"321" China Eastern Airlines MU5735 aircraft flight accident investigation preliminary report released; The second trial verdict of the case of "impersonating Laoganma employees to defraud Tencent" an

[technology circle]

Yu Chengdong: Huawei’s consumer business was renamed Huawei’s terminal business and entered the commercial field in an all-round way.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, officially announced that Huawei’s consumer business was renamed as Huawei’s terminal business at the new product launch conference of Huawei’s terminal commercial office, and it has entered the commercial field in an all-round way. In the future, Huawei’s terminal business will comprehensively cover two modules: consumer products and commercial products. Consumer products will continue to focus on serving mass consumers, while commercial products will focus on serving government and corporate customers. (36Kr)

Huawei’s Bluetooth Key Patent Announced

Tianyancha App shows that recently, the patent of "a vehicle control method, vehicle-mounted device and mobile terminal" applied by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was announced. According to the technical scheme of the application, the positioning accuracy of the car Bluetooth key can be improved, the user’s intention can be recognized, the vehicle can automatically execute the operation instructions such as unlocking and locking the door, the use convenience of the keyless entry and starting function of the vehicle can be improved, and the convenience and comfort experience of the user in using the vehicle can be improved.

Apple claims that nearly 20% of the materials used in its products in 2021 will be recycled materials.

Apple published an article in official website on April 19th, saying that it used certified recycled gold in its products for the first time and more than doubled the amount of recycled tungsten, rare earth elements and cobalt. Since 2015, Apple’s use of plastics in product packaging has been reduced by 75%. (Interface)



The second instance verdict of the case of "pretending to be an old godmother employee to defraud Tencent": the appeal was dismissed and the original judgment was upheld.

It is learned from relevant parties that the second instance of the case of three people posing as employees of Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. and defrauding Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. has been ruled by Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court: the appeal was rejected and the original judgment was upheld. On December 29, 2021, the Nanming District People’s Court of Guiyang made a first-instance judgment on this case. Three defendants were sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment, 7 years’ imprisonment and 6 years’ imprisonment respectively, and were fined, and three people returned Tencent’s compensation of 4.31 million yuan. (澎湃)

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has notified 37 apps that infringe on users’ rights and interests, and everyone broadcasts live and I love my family.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently organized a third-party testing organization to check the mobile Internet application (APP). Up to now, there are still 37 apps that have not been rectified, including live broadcast for everyone and I love my family.

It is said that Musk launched an offer to buy Twitter in about 10 days.

On the 19th local time, foreign media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Musk planned to launch a tender offer directly to Twitter shareholders in about 10 days. If it is successful, Twitter shareholders can choose to sell their shares at the tender price. According to the report, in addition to the cost of purchasing a 9.2% stake in Twitter, Musk is willing to pay 10 billion to 15 billion US dollars in cash. In addition, he also seeks to raise $43 billion needed to privatize Twitter by introducing other investors and debt financing.

Blackstone, Vista and brookfield have ruled out the possibility of financing Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

According to market sources, Blackstone Group, Vista and brookfield have ruled out the possibility of financing Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. (Sina Finance)

Instead of boycotting advertisements, Netflix is considering launching a cheaper subscription plan.

Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr., co-CEO of streaming video giant Netflix, said on Tuesday that Netflix is now "quite open" to offering lower-priced subscription plans supported by advertisements. Hastings has long opposed adding advertisements or other promotional activities to the platform, but he said in a pre-recorded earnings conference call on Tuesday that it was "very reasonable" to provide customers with cheaper options. (Phoenix Net Technology)


[Car ring]

Less than two months after delivery, Huawei AITO asked the M5 official to raise the price by 10,000 yuan.

On the 20th, the official of AITO Automobile Co., Ltd., which is a cooperation between Huawei and Celestial, released the announcement about the price adjustment of the M5&the listing instructions of the standard version of the M5 rear drive, to adjust the prices of some models of the M5. Among them, the starting price of the standard version of Wujie M5 rear drive was adjusted to 259,800 yuan, which was 10,000 yuan higher than the previously announced price. (Sina Finance)

LI’s delivery was postponed in April because some supply chain enterprises could not supply.

On the evening of April 20th, LI said in a notice issued by the APP that since the end of March, some supply chain enterprises located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in LI have been unable to supply due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, it had a great impact on the production in LI in April, which caused some users to delay the delivery of new cars.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Geely Commercial Vehicle.

According to the official news of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. The two parties agreed that Hefei Guoxuan will supply power battery products to Geely commercial vehicles from 2022 to 2024, with an estimated total of 126,000 sets, including micro-surface, light truck and extended range.


Energy industry

It is reported that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will release new power battery technology in the near future, but Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited denies it.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited denied that a new power battery technology would be released in the near future, and said it was a misunderstanding, so please don’t pass it on. Earlier, some media reported that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited related sources revealed that the company will prepare to release new power battery technology in the near future. (Sina Finance)


[Financial Street]

Everbright Securities: Received resignation reports from Yan Jun, chairman of the company, and Liu Jiping, chairman of the board of supervisors.

Everbright Securities announced that the board of directors received the resignation report of Yan Jun, the chairman of the company, on April 19th. Due to job adjustment, Yan Jun resigned as the chairman, director and convener of the Strategy and Development Committee of the Board of Directors. On the same day, the company’s board of supervisors received the resignation report of Liu Jiping, the company’s supervisor. Due to work adjustment, Liu Jiping resigned as the chairman of the board of supervisors, supervisor and member of the governance supervision committee of the board of supervisors. The company has noticed some media reports about other senior managers of the company. At present, other senior managers of the company have not changed, and the company’s operation and management are normal.

Bank of China Securities: Lin Jingzhen resigned as chairman of the company and elected Ning Min as chairman of the company.

Bank of China Securities announced that the board of directors recently received the resignation report submitted by Lin Jingzhen. Lin Jingzhen, Vice President of Bank of China, applied to resign as a director, chairman and director of the Strategy and Development Committee of the Board of Directors due to work arrangements. After his resignation, he will no longer hold any positions in the company. The board of directors elected Director Ning Min as the chairman of the second board of directors of the company.

Chairman of Bank of Nanjing: We will increase Suning’s capital stock in due course and do a good job of stability this year.

Bank of Nanjing held a performance briefing for 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. Hu Shengrong, Chairman of Bank of Nanjing, answered questions about the future layout of Bank of Nanjing’s consumer finance at the performance conference. Hu Shengrong said that the current acquisition of Suning Xiaojin still needs to wait for the approval of the regulatory authorities before realizing equity delivery. At the same time, after the delivery, Bank of Nanjing will study how to increase the share capital of Suning, and at the same time make a series of arrangements in terms of business model, business development planning and internal organization. The main task of Suning’s gold elimination this year is to "stabilize", do a good job in basic work, and achieve greater development next year. (澎湃)

The largest public pension fund in the United States: supporting the removal of Buffett as chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

According to reports, Calpers, the largest state public pension fund in the United States, disclosed on April 19th that it intends to vote for Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholder proposal to replace Warren Buffett’s position as chairman. Before Berkshire Hathaway held its annual general meeting on April 30th, the California Civil Servant Retirement Fund disclosed its position in the announcement submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. (Interface)


[real estate circle]

Evergrande plans to restart large-scale marketing, and the "May 1 Golden Week" 2000 existing home promotion scheme flows out.

According to market information, Evergrande internally issued the Notice on Issuing Ten Key Marketing Measures and Special Assessment during the Golden Week, requiring that the "May 1 Golden Week Grand Discount" and "Existing Home Grand Discount" be packaged. During the Golden Week, 2,000 existing houses will be launched, and the time range is from April 20th to May 5th, 2022. The notice was confirmed by relevant insiders of Evergrande.

Sunac Real Estate Group was forced to execute more than 38 million yuan.

According to the information disclosure website of China, on April 19th, Sunac Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. added a piece of information about the person to be executed, with an execution target of 38.51 million yuan, and the enforcement court was the Chaoyang District People’s Court. Sunac Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. was established in January 2003, with the legal representative Wang Mengde and the registered capital of 15 billion RMB, which is wholly owned by Beijing Sunac Holding Group Co., Ltd. (Interface)


[medical circle]

Netcom Kexing executives died, and the company responded: It is true.

Recently, an obituary about the death of Kexing executives was circulated on the Internet. The obituary shows that Cao Xiaobin, senior manager of the Government Affairs Center of Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd., died on April 17, 2022 at the age of 45, and was signed by Comrade Cao Xiaobin funeral committee. Kexing confirmed that the news of Cao Xiaobin’s death was true. (Zhongxin Jingwei)


Aviation industry

“3• The preliminary report on the investigation of the flight accident of 21 "China Eastern Airlines MU5735 aircraft was released.

After investigation, the qualifications of flight crew, cabin crew and maintenance release personnel on duty meet the requirements; The airworthiness certificate of the accident aircraft is valid, the latest A inspection (31A) and the latest C inspection (3C) of the aircraft have not exceeded the inspection time limit specified in the maintenance plan, and there is no fault report and no fault reservation before the flight and short parking on the same day; There are no goods declared as dangerous goods on board; The navigation and monitoring facilities and equipment along the route involved in this flight are not abnormal, and there is no dangerous weather forecast; Before deviating from the cruising altitude, there was no abnormality in the radio communication and control command between the crew and the air traffic control department, and the last normal land-air call was at 14: 16; The two recorders on board were seriously damaged due to the impact, and the data repair and analysis work is still in progress.


More exciting content, all in the first financial APP.

I knew a week ago: China will cancel the roaming fee for long-distance mobile phones from September 1.

I knew a week ago: China will cancel the roaming fee for long-distance mobile phones from September 1.

  * August 28th *

  The 29 th meeting of the 12 th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) was held

  The 29th session of the 12th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) was held in Beijing from August 28th to September 1st.

  * 29 August *

  In 2007, the Ministry of Finance paid the first phase of 600 billion yuan special treasury bonds at maturity.

  Determination of the maturity renewal method of special national debt in 2007, which is concerned by the market. On August 22, the website of the Ministry of Finance announced that the first phase of the 2007 600 billion yuan special national debt will be paid on August 29, 2017. The Ministry of Finance will issue 600 billion yuan of special treasury bonds to relevant banks in a rolling way. In this regard, Xu Zhong, director of the Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China, said that the rolling issuance of special government bonds will basically be compared with the practice in 2007, and will not have an impact on the financial market and liquidity in the banking system.

  Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Terminal T3A put into use.

  The T3A terminal and the third runway of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport will be officially put into use on August 29th. By then, Jiangbei Airport will become the fourth airport in China with three runways running simultaneously after Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

  *31 August *

  Xiamen city’s single and even numbers are restricted to non-Fujian D-number cars.

  From 0: 00 on August 31 to 24: 00 on September 6, Xiamen vehicles were restricted in single and even numbers, non-Fujian D-brand cars were restricted in traffic, and large trucks were restricted in traffic. The traffic police department reminded that this temporary traffic management measure was aimed at Xiamen, including all districts outside the island.

  * 1 September *

  Mobile phone long-distance charges roaming charges canceled

  From September 1st, there will be no long-distance charges and roaming charges for mobile phones in China, which is expected to affect hundreds of millions of mobile phone users. At present, 4G users generally have no long-distance and roaming charges, and this new policy will have a greater impact on non-4G package users. It remains to be seen whether and how much the actual telephone bill can be reduced.

  The national primary school students’ science classes are unified in advance to the first grade.

  For the primary school freshmen who entered school in September this year, besides adapting to the study and life of primary school students as soon as possible, they will also face a new challenge: taking science classes. Because the Ministry of Education issued the newly revised "Compulsory Education Primary School Science Curriculum Standards", it clearly adjusted the starting grade of primary school science curriculum to grade one, and it was implemented this fall.

  Implementation of takeaway industry standards

  The Service Specification for Takeaway Delivery will be officially implemented on September 1st, which specifies the service process and service quality, including that merchants should confirm orders within 10 minutes, take-away delivery personnel should not enter consumers’ homes, and tipping is prohibited.

  The first ticket of Beijing online shopping subway ticket is free

  Internet ticketing platform for one-way ticket of Beijing rail transit — — Yitongxing APP was officially launched a few days ago and took the lead in pilot operation on the airport line. From next month, this convenience measure will be extended to 20 large passenger flow stations. At that time, passengers can enjoy the first free and random reward when purchasing tickets through APP online, including the one-way ticket price of 25 yuan Airport Line.

  Total prohibition of alcohol in official activities in Guizhou

  From September 1st, official activities in Guizhou Province were completely banned from alcohol. According to the regulations, all official activities in Guizhou Province will be forbidden to provide any alcohol, and no alcohol provided by any unit or individual, including private alcohol, will be allowed.

  *3 September *

  The ninth meeting of BRICS leaders was held.

  China will host the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders in Xiamen, Fujian from September 3 to 5 this year. As another grand event of China’s home diplomacy in 2017, this meeting attracted the attention of the whole world.

  The 13th National Student Games opened.

  The 13th National Student Games will be held at the Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou on September 3rd, and the closing ceremony will be held at Zhejiang University on September 16th. In order to embody the concept of openness and sharing, and meet the needs of teachers and students to watch the games, this year’s Games will choose games that meet the opening conditions and open to the public.

The price is 239,700 yuan-253,700 yuan, and Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV is officially listed.

    On November 25th, Xingyue L Hi·P Raytheon extended-range electric SUV was officially launched. The new car has launched two models, the extended-range electric flagship version, with a comprehensive subsidy price of 253,700 yuan and an equity payment price of 243,700 yuan; Extended-range electric vehicle reaches Zhen version, with the price of 239,700 yuan after comprehensive subsidy and 229,700 yuan after equity payment. Among them, the high-end custom car paint LOMOGrey matte ash is priced at 8,000 yuan; Optional wheel hub 20-inch particle low wind resistance wheel hub, priced at 3000 yuan; Optional interior starry grey suede double interior, priced at 3000 yuan.

    In order to give users a better experience of electric vehicles, Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition launched the listing lock list to enjoy the top 10 car purchase rights (only for users who booked cars before December 31, 2022):

    Deposit ceremony: enjoy the expansion of deposit, and enjoy a deposit of 3,000 yuan to 13,000 yuan; Subsidy ceremony: before December 31, 2022, the car will be booked by the lock order to ensure the price after enjoying the national new energy subsidy; Huanxinli: Geely’s old users will increase the purchase subsidy by up to 10,000 yuan; Financial gift: 5050 car purchase financial subsidy, 24 installments with 0 interest; Energy-supplementing ceremony: free home charging piles and basic installation services, 220V home charging guns; Warranty ceremony (the first owner): 5 years or 150,000 kilometers warranty, lifetime free warranty for three electric systems and lifetime free warranty for range extenders; Camping ceremony: 1999 yuan Raytheon Homie exclusive camping suit and 220V discharge gun; Traffic gift (the first car owner): unlimited traffic for 5 years, and basic traffic is free for life; Delivery ceremony: the order will be placed before the end of November, and the delivery is expected to be completed before December 31; Boutique gift: original 3D foot pad worth 318 yuan.

    At the same time, it also announced the first batch of surprise blind boxes for users of Dading: the first batch of users of Dading can upgrade for free when they buy the extended-range electric flagship version, and the 20-inch particle wheel hub with a value of 3,000 yuan can be replaced and upgraded for free within 30 days to 12 months after being licensed (if the first batch of users of Dading change their configuration, they will enjoy the rights of the surprise blind box according to the listing lock list, but not enjoy the rights of the surprise blind box). In addition, users can participate in both listing locking activities and small ordering activities at the same time, and the corresponding rights can be superimposed and enjoyed.

    Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition is Geely’s first "Raytheon Extended Range Electric Vehicle" based on "e-CMA" intelligent ultra-electric architecture. At the same time, it has three electric technologies: pure electricity, hybrid electricity and extended range electricity, and comes standard with four electric properties: pure electricity in the city, long-distance extended range, fast charging and discharge outside camping, covering users’ needs for electric travel.

    Through standard 41.2kWh CTP flat battery, range extender with thermal efficiency of 43.32% and "Super Three Electricity Technology" of 3-speed frequency conversion electric drive DHT Pro, WLTC has a pure battery life of 205km.

    It is worth mentioning that Xingyue L extended-range electric version has a unique full-mileage "electric drive series locking", and the working life of WLTC is 1250km. By locking the pure electric drive extended range mode, full-time electric drive and full-scene electric drive are realized, which brings users a more efficient, energy-saving and worry-free electric experience.

    The thermal efficiency of the range extender equipped on the Xingyue L extended-range electric version is 43.32%, and the Miller cycle has a high compression ratio of 13:1. When the battery power is insufficient, the range extender can charge the power battery like a "charging treasure" and directly supply power to the driving motor like a "generator". Unique 3-speed frequency conversion electric drive DHT Pro, starting with 1-speed ratio, 0-30km/h acceleration time of 1.9s, super speed of 220km/h, strong power.

    At the same time, the Xingyue L extended range electric version comes standard with a DC fast charge of up to 85kW, and it takes 27 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%. It also comes standard with 6.6kW household slow charging, which can be set to make full use of trough charging. At the same time, it also supports 3.3kW external discharge, which can easily meet the demand for camping electricity for more than 12 hours.

    Xingyue L extended range electric version has the function of high, medium and low+automatic four-speed energy recovery, which converts kinetic energy into electric energy when taxiing or braking, and improves endurance. It also has P-gear parking power generation, comprehensive mileage protection, predictive energy management and other energy management systems, which makes power consumption more worry-free.

    In addition, more than 90% of the whole vehicle of Xingyue L extended-range electric version is covered with acoustic materials, 9 key range extenders are optimized, and 7 key electric drive NVH is optimized, so that the all-electric switch is accelerated to 100km/h, and the interior noise is up to 64 decibels.

    Xingyue L Extended Range Electric Edition went on the market this time, and released the low-key luxury and highly scientific LOMOGrey matte gray body color, creating a higher sense of value atmosphere.

    It is understood that after 125 days and 3,000+hours, LOMOGrey has exceeded the standard aging test, ensuring that the color gloss is always above 90%. Three-color coating fine chemical technology is adopted, and 200+ rounds of passing cars verify the quality of strict screening finished products. In the reflective range of 25 5, the most delicate gloss consistency is achieved.

    In addition, the Xingyue L extended-range electric version has previously released a custom magic color Wangshu blue body color. As the first color-changing car paint, Wangshu Blue body color is jointly designed and developed by Geely and Kansai, Japan. It adopts fine color matching and painting technology, and has four layers of magic color painting technology. The refractive texture of light will change with the light, reflecting bright blue light.

Learn to dress with movies during the Spring Festival, leaving seven aunts and eight aunts speechless.

    What to wear when you go home to meet your parents and friends during the Spring Festival holiday is a big problem. Dressing up is too casual, too fashionable and too different. If you are too unconventional, your parents’ hearts will probably be unbearable.

    Today, Xiao Dian teaches you the four right and wrong demonstrations of dressing in the Spring Festival with the shapes in the movie, which ensures that you will become the focus of the holiday party, gogogo~

    Our slogan is: Watch movies and celebrate the Year of Bigger!

Correct demonstration

Leading the way — — Retro sweet campus style

    Although the film was released in 1995, among them, the clothes worn by Hollywood upper-class girls are still fashionable and eye-catching today. It can be said that the protagonist of this film is gossip girls in the 1990s. Until 2014, the costumes in this film were also used in the MV of the rapper Iggy Azalea, which is enough to show its influence.

Iggy Azalea’s MV is a copy of this costume in the film.

    If you pick out a few sets that can be used for reference: then plaid suit/short coat+plaid skirt+boots, it will definitely make it difficult for you to be outstanding. There is also a shirt+vest+short skirt, which immediately reduces the age by ten years. By the way, details such as accessories are also the key. Pay attention to the color of hairband, the heroine, and the black hat also echoes the black in the red Haig pattern. Have you learned?

Get out of here! Tumor jun — — Cute, clever and lovable

    Although "fuck off!" The film tumor jun is too sad for the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but several sets of clothes played by Xiong Dun in Bai Baihe outside the hospital are still very suitable for girls to follow suit. These shapes are similar to the characters’ personality, cute, fashionable and grounded, which is definitely what parents should wear as good girls.

    Take a closer look at these styles to learn, medium and long coat+overskirt, if the skirt is longer than the coat, you must wear short boots to show that your legs are not short! ! ! If the skirt is too bright, it’s best to have the same color as the scarf. Choose a short cotton-padded jacket/coat, then it is more appropriate to put a long sweater inside to cover your thighs (if you are confident about your beautiful legs, it will be better to wear tight jeans), and if the coat is light in color, the color of your booties should not be too dark.

Intern — — Capable, stylish and simple

    For most office workers, it is naive to dress too cute and too gorgeous during the Spring Festival, but the smart and simple fashion style is the dress that suits most people. Today, Anne Hathaway is no longer an intern in The Devil Wears Prada. In the new film Intern, she has transformed herself into the editor-in-chief of fashion websites, and the modeling in her film is also worth talking about.

    The two sets of clothes in the film: denim shirt+plaid suit+wide-leg pants, polka-dot shirt+wide-leg pants of the same color, are easy to learn, and they are not demanding on their bodies; Jeans+loafers+college sweater is a fashion that will never go out of fashion. Also, the bag with bright colors and simple lines is definitely the finishing touch of the whole body shape.

Sex and the City — — High-end luxury shows off the wind

    In a whisper, when I went home during the Spring Festival, a few people didn’t think, "I just want to show all those seven aunts and eight aunts, and I am doing very well now." If you don’t think so, this film is of no reference value to you. As long as you have the slightest thought, then the dresses of several fashionistas in Sex and the City are the style that you should learn immediately.

Carrie’s fur coat is the most dazzling item in winter.

    Since the purpose is to show off, it is natural that the nobler and more gorgeous the better, and there can be no shortage of fur shawls, cashmere and formal dresses. If you don’t believe me, look at these four heroines, and wherever you go, it will definitely be the focus of the crowd. Also, the heel must not be less than eight centimeters. This momentum will immediately put aside the uncles and aunts who asked you "when to get married and when to have children".

Error demonstration

Warm with Light — — Hair dyeing should not be too exaggerated.

    It’s no problem to celebrate the Spring Festival and dye your hair, but if you don’t want to listen to your parents nagging you for a week, then don’t be like Clementine in this movie. Your hair is bright red today, blue tomorrow and green the day after tomorrow. It’s not impossible to dress up as a rainbow, but you should also consider your parents’ feelings. Try to keep a low profile and then keep a low profile.

Pirate radio — — Take care of your hair and beard

    To tell the truth, retro, hippie, playing with personality and so on, these dressing styles are actually personal choices, and Xiao Dian likes the British rock style in the film as much as you do. But since the Spring Festival is a reunion with family, we should take care of other people’s thoughts for the time being. Therefore, the hairstyle should be as clean and tidy as possible, and the beard and everything should be shaved. In these few days, put away your personality a little and let others judge your appearance less.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — — Tattoos and stuff should be hidden.

    Tell Xiao Dian that this exhortation is unnecessary! You all know that, right? You don’t tell your parents to secretly tattoo or wear a nose ring. At this time, you must hide it. Don’t learn from the hacker Lisbeth in the movie and expose your tattoo casually. The consequences will be very serious.

Searching for the Dragon — — Go away, sloppy guys

    In "Seeking Dragons", Hu Bayi fascinated the girls, but! Don’t think that the modeling of Chen Kun in the movie is worth learning. Only on the grassland can the handsome and rough image set off a rough charm. Also, if you think that you can be the beauty of Brother PK Kun, you must take this sloppy grave-robbing style and go home. Parents and relatives think that you are not doing well and have tears in your eyes. Don’t blame Xiaodian for not reminding you.

Xinhua All Media+丨 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Report: Artificial Intelligence Behind "A Good Bowl of Rice"

  There are seven bottles filled with rice seeds on the booth. Xinhua News Agency reporter Joline photo

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, September 2 (Reporter Joline, Gong Wen) Entering the exhibition hall of CITIC Group in the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, seven bottles filled with rice seeds are particularly special among many scientific and technological exhibits such as robotic arms, robots and unmanned boats.

  Take a closer look, among them, Liangyou Huazhan, a hybrid rice seed crystal that ranks in the top three in the country for three consecutive years, and Weiliangyou 8612 with an average yield of over 1,000 kilograms per mu.

  Behind the seeds is full of science and technology, and the "planting brain" is making breeding smarter and more "intelligent" through artificial intelligence and other technologies.

  Breeding information decision-making system integrating biotechnology, data technology and artificial intelligence technology — — "planting the brain." (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

  "In the past, rice scientists were limited by the scale of the base and management costs. Breeding could only select a limited number from thousands of available combinations for experiments, and then plant them in the field for repeated verification. Now, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, it is possible to simulate combinations and tests more quickly and select the ‘ Female parent ’ And ‘ Father ’ The combination broke the bottleneck of traditional breeding. " Li Gang, deputy director of the Longping Hi-Tech Information Center under CITIC Agriculture, said, "Using artificial intelligence technology in breeding is equivalent to predicting the results in advance without farming."

  "Accurate collection and analysis of data related to agricultural production through remote sensing satellites, drones, and Internet of Things devices provide big data support for actual production decisions, replacing empirical judgment and improving agricultural production efficiency." Ma Yan, head of research and development of Huazhi Bio-Big Data Intelligent Application Center under CITIC Agriculture, said.

Delicate Lanxin’s "Bian Que III" interpretation of "Artificial Intelligence+"application scene has attracted attention.

This year, the two sessions wrote "artificial intelligence+"into the government work report for the first time, which indicates that 2024 is undoubtedly the first year of artificial intelligence application industry, and the "artificial intelligence+"action will also become a hot topic, and making a big article on "artificial intelligence+"is also in line with the trend.

The "+"of "artificial intelligence+"means "+various application scenarios", which effectively applies artificial intelligence to all aspects of the national economy. At the same time, "+"can also let everyone stand on the shoulders of artificial intelligence to exert their imagination and creativity, and become a new human being who is more competitive and can open up the future.

Talking about the topic of "artificial intelligence+",not long ago, at the "Bian Que III" AI empowerment big health industry conference held in Chongqing, the organizer Chongqing Xianlilanxin Health Management Co., Ltd. released the first intelligent AI product in the weight loss industry, which undoubtedly interpreted the new scene of the innovative application of "artificial intelligence+health management", which was highly praised by colleagues in the industry and attracted the attention of many media.

According to relevant media reports, the first intelligent AI in the weight loss industry released at this event was jointly developed by Chongqing Xianlilanxin Health Management Co., Ltd. and Professor Li Ming, the first AI doctor system developer in China. "Bian Que No.3 -IPHMS Intelligent Private Health Management System" is an innovative solution with artificial intelligence, big data analysis, accurate data reconstruction and personalized physiological and pathological digital model technology as the core. It can monitor and analyze personal health data in real time, including heart rate, sleep quality, exercise situation, etc. through bracelet and mobile application technology. Then, through the analysis of artificial intelligence and AI big data, help users realize 24-hour uninterrupted intelligent monitoring of health status, provide health advice and early warning, and promote health management and disease prevention.

Intelligent private health management system aims to closely combine high technology with personal health, and help users better understand their physical condition and take actions to keep healthy through intelligent analysis and personalized health guidance.

Apps and applets developed to improve the user experience and cooperate with the health management system will also be listed one after another, which will realize the full scene of use, facilitate the service path and promote the quality transformation of products, and set a clear benchmark for the innovative practice of "artificial intelligence+private health management".

At the scene, Professor Li Ming introduced to the participants. "Bian Que No.3 -IPHMS Intelligent Private Health Management System", in the field of skin care, can also provide customized skin care programs and skin care recommendations for customers through AI technology based on skin testing and data analysis. It provides a novel and effective way for modern people to improve their quality of life and health.

In addition, Yang Jun, founder of Xianli Lanxin brand, also said; According to (Ai Media Consulting) data, from 2014 to 2021, the overall revenue of China’s big health industry maintained steady growth. In 2021, the revenue scale reached 8 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.1%, and it is expected to reach 9 trillion yuan in 2024. It shows that the demand for big health industry in China has risen sharply, and colleagues in the industry should be encouraged to "stay away from fantasy and live in vain". We should fully realize that big health industry has become the future industry with the greatest development potential, and health service has also become a strategic major undertaking related to the national economy and people’s livelihood and the overall happiness index of the future society.

It is understood that at the beginning of 2015, Mr. Yang Jun started the chain management, led a group of people to start a business over assets, and embarked on the innovative road of "health industry+store empowerment+sustainable development". Has launched a number of health brands such as slim Lanxin, Lanxin Women and Lanpinhui. Participated in the standard formulation of General Rules for Brand Influence Evaluation in China, was shortlisted for the standard working group of Evaluation Standard for National Brand Demonstration Enterprises, and also led the formulation of the industry standard of Operation and Management Standard for Health Slimming Service Institutions.

The company’s main sectors involve comprehensive services such as chain store export, beauty education and training, beauty multimedia, beauty product research and development, beauty store decoration, big health AI, artificial intelligence and so on. In just a few years, Xianli Lanxin has more than 1,800 stores in Chongqing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Anhui, Xinjiang and other provinces. The brand has traveled all over the country, helping more than 1,800 entrepreneurs and providing more than 5,000 jobs. Its deeds have been praised by the central authoritative media.

The successful release of the AI intelligent private health management system "Bian Que No.3" has upgraded Xianlilanxin from a slimming brand to a big health company with scientific research strength and technology content, with technology as the core driving force, giving the brand new vitality. It provides confidence for the weight loss industry to enhance the new quality productivity, and has important social significance and value.

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When it comes to reading, I really have a phobia of dense sentences.

  Photo courtesy of vision china

  "Golden Sentence" is not the product of the author’s feeding, but the reader’s participation.

  — — — — — — — — — —

  Some children often tell me that books are classics, and they are often disappointed after reading them. After reading them for most of the day, they can’t read the "golden sentences" worth underlining and extracting. Or read a "golden sentence" and be attracted by a book, but after reading it, I found that there are too few golden sentences like this in the book, and I feel fooled. I know that many people love this "golden sentence-driven" reading. What I want to say is that this utilitarian reading is not a good way to absorb knowledge and nutrition. Searching for chapters and extracting sentences, swallowing the fragmented golden sentences alive, is not immersed in the overall content, and the efficiency is actually very low, which wastes time and good books and reading.

  "Golden Sentence" is often a "leap generalization" after a long period of material preparation and solid demonstration. For example, Adorno said: In a mass society that follows the crowd, idolatry is often manipulated in a "pseudo-personalized" way, which hides the standardization and identity of the cultural industry itself. Is this sentence "golden sentence" enough? However, it is not isolated. Only by carefully reading the previous foreshadowing and argumentation can this conclusion be logical and theoretically active. After this process, "Golden Sentence" can enter your knowledge system and become an active thought, which allows you to call freely when writing and support your output. Otherwise, the source is separated, only this sentence is extracted as a golden sentence, and the illusion of memory is formed in the notebook, which will soon become a forgotten "dead dogma."

  Professor Liu Qing also said: Our traditional academic education emphasizes that knowledge should be systematic, have complete structure and logical connection, etc., while young people prefer rich and fragmented knowledge and feelings, so they like "golden sentences". In my opinion, a more flashing sentence, which appears after the overall discussion, has a context.

  Without understanding a sentence in the knowledge system and overall outlook, that kind of "golden sentence" can’t "know". Sociologist Andrew Abbott distinguishes between "knowledge" and "knowing". "Knowledge" is a result of "knowing", and the important thing is the process of "knowing". Abbott commented: most of the students I teach think that knowing something is knowing a website. The main mode of their knowledge is to "find". For them, "reading Adam Smith" means looking for five or six sentences that are really important in each chapter. They don’t understand that the rest of Adam Smith’s sentences contain arguments and arguments, which he used to produce and defend the key parts of these students. For students, reading is just browsing outside the internet. It is an exercise to filter out the unimportant idle parts and find out the really important things. They don’t actually believe in ideas, they believe in fragmented content. For them, Smith’s theory is not an argument, but a fixed content.

  Abbott actually criticized this kind of "golden sentence-driven" reading. A book just wants to sum up a few "central ideas", "paragraphs" and "key conclusions", which can spare me the pain of "reading those idle contents". This kind of filtering and screening, as long as those "fragments of golden sentences" have not actually read or understood a book at all, the golden sentences naturally have not entered the knowledge storage that one can call freely. On the surface, I read a lot of books, but my brain is empty!

  I have always felt that "golden sentence" is not only the result of the author’s hard argument, but also a kind of reading reward for readers to immerse themselves in a book and suddenly become enlightened after tossing and turning. In other words, "golden sentence" is not the product of the author’s feeding, but the reader’s participation. Enter the author’s theoretical framework, immerse yourself in his logic, read through, read through, read the author’s deep meaning, read the logical connection, read the thought corresponding to reality, and understand a long-standing puzzle, and the "golden sentence" comes out. A "golden sentence" truly deposited in one’s own knowledge system must contain one’s own thoughts in the dialogue. I read Weber’s exposition on tool rationality and value rationality, but I didn’t read it before. But during that time, there were many events in the news that "people were regarded as tools" and "formalism bureaucracy only looked at procedures regardless of human life", and I realized that tools crushed value and realized the golden sentence connotation that "because there is a long chain between their actions and results, their moral consciousness will be blurred, which will lead to moral blindness".

  Reading is a kind of dialogue and generation, which needs to be immersed. "Golden Sentence" is an ideological reward for immersed reading, not a "essence" that can be extracted separately. That kind of extracted essence, mindless "value", is often just a marketing strategy. A famous scholar talked about the "three laws of bestsellers": first, tell what you already know in a way you don’t know; Second, repeat the statement just now and give some examples; Third, repeat the summary and you will succeed. Those golden sentences about a book, such as chicken soup and sales promotion, are mostly tailored for people who don’t study. They are just "telling what you already know in a way you don’t know", just a truth that you agree with, that you are familiar with and understand, and that’s all.

  When I study, I have a phobia of golden sentences. It’s all golden sentences. How can I stand it? The golden sentence is a "leap generalization" after a long argument, and it is a wonderful pen to make the finishing point. It’s all golden sentences, which shows that there is no argument and reason at all, and it’s all chicken soup-like, catering to you and clever conclusions. Just like the flashy PPT, it is full of "beautiful words that are nice but vague". It’s more like some fake comments. It sounds like a lot of words, and it seems that there are many golden sentences, and there is nothing but empty parallelism and superficial rhyme. The public opinion field is full of such swindlers. When they encounter something they don’t understand, they can fool them by saying a bunch of "beautiful words", so they are mystifying and euphemistic.

  I don’t like that kind of "looking for standard answers" reading either. If the contents of the book are regarded as "answers that can be copied", it is still exam-oriented thinking and there is no nutrition. A good book can arouse thinking, and it is the thought agitation brought by that argumentation process that challenges some common sense, inspires some new ideas and brings some wisdom. What is wisdom? If intelligence points to a standard answer, intellectual knowledge is a kind of ability to "turn the answer into a question", which is a kind of advanced literacy, which can push thinking to a higher conceptual level and move towards transparent wisdom in new questions.

  Yes, the better the book, the more you can’t get the "standard answer" from it, but it can produce many problems, which can help you get rid of the "uncertainty of ignorance", challenge most of the "taken for granted" and "self-evident" hidden in your thinking, and move towards the realm of critical thinking after experiencing "multiple chaos".

  Mr. He Zhaowu said in "A Record of Going to School": "Reading doesn’t have to have a purpose, and it’s better to have no purpose. Reading is an end in itself. Reading brings inner satisfaction, just like a spiritual roaming. In the eyes of others, it is of no value to travel for a day, but for me, the process itself is the greatest value. " Well, reading is by no means utilitarian, quick-paced, lively and immediate, but I also feel that reading will never fail you, enjoy the process, precipitate thinking, and will always nourish you at some time and somewhere.

  Ling Cao

In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game: Feel the diverse charm of football.

BEIJING, Beijing, October 31 (Xinhua) In 2023, the fans’ watching activities of Beijing municipal social football activities were successfully held in Beijing Manchester United Dream Theater recently. Through a variety of football activities, fans and friends felt the fun brought by football.

The event was hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center and undertaken by Beijing Football Association. The fans’ watching activities are led by the government, with the community as the main body, aiming at integrating the participation of resources in football characteristic venues, integrating football matches, mass entertainment, parent-child interaction and other forms, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches.

At the event site, fans and friends experienced a variety of watching content. A series of simulation training facilities seem to bring fans and friends to the green field: "AR Football Experience Equipment" helps football lovers improve their practical skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through technology; "Table football" has exercised the fans’ overall overall view of the football experience; "Under-table football" improves the ball control ability under the feet in a limited space by playing against two people.

Many fans also invited friends to play indoor 3v3 football matches to simulate team struggle on the pitch. A fan who participated in the event said that through a variety of football series activities, he enjoyed the top football matches with everyone and felt the fun brought by football together.

In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

In addition, fans and friends can also watch many European giants’ games on the spot. It is reported that there have been many watching games such as "Manchester United vs Crystal Palace", "Manchester United vs brentford", "Barcelona vs Real Madrid", "Chicago Flame vs Miami International" and "Manchester United vs Manchester City".

According to the organizer, at present, there have been seven football fans’ watching activities at the municipal level in Beijing. The purpose of the football fans’ watching activities is to provide professional services, and through the combination of various experience facilities and watching games, a good watching environment is created for the fans, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches, thus promoting the healthy development of football. (End)



    Source: Oriental Morning Post 

Profile photo: On the afternoon of May 24, 2006, the Shanghai traffic police towed the accident vehicle away from the scene of the accident.

   Yesterday (17th), after the article "Judicial Appraisal Says Shanghai Audi Car Crashes Nine People in a Row Due to Driver’s Illusion" went online, some netizens questioned the judicial appraisal that "the driver was in a’ delusional outburst’ at the time of the crime". To this end, the reporter once again investigated this incident.

    At 5: 30 pm yesterday, Min Yinlong, director of the Judicial Appraisal Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, was interviewed by a reporter in the office of the center, and showed the reporter the appraisal certificate of Huazheng Forensic Medicine [2006] No.086 with more than 5,000 words made on June 10.

    "In the afternoon, we received a lot of phone calls from readers, and some of them hung up without waiting for us to speak." Min Yinlong said, "There must be something fishy in it", "What background does this guy have" and "Aren’t you afraid of smashing your own brand in this appraisal?" He was puzzled by the speculation and accusations that came upon him.

     About judicial expertise

    Not disturbed by other factors

    "The appraisal of this case was entrusted by Huangpu Public Security Bureau to evaluate Li Wei’s mental state appraisal and criminal responsibility ability. We have never received so-called’ special instructions’ and’ greetings’, nor have we been under any pressure, and the identity background of the appraiser is nothing special." Min Yinlong said. The reporter saw that the appraisal book showed that Li Wei, a 33-year-old appraiser, was from Harbin, with a junior high school education, and an employee of a real estate company in Shanghai.

    Min Yinlong told reporters that the judicial appraisal of mental illness includes five major parts: the entrusted institution States the general situation of the incident; Family members, etc. provide a summary of the medical history of the appraiser; Inspection: the appraiser communicates with the appraiser, judges his reaction ability according to the response, investigates the relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues of the appraiser, and understands his interpersonal relationship, life and work, etc. Explain the test results according to the comprehensive analysis of objective indicators; Finally, the appraisal conclusion is made.

    "If you have any objection to our appraisal conclusion, you can apply to the Municipal Judicial Appraisal Expert Committee for review." Min Yinlong said that in this case, the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau also made a special trip to the center to learn about the situation from two forensic experts.

    "Such a major case is not a joke." Yesterday afternoon, Qian Yulin, the chief physician of the case appraiser who was on a business trip in Anhui, repeatedly said in an interview with reporters on the phone, "There is no interference from other factors in the appraisal process, and we have never brought any affair."

    Qian Yulin said that the general judicial expertise has two or three pages and about 1,000 words, while the expertise in this case has six pages and more than 5,000 words, and the final appraisal conclusion has also been recognized by the entrusting organ Huangpu Public Security Bureau.

     About the identity of the driver

    Really a full-time driver

    Yesterday, after many investigations, the reporter found that Li Wei is 33 years old, from Harbin, with a junior high school education. By 2005, he had been working in Harbin without military service. After coming to Shanghai this year, I have been working in Shanghai Xintianyuan Real Estate Company as a boss’s full-time driver.

    According to the ID card provided by Li Wei, his home address in Harbin is No.6, North Qidao Street, Anyang, Daoli District, Harbin. The reporter contacted the Kang ‘an Police Station of Harbin Public Security Bureau again, and the other party said that the address had been relocated as early as 2003. At present, a commercial house named "Haifu Kangcheng" has been built here. The original residents are in the process of moving back, but Li Wei’s family cannot be directly contacted.

    Identification basis: the driver of the accident was delusional and was chased and called 110.

    Qian Yulin, the chief physician of the appraiser in the case of "Audi car hitting 9 people in a row", said that Li Wei’s appraisal was jointly completed by him and Qin Shiyong, the deputy chief physician. Qian Yulin, 66, has more than 20 years of practical experience in psychiatric judicial expertise, and Qin Shiyong, 70, has also been engaged in this expertise for more than ten years.

    "He is a very typical severe mental patient." Qian Yulin recalled to reporters a lot of incredible, ambiguous and even logically contradictory fragments in his communication with Li Wei.

  Constantly searching his girlfriend’s hair and nails

    According to the analysis in the fourth part of the appraisal report, Li Wei became a full-time driver of a company boss after coming to Shanghai. One week before the incident, Li unreasonably suspected that his girlfriend was taking drugs, constantly searched his girlfriend’s hair, nails, etc., and rummaged through the car where his girlfriend had been sitting and the place of residence to search for drugs. He inexplicably suspected that drugs were hidden between the cracks in the floor tiles, and because of his girlfriend’s walking posture, facial expression, toilet use time and other daily details, he unreasonably inferred that she was taking drugs and firmly believed it.

    Illusion girlfriend sent someone to kill herself.

    According to the analysis, on the day of the crime, Li Wei began to be nervous because he couldn’t dial his girlfriend’s cell phone and the phone number of his residence. He suspected that his girlfriend knew that he was taking drugs and reported the case to the public security organ, which was not good for him. Then, Li Wei began to feel that there were many motorcycles and cars following him while driving, so he was highly nervous and afraid. He thought that his girlfriend had assigned others to follow him and his personal life was greatly threatened.

  Dare not drink mineral water

    The appraisal also excerpted the work of Huangpu Public Security Bureau on June 2: "… During the trial, Li Wei asked for water, and the police immediately used disposable cups to get him a cup of pure water, but he said that there was sediment in the water and he could not drink it. The police changed the second cup for him, but he still thought there was something in the cup and didn’t want to drink it. To this end, the police bought two bottles of mineral water for him. Before he opened the bottle cap, he carefully looked at the light, and at the same time squeezed the mineral water bottle to see if there was any leakage, and he was reluctant to drink mineral water. "

  I dialed 110 when I was "hunted"

    In the process of identification, one detail was considered the most critical by Qian Yulin: Li Wei once said that he had called 110 while fleeing. Three times before and after, he claimed that he was being chased by others, and he was very scared and asked for more police to protect him. The police record of Public Security 110 was indeed consistent with his description.

  background for news stories

    What is "paranoia"

    Professor Zhu Rongshen, director of psychiatry and medical psychology in the first clinical department of Tongji University School of Medicine, gave the concept of "paranoia" yesterday: it is a distorted belief, pathological reasoning and judgment based on pathology. Although these beliefs and reasoning judgments do not conform to the education level of patients, patients firmly believe in them and cannot be persuaded or corrected by personal experience and experience.

    "Sudden attack" is a selective attack, and the patient is completely normal when he is outside the delusion core. Therefore, the disease belongs to a deeply hidden mental disease that is difficult for patients to find under normal circumstances.

    Professor Zhu once received such patients. He told reporters that such people are prone to auditory hallucinations and hallucinations. Even some people think that they are being tracked by satellite positioning system, and the delusions are generally related to personal experience, social and cultural background. Lee? /Chen Chaoqun

  If you are mentally ill, you will lose your driver’s license.

    The reporter learned from the relevant departments that according to the relevant regulations, anyone who suffers from mental illness and other diseases that hinder the safe driving of motor vehicles can’t get a driver’s license, and after a normal person gets a driver’s license, his driver’s license will also be cancelled.

    According to the provisions of Article 22 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, people who suffer from diseases that hinder the safe driving of motor vehicles are not allowed to drive motor vehicles. After a normal person suffers from mental illness, first of all, the driver and his family should contact the traffic control department in time. "This is also a guarantee for the safety of himself and others", and the traffic management department will cancel his driver’s license in time to prevent traffic safety from being affected. When the police find abnormal situations in the course of duty, they will also check the driver to ensure the driver’s safe driving.

    In addition, according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, motor vehicle drivers need to go to the traffic control department under the jurisdiction of the driver’s license for regular inspection. The contents of regular inspection of motor vehicle driver’s license by public security traffic management department are: the physical condition of motor vehicle driver and the accumulated points of traffic violations. (Reporter Yang Jiehe and Zhang Ling Gu Wenjian Cheng Jia)

Editor: Chang Yan

Li Daxiao decodes his own Weibo picture: cherry on the top of the earth "should run away" parrot means "baby should cover up when he grows up"

Source: Financial website
Author: Qi Ning
On November 30th, the 2019 Snowball Carnival with the theme of "Ten Years as One" was held in Guangzhou Pearl River.
Li Daxiao, chief economist of Yingda Securities, attended the special meeting and delivered a speech on "Ten Perspectives of Investment Opportunities in the Next Decade".
Li Daxiao said, "The first bull market in China, which is the slowest, longest and can test the level of every investor, has arrived", and the fifth bull market in China began at 2440.
Li Daxiao talked about future investment from 10 perspectives, such as the rebound of RMB against the US dollar, MSCI’s expansion of A-share weight according to the established rhythm, the CSRC’s promotion of long-term funds to enter the market, the opening of bank wealth management subsidiaries and the fact that domestic GDP growth is in the forefront of major economies in the world. He said that all domestic residents used to buy houses, and they will buy bonds, stocks and wealth management products in the future.
Li Daxiao believes that the research market is the first to see where the gold mine is, the first gold mine in A shares is in real estate, the second gold mine is in banks, the third gold mine is in non-bank finance, and the fourth gold mine is in infrastructure.
At the end of the speech, Li Daxiao also decoded his own picture of Weibo: the top of the earth (June 14, 2015), cherry means "escape", and the parrot picture released in 2017 means "the baby should be covered when it grows up" …
The following is the full text of Li Daxiao’s speech:
The bull market is here! For the first time, the China stock market is the slowest, longest and most able to test the level of every investor. This bull market started from 2440. Today, I will report to all golfers in detail what his logic is and why he made such a judgment.
The global risk appetite is rising, which is a big trend. We have 17 trillion bonds with negative yields around the world, and now they are flowing out. Where are they flowing out? Flowing to the stock market, we look at three countries. The first is Germany, where the yield of negative-yielding bonds is rising, the second is the United States, and the third is China. Now it is rising, and the funds in the bond market are flowing into the stock market.
The interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve has come to an end, and the unemployment rate in the United States has hit a 50-year low. We also see that the interest rate level of the global market, including the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, is at a historical low level. We also see that the price of gold has fallen below $1,500. What does this mean? It shows that risk aversion is decreasing. What does this trend mean? It shows that those who used gold as a safe haven began to understand that gold has no P/E ratio. We also saw that the stock markets in Europe and the United States continued to strengthen, including the Dow Jones index, the Nasdaq index and the Standard & Poor’s index, and the DAX index in Germany and France.
The RMB exchange rate has been rising recently. What does the rising exchange rate mean? It means that the fun is coming!
MSCI has expanded its capacity according to regulations, and now it is 20%. I predict that in the near future, MSCI, FTSE Russell and Standard & Poor’s will expand their capacity competitively, and foreign capital will continue to flow into the stock market. Tell you a data, the proportion of foreign capital in A shares is only 2.8%, and that of bonds is only about 3%. Is it possible to expand to 10%, 20% or even 30% in the future? It’s entirely possible. We can see the capital flowing into the stock market from the north. Comrades, hold on to the good stocks in your hands.
Don’t be scared by yesterday’s decline. Foreign investors are eager to buy good stocks. We see that the CSRC is promoting domestic medium and long-term funds to enter the market. I will tell you a situation, such as pensions, insurance funds and social security funds, which are all low-allocated, and some are even zero-allocated. This situation will change soon in the future. We see that the allocation of insurance funds is only 12%, and its upper limit is 30%. Now we are studying how to expand this ceiling. We should see that the financial subsidiaries of banks are entering the market one after another, with large troops behind.
The growth rate of domestic GDP is still at the forefront of major economies in the world. Just now, Dr. Pan Xiangdong also said that although we are on the decline, compared with other major economies, China’s growth rate is still two to three times. We also see that the wealth ratio of domestic residents is changing, and financial assets will rise in the future. This trend has just begun.
I’m telling you, it’s just beginning. What do you mean? It turns out that all domestic residents buy houses, and will buy bonds, stocks and wealth management products in the future.
What is better to buy?
First, I’m buying a house in Shenzhen and Beijing, and its rental yield is 1.7%. However, we can see the index here and buy the Hang Seng State-owned ETF. The dividend yield is 3.9%, which is the first recommendation. The second recommendation is SSE 50ETF. The third recommendation is the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300ETF, and the dividend yield is better than the rent yield!
We look at four cities, Shenzhen has quietly started, Shanghai is ready to move, Guangzhou is still wandering, Beijing is still adjusting, where is the whole country? Look at Shenzhen first. Shenzhen is the weather vane, and Guangzhou will have money in the future. Of course, the potential of Shanghai and Beijing can not be ignored.
Let me tell you what will happen to the market in 2020, which is the most valuable, right?
Let me tell you, what is the password for 29 years? The first password is at 325 o’clock, and I named it the policy bottom. The second point is in 998, and I used two words. This place needs to be planted. The third is that the once-in-a-century financial crisis has brought us a once-in-a-century investment opportunity. I am here to say that 1664 needs courage. The fourth place is the diamond bottom where I was scolded for three years. I am saddened here. I used all my energy in this place to appeal that our country’s pension should enter the market at this diamond bottom. Comrades, the first three points, the pension can’t enter, the V-shaped bottom, only the diamond bottom, the pension can enter the market, but unfortunately I didn’t understand. It’s not too late. The fifth bottom, 2850, baby bottom, fell below. I named it baby diapers, and 2638 fell below again. I named it the end of the year. Aren’t you wrong? Why is it getting lower and lower? However, it is very correct to observe the SSE 50 index, because the baby has grown into a teenager and thrived.
Let’s take a look again. Let’s look at the trend of the whole market. The first top is 1559 points, and the second top is 2245 points. The third place, I put forward the need to be indifferent in 6124. The fourth place is the top of the earth, where I have been calling for a long time. I can’t buy stocks. This is a height that the earth has never been to, and I absolutely can’t buy stocks. Unfortunately, no one listens to me.
Now is the fifth bull market, starting at 2440, it is the fifth bull market in China stock market, and 2440 is a historic bottom.
I’ll tell you another secret. How can I tell the bottom? Ten times the PE is the bottom, and you can judge the bottom next time you encounter the corresponding situation. Where are the opportunities? Where are the risks? Risk accumulates at 29 times and opportunities arise at 9.31 times. Comrades, where are the historic opportunities? These are risks and these are opportunities. Where are the opportunities? The opportunity is in the blue line, where is the risk? The risk is on the purple line. The purple line is the second new share.
This is the status quo, and there may be the future. How can we identify the market? How to judge the market? We see the contrast between China and the United States, and we also see what good opportunities are there. There are "Ten Predictions" published in 2020. First, there will be an asset shortage in 2020. Second, there will be more stocks than bonds. Third, there will be a large number of delisting companies. Fourth, the scale of refinancing will increase. Fifth, the registration system. Sixth, foreign capital will enter the market in large numbers. Seventh, domestic long-term funds will enter the market. Eighth, the proportion of A shares in major indexes will increase. Ninth, it is Pay attention to where the profit is. The biggest profit, I think, is real estate, because it has an output of 16 trillion yuan, and the output of 16 trillion yuan is calculated by 10%, and it has a profit of 1.6 trillion yuan, just because most real estate enterprises are not in A shares, but in Hong Kong stocks, so it is not counted, and many real estate enterprises are not listed. Therefore, the research market first looks at where the gold mine is, the first gold mine is in real estate, the second gold mine is in banks, the third gold mine is in non-bank finance, and the fourth gold mine is in infrastructure.
How to choose the largest gold mine real estate, choose the fastest-growing enterprises, leading monopoly enterprises, and choose enterprises with upward rankings year by year. Second, we choose non-bank finance. How to choose non-bank finance? The first choice is insurance. Insurance is greater than securities and trust. What is insurance? Choose peace. Third, choose the bank, what does the bank choose? Choose China Merchants Bank. Also, we choose enterprises that increase their holdings in the secondary market on a large scale, not those that reduce their holdings in the secondary market on a large scale. And let’s look at the global valuation comparison. Globally, the first one is the Russian market, but this market is outside the global economy. We exclude it. The first one recommends Hang Seng State-owned Enterprises, the second one recommends Hang Seng Index, the third one recommends SSE 50, and the fourth one recommends CSI 300. They are more attractive than other markets in terms of valuation, and I think this attraction will be the object of global capital allocation in the future. In terms of operation: First, in 2020, stocks will be larger than bonds, and five types of black risks will emerge. Second, allocate banks’ non-bank finance, real estate, infrastructure and consumption. Pay attention to the once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities in Hong Kong stocks. There are two main lines in the Hong Kong market, one is the investment opportunities in traditional industries, the other is the investment opportunities after the thorough adjustment of emerging industries. Not many people bought my book "Li Daxiao Investment Strategy". Why did I come here? Why do we come to snowball every year? Let me tell you a truth. People have lived a circle in the world, some have made a little money, some have not, and that’s all.But I think some people are different. Some people left a piece of music to the world, some people left a building to the world, some people left some beauty to the world, and some people left a beautiful impression in everyone’s hearts and minds. I think these people live more meaningfully.
What is my password for Weibo? Every picture has a password. At the top of the earth, on June 14th, 2015, what fruit was it? Cherry. What do you mean? Should "run away", that is, the audience in Guangzhou did not understand, he said that Miss Li was a cherry! Comrades, this baby is growing sturdily. It’s the end of the year and the baby has grown up. What kind of bird is this? Parrot, what do you mean? It should be covered. I firmly believe that who will make money in the future? Patriots earn!
Finally, please read this sentence with me, and meditate at home three times a day. It works wonders. Let’s help me read it together: Be a good person, buy good stocks and get good results.