that you lie down, but because you lie down.

Fatigue and burnout have long been a modern disease.

I have seen a post: "What kind of experience is it to exercise for an hour every day?"

Answer that the Lord goes to work normally every day, and he is indescribably tired, even when he returns home.

He is introverted. He can either go to the bookstore on weekends, play games, and occasionally get together for dinner, all of which can be done for half a day.

However, his physical foundation is already thin, and with high-intensity work, it is almost impossible to cope easily.

Until he made up his mind and set himself an exercise plan.

Practice bench press, back pull and leg flexion and extension.

There is an action called Dumbbell Flying Birds, which requires lying on a stool, stepping on the floor with two feet and reaching out with dumbbells in both hands. It is very standard to do it.

He persisted for 10 months, got rid of fat and got abdominal muscles, and the whole person changed.

The diet is more and more regular, and when I get home every day, my face is no longer tired.

After exercising, I found that those things that once tired him to death were nothing more than that. Besides work, I could do things I like, fall in love, and do a lot.

It used to be said that if you don’t die, you won’t die, and if you don’t shout tired, you won’t be tired. Later, I found out that those tired reactions are all your real physical state.

Enough physical strength, fatigue won’t last long.

Never stop until you like sports.

When you feel the thrill of exercise, you don’t want to stop, especially when you taste the sweetness.

After all, this is the best relaxation.

People who exercise for a long time can easily understand:My brain has become clear.

This is not a coincidence, but a necessity.

A study in the United States shows that,

Middle-aged people do 75 minutes of moderate and high-intensity exercise every week, which is very effective in promoting brain health and maintaining brain structure.

The risk of brain lesions and cerebral infarction in old age will also be greatly reduced.

The most direct benefit is to do things more smoothly.

The amount of information we receive every day is huge, which is difficult for our brains to digest.

When reading a book, I can’t concentrate. After watching a small video for 3 seconds, I unconsciously want to cross it away, let alone really meet something, which requires deep thinking.

The brain is like every part of the body. If you use it too hard at a time, it will strike.

It will become stronger with constant exercise.

Tao Hong, an actor, accidentally entered the show business at the age of 22. He just made a play and was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama with full marks. She is the first student to get full marks in Chinese opera.

Before she was 30 years old, she became the winner of the Golden Rooster Award and the China Watch Award.

When she retired, she was silent. Two years ago, a film "Little Joy" became a big fire again. Even Bo Huang praised her: "She is a very smart person."

She was on the synchronized swimming team when she was very young. Even after retiring as an actress, she often practiced water yoga. Pilates, morning running, never broken.

After exercise, everything is easy to do.

If you don’t think it’s enough, you can look at Academician Zhong Nanshan, now 85 years old, who is still fighting against the epidemic when Delta virus spreads.

He fought against SARS at the age of 67 and studied COVID-19 in recent two years. His mind never stopped.

In these years, he is either treating people or on his way to treat them.

He also exercises three times a week for decades to make his brain run at high speed.

Even when he is on a business trip, he will take a stretcher and do some simple exercise. There are dumbbells and treadmills at home, and everything is available.

There is no one with a simple mind, developed limbs and a truly developed mind, and the limbs will never be simple.

Envy others’ Excellence, envy others’ ease, but I don’t know that kung fu is behind me.

Living clearly and working clearly are all in sports, which has created a strong mind.

The exercise you are doing now has surprises waiting for you in the future.

When a person is tired physically, he can rest, his brain is tired, and he can relax, most afraid of being tired.

Your state of mind directly determines your state.

Psychology has long been studied, and people who exercise regularly are much less likely to suffer from depression.

For everyone who works hard, the mentality is something that can be adjusted.

Some netizens shared her experience when she was unemployed, and she could collapse at any little thing.

A colleague who squeezed her out everywhere before leaving her job was promoted to the leadership. She was treated as an idiot and made a particularly unpleasant noise before leaving.

She was depressed for a time, so she didn’t look for a job. She was too scared to sleep at night and had to turn on the light.

Occasionally drinking with friends, and staring at the ceiling all night when I come back, I repeatedly doubt myself.

At that time, there was a reality show in the workplace on TV. In the camera, the boy asked the leader, "Am I really bad?"

She sat on the sofa and immediately burst into tears.

It was really difficult to start exercising. She got up the courage to run downstairs, climbed the stairs back and forth with her fat, and soon she gasped and often felt depressed.

Slowly, she began to adapt, increased exercise and went to the gym to practice.

She finally came out of the emotional black hole, and she could meditate by herself, find something to do, and began to enjoy the loneliness of doing nothing every minute.

Even the diet became regular, and she began to cook rich meals for herself, rewarding herself and enjoying every good weather.

When she is alone, she is also in the mood to read books and watch movies, and often makes videos to record her life. She also bought a full set of review materials, and finally had time to read the business English certificate that she had always wanted to take.

When you are at the bottom, you have to fend for yourself.

Doing happy things and thinking from different angles is superficial and most direct, and it depends on exercise.

Dopamine produced by exercise can help you.

Sweating, or the same dilemma, but you unconsciously completed the adjustment.

You don’t have to force yourself to smile, but you have a smile unconsciously.

The fashion blogger @ 发发发发发 said that every day, someone asked her how to stick to sports punching, but in her opinion, only those who don’t like it need to stick to it.

Exercise is just like eating and sleeping, even more enjoyable.

With the good mood gained in sports, even the unhappiness of life can be swept away.

Before we go to the gym, there are always countless hesitations: "It’s raining, it’s too hot, it’s troublesome to work overtime today, have dinner at night and change into sportswear, and the equipment is not ready yet …"

But if you ask those who exercise regularly, they only have one sentence: "Put on your running shoes and set off."

Exercise should not be a kind of suffering.

When the sweat comes down, you will cure all the fatigue, and your body, mind and mood will gradually improve.

Exercise is an investment with the highest rate of return and will not regret it.

Because when you love sports, happiness will love you.

Take the first step and experience a real relaxation.

author | yew, born in 1990, is an iron lady, whose pen can turn into a knife, and her eyebrows and eyes are smiling.

picture | vision china

New Trends and Influences in Fashion: Sustainability, Street Culture and Digital Transformation

Fashion, as a dynamic theme, plays an extremely key role in contemporary society, and its influence has gone beyond the simple clothing and appearance, extending to many levels of culture, society and psychology. With the passage of time, we can clearly see that some exciting trends are shaping this field.

First of all, with the increasingly prominent environmental problems, people began to pay more attention to the impact of the clothing industry on the natural environment. Traditional fashion production and consumption patterns lead to resource waste and environmental damage. This situation has aroused people’s concern about sustainability, and many fashion brands and designers have begun to reflect on their production methods and materials used.

Sustainable fashion emphasizes the consideration of environmental, social and economic influences in the process of design, production and consumption. This trend is not only reflected in the choice of materials, but also includes the choice of energy use, transportation mode and packaging materials in the production process. More and more brands began to adopt environmentally friendly materials, advocating the concept of circular economy and zero waste production. The practice of sustainable fashion includes careful selection and use of materials, such as organic cotton, recycled fiber and degradable materials, to reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, energy consumption in the production process is also paid attention to, and some brands adopt clean energy and energy-saving technologies. Transportation is also a key link, and using more environmentally friendly transportation methods can reduce carbon emissions.

Consumers’ consciousness gradually turned to sustainability, and they began to choose to support environmental protection brands and buy more durable and high-quality clothing. This consumption change not only supports the development of sustainable fashion economically, but also promotes the spread of more environmentally friendly fashion concepts in society.

Secondly, street culture is a symbol of young people at first, but with the development of the times, it has crossed different ages and become an important part of fashion. This cultural integration has brought more diverse fashion styles and broken the boundaries of traditional aesthetics. Street elements such as sportswear, graffiti elements and loose tailoring are gradually emerging in fashion design. The introduction of these elements makes fashion more creative and energetic, and at the same time reflects a unique aesthetic.

The influence of street culture makes people pay more attention to individuality and self-expression. People no longer pursue a single fashion standard, but show their unique personality and attitude through clothing. This diverse attitude gives fashion greater freedom.

Street culture pays attention to freedom, innovation and non-traditional aesthetics, which affects people’s attitudes and views on fashion. Fashion is no longer an unattainable symbol, but a lifestyle that is closely related to everyone.

Third, in the digital age, the fashion industry has also ushered in tremendous changes. Social media has become a new platform for fashion information dissemination, and people can easily obtain the latest fashion trends, trends and brand information. Fashion bloggers and celebrities share their fashion collocations and opinions on social media, introducing fashion into people’s daily lives. They have become fashion opinion leaders, influencing people’s purchasing decisions and aesthetic concepts. This phenomenon enhances the visibility and influence of the fashion industry.

The digital age has brought convenience to online shopping, and consumers can choose their favorite clothes anytime and anywhere. This change enables consumers to meet their personal needs more flexibly, and also promotes the growth of the fashion industry.

Social media platforms create more opportunities for interaction between consumers and brands. Consumers can communicate directly with brands, provide feedback and suggestions, and brands can understand consumers’ needs more accurately, thus providing products closer to the market.

To sum up, as a dynamic field, fashion is not only the surface of clothing, but also the comprehensive embodiment of environmental protection, personality and culture. The sustainable revolution, the rise of street culture and digital transformation have jointly shaped the diversity and vitality of fashion field. These trends are not only reflected in fashion design, but also profoundly affect all aspects of individuals and society.

People convey their values, hobbies and personal styles through clothing, thus establishing their own unique personal image. The culture and values represented by fashion are also imperceptibly influencing people’s attitudes and behaviors. Some fashion brands influence people’s attitudes towards society and life by advocating values such as environmental protection, diversity, inclusiveness and innovation.

As designers, we should always pay attention to the evolution and trend of fashion field, realize the importance of sustainability, and integrate the concept of environmental protection into the design process. Choosing environmentally friendly materials, adopting recyclable production mode and paying attention to the life cycle of products are all our goals in design. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the development of street culture, draw creative inspiration from it, and skillfully integrate street elements into the design to meet diversified consumer needs. With the advent of the digital age, we should keep up with the pace of science and technology. Mastering digital tools and technologies can better promote their own design works, interact with consumers, and integrate into social media platforms to establish close ties with fashion opinion leaders and consumers. This will help to improve brand awareness and visibility. By paying attention to sustainability, drawing lessons from street culture, using digital tools and transmitting positive values, we can make positive contributions to the development of fashion and lead fashion to a better future.

Author: Chen Chao